MOF 001

Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router 1400W

Award-winning router with compact and powerful 1400W / 2-1/4hp motor and 8000-21,000rpm electronic speed maintenance under load. Quick-fit pins located in base for rapid fitment to mounting plate. Compatible with the Triton RTA300 router table. Easy-set, direct reading 3-stage turret for precise pre-set cut depths. Single dial switch from plunge to fixed-base router with rack and pinion height adjustment.

Product Features

1/4" and 8mm collet for a greater range of bit fitment
1400W / 2-1/4hp electronically-controlled motor for maintained speed under load
Automatic spindle lock engages only when power switch cover is closed
Soft start and variable speed for all cutter types
Micro winder enables continuous fine depth adjustment through the full plunge range
Rack and pinion height adjustment and table winder eliminates the need for expensive lifting mechanisms when used with router tables
Electronic speed control ensures a fine finish on all materials
Removable plunge spring for easy bit adjustment when table mounted
3-stage turret with direct reading scales for precise pre-set cut depths
Fully enclosed guarding provides maximum protection from the cut zone and assists dust extraction
Multi-function fence provides optimum control for hand-held use and circle cutting
Quick-fit pins for fast fitment and removal from the fence and the RTA300 Router Table
Side air vents reduce intake of dust into the motor casing when mounted upside-down in a router table
Excellent dust extraction for a cleaner, safer working environment
Easy access brushes for quick changes
Through the base single-wrench bit change is achieved with the automatic spindle lock
Safety switch shutter locks closed in bit-change mode to prevent router being switched on

Technical Specification

Depth Adjustment Infinite
Electronic Speed Maintenance Yes
Guide Yes
Micro Adjustment Yes
No Load Speed 21,000rpm
Plunge Range 0 - 59mm
Power 1400W
Power On Indicator Yes
Product Height 290mm
Product Length 165mm
Product Weight 5.97kg
Product Width 285mm
Safety Power Switch Yes
Sound Power LW 95.1dB
Sound Pressure LP 84.1dB
Speed Maintenance Under Load 8,000 - 21,000rpm

Included Accessories

1/4" collet
8mm collet
Table height winder
Multi-function fence


MOF 001

Compatible With

TRT A001

Router Track Adaptor

Robust chrome-plated base plate and guide rails provide a sturdy structure when combined with the impact-resistant plastic. Quick-fastening mechanism ensures minimal time and complexity in fixing the router to the track rail. Compatible with the entire Triton Precision Plunge Router Range.

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TGA 250

Template Guide Kit 12pce

Machined, chrome-plated brass guide bushes and chrome-plated steel guide plates. Ventilated guide bushes for optimised dust extraction. Includes 8 guide bushes (OD 5/16", 3/8", 7/16”, 1/2", 5/8", 51/64", 3/4" & 30mm), alignment bush (porter cable adaptor), table spacer and 2 x M4 screws.

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TWX7 RT001

TWX7 Router Table Module

Precision router table module specifically designed for TWX7 Workcentre. Compatible with all three Triton plunge routers (TRA001, MOF001 and JOF001) for shaping, planing, rebating, trenching, moulding and grooving. Extruded aluminium main fence and adjustable side fences. Features micro adjusters, rotating cruciform fence spacers, safety guard and dust extractor connector. Includes quick set horizontal (2) and vertical featherboards (2). Easy assembly and configuration. Combined with TWX7 Workcentre achieves a full featured Router Table capable of professional results. High quality materials and components ensure a long life. Fully supported by optional accessories for extending functionality.

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RTA 300

Precision Router Table

Versatile router table for use on Triton Workcentres and Router Stands. Accepts most 1/4" and 1/2" routers for shaping, planing, rebating, trenching, moulding and grooving. Large, rigid work table with sliding table insert with removable protractor. High-faced fence with micro adjusters and planing shims. Safety guard with dust extraction facility.

