TPT 125

1100W Thicknesser 317mm

High performance thicknesser with 317mm /12-1/2" cutting width. 17,500 cuts per minute. Easy, accurate setting of depth of cut in 1.6mm / 1/16" increments. Cutter height: 3.2 - 152mm. 4-post column design for smooth, accurate vertical movement. Large infeed and outfeed tables for added material support. Circuit breaker for electrical safety. Dust chute for efficient dust extraction.

Product Features

Easy, accurate setting of cutting depth in 1.6mm / 1/16" increments
Cutter height: 3.2 - 152mm for maximum versatility
4-post column design for rigidity and accuracy in setting depth of cut
Large infeed and outfeed tables provides support for longer workpieces
Circuit breaker for electrical safety
Dust extraction chute extracts left or right for a cleaner and safer working environment
Locating holes for secure bench mounting
Crank handle for easy movement of the roller case
Quick access brushes allows changing of worn brushes

Technical Specification

Blade Type HSS blades
Cuts Per Minute CPM 17,500cpm
Micro Adjustment 1.6mm Increments
No Load Speed 8,750rpm
Planing Depth 2.4mm
Planing Width 317mm
Power 1100W
Product Height 490mm
Product Length 590mm
Product Weight 28.3kg
Product Width 370mm
Sound Power LW 103.9dB
Sound Pressure LP 90.9dB
Table Size 317 x 600mm
What's in the box - 01 1 x Thicknesser 317mm
What's in the box - 02 1 x Crank handle
What's in the box - 03 1 x Dust chute
What's in the box - 04 1 x Hex key
What's in the box - 05 1 x Instruction manual


TPT 125

Compatible With


Thicknesser Blades 2pk

Pair of 317mm (12 1/2") HSS Thicknesser blades. Reversible and can be re-sharpened.

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147 Review(s)
Fantastic, once set up up properly to avid the snipe it's an great machine. I've had this planer running for a month now and the blades still give a very good finish, and it comes with a 3 year warranty Would I buy this machine again, yes I would highly recommend

Thickness planer Jonathan batty - 23/10/2018

I can highly reccommend the Triton Thicknesser. I work with a variety of hardwoods and the finish is comparable to machines of a much higher value. Very pleased with the quality. Blades very easy to change. Overall 5/5

Triton Thicknesser Phil Kaye - 23/10/2018

I am really impressed with this machine, still cannot believe that such a tool was available at that price and sure the competitors to this machine at double the price can be no better? although I have never owned such a unit before it is just sheer pleasure to use and not as loud as some suggest, would highly recommend.


100 per cent good quality

Triton R.a hales - 23/10/2018

The type of work I do 9 times out of 10 I cannot buy the right thickness of wood. So by having this bit of kit it’s fantastic being able to plane just a mill or two off.

Thickness planner Christopher prew - 23/10/2018

Great product! I have been using this planer for a couple of months now and never let me down. The planed surfaces are smooth and by adjusting the in- and outfeed tables, snipe is eliminated. Very Happy with my buy.

TPT125 Ruud - 23/10/2018

After carefully researching thickness planers for my very small wood working shop, I chose the Triton Thickness Planer. The results from my research compelling my decision were the manufacturer’s reputation, the testimony of other owners over a sufficiently long period of time and, eventually, a discounted price from Rockler. Upon receipt, I found a small defect on the center table and contacted the US services for warranty coverage. The replacement part was sent quickly and was easy to install. The performance of the machine amazes me. The accuracy of specified height of blades to thickness is spot on as is the accuracy of incremental adjustment measures. The evenness of cut across the entire length of the blades is incredibly even. The resulting smoothness of cut is hard to believe, but proven by touch. Since I have owned and operated this machine for only a few months, I cannot speak to durability. However, initial assessment is that this is an extraordinary tool for my purposes.

Best Planer I’ve Ever Owned John Cook - 05/07/2018

Very easy to use. Saves me a lot of time by not sanding. Is very dependable and well built.

Planer Robert Pena - 13/06/2018

good tool well made no problems so far

brutus c c peel - 11/06/2018

Perfect finish, easy to use. No planer snipe at all. Recommended.

Quality tool Mark - 01/06/2018

My days of sanding rough lumber with a belt sander are over. the Triton Planer planes the lumber so smooth, sanding is not necessary. It is easy to use and is very dependable and saves me a lot of time. I wish i would have bought the Triton Planer years ago.

Planer Robert Pena - 31/05/2018

This is a great tool, it costs 150% more than the cheapest thicknesser you can buy (Titan) but it better by miles. I have used this for cleaning up pallet wood and even tree trunk slices and it copes with any wood easily. It does take a little getting used to and I find taking off small amounts works best on hard and soft woods to get a great finish that needs very little sanding. The item is heavy ( Ive made a trolley for mine so it rolls under my workbench when not in use.), sturdy and well built and I think a professional would be happy with this tool. So far I cannot find anything negative to say about this tool hence my 5/5 rating.

Thicknesser Anthony Jones - 31/05/2018

It's really good piece of equipmemt and gives fantastic results and finish withoit need for additional sanding. Happy with the purchase.

Triton Tchicnesser ireneusz ogieglo - 31/05/2018

I needed a thicknessor for some projects I have going so I read reviews on verious manufacturers and chose the Triton. I am so glad I did, it was setup straight out of the box from the first run through of a length of rough timber you could see the quality of the cut. the only con I have found is on pieces under 18 inches long there is some snipe but on longer boards the snipe is gone. I would recommend anyone think of a thicknessor to serious look at this Triton machine.

quality peice of kit Sam Johnston - 30/05/2018

easy to set up very good for price

brutus c peel - 24/05/2018

Having owened the Triton 3hp router and 9 inch circular saw for over 12 years without problems I new the brand was reliable and excellent quality. When my 14 year old Delta Thicknesser finally stopped working I did not hesitate in considering the Triton TPT125 along with models from Makita, Metabo and Dewalt. After all considerations the Triton model won hands down, not simply on price but on features. Minimal set up was required straight from the box, requiring only 10 minutes to ensure the infeed/outfeed tables were perfectly level to ensure minimum snipe. This machine has handled Beech, Ash,Oak, Sapele and everything else that I have fed it with no problems what so ever, leaving a lovely planed surface with minimal snipe. Would have liked a cutter head lock facility, however no machine usually has all the features you would like it to have. All in all im extremely happy with my purchase plus I have a 3 year warranty to boot.

