TPT 125

1100W Thicknesser 317mm

High performance thicknesser with 317mm /12-1/2" cutting width. 17,500 cuts per minute. Easy, accurate setting of depth of cut in 1.6mm / 1/16" increments. Cutter height: 3.2 - 152mm. 4-post column design for smooth, accurate vertical movement. Large infeed and outfeed tables for added material support. Circuit breaker for electrical safety. Dust chute for efficient dust extraction.

Product Features

Easy, accurate setting of cutting depth in 1.6mm / 1/16" increments
Cutter height: 3.2 - 152mm for maximum versatility
4-post column design for rigidity and accuracy in setting depth of cut
Large infeed and outfeed tables provides support for longer workpieces
Circuit breaker for electrical safety
Dust extraction chute extracts left or right for a cleaner and safer working environment
Locating holes for secure bench mounting
Crank handle for easy movement of the roller case
Quick access brushes allows changing of worn brushes

Technical Specification

Blade Type HSS blades
Cuts Per Minute CPM 17,500cpm
Micro Adjustment 1.6mm Increments
No Load Speed 8,750rpm
Planing Depth 2.4mm
Planing Width 317mm
Power 1100W
Product Height 490mm
Product Length 590mm
Product Weight 28.3kg
Product Width 370mm
Sound Power LW 103.9dB
Sound Pressure LP 90.9dB
Table Size 317 x 600mm


TPT 125

Compatible With


Thicknesser Blades 2pk

Pair of 317mm (12 1/2") HSS Thicknesser blades. Reversible and can be re-sharpened.

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31 Review(s)
I have been in the market for a Planer/Thicknesser for a while now and I tried to do my research to find the best bang for my buck. I was leaning heavily towards the Dewalt 735, but the price tag just wouldn't let me pull the trigger. I've seen a number of sponsored users on Youtube who liked the Triton products, but I couldn't find a good review of the machine in English. Since I have seen and heard great things about Triton themselves, I took a chance. I received my planer and originally was slightly disappointed. The handle to raise/lower the head would hang up. It seems there was an issue somewhere in the gearing. I never even turned it on. I called tech support, and spoke to Debbie. She quickly addressed my concern and had a brand new planer shipped to me from the manufacturing plant. She provided a shipping label for me to return my original one. Since I've received my new planer, I've had the opportunity to use it. It's a delight to use. I was pleasantly surprised that the noise level was lower than anticipated. The machine cuts very smooth and clean, only light sanding needed for a final finish. While I was hesitant to buy a machine that I couldn't find a review on, I'm onboard. Triton has a new customer and I've become very confident in not only their product, but their fantastic US customer support. Thank you Triton. I'm giving 4 out 5 stars, just for the fact I had to return my old device and wait on a replacement. The replacement was at my house, in less than a week.

Pleasantly Suprised Victor Price - 13/03/2017

Die Hobelmaschine entspricht meinen Erwartungen.

zuverläslich Helmut Storch - 07/03/2017

This thicknesser is just the tool for my small workshop, easy to use but could do with a decent operators manual as I had not used one before.

Great results Nigel Keen - 07/03/2017

Unfortunately the unit stopped working. It appeared as if the overload button was activated. Looked for a reset button but none found. Have returned the product to the supplier for assessment.

1100W Thicknesser 317mm Planer Ken Smith - 01/03/2017

The thicknesser is easy to setup and use well built, should last for years to come. Very impressed with the size of timber it can accommodate. this machine should save me a fortune as I know buy rough sawn and plan it myself. I use a lot of triton tools and have always found them well thought out and excellent in use at a good price compared to other mid range power tools.

Excellent product Paul Sharples - 28/02/2017

I was looking to set up a micro woodworking shop as I have limited space and looked hard at what was available and came across Triton initially via Men in Sheds. I then looked at the story behind Triton and then where I could buy their product. I selected Yandles and it was a good decision. I am a more than capable DIYer as I spent my school and university holidays ladding for tradesmen. I invested in the TWX7 Workcentre with the contractor saw and router table modules with the additional extensions and wheels. I also bought the JOF001 router, the TPT125 planer thicknesser, the TSPS450 oscillating sander, the dust bucket and storage rack. As I said I've set up a Triton micro workshop - I followed the videos on how to assemble everything and I am now working on a couple of initial projects to make myself familiar with the ins and outs of what I've got - I've just pulled together a couple of sliding box joint jigs. I believe I have made a wise investment and I am very pleased with the way the workcentre allows me to have a professionally equipped workshop in such a limited space - I also enjoyed the buying experience with Yandles. Mark G – 230217

Microworkshop - I chose Triton - it's been a very good decision Mark Greenhalgh - 23/02/2017

Great little machine, used to recycle pallet timber into useable wood for projects. The user guide is very poor but there are loads of tips on usage on YouTube,

Triton T125 thicknesser Nigel Keen - 21/02/2017

If used as recommended and you don't try to take off too much on one pass, the machine works very smoothly and my set of 8 inch reclaimed mahogany slabs cleaned up very nicely. I was also pleased at how little dust was sprayed around the place (all things considered), when a vacuum cleaner was hooked up to collect the dust. I bought a set of adjustable floor-standing rollers to keep the wood level as it exits the machine, otherwise you get a slight 'dig-in' on the end inch or two - but that's the case with pretty much any machine of this type. I've always found Triton tools to be good value and this one is no exception.