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AJA 150

Overhead Mounting Kit

Router slide plate for overhead work. Suits most routers for cross trenching on the Triton Workcentre. Also suits fitting of most jigsaws for use with early model Triton Router and Jigsaw Tables (manufactured prior to model RTA300). Offers high accuracy for shelving, cabinets, built-in cupboards etc. Robust steel construction.

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DCA 300

Dust Collection Bucket 23Ltr

Prevents sawdust filling up or clogging vacuum cleaners. Provides huge 23Ltr / 6 US gal capacity. Easy to handle and empty. Fits Triton workcentres WCA201, WCA200, WCA001 and can be used with just about any product with dust extraction outlets.

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FJA 300

Finger Jointer

Compatible with Triton Router Table for easy, accurate and attractive box joints. The simple way to make perfect 1/4" and 1/2" box joints in any board thicknesses, from 3mm to 32mm. Cuts several joints at the same time. Use with Triton Router Table model RTA300.

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129 Review(s)
The mof001 router has got to be the best bit of kit I have bought in a long time. Easy to use, great features and all at a great price. Can't fault it.

Best router Stuart Blyth - 20/03/2017

I bought the MOF001 a few weeks back. Great router to use free hand, quiet and not heavy. Can't wait to use it on a table where this router sets it apart from the rest.

Awesome Router Ross Jenkinson - 20/03/2017

What a joy to work with this wonderful router it's so easy to use and that fantastic above table adjustment and on top of it all to change the bit from above with ease and safety , I should of bought one of these years ago thank you triton well done.

MOF 001 Carl Vorster - 19/03/2017

Strong material and well thinking tool; great use of it and first work with it with quality. For a first purchase of your brand, I am awfully glad of owning it

First impressions Arnaud Jean-Jacques - 15/03/2017

I have tried the router and it works like it should be . Its a great add to my shop .Looking forward to use the other Triton tools that i have ordered.

review from a belgium user tony haemerlinck - 15/03/2017

Easily the most user friendly and thought out plunge router on the market.

2hp router Kevin - 11/03/2017

Great Router! I own several routers and this is my favorite. Smooth quiet motor and great features makes this my "go to" router.

Triton Router Phil Lovelace - 08/03/2017

I use this tool for building outdoor tables and benches. It is very easy to use and it has enough power for carving heavy table timber. I like also the safety features.

Kim Kimmo Manninen - 08/03/2017

Having worked as a cabinetmaker for 15 years I've gone through my share of routers. The job that seems to wear them out the quickest being dovetailing particularly in oak. Not so with this router you get a good stable machine that doesn't struggle or bounce regardless of the speed.

perfect for dovetailing Chris - 05/03/2017

Une excellente machine a un prix très abordable - la facilité d'installation sous table est un vrai plus par rapport à la concurrence - j'ai découvert cette marque en parcourant les forum et vidéos de menuiserie sur le net et ne regrette absolument pas mon achat

Defonceuse MOF 001 Jean-Pierre Janin - 01/03/2017

This router does a good job, especially when table mounted. The table height winder works well & is my reason for buying it. The 1400W motor is good enough for advanced hobbyists. Winder handle adjustment is not user friendly-it is far too fiddly. My one serious complaint is not with the router but with Triton's marketing ploy. It has packaged the router for Europe as one deal. By that I mean it comes with two collets, one imperial 1/4", the other 8mm. In the UK we use 1/4" & 1/2" collets, on the continent it is mainly 6mm & 8mm. Why are these not supplied as standard for each appropriate market? It is just cheap shoddy practice. I can live with the continental plug inside a UK wrap-around but is that any cheaper than a proper fused UK plug? I bought my 1/2" collet straight away so I can use the router as I intend.

