Aus haltbarem PVC. Macht Staubabsauganschlüsse der Triton-Elektrowerkzeuge für Standard-Absaugschläuche passend. Zulaufend und doppelt abgestuft. Lässt sich auf die gewünschte Größe zuschneiden.


Technische Daten

Höhe 94 mm
Länge 38 mm
Gewicht 0,038 kg
Breite 38 mm
Lieferumfang - 01 1 Staubabsaugadapter, 32 mm (1 1/4 Zoll)


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although I love my new tra001 router the dust port I ordered after getting my router in leaves a lot to be desired. My only real problem is that it doesn't thread into the chute on my router but there are threads there which caused a slight problem when it got sucked into my dust collection system. Any how I ended up buying 1 foot 0f pool/spa 1 1/4 ID vacuum hose for $5.00 at my local home depot and it works amazingly and fits the threads perfectly(just make sure to realize the threads are reversed)

Dust Port Downfall Artis Bunch - 28.08.2017