Excellent Anthony Crack - 20/05/2018

Im thrilled with the build quality of this capable machine. The essential bits that sandwich wood, like the machine head element and base of feed plate are strong, heavy and robust (metal). The plastic housing is very much a non-issue as far as strength and performance goes and helps keep the price down without sacrificing performance. If you are new to thicknesser/planers, just as the table saw is in a league of its own when compared directly to the general hand saw for cutting speed, this performs similarly when compared to a hand plane, or even an electric plane (I have both) - It does the job of ten men. The roll-in speed is medium, strong and steady. When working with a supply of shorter bits of wood, this machine deals with planking nearly as fast as you can pick it up, feed it in, remove and replace it. You'll develop a wonderful rapport with your machine quickly, fast establishing how many revolutions of the handle will clean up the face of the wood. Sometimes one or two turns, but you might dial them in, in a half turn at a time, or a third or quarter of a turn are all that is needed. Every bit of wood is different, and once a plank (if it is dirty and out of a skip) is nearly done, you might give it an extra pass at a third of a turn. You learn exactly what input is necessary to take down the wood to the desired height, colouring, removing surface mould, rot, debris, dirt or wood material by visual reference alone and the learning curve is easy. So easy, you don't need the height gauge at all unless your planking needs to be a specific measurement. The feeder entrance is very tightly and well matched to the cutting blade height. What can JUST squeeze in, will just get planed. You never remove too much surface material once you are accustomed to its behaviour and performance, the machine is predictable in that sense (in a good way) and consistent. I want to emphasise the sturdy and robust element again. My machine is NOT bolted down, is also sat on top of a Black + Decker workmate like another reviewer, and handles 8 foot planking without tipping itself over, even on occasions when I let go of the end momentarily (which I try not to do). It is very heavy and extremely well planted, and the wood inserted remains pinched, level and even within the machine due to its weighty build, especially the quality innards, preventing snipe, which is not an issue at all. (Snipe is the uneven extra planing at either end of planking). Yes, it is possible to snipe the wood, but this only happens very occasionally when Im not properly supporting lengthy and weighty timber on entry/exit. The snipe is not a problem. If it is happening, adjust your technique and it will be eliminated. There is nothing wrong with the machine on the rare occasions that you experience a little snipe. The first thing you'll notice when you open the box, at the top of the machine, is the bar which looks like a carrying handle. Don't pick it up by this bar, as it is not a carrying handle. There are handles at the sides (at the top of the machine) of the machine for carrying. Use those instead. The orange knob attached to the crank arm can be turned clockwise to raise the cutting head, or anti-clockwise to lower it. The raise/lower speed is very slow to dial in, requiring multiple revolutions just to raise or lower the cutting head a fraction - this is very good, as you want to be able to dial in tiny fractions of height adjustment accurately. Dial in too much cut, and the machine copes just fine. You can hear when the motor is under slightly more or less strain but it keeps cutting cleanly and evenly without judder, at good speed regardless. It is a powerful portable planer and thicknesses and an excellent workhorse. If you have any volume of work to do, this will pay for itself RAPIDLY in terms of time and cost savings. Im very impressed with the quality of the machine as well as its performance, for the very reasonable price. - Installation is simple. Attach handle to crank arm, push down to attach it. - Screw on rear dust blower with 4 screws provided. - Raise the cutting head and remove the Styrofoam block head which protects it in transit. Enjoy reading the manual over a coffee, or just plug it in, turn it on and fire it up. Ear defenders: The the roller housing the cutting blades within the machine takes a couple of seconds to spin up to speed, and when planing volumes of work, you do want to be wearing ear defenders, unless you are just putting one or two planks through per day. It is loud and will be heard by the neighbours too. The machine itself about as noisy as a table saw when spinning by itself, but the cutting noise is perhaps less noisy, less shrill than a table saw when planing. The total noise volume is significant though, in the same league as a table saw at work. i.e. Noisy! Protect your ear drums and use ear defenders. Its very nice to be able to pull rough timber from a skip and have it transformed into perfect planking which looks both shop bought and also new, in just a few minutes with a couple of passes. The machine holds planks steady when they are fed in edge ways, too, so all sides of planking can be worked on all sides. What it won't do is square up wood that was cut on an angle (or a deliberate mitre or slant) like a parallelogram. If the face you feed into the machine has a continuous and uniform angle cut into it, it will level the face but maintain the angle. Also, very long and unintentionally twisted planking will come out at the same angle it goes in at. The inner chamber is less than a foot long and the front and rear ends of planking, if twisted, won't self straighten. Only the centre foot or so is steadied and planed level. A twist in a plank may be by several degrees, but that twist may exist over several feet. You need a manual hand plane to eliminate that. But it copes brilliantly when cutting full width planking, too. Maximum cut (I measured) width is 31.5cm. Electric motors don't like to be strained, so don't over work it, and it should last a lifetime. It certainly feels like it will last many years with only the removable blades needing resharpening occasionally. The 31.5cm max width has a curved input around the entry edges. What this means is that if you insert a long plank slightly skew, the curved edges will slowly push the wood straight if the wood being planed is put in at an angle. Another nice touch, it self straightens your product. The blades come sharp! They are easily removed (with magnets supplied) and turned around so the other side (also sharp!) can be used. Remove them and search YouTube where you'll find a simple video on how to sharpen the blades yourself (easy!). New blades can be bought for around £21 online. Search the model number. The process is as simple as removing a few bolts (hex key supplied) and replacing the blades. You can't insert the blades skew, as they have holes in them and fit into/onto a housing, so once you have taken them off, putting them back on straight is pretty much guaranteed. Nice and easy. There is only one small niggle which I have, and that is the dust extraction port. If you do not have a shop vac, it often becomes blocked, but does not affect performance. The air passing through this channel sometimes helps clear the tube, this may have been improved on the latest model - not sure. There is very nearly (but not quite enough) air power required to keep this channel free of debris without a shop vac. What this means is that without a shop vac sucking on the extraction port, it often becomes clogged and shavings fly out the front (the front is end wood is fed into the machine, same side that the start/stop buttons are located). This in practise is not an issue, other than the mess that it creates. There is enough wind inside the machine that if you never attached a shop vac, the constant build up of shavings is always flying out the front anyway, so the front remains clear, level and even, even if you do not own a shop vac. So it works with or without one, very well in practise. Just messily without one (as you'd expect!) The sheer volume of shavings (I mention this just in passing) is like other planers - i.e. substantial. You'll have unlimited free pet bed shavings or material for the meat smoker, for life. (Just be sure not to use the kiln dried treated nor green-stained timbers in either case). If you are fortunate enough that you can afford one, you won't look back. I can't fault this machines build or performance all woods, including hardwoods including wet green hardwoods Ive planed at the 30cm width, it just works. Powerfully and brilliantly. Once you have planed two sides of a plank or block, the edges are restored into perfectly sharp 90 degree corners every time. Based on my excellent experience of this fantastic machine, if you can afford it, buy it!