TPT 125 Plane Sailing? paul white - 21/02/2017

Love machine

Survey DONALD ZINDREN - 20/02/2017

The tpt125 thicknesser is a excellent piece of kit, After setting up, the feed in and out table was fiddley to get flush,take time setting up for best results. When wood has been through thicknesser it comes out like a mirror finish with barely any sanding to do .Great machine

Excellent piece of kit Malcolm Lea - 19/02/2017

A little difference in thickness at the start of the work piece until it sits under both rollers. Otherwise a sturdy tool, easy to use and good value for money.

TPT 125 Thicknesser Gerard Daly - 19/02/2017

Great machine does exactly what is is surposed to do

1100W Thicknesser Alan Alison - 15/02/2017

This is absolutely brilliant. Was worth ever penny. If mine ever broke i would replace it with another triton, it effortlessly rips through any stock i have fed it making it perfectly flat and looking like new again. Even old hardwood pallets when im too lazy to sand.

1100w thicknesser Luke - 31/01/2017

Just used this to plane some scaffold planks and it managed the job pretty well. Unsurprisingly the blades are now a bit dull but that's my fault for using it on such difficult timber. All in all a great buy.

Great planer A Eaves - 27/01/2017

A simple to work tool for getting your timber nice and flat. Ear plugs cut down the noise. For a DIYer it is a handy tool.

Triton Tpt125 George Teng - 21/01/2017

I'm very satisfied with products.

Mr. Brane - 19/01/2017

This planer is a great piece of equipment which has done a great job flattening some huge scaffold planks I had which needed smoothing and thicknessing. The planer coped very well although the blades have taken a bit of a hammering so they will need replacing or sharpening before too long. The planer appears to be well made and solid and all in all is very good value.

Great piece of kit for the price Andrew Eaves - 13/01/2017

I am very pleased with the machine. I will gladly recommendations to friends.

mr. Brane Oresnik - 05/01/2017

What can I say. I have had this for about 1 month now. Pro's It does what it says. It does it well. it is heavy enough that it does NOT shake itself off the bench It is light enough to lift on and off the bench (by me anyway) Con's Haven't found any yet

1100W Thicknesser 317mm James Knox - 09/12/2016

This 1100W Thicknesser from Triton is a superb little machine, i do quite a lot of woodwork (at home) and find it brilliant for producing the exact thickness I need, the blades are super sharp and leave a lovely smooth finish, I find it is a very sturdy machine.

Super 1100W Thicknesser Glyn Jones - 30/11/2016

Only done a few projects so far but solid and excellent finish, minimal snipe if used carefully. Very happy so far.

TPT 125 Thicknesser Rob Haig - 29/11/2016

I spent ages on line reviewing thicknessers from the cheapest to the most expensive and this machine had such good feedback that l decided to give it a go. We'll I'm so glad l did because it's proved to be an excellent machine and I'm very, very pleased with it. The finish on both softwood and hardwood is extremely good, something that you might only expect from more expensive models. Build quality is very good, it also feels very robust and is easy to use. The question l been asked most is, 'how noisy is it?'. Well it is noisy, but then that's the nature of the beast and having borrowed a few different ones from friends to try, it is certainly not the loudest by any means. Just get yourself some good ear defenders and a bottle of wine for the neighbours! Would l recommend this planner? Yes, most certainly, especially at the price, it's excellent value for money. (Shropshire, UK)

Excellent machine Mike Watkins - 28/11/2016

Bought this from Amazon to plane hardwoods. Its one of those tools that I wish I got a long time ago. This is my first Triton power tool, so I was a bit hesitant on buying this, but so glad I did. It is extremely powerful and easy too use, but very loud so ear protection a must!

Easy to Use N Alam - 17/11/2016

I am so pleased with this TRITON Thicknesser, It is the most efficient tool of its kind i have seen and gives a very accurate fine finish to the wood, I feel it good value for the money and would rate it the THICKNESSER of the age.

The Thickness of the age Brian M Turner - 17/11/2016

This product is amazing first class

Thicknesser 5 star Anthony - 14/11/2016

Bought this at a recent visit to Screwfix Live. The Triton staff at the stand were excellent. The thicknesser is reassuringly heavy and well made and so far has not posed any problems in use. What I would suggest is that you check all the packaging before disposal as both blade cover magnets had come loose and were hidden under the polystyrene in the box.

Nice bit of kit M Coles - 11/10/2016

So far have used to plane several 2.4m lengths of 44mm softwood down to 38mm.after checking setup Performed well. The only adjustment needed out of box was outfeed table height.

1100W Thicknesser 317mm S. Prince - 10/10/2016

Una regruesadora sencilla, pero potente, cumple su función a un precio muy económico, el único pero (si lo tiene) es que la entrada la aspiración es un poco pequeña y requiere de aspirador si o sí. Por lo demás, una compra estupenda, solida, estable y las cuchillas reversibles te permiten exprimir al máximo su vida útil.

Regruesadora 317mm Lucas - 03/10/2016


Triton Thicknesser eason - 20/09/2016

i am very pleased with this machine. Solid construction but light enough to move if needed and very accurate . Ideal machine for the DIY'ers workshop.

1100W Thicknesser Ross Pauline - 04/09/2016

I have own this product about one week now. It seems to be guite a powerfull machine. It is a sturdy thicknesser which is pleasure to use.

Powerfull Tapio Vuorinen - 01/08/2016