MOF001 Patrick Umfreville - 27/02/2017

Great tool, very easy to use

Router 1400 Cyrille Meichel - 20/02/2017

The router has a good power level for all things I do with it. What I love and what was the major buying point, is the possibility to adjust the cutting height through a router table. I bought this router for my table to get rid of weak lifting devices. And yes, it is a pleasure to use the crank for lifting from the top of the table! What I also like in handheld-mode is the possibility to choose for lifting from free lifting and the gear-lifting.

Nice Router Daniel - 19/02/2017

precision router solidly built, giving excellent results

M0f001 router derek hancock - 18/02/2017

Really fantastic router very precise

fantastic thomas wella - 11/02/2017

A very good tool. Adjustment from top of the table is great. A bit nosy. Very powerful.

Router MOF001 Siegfried Sorge - 11/02/2017

Never owned a Router before, but there are lots of DIY projects that I wanted to do that needs one, to make my life easier. I did lots of research and watched lots of on line videos and decided on the Triton. The first thing that impressed me was the solid construction of everything and how well it and the accessories fit together, no play feels right. I love good design and you can tell that this has had a lot of design work to get it to where it is. It gave me confidence straight away, I also bought the RTA300 Router Table and mounted this to my work bench. I am having great fun now learning how to use them and making jigs.

A router that gives a newbie confidence Ian Turnbull - 10/02/2017

Generally a good idea, but the quality could be better. The plunge action is sticky, the fine depth adjustment has a lot of free play, and the track rail adaptor is a bodge - the router deserves better.

Not quite a router dave sloan - 31/01/2017

Top quality and nice design.

Punge router Vojtech Kalabek - 30/01/2017

Did not try it much so far,but for what i did,it did the job great!

MOF001 Tomi - 27/01/2017

Magnífica fresadora para empotrar en mesa y poder ajustar perfectamente en altura. La fuerza del motor es más que suficiente para la realización de la mayoría de los trabajos. Relación calidad precio excelentes

Perfecta Alberto Boquete Pereira - 19/01/2017

Did not used it much so far, that's way 4 stars...but for what i did, it did a great job!!

MOF001 Tomi Z. - 13/01/2017

Incredible router, it offers the best features for affordable price.

Precision plunge router 1400watt Vincent verhoog - 05/01/2017

Un excellent produit de la marque triton. Elle fait du bon boulot. Le travail est propre et minutieu Je la conseille a tous le monde.

Excellent Kerckhove Maxime - 05/01/2017

I like the router very much but you guys at Triton have to admit the copyrings are utterly expensive! 12 pieces of metal cost 1/3th of the whole machine! That is really unbelievable. Off course, please feel free to offer me a free set... ;)

Copy rings Chris - 04/01/2017

With this tool, I can work with precision, but it needs arms... A little bit heavy for a top use, but one of the good points is that you can use it under a table very easyly.

perfect, but heavy DOMECQ - 19/12/2016

Bonjour celz fait quelque jour que j'utilise cette machine et elle est incroyable. Elle fonctionne parfaitement et execute le boulot correctement. Je l'adore.

Une machine incroyable Maxime Kerckhove - 14/12/2016

What a fantastic and versatile machine, for a modest price

Triton router master of woodworking Vincent verhoog - 07/12/2016

Great machine,but expensive copy rings

MOF001 ondrej bela - 01/12/2016

This machine combines many features for a descent price! Actually so many features that it's really worth giving the user manual a read :) But I managed to get on with it swiftly; by keeping some key points in the back of my head I could operate it very intuitively. I've been using the machine primarily for tracing a template by means of a 'copying router bit' (the one's with the roller bearing). Runs smooth and powerful, depth can be adjusted very accurately and the weight pf the machine results in good stability. The only point for improvement I've found so far is the dust collection - with regard to the way I've been using it (copying template) I must say. Because the router base is only resting on the material partly, the dust collection is actually turning out a bit messy due to the forced air that blows it all out in the open. I've made an extra base plate with a much smaller whole out of clear acrylic, just enough to let the router bit slide trough. This solves it.