Utterly fantastic machine, which I have not been able to fault. It is a proper little workhorse and Paul - 16/05/2018

excelent machine gives a great finish to rough sawn wood very happy with the results i am getting from soft & hard wood

A cut above david lee - 09/05/2018

Great thickness planer for the price. I use my planer a ton, handles hardwoods like a champ. Had a problem with mine a year and a half after I purchased it and they had a new replacement sent to me within a week. Very happy with the company and tools

Great customer service David - 07/05/2018

Bought in France. Very good product. Used since a few weeks. Pros: price, quality, very easy to handle, deals with any wood type (even hard ones) Cons: evacuation pipe maybe too small for large wood shavings. Blades not very strong (already "marked" and let little grooves in the wood). When I opened the package, the bottom central metal part was damaged. Triton sent me a (nearly) new one - without discussion. I recommend.

Efficient product - serious brand Belgy Patrick - 05/05/2018

Great machine, nicely made and gives a great finish straight out of the box with only a hint of snipe which I am sure I can eliminate. Very pleased with my purchase

Triton TPT125 Chris Boyda - 30/04/2018

The Thicknesser is my first Triton machine and I am thrilled. The planing result is very good and the performance is sufficient. Exactly for my little wood workshop the right maschine. At my next machine purchase I will certainly look at Triton.

TPT125 Thicknesser Peter Kohlmeier - 29/04/2018

My new Triton thicknesser has surpassed my expectations by a country mile! With its small footprint, big capacity and quality output it has not only saved time, it's the improved quality of finished items that's most impressive.

Small outlay, big output Peter Stanley - 24/04/2018

Used straight out of the box with little assembly or adjustments and achieved pretty impressive results. The Finnish is absolutely superb although have only used it on pine/softwood. Look forward to using it on some new projects.

Triton thicknesser Chris Boyda - 18/04/2018

it's a very light machine to move. the planer is of a very great efficiency. she is not noisy. the chip collector does well are working with the vacuum cleaner. I personally find it pretty with its orange color. I advise anyone who wants to start working wood, it is easy to take in hand

my planer MARCADAL ERIC - 17/04/2018

I have been using the 1100W Thicknesser for about a month and I must say I am very impressed. The build quality is solid and robust; as good as some machines costing nearly twice as much. So far I have put some Oak, Sycamore and lime through the machine with excellent results. The planed surface requiring just a small amount of sanding. I have experienced a small amount of snipe, but nothing significant. Overall I am very pleased my purchase and would recommend this machine. It is ideal for a small workshop.

1100W Thicknesser Peter - 13/04/2018

Being fairly new to woodwork it would always take for ever to get the wood feeling smooth, when I cut on my table saw I then pass through thickness planner to make it like glass, now no longer when I make something does it take me ages to sand and smooth, great tool and easy to use. Thanks

Smooth like glass n Hotchkiss - 08/04/2018

Does a great job just the ticket for DIY

Thicknesser John Cordell - 04/04/2018

I have never used a thickness/planner before, after reading the instructions in conjunction with the tool I found it really user friendly. The finish was much better than I expected, I didn't have to carry out any sanding. Value for money was very good.

TPT125 Henry Evans - 01/04/2018

Very good product, poor manual with vague instructions and unclear photographs spoiled the initial impression.

TPT125 thicknesser John Howsego - 28/03/2018

I bought this Thicknesser back in February and because of cold weather could not use it in my garage workshop here in Scotland, but today finally desperate to use it I set it up on my bench bolted it down waxed the tables and put my first project through it. I am delighted the wood finish was first class could not fault it a first class tool I would certainly recommend it for the workshop.

Must have tool for a woodworkers workshop Robin Brown - 26/03/2018

I have a Tudor style house in Perth. A few months ago we replaced 30 plus pieces of decorative "Tudor style" timber that was nailed on to the walls, as they were showing severe weathering..They had only been painted twice in around 25 years, catching the full force of the sun and rain in Perth.. The timber size was 120mm x 30mm in various lengths. I wasn't sure whether I should throw it away or try and use it. Luckily I had bought the Thicknesser from Masters hardware when they were closing down a year+ ago. This was my first time ever using a thicknesser. I ran this timber thorough the machine once on each side and It quickly removed the old paint and exposed beautiful lengths of Jarrah timber ... I couldn't believe how easy it was to clean this timber up. Best of all it required no sanding as the cuts were super smooth and perfectly square. The finish is outstanding. I was able to quickly build an outdoor trolley for my 60" TV with the reclaimed timber.. This has made me aware of the value of looking out for old timber on the side of the road that could be cleaned up and rejuvenated in minutes, and used in building propjects. This great tool has been added to my other Triton Tools Table Saw, and Router tables, and Biscuit joiner. Thank you!

A Really Handy Tool for precision wood working Benzie Pikoos - 26/03/2018

This is the first Triton tool that I’ve owned and was originally looking at other brands for a new thicknesser. I came across the Triton during my search and am glad I did. It seems very well made, easy to set up and hasn’t missed a beat. The finish it gives means that the wood doesn’t even need a final sanding. Little things like the maintenance tool storage to enable quick access and the magnets to lift the blades make it all the more impressive. I will definitely be buying more Triton kit.

