Kompakter Elektrohobel, 420 W, 60 mm

Handlicher und leichter, strapazierfähiger Elektrohobel. Der schlanke, gummiüberzogene Handgriff erlaubt die sichere Einhandbedienung. 60 mm Hobelbreite und von 0 bis 1,5 mm einstellbare Hobeltiefe, ideal für schnellen Materialabtrag bei kleinen bis mittelgroßen Aufgaben. Einschaltsperre verhindert versehentliches Einschalten.


Abgestufte Hobeltiefeneinstellung ermöglicht akkurate Schnitttiefeneinstellung von 0–1,5 mm
Drei V-Nuten in der Hobelsohle vergrößern die Hobeltiefe beim Anfasen von Werkstückkanten
Einschaltsperre verhindert unbeabsichtigtes Einschalten
Schlanker Handgriff zur einfachen und sicheren Einhandbedienung
Gummiüberzogener Handgriff erhöht die Sicherheit und Kontrolle über das Werkzeug
Verstellbarer Staubabsauganschluss zur Spanabfuhr vom Werkstück weg
Werkstückablagefunktion zum Schutz von Hobelmessern und Werkstück vor Beschädigung während die Maschine ausläuft

Technische Daten

Blatttyp Zwei HSS-Wendemesser, 60 mm
Staubabsaugung vorhanden
Hauptmaterial Gummierung
Leerlaufdrehzahl 13.000 min-1
PSE-zertifiziert Ja
Hobeltiefe 0–1,5 mm
Hobelbreite 60 mm
Leistung 420 W
Höhe 130 mm
Länge 310 mm
Gewicht 2,426 kg
Breite 111 mm
Schallleistungspegel LW 99 dB
Schalldruckpegel LP 87 dB
Lieferumfang - 01 1 Ersatzantriebsriemen
Lieferumfang - 02 1 Absaugadapter
Lieferumfang - 03 1 Sechskantschlüssel
Lieferumfang - 04 1 Sechskantschlüssel zur Blattdemontage


Sechskantschlüssel für Messerwechsel



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19 Review(s)
Door de bank genomen een prachtig klein machientje die zeer goed zijn werk doet. Heb hem al veel gebruikt. Super, Helaas net te groot om zonder kramp in de pols/zadelgewricht met een hand te bedienen. (heb niet de kleinste handen) Ook is de dikte afstelknop een keertje tijdens het werk eraf gegaan. Na wat gepuzzel weer in elkaar gezet, maar ik denk dat ik een klein onderdeeltje (kogeltje) kwijt ben.

Net te groot om echt klein en handig te zijn J.Bruijnis - 23.10.2018

Palm Planer works as expected. It has a nice edge beveling feature that was unexpected.

Palm Planer Jeffrey Stewart - 06.05.2018

Top quality product. Great price great finish. Would definitely recommend

Compact planner Craig Phillips - 02.03.2018

A little under power Hard to hold with small hands The on off switch does not stay locked on at times

Cabinetmaker Howie Robertson - 29.01.2018

Very useful small planer dose exactly what it needs to do for all the jobs around the house.

Great Planer Dennis Battson - 17.01.2018

This little planer is awesome! Plenty of power even on max cuts!

Powerful Mark Sumner - 17.01.2018

Well balance easy to use

Compact planer Paul T Erdmann - 16.01.2018

Nice to handle well balance

Little belt sander Paul T Erdmann - 16.01.2018

I use the planer for small works, where it is proven to be a good tool. All though it is a bit heavy and I really hate the on/off switch, because one has to press it all the time and it is located oddly too far from the grip.

Handy item with poor swithch Timo Saarno - 02.01.2018

Quite handy little planer. I´ve done many jobs to which I used to use a full size electric planer. It has enough power and handles corners very well. I would appreciate a better, read: normal, on/off switch than this one which requires constant pressure. 4/5 stars because of that.

Does bigger things than it looks Timo Saarno - 19.12.2017

Bought this Planer for a quick small finishing jobs. It really does the work as promised. I have noticed that my other planers stay mainly in the shelf. What I would appreciate for the next generation is even better grab and an true on/off switch. Using this one has to have long fingers or a big hand and holding on the power switch makes the use a bit tricky.

Nice and handy Palm Planer Timo Saarno - 29.11.2017

Great bit of kit blades need adjusting before you use nice grip bit bigger than I though feels solid and cuts well

Great little tool Mark Harris - 22.11.2017

Planer is difficult to hold and keep the planer running - a lock-on switch would make it easier, although extra care would have to be taken when using it to avoid accidents.

420W Compact Palm Planer TCMPL Paul Hackmann - 11.10.2017

Hi being disabled l wanted some tools that l could use with one hand l was looking everywhere for compact tools that could help me with my hobby of woodwork then l found your compact planer and belt sander l bought both of them they are a god send easy to use lightweight powerful and robust at last l can carry on with my hobby the love of wood the bonus is the 3 year guarantee thanks stephen

compact planer stephen greenwood - 23.09.2017

Après la lamelleuse le rabot de paume et toujours satisfait de mes achats j'ai l'intention de changer tout mon outillage électrique pour cette marque bravo très bonne qualité

Deuxième achats Duforet Jean Luc - 13.09.2017

Good tool but being left handed not so easy to use its a good job that I can use my right hand to operate it otherwise it would be impossible to use? Why don't you offer a choise of left-handed?

palm planer nigel lake - 20.05.2017

Bosch went in the bin

420W Compact Palm Planer Paul - 06.01.2017

Tool could be designed better. The run button requires too much pressure to maintain the tool in the running position.

420W Compact Palm Planer Jerold - 01.09.2016

The idea is good, and the plane works well, but it doesn't really fit any planing role for me. It's too awkwardly heavy to use in place of a block plane, has too short a 'snout' to be stable for tenon work or on narrow edge surfaces. and too long a 'snout' to use as a chisel or bullnose plane. More thought ought to have gone into its application during its design period. Perhaps if it had a narrower footprint?

Can't find a role for it Thomas Waldenthal - 01.08.2016