Review MOF001 router Valentijn de Vos - 28/11/2016

I have used the router for several simple projects succesfully so far, so I can only reccomend. Planning to build the small router table to use all advantages of this Triton router.

Dual Mode Router Mof001 Vladimir Opletal - 22/11/2016

I bought this recently to match a Kreg router table. The fit with the pre-drilled Kreg deck is excellent. The removable spring for table mounting is a great idea. The power button is a bit awkward on the unit on it's own, nearly forcing you to buy a table switch. The soft start of the Triton is very smooth and the power is more than enough for anything I want to throw at it. Adjustment nobs are a little clunky. Overall, a very good unit so far.

Costly, but smooth and powerful Craig - 06/11/2016

Bought this router with no experience of woodworking at all. Once it was set up and running I was soon able to do wood work jobs I would never have attempted or thought possible before as its quite easy to use once you get the hang of it... I would recommend buying these Triton routers as the can be set up using all the accessories that go with this model.... Or you can make up your own using this wonderful tool!! It does what is says on the tin lol!!

Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router 1400W MOF001 Tony Wagstaffe - 13/10/2016

Super machine, très agréable à utiliser, les réglages sont simples et très précis. Je la recommande

Super machine LAURENT LEYNAUD - 12/10/2016

Je trouve cette machine tres agreable a utiliser les réglages sont simples et super efficaces

Très bonne machine LAURENT LEYNAUD - 10/10/2016

Great router for plunge or table work, easy to use and good for precision work. Deffinitely reccomend this router.

Triton MOF001 John - 10/10/2016

Installed the M0F001 into my table and love the ease of use from the easy height above table bit adjustment to the ease of switching out a bit above the table. Very powerful and quiet motor helps me work at home without disturbing the neighbors, or the wife.

Love My Router peter nathanson - 06/10/2016

Very pleased! Great safety features. Great accessories included, multi-function fence, collet wrench, 1/2" and 1/4" collets and adjustment handle for setting height from on top of table. Very affordable price for all you get. Great value. Loving it!

Great Router! Wayne Thomley - 20/09/2016

Very fast customer service.

Shop worker Jesse Thompson - 19/09/2016

Really pleased with this router and well worth the money, looking forward to using it on my guitar build. The only problem I have is with the plunge selection button in the handle I find it quite hard to press in at times but i think that is more down to me still learning how to use the router as only had it for a couple of days

Router MOF001 Rob - 17/09/2016

I am very happy with my purchase; well built, useful features (automatic chuck locking ...).

Nice tool! Etienne Didelot - 09/09/2016

Second router from Triton and again a nice deal

Always a great router Sylvain Dion - 07/09/2016

The features that I particularly like about this router are (a) the quick height adjustment via the side-wheel (b) the safety lock-off of the on/off switch when you wind out for bit changes, and (c) the one-spanner collet locking for bit changes (and it sits above the table). All controls are readily accessible when used under the table as well.

Triton 1400W Router Ken Patterson - 05/09/2016

I purchased router on the back of other peoples comments and was so glad I did as use it a lot in my DIY projects so much so I got the RT001 table top also to use it as a router table as the diversity is very good with height control from the top. would I recommend it DAM sure I would and the table top insert also as it can be used as a jointer also thumbs up from me

Best tool in my shop Brian Walker - 04/09/2016

By far the best router I have ever used. All the built in features would cost more to add aftermarket than the machine cost in the first place. I will be buying many more Triton products in the future.

The Best Barney Long - 01/09/2016

I am an occasional, hobbyist woodworker. Most of my router work is done with a home-made table. When my first router gave out, I shopped for a better-built replacement. Thank goodness for the internet. My research lead me to the Triton MOF001. I have been using it for less than one year. For my usage, it has the right combination of features and price. So far, so good.