Reliable, great performing bit of kit Nicholas Watson - 21/03/2018

Originally i purchased a titan brand planer thicknesser because of reviews i had read. On the second time of using it the mechanism self destructed at which point i returned it and took the plunge on the TPT125. First impressions are impressive, well built, simple to set up and get started and gives a fantastic finish on the timber with no fettling! Chip extraction works great, height adjustment simple to use and depth scale is bang on out of the box... what more could you ask for, should have bought the Triton from the start and not wasted time on an inferior machine so bite the bullet you wont regret it!!

Triton TPT125 Paul Phillips - 20/03/2018

The finish I get from this is nothing short of superb. It is easy to use, MUCH quicker to get loads of wood processed than I expected and did not clog up my dust extractor. Makes a LOT of shavings, sure, but then I was processing many metres of wood. It puts a mirror-smooth finish on both softwood and on oak that needs no sanding and snipe was less than expected as well. All in all - very happy and the good reviews this Thicknesser receives are well justified.

Even better than the reviews suggest Mike Peacock - 20/03/2018

I am very happy with your Tool. I will like in time to buy more tools from you. They are Professional, very good Quality and look also very nice. Thank you!

Top Product! Iulian Surubaru - 18/03/2018

With TPT125 price you cant find any thicknesser what is also great tool. TPT125 is GREAT and I really enjoy thicknessing after buying TPT125. Olny thing what I'd lik is to have it with Helical Spiral Cutter Head. Hope that it will come soon at least as addition.

Just joy Kristjan - 16/03/2018

I started getting in to woodwork in a big way and started curving every side of pieces I could with a router but always ended up spending hours sanding and smoothing. After googling I came across the triton thickness planer, I did think twice about the price as I’m on a budget but thought it would save a massive amount of time but make using old pieces of wood a reality, was I right, started on my first piece and was amazed with the finish. Now my new order of tools for wood work is the table saw to cut slightly larger, then through the thickness planer and I’ve got a piece of wood that is like silk. It’s now in my top 5 tools I use all the time, making some gates for inside has become twice as quick without sanding them after and to be honest who likes sanding!

Great product and makes wood with a glass finish Istaeted - 11/03/2018

I have had my Triton planer for two months now and it is working like a charm.

12.5 Planer David Shimp - 08/03/2018

I have only used it a couple of times but the results have been impressive. It gave a great finish to a 300mm wide plank of oak.

Mr Chris Riggs - 07/03/2018

Very compact. Easy to very well All my rough sawn timber is now smooth & ready to use.bought some cheap walnut tinder planed up now worth 3times the price.Saved me a small fortune.

Planer thicknesser Eddie - 07/03/2018

Purchased this a couple of weeks ago, used this for a couple of small jobs, very surprised just how good this performs, really pleased with item and great value for money, now just waiting for Triton to release a powerful bench rip saw like the dewalt 745.

Triton 1100W Thicknesser julian - 01/03/2018

Works well not too noisy leaves a clean finish for the price a good machine.

Tpt125 thicknesser Colin walker - 28/02/2018

Unpacked this thicknesser it worked well from day one no adjustments required and the finish is superb I should of brought it sooner.

Great Little Machine John - 27/02/2018

My Triton thickness planer has been a great addition to my wood shop. It creates a nice useable surface so that I am able to better quality work.

Mr. My thickness David Shimp - 22/02/2018

The machine looks to be well built but unfortunately two successive machines had the same fault, a faulty overload/reset switch, which would not reset, also the overload was triggered even when the machine was under no load withwood passingbthrough but not cutting

Disappointing The - 21/02/2018

I've used the machine for approx 2 months and found it to be a great asset to my workshop. Having over 300mm of width is fantastic. Have not changed out the bladed yet so cant comment on that, but for what I've used it for it have been very good.

Excellent piece of Kit Nick O'Donoghue - 20/02/2018

Pulled it out of the box took my time getting the in and out feed tables just right, because you don't want snipe! Mine has very minimal, built a nice portable stand for it, and let me tell you for the price point it works great.

Great tool! Ken Vodicka - 19/02/2018

Brilliant, straight out of the box and silky cut and finish. Beats the others hands down.

Thicknesser Terry Ward - 17/02/2018

excellent results a very good finish on some oaks i was using and reasonable priced compared to other thicknessers.

1100w thicknesser james newland - 13/02/2018

Just finished planning rough sawn 2 1/2 inch thick 4ft. Long board came out beautiful. Triton's planer worked flawlessly!

Great tool! Ken Vodicka - 05/02/2018

Just out of the box, 1st job cut like silk - brilliant job. No snipe. couldn't ask better than that.

Thicknesser TPT125 T Ward - 03/02/2018

excellent results with different sizes and species of timber

1100w thicknesser james newland - 30/01/2018

viskas butu gerai jei ne nelygiai nuobliuoti galai.

patenkintas is dalies Aivaras Rudžianskas - 17/01/2018

Works great, easy to operate I would give this tool 4 stars

Planner Joel James - 17/01/2018

I have never used one before but always thought it would make life a whole lot easier when prepping timber. Oh my goodness. The result was unbelievable. I didnt even need to sand. Smooth as! Pull it out of the box and away you go - pretty much. Best purchase ever.

Thicknesser heaven Darren Fowles - 16/01/2018

Fast to set it up, instructions could be better but barely needed. Simple to operate, does the job its supposed to do without problem. On limited use maybe 4 hrs total it presented no difficulties creating 4x1 inch Douglas fir boards from raw timber with approx moisture content of 20%. Spot on. Will give 5 stars as no complaints problems noted, but note I have only used for 4/5 hours total.

Thickness planer review. Practical wood and art. - 26/12/2017

Great bit of kit. Easy to set up out of the box. Leaves a finish that doesn’t need sanding

Thicknesses G - 26/12/2017

After much consideration, I chose this thicknesser having read only good reviews about it. I'm not disappointed. There was one small accessory missing from the box, but the supplier sorted me out with a replacement part within 24 hours. The TPT125 is really solidly built and the height adjustment works smoothly. I've only run a few test pieces through so far (rough sawn softwood, reclaimed softwood and reclaimed oak) but the results with each piece have been perfect. The surface finish on the planed timber would be hard to beat even with fine sanding... it's silky smooth! I can't vouch for reliability yet, but judging by the build quality and the 3 year warranty (don't forget to register) I'm expecting it to be good. A good solid machine.

