SJA 470

Engineers Jaws

Bolt-on jaws and anvil face for heavy duty metal work. Manufactured from strong, ductile cast iron and shaped to increase grip on pipe or bar (up to 50mm, 2" dia).

Product Features

Tough cast iron jaws and anvil face for heavy duty metal work

Technical Specification

Material - Primary Construction Cast iron
Product Height 70mm
Product Length 180mm
Product Weight 2.26kg
Product Width 90mm



4 Review(s)
I purchased these along with the super jaws a a show in march, since then I have used the jaws to clamp 60mm box section 7 foot long effortlessly whilst cutting and grinding as well as welding both above and within the jaws without any problems. Good jaws worth the purchase!

Essential addition to the Super Jaws for metalwork Graham Alexander - 20/05/2017

Eléments indispensables pour un travail de qualité. article bien pensé et costaud.

Indispensable Alain - 06/03/2017

Content de mon achat, trés pratique à utiliser, l'article est de qualité et robuste. Pour les proffesionnels et amateurs.

Excellent Alain - 06/03/2017

I purchased these Jaws because as I live on a narrowboat I have no real proper space to afix a vice, on a permanent basis. However with this attachment to the Triton SJA200 I have a darn good strong vice I can use anywhere, (usually on the towpath). The Jaws are very easily fit in seconds, and as I said very strong indeed, along with the amount of pressure that can be applied with the Jaws system it's an invaluable bit of kit. I would recommend these Jaws for the reasons I mentioned above, along with the log Jaws which I also use on a regular basis as they are equally as strong and perfect for holding a lump of timber steady whilst the chainsaw is put to work. I must say that I'm very glad that got introduced to the name Triton, as it's helped me out so,so much. Well worth it.

Triton Engineers Jaws Martin Long - 05/01/2017