So Far, So Good John Yane - 01/09/2016

I’ve been searching a long time to buy a solid and affordable router. After a lot of research the Triton router seemed to be the best choice. And indeed , it was. A very fine tool that handles very well and precisely!! Meanwhile, I’ve already bought another Triton tool and it surely will not be my last. I also recommended it to others! Thanks Triton!

What an amazing tool Jan Struyvelt - 01/09/2016

Have been using "my router" now for quite sometime. LUVIT! Manufacture a special bench for the machine and invert mounted it. I use as both portable and fixed. A very substantial unit. Used for routing circles, parallel and freehand. I recomend this machine to any person in the market, to consider as a purchase

become very close to "my router" rex - 01/09/2016

Wow since I have purchased these 2 pieces of machinery ,I have had so much pleasure working with these wonderful machines. They make my job so much easier. I would most definitely recommend these products to anyone.

Router and 2000 work centre Steve Herholdt - 01/09/2016

I tried several routers, but this is far the best i ever had. Other routers are in this category are more expensive, The value for this money is perfect. I havent known this brand before, a friend of mine mentioned it. Before i bought it i watched several videos on youtube and i could read a lot of positive feedbacks. I decided to buy this router with the table. Im satisfied, It is precise, powerful, clean, easy to work with either in hand or in table. Easy to attach vacuum-cleaner equipment and can make a clean work. You can easily set up the workstation and has all the safety accessories what i need. i didnt regret this purchase and highly recommended to everybody. Im sure the next tool will be Triton as well.

Furniture - maker Istvan Szili - 10/08/2016

Glad I did my research on this purchase. Excellent router, especially convenient on router table with the built in lift. I am extremely satisfied and it has clearly exceeded all my expectations. I have yet to see another router with these combined features. Would highly recommend.

Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router 1400W Brian Serink - 08/08/2016

Before i bought this router i have tested a few of other Routers, sometimes really overpriced. I decide to bought this one, and it's really a good decision. I like it. The soft running as well as the power, the Router goes through the material. The changes of any accessory is also very easy. I will recommed it to all my collegues!

My best Router i've ever had Georg Geldszus - 04/08/2016

This is the most awesome router I have ever used. The features are ingenious. Best router ever designed/built. Love using it!

Triton MOF001 Reeder Smith - 02/08/2016

After a couple of other routers this is like a different tool. Everything is simple to adjust and use making it a pleasure to work with and encouraging me to explore new uses.

A pleasure to use Simon Crew - 02/08/2016

I am so impressed with Triton. I own five routers: two Bosch, a Skil, a Craftsman, and now a Triton. My new MOF001 Router is by far the finest one I've ever seen. After the Triton arrived in my shop, I immediately removed a dedicated Bosch from my router table & replaced it with the Triton. What a difference in ease of setup & use! The Triton's built-in lift, its simple one-wrench bit change, its dust extraction capability, its power, its finely designed adjustment mechanisms, and its overall quality & precision, make this my best router yet — by far. This is the first Triton tool that I've owned, but there will soon be more of these super-caliber products in my shop!

The Finest Router in My Shop Stan Bidlack - 01/08/2016

je l'utilise occasionnellement mais je la trouve précise et fiable, les différents accessoires permettent une grande plage d'utilisation. Je la recommande.

utilisation occasionnelle mais materiel précis et fiable Renaud - 01/08/2016

I built my own router table, and this router just does what it is supposed to do. I love the extra safety features that make routing even safer. The winder makes it easy to adjust the height without having to bend down under the table. A great value for the price, and I would definitely buy it again.

Perfect for your router table Tom - 01/08/2016

‘I Fitted to router table its brilliant does Just what it says it can do lift winder makes life so much easier to use excellent tool and brilliant service would defiantly recommend to every one’

Router Mof001 fred Johnson - 29/07/2016

‘I was lucky enough to listen to some reviews and gave the triton router a try for myself...i was NOT disappointed! It out performs other brands of routers ive used by leaps and bounds!’