Excellent value and quality Michael Smith - 18/12/2017

Fantastic piece of kit for the amateur or the professional. Powerful, sturdy and robust. planes to a very high standard and so easy to change blades.

Triton Thicknesser TIM NORMAN - 17/12/2017

Fantastic bit of kit. Easy set up out the box. The finish it leaves doesn’t even need sanding

317mm Thicknesser Jamie Thompson - 16/12/2017

Brilliant piece of kit that makes life so much easier. Even hardwoods go through it like a knife through butter, very pleased with it.

1100W Thicknesser 317mm Elizabeth Munnings - 11/12/2017

My TPT125 arrived with one of the blade change accessories missing, but the retailer (Screwfix) quickly sorted this. The unit is nicely built and seems very sturdy. I've run a variety of timber through it (hardwood and softwood) and all have come out with an excellent, silky finish. Really pleased with it.

Good quality and value Michael Smith - 04/12/2017

Really pleased with my new 'Toy'- it's a great machine and I have been using it non stop since I brought it. It is solidly built, very powerful, easy to change blades and does a fantastic job. I would recommend this to both DIY and serious professional

Thicknesser - Excellent bit of kit TIM NORMAN - 01/12/2017

Well packaged, well made, quiet and easy to use. Just a great machine.

Triton have done it again andrew grant - 01/12/2017

I read a lot of reviews to guide me on my purchase, I’m oleased I bought this product it’s well built and cuts very good. I would recommend buying this tool it’s a cut above the rest on the market.

Triton TP125 thicknesser Brian Morrison I - 01/12/2017

It works great, just wish it doesn't have snipe issue. A waste of wood.

My planer. Wayne Lizotte - 28/11/2017

Emballage super, le montage de quelques pièces facile et une qualité de finition nikel

Excellent Dégauchisseuse pour un prix abordable Manuel Garcia Repullo - 26/11/2017

I had 5 slabs of Ash 250mm wide with various thicknesses to make a television corner unit and wanted a Thicknesser to plane them down to the same thickness. No problem with this machine and what a finish it gives.

TPT125 THICKNESSER Exellent kit Michael Jones - 18/11/2017

A valued and very useful addition to my workshop. I can now complete projects that were not possible before.

TPT125 Review Ian Randall - 14/11/2017

Since I bought the thicknesser it has worked flawlessly and has given me super smooth results. (apart from a rattle which seems to have stopped after first using)

I like it, it has worked flawlessly. (apart from a rattle which seems to have stopped after first us martin Roscoe - 07/11/2017

Absolutely delighted with this piece of kit. Easy to use, effective and a three-year​ warranty for a reasonable price. Would definitely recommend.

Thicknesser Liz Munnings - 06/11/2017

Very pleased with this tool. Easy to use and very efficient. I have been able to attempt a number of projects I would have been unable to contemplate in the past

TPT125 Ian Randall - 30/10/2017

Inexpensive good quality thicknesser. Very suitable like afirst power tool for beginner woodworker. I am completely satisfied

Triton thicknesser TPT125 Vladimir Levitskii - 23/10/2017

Heb de bank nu diverse keren gebruikt en moet zeggen hij voldoet prima. Er zijn enkele kleine puntjes waar je op moet letten: zaag het hout niet precies op maat maar laat aan beide kanten ca 5 cm overschot zitten. Bij harsrijk hout moet je wel een houtglijmiddel gebruiken. Ik kan deze bank, gelet op de prijs/kwaliteitsverhouding, zeker aanbevelen.

Prima vandiktebank B Schaper - 17/10/2017

Diese Maschinen ist einfach nur klasse ich kann sie nur jedem empfehlen TOP GERADE !

Super Maschine Christian Hausberger - 16/10/2017

strong machine, good value.

thicknesser Ian Clark - 16/10/2017

Happy with my choice! Customer service is good. Machine does a fine job and is easy to maintain.

Good value Jim Shirley - 14/10/2017

Well made product , supperb results.

Thicknesses 317 Tony Snelling - 07/10/2017

The machines are second to none excellent quality and very robust perfect for all jobs and the service team are brilliant fast and very professional I always but Triton their the best

service Nigel brown - 30/09/2017

My planet thicknesser is an integral part of my thriving business. Does a perfect job on a daily basis.

Outstanding Alex wight - 29/09/2017

I've not had this thicknesser for very long, but I've put it through its paces with some heavy beech timber etc. Sniping can be a issue but with proper support (front and back) it's pretty much eliminated. This bit of kit has already saving me so much time over always Sanding material. Removing the chip shoot is the way to go because it tends to get blocked very easily. Overall a great bit of kit at a reasonable price.

Orange beauty Dave - 26/09/2017

Fantastic for the price, solid contruction, easy to use, easy to replace/ flip blades and leaves a perfectly smooth planed finish.

Bargain Paul Crandon - 20/09/2017

Only had this machine a month, but so far, SO GOOD. Strong, robust stable. Planer is easy to adjust for thickness, works quickly and gives a beautiful glass smooth finish. Definitely not quiet in operation, which is the only downside but how much do you have to spend to get a quiet planer? For £250 you won't find a better machine

Good machine Ross Buchanan - 18/09/2017

Bought this online a few weeks ago and I must say, I am very impressed. Watched loads of 'YouTube' clips showing various makes and models from other manufacturers and not one of them seemed to match the Triton1100W Thicknesser. Bought it, had it delivered and used it for the very first time this week and now I am even more impressed, planed smoothly along the WHOLE length of the material I was using unlike the others that leave that little uneven bump at the end of the run. (Maybe Triton would upgrade a little and fit a warning beeper for little nails that I missed on inspection lol. Never mind, that was my fault and maybe Triton will feel sorry for me and send me a free set of new blades) Overall, along with my other 'TRITON' tools, I can't recommend this product highly enough

1100W Thicknesser Keith Dutton - 09/09/2017

The Triton thicknesser / planer comes very well packed with everything to get you started in minutes. The instructions are not too clear and pictures are so dark that it is very difficult to distinguish or recognise parts being referred to in the manual. Once assembled I put the Triton through its paces and was very happy with the results. The old rough wood came out as well dressed timber that needed no sanding. It is a little powerhouse machine that can take on big jobs with ease and produces great results. I love the fact that you can plane in very small increments which is perfect to fine tune the thickness of timber. I did have a lot of difficulty in removing and inspecting the blades as the retaining screws were so tight that the tool that is supposed to open them got damaged at the tip. Finally had to get the dealer to help loosen the screws with better equipment. I have reassembled the blades and now can remove them easily for sharpening or replacement. It is a great machine and well worth the money paid for it. It looks and feels solid and strong. Glad I got this unit.

