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Maxi Sliding Extension Table

ETA 300

Huge capacity and easy-to-read calibration scales allow operator to cut large sheets, including full size 2400 x 1200mm. Table can be locked in position for conventional ripping of wide workpieces. Sliding table for panel saw use. The patented rip fence design allows fence settings at all angles. Incorporates work hold-down clamps.

 Product Features:
  • Handles full size 2400 x 1200mm / 94 x 47" sheets
  • Sliding table locks and unlocks for conventional ripping or for use as a sliding panel
  • Rips up to 1200mm / 47" from the blade
  • Cross cuts sheets up to 1200mm / 47" wide
  • Dismantles to convenient size for storage
  • Easy-to-read calibration scales
  • Multi-positional fence for superior control of the workpiece


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