No regrets! Shannon Blackburn - 29/07/2016

Bought this router three weeks ago and I am pleasantly surprised at this precise and reliable router, ist really great. Especially the hight adjustment for router tabels is unique and was a very important reason for me to buy the MOF001.

Perfect choice for router tabels Moritz Wolff - 28/07/2016

Great router which I use mainly attached to my router table. Easy to use and adjust with excellent bit changing functionality. There is only one disadvantage, my wife saw it in use and has decided that it is an easy tool to use, so now I have to keep it under lock and key!!

MF001 only one disadvantage! Steve Warren - 28/07/2016

Loved my router. Used it primarily in a router table and I was sad when it stopped working. (It happens folks, let's face it.) The GREAT news is, I contacted Triton for warranty work, sent the unit to the service provider and figured I would have to wait some number of weeks to hear back. Instead, to my delight and surprise, within two weeks I received a REPLACEMENT! Now that's service. I would not hesitate to purchase another TRITON tool or recommend them to anyone.

Dual Mode Router and exceptional warranty experience Steve Cullen - 28/07/2016

I'm an amateur Woodworker and now own a Professional Triton Oscillating spindle Sander TSP450. an efficient, compact, clean and quiet machine that achieves all that I expected and need in this form of sanding. Great value for money. The stable, more than adequate table size together with the clever storage of Drums and Table inserts fit neatly on the free standing table I have made. A true representative of the quality Triton Woodworking equipment. I subsequently purchased two spare packets of sanding sleeves, the inclusion of one of which with the original unit would be a plus.

The Perfect Sander John Newman - 27/07/2016

The Triton router has done everything I have asked of it. It is very well made and I am happy to recommend it to any one. thank You Team Triton.

Mighty fine tool Dilip Bose - 26/07/2016

Love it! I don't use the router a lot as I work with a lathe mostly, but the Triton router design is superior to other routers I have worked with.

Router Review Don Blair - 26/07/2016

Great router for my Boxmaking with its precision depth adjustment for use under a table or freehand use. It has perfect balance for use on dovetail and other profile jigs when using freehand. It has plenty of power and the easiest of cutter changing setups, no more skinned knuckles undoing chucks under the table. I would recommend Triton routers as my preferred choice in fine woodworking.

MOF 001 Router Steve McMartin - 26/07/2016

I purchased this router for my routing table mainly because of the ease of raising and lowering it right out of the box. You don't have to purchase a special lift assembly because it has a built in system. After about a year of owning this I decide it was such a great tool that it would be much easier and faster to purchase a second one for doing hand routing. Boy was I right, I absolutely love both of my MOF001 routers. Don't know what I'd do without them.

So good I bought a second one! Jack Headley - 26/07/2016

I needed a strong and precise tool when building my shop cabinets. I chose to use 3/4" oak laminate plywood for the boxes, and 3/4" red oak for the faces. The router was mounted in a contractor type cabinet and worked perfectly to route cabinet dados, decorative faces, & finger pull drawers, panels for doors, and frames. Worked hard and smooth all the way.

Dual mode plunge router Charles Wilson - 26/07/2016

After a thorough review of the market, I decided on the 1400W unit, specifically to be used in a table. My Elu router will be still used for hand use on smaller jobs as it is lighter and more maneuverable. I have mounted this in a table and have only used it once so far, but I am very happy with the result. The only shortfall that I can see is that it does not have its own storage case to hold everything together. I have made my own case since purchase, which keeps the rust monsters at bay.

Happy purchase Chris Pattison - 26/07/2016

I own two of this router. One is permanently fixed in a router-table, the other is used for template-work. I used several routers of other brands before, but the triton is definitly the best. Handling and adjusting is easy and very precise; the motor is very powerful. The biggest advantage of this router is the easy way to change bits, because the collet nut projects above the router-base. Another very useful feature is the plexiglas-shield around the router-bit, which means better dust-extraction and reduces the danger of contact of your fingers with a spinning bit.