Great value thicknesses planer Michael - 09/09/2017

I bought this a few weeks ago. No problems whatsoever. It represents very good value for money.

Thicknesser, TPT125 graham belton - 05/09/2017

I was sceptical as to the quality of Triton's tools due to being relatively new to woodworking and the Triton brand itself. After reading many reviews, as well as taking advice from friends with the same tool or experience with the brand, I decided on the Triton thickness planer over other competitors. So far so good. Delivery was no hassle, with no damage to the boxes; the blades were sharp and well aligned out of the box. The outfield tables are adequate for most uses and seem to be bolted to the frame securely. The hand crank mechanism is very easy to use and gives a good depth when fully open, I especially like the 0.4mm increment on a quarter turn and 0.8mm on a half turn. So far I've only put Bubinga, Cherry and Beech through it but I've encountered no issues with tearout which is often associated with bubinga due to its grain. I'm enjoying using the tool at the moment and hope that I continue to do so.

Triton thickness planer Harry - 17/08/2017

This is a well designed and manufactured product that is easy to use and powerful enough to carry out the tasks that it has been built for!

Triton planer/thicknesser Arthur Ross - 13/08/2017

I liked this planer, but after 2 months one of the bearings broke. The service to fix it has been very good their representatives have been easy to reach and stay in contact with

317mm thickness planer Dean - 03/08/2017

Works great. I'm pleased with product, also good price.

Thickneser 317 Janez Yartz - 02/08/2017

This product has performed well so far, giving a quality finish to the timber used so far !

Tpt125 Arthur Ross - 31/07/2017

.... is really positive :-)! I have to prepare some pieces of oak wood to use them for special situation around my pool. So to bring them to the correct thickness needs less time and the quality of the surface was very good!

TP125 Thicknesser - my first impression .... Andreas Getzinger - 25/07/2017

I bought this as I had rough cut timber which was also uneven, it is perfect for planing wood and getting it all to the same size , leaves a smooth finish and great for diy or bigger jobs , money well spent.

Diy saviour Neil - 17/07/2017

I purchased the Triton 12 inch thickness planet to use on projects around the house. First I would like to say that the pricing is very decent compare with other brand. Second the tool is very easy to use. I quickly skim through the manual just to see for safety features other than that the tool is very straightforward. My only two things that I can say negatively is the knob for thickness adjustment gets dirty very easily the material used on that could be replaced with something more rigid so it doesn’t Get dirty easily. Moreover, the thin plastic film cover for the bottom plate where there wood slides through it was very difficult to remove so some of the film still there even after a few pass through. I’ve only use for one project and so far I like it very much it’s wide enough for most woods that I use for projects around the house.

Great planer Peter Lai - 13/07/2017

The planer did a great job. It has a noise coming from the motor that Triton says is the gears and should go away in time.

Worked great! Vince Fisher - 28/06/2017

First thicknesser I have used and am very impressed. Simple to set up and use. Portable enough if required but best fixed to table top. I have mine on a mobile base.

Great product Dave Carpenter - 24/06/2017

I read all the reviews on the internet and decided this was the thicknesser for me, not only the price was right, it also does the job for my usage. When it was delivered I spent the weekend making a table for it. At first I ran through some scrap wood and was pleased. Then I made a chopping board and was very pleased with the results, in fact I,m making a hardwood chopping board for myself so I,ll be using it this weekend. I am very pleased that I chose the triton thicknesser it realy does the job

triton 1100w thicknesser 317mm Lynne Gorrie - 16/06/2017

Although I have not had too much time to use the planer up until now, it has performed well for me. I did not have dust extraction before and what a pleasure it is.

Triton Planer Kathy Lauwagie - 12/06/2017

Very pleased with the thicknesser, a robust and effective machine. Used for planing old pine floorboards, giving a high quality finish.

Quality finish Douglas Matthew - 08/06/2017

Just bought TPT 125 and really satisfied . Low level noise , accuracy is much more than expected . Light weight but sturdy construction . Absolutely best in class ad reasonable price . Thank you Triton

Very satisfied Bruno Viola - 07/06/2017

Great machine..sturdy build. Love the on board tool holder (knowing im not going to lose those).Cuts come out clean, barely need sanding. Very Happy with this tool.

1100W Thicknesser 317mm Mark - 07/06/2017

Really a great tool in an professional luthier workshop. Works very fine, compact size, great finishes on exotic (very hard) woods. An more, looks good! I'm happy with the quality and the permonca of my TPT125!

Awesome Joe Bass - 30/05/2017

I had a cheaper planer/thicknesser, but was never happy with the results. This was a bit more for just a thicknesser, but the finish is awesome and the results are good enough for a perfectionist like myself! I would recommend, the next similar branded thicknesser up is twice the price!

Great tool- lost without it Mark Justin - 18/05/2017

Out standing

1000W Dale Goeppinger - 18/05/2017

La máquina tiene una calidad muy buena y trabaja muy rápido, deja la madera perfecta casi sin lijar.

Funciona de maravilla José Domingo Martínez - 18/05/2017

Simple unpacking, fine and easy to use adjustments, perfect performance, fine wood finish. Perfect for a luthier with a small workshop with the need for an exact and homogeneous finish of the wood. A great investment! I'm very happy with my Triton!

AWESOME!! Joe Bass - 16/05/2017

This machine is easy to use. Setting cut depth is straight forward and accurate. The finish it produces is so good that I find that sanding is not required. I am extremely happy with it and would recommend it.

Triton thicknesser...AMAZING Jeff Turnbull - 12/05/2017

Excellent little tool which I now wouldn't be without in my workshop. Easy set up and function. Would give it 5 stars if it had three blades

Thicknesser for someone who plays with wood! Anthony grey - 07/05/2017

Very pieased with this product, would recommend this to anyone thinking of buying it.

triton thicknesser keith spreadbury - 01/05/2017

i bought a triton thicknesser a couple of weeks ago, it was very easy to set up and was useing it within minutes of receiving it. i do a lot of wood turning and find this a great tool , it does what it say,s it can do i would recommend this product.

triton thicknesser keith spreadbury - 17/04/2017

Had to put project I got this for on hold, but the setup was pretty easy, machine is very well made, and initial setup passes were pleasantly surprising in quality.

Really good machine Chuck Lawrennce - 11/04/2017

Seems like a reasonably well made machine and it certainly does exactly what it should. The machine it replaced was an APT machine with on the surface a similar construction but a more powerful motor. My last machine suffered a fair amount of use and abuse but finally gave up on me after 18 years, the direct replacement was almost £200 more than the Triton so as my usage was likely to be less in the coming years I thought I would save some money and buy the Triton which seemed to represent the best alternative to a more expensive machine. Its early days with the Triton as I've only had it a couple of months but I have used it on various hard and softwoods quite a bit and so far I am entirely happy with its performance. One rather annoying issue I had on setting up was the diameter of the waste outlet pipe which is rather an obscure size. I have a 4" vacuum system in my workshop and after contacting both Triton and a distributer I discovered that the only adaptor they could supply was to take the size of the outlet down to a domestic vacuum cleaner size! Eventually I managed to source an adaptor via Amazon that would just about do after a generous winding of gaffer tape round the Triton outlet pipe to increase its diameter to fit tightly inside the Charnwood 63mm to 100mm adaptor. In view of this and the fact that I do not know if the machine is built well enough to last I can only award 3* at this time. Its a pity companies don't wait a few more months before asking buyers to review their products, they may get more meaningful information!

TPT125 Thicknesser Philip - 06/04/2017

Just purchased the TPT125 planar, and I am very impressed with the construction of the machine and the ease of setup. It also came with a resounding endorsement from the staff at the store. I have not had the chance to actually do some serious use, but am anticipating great results. Very happy with the purchase.

Just purchased Chuck Lawrence - 30/03/2017

Easy to assemble out of the box. I adjusted it up and put it on top of my Workmate for now. Planed up some old pine from a recycled door. It gave a lovely surface finished, no need for sanding etc. Machine is loud, but no more so than my table saw; I always wear my ear defenders anyway. I connected it up to my standard shop vac and it handled the chips quite well. I might think about getting a bigger chip collector if I'm going to be using the thicknesser on lots of lengths of wood.

Good product, good price Philip Eost - 25/03/2017

I have only been using it for about 2 weeks, but so far it is working well. I have a vacuum system connected to the dust connection on it, but I still get some saw dust coming out from the infeed side. Overall I will give it a rating of 4 at this time.

Hobby Woodworker Rod Moss - 23/03/2017

I have been in the market for a Planer/Thicknesser for a while now and I tried to do my research to find the best bang for my buck. I was leaning heavily towards the Dewalt 735, but the price tag just wouldn't let me pull the trigger. I've seen a number of sponsored users on Youtube who liked the Triton products, but I couldn't find a good review of the machine in English. Since I have seen and heard great things about Triton themselves, I took a chance. I received my planer and originally was slightly disappointed. The handle to raise/lower the head would hang up. It seems there was an issue somewhere in the gearing. I never even turned it on. I called tech support, and spoke to Debbie. She quickly addressed my concern and had a brand new planer shipped to me from the manufacturing plant. She provided a shipping label for me to return my original one. Since I've received my new planer, I've had the opportunity to use it. It's a delight to use. I was pleasantly surprised that the noise level was lower than anticipated. The machine cuts very smooth and clean, only light sanding needed for a final finish. While I was hesitant to buy a machine that I couldn't find a review on, I'm onboard. Triton has a new customer and I've become very confident in not only their product, but their fantastic US customer support. Thank you Triton. I'm giving 4 out 5 stars, just for the fact I had to return my old device and wait on a replacement. The replacement was at my house, in less than a week.

Pleasantly Suprised Victor Price - 13/03/2017

Die Hobelmaschine entspricht meinen Erwartungen.

zuverläslich Helmut Storch - 07/03/2017

This thicknesser is just the tool for my small workshop, easy to use but could do with a decent operators manual as I had not used one before.

Great results Nigel Keen - 07/03/2017

Unfortunately the unit stopped working. It appeared as if the overload button was activated. Looked for a reset button but none found. Have returned the product to the supplier for assessment.

1100W Thicknesser 317mm Planer Ken Smith - 01/03/2017

The thicknesser is easy to setup and use well built, should last for years to come. Very impressed with the size of timber it can accommodate. this machine should save me a fortune as I know buy rough sawn and plan it myself. I use a lot of triton tools and have always found them well thought out and excellent in use at a good price compared to other mid range power tools.

Excellent product Paul Sharples - 28/02/2017

I was looking to set up a micro woodworking shop as I have limited space and looked hard at what was available and came across Triton initially via Men in Sheds. I then looked at the story behind Triton and then where I could buy their product. I selected Yandles and it was a good decision. I am a more than capable DIYer as I spent my school and university holidays ladding for tradesmen. I invested in the TWX7 Workcentre with the contractor saw and router table modules with the additional extensions and wheels. I also bought the JOF001 router, the TPT125 planer thicknesser, the TSPS450 oscillating sander, the dust bucket and storage rack. As I said I've set up a Triton micro workshop - I followed the videos on how to assemble everything and I am now working on a couple of initial projects to make myself familiar with the ins and outs of what I've got - I've just pulled together a couple of sliding box joint jigs. I believe I have made a wise investment and I am very pleased with the way the workcentre allows me to have a professionally equipped workshop in such a limited space - I also enjoyed the buying experience with Yandles. Mark G – 230217

Microworkshop - I chose Triton - it's been a very good decision Mark Greenhalgh - 23/02/2017

Great little machine, used to recycle pallet timber into useable wood for projects. The user guide is very poor but there are loads of tips on usage on YouTube,

Triton T125 thicknesser Nigel Keen - 21/02/2017

If used as recommended and you don't try to take off too much on one pass, the machine works very smoothly and my set of 8 inch reclaimed mahogany slabs cleaned up very nicely. I was also pleased at how little dust was sprayed around the place (all things considered), when a vacuum cleaner was hooked up to collect the dust. I bought a set of adjustable floor-standing rollers to keep the wood level as it exits the machine, otherwise you get a slight 'dig-in' on the end inch or two - but that's the case with pretty much any machine of this type. I've always found Triton tools to be good value and this one is no exception.

TPT 125 Plane Sailing? paul white - 21/02/2017

Love machine

Survey DONALD ZINDREN - 20/02/2017

The tpt125 thicknesser is a excellent piece of kit, After setting up, the feed in and out table was fiddley to get flush,take time setting up for best results. When wood has been through thicknesser it comes out like a mirror finish with barely any sanding to do .Great machine

Excellent piece of kit Malcolm Lea - 19/02/2017

A little difference in thickness at the start of the work piece until it sits under both rollers. Otherwise a sturdy tool, easy to use and good value for money.

TPT 125 Thicknesser Gerard Daly - 19/02/2017

Great machine does exactly what is is surposed to do

1100W Thicknesser Alan Alison - 15/02/2017

This is absolutely brilliant. Was worth ever penny. If mine ever broke i would replace it with another triton, it effortlessly rips through any stock i have fed it making it perfectly flat and looking like new again. Even old hardwood pallets when im too lazy to sand.

1100w thicknesser Luke - 31/01/2017

Just used this to plane some scaffold planks and it managed the job pretty well. Unsurprisingly the blades are now a bit dull but that's my fault for using it on such difficult timber. All in all a great buy.

Great planer A Eaves - 27/01/2017

A simple to work tool for getting your timber nice and flat. Ear plugs cut down the noise. For a DIYer it is a handy tool.

Triton Tpt125 George Teng - 21/01/2017

I'm very satisfied with products.

Mr. Brane - 19/01/2017

This planer is a great piece of equipment which has done a great job flattening some huge scaffold planks I had which needed smoothing and thicknessing. The planer coped very well although the blades have taken a bit of a hammering so they will need replacing or sharpening before too long. The planer appears to be well made and solid and all in all is very good value.

Great piece of kit for the price Andrew Eaves - 13/01/2017

I am very pleased with the machine. I will gladly recommendations to friends.

mr. Brane Oresnik - 05/01/2017

What can I say. I have had this for about 1 month now. Pro's It does what it says. It does it well. it is heavy enough that it does NOT shake itself off the bench It is light enough to lift on and off the bench (by me anyway) Con's Haven't found any yet

1100W Thicknesser 317mm James Knox - 09/12/2016

This 1100W Thicknesser from Triton is a superb little machine, i do quite a lot of woodwork (at home) and find it brilliant for producing the exact thickness I need, the blades are super sharp and leave a lovely smooth finish, I find it is a very sturdy machine.

Super 1100W Thicknesser Glyn Jones - 30/11/2016

Only done a few projects so far but solid and excellent finish, minimal snipe if used carefully. Very happy so far.

TPT 125 Thicknesser Rob Haig - 29/11/2016

I spent ages on line reviewing thicknessers from the cheapest to the most expensive and this machine had such good feedback that l decided to give it a go. We'll I'm so glad l did because it's proved to be an excellent machine and I'm very, very pleased with it. The finish on both softwood and hardwood is extremely good, something that you might only expect from more expensive models. Build quality is very good, it also feels very robust and is easy to use. The question l been asked most is, 'how noisy is it?'. Well it is noisy, but then that's the nature of the beast and having borrowed a few different ones from friends to try, it is certainly not the loudest by any means. Just get yourself some good ear defenders and a bottle of wine for the neighbours! Would l recommend this planner? Yes, most certainly, especially at the price, it's excellent value for money. (Shropshire, UK)

Excellent machine Mike Watkins - 28/11/2016

Bought this from Amazon to plane hardwoods. Its one of those tools that I wish I got a long time ago. This is my first Triton power tool, so I was a bit hesitant on buying this, but so glad I did. It is extremely powerful and easy too use, but very loud so ear protection a must!

Easy to Use N Alam - 17/11/2016

I am so pleased with this TRITON Thicknesser, It is the most efficient tool of its kind i have seen and gives a very accurate fine finish to the wood, I feel it good value for the money and would rate it the THICKNESSER of the age.

The Thickness of the age Brian M Turner - 17/11/2016

This product is amazing first class

Thicknesser 5 star Anthony - 14/11/2016

Bought this at a recent visit to Screwfix Live. The Triton staff at the stand were excellent. The thicknesser is reassuringly heavy and well made and so far has not posed any problems in use. What I would suggest is that you check all the packaging before disposal as both blade cover magnets had come loose and were hidden under the polystyrene in the box.

Nice bit of kit M Coles - 11/10/2016

So far have used to plane several 2.4m lengths of 44mm softwood down to 38mm.after checking setup Performed well. The only adjustment needed out of box was outfeed table height.

1100W Thicknesser 317mm S. Prince - 10/10/2016

Una regruesadora sencilla, pero potente, cumple su función a un precio muy económico, el único pero (si lo tiene) es que la entrada la aspiración es un poco pequeña y requiere de aspirador si o sí. Por lo demás, una compra estupenda, solida, estable y las cuchillas reversibles te permiten exprimir al máximo su vida útil.

Regruesadora 317mm Lucas - 03/10/2016


Triton Thicknesser eason - 20/09/2016

i am very pleased with this machine. Solid construction but light enough to move if needed and very accurate . Ideal machine for the DIY'ers workshop.

1100W Thicknesser Ross Pauline - 04/09/2016

I have own this product about one week now. It seems to be guite a powerfull machine. It is a sturdy thicknesser which is pleasure to use.

Powerfull Tapio Vuorinen - 01/08/2016