Best router i ever used! Hans-Peter Seeger - 25/07/2016

Can'the fault it works good freehand and on the router table.

worth every penny Bernard Harrison - 25/07/2016

from here, in france, it's difficult to find something decent to work with for the price i get my MOF001, i had some others tritons tools that i really like, i would love to uses them on table mount, whit a table i could build by myself, just don't have the time for now by i thing my tritons tools worth it. and the 3 year waranty is something who really matter for me. great tools for making stuff with exigence and quality

a great router for a good price Florian Lainet - 25/07/2016

Fantastic machine, powerful performance. Easy safey tool exchange. Robust build quality. Recommend for others to consider as a valuable addition to the toolkit

Fantastic Rxe - 25/07/2016

Je suis un utilisateur occasionnel mais c'est un plaisir d'utiliser cet outil.

Très bon matériel PIAULT - 25/07/2016

Maybe I fall on a bad one, but after less than a tens of hours of works (in soft woods), the rotor wiring burns out... Before that it was a good machine...

Quite disapointed... Tang - 25/07/2016

I bought this largely on the recommendation of a guitar maker with the idea of building a few instruments of my own, and the features of the mof001 lend themselves very well to this particular craft. At 1400w, the power is suited to most tasks demanded of it from routing a body shape to the slightly more intricate neck joint pocket and electrical component cavities. I even set mine on a jig for thicknessing and it did the job brilliantly. The rack and pinion plunge feature is indispensable and along with the micro adjustment setting you really can be millimetre perfect with your depth every time, and for me, it's what sets the triton apart from other router manufacturers. The fence is easy to attach and set up, no fiddly separate screws, once the spring mounted release catches are tightened up and your fence aligned, you're away. I love the safety features too, especially the on/off switch being covered when off. And when changing the bit, the collet extending fully beyond the base and locking off while changing cutters is well thought out. Just very impressed all round, you can tell a lot of thought and consideration has gone into designing this machine. My next investment will be a table to mount this into and see what we can do from there. If there is one drawback I've noticed, the transparent guard can clog with dust and make it a little obscure to see through, especially if your material tends to break up finely rather than chip away, but that's more an issue of making sure your extraction attachment fits securely. Overall would give 4.5 stars out of 5.

Excellent for the precision woodworker Andrew Grant - 25/07/2016

This router, on and off the table, is the "go to"in our shop. The power and versatility with its "common sense" engineering is superb in all ways. This is easily the most impressive router we have had the pleasure of working with. Expecting a lot more Triton in our future!

The Gold Standard Patrick - 25/07/2016

I really like this router! It is excellent to use in a router table. It comes with a crank to raise or lower the router bit, and can be raised to engage the collet lock so only one wrench is needed to change bits. It also comes with both 1/4 and 1/8 inch collets.

MOS001 Router William Faris - 25/07/2016

Stumbled upon this router while searching for a table router solution for my hobbies. Best find ever !!! Good in freehand mode it excels as a fixed table router (with WCA201) with 2 of it's major advantages: Above the table, single-hand bit change and height adjustment.

MOF001 Manuel - 25/07/2016

Een machine die alles heeft voor exellent freeswerk. Zowel stationair als met de hand.a

Goed, beter, BEST Henk -Jan Kroeze - 25/07/2016

I mounted this router in my table and saved $350 on a router lift system. The performance of this tool is off the chart. Excellent investment.

World Class Router James Bourne - 25/07/2016

Through woodworking forums and youtube I met Triton. In January 2014 I bought the MOF001 replacing my Festool Router. A powerful machine. Especially among my DIY Router Table. Based on my experience, I bought two months ago the TWX7 with the TWXRT001 router table and the TWX S001 Contracters Saw. The table is very stable and versatile. In particular with the two miter tracks. The Contracters Saw is very precise. Dust extraction is top notch. The MOF001 in combination with the TWXRT001 is a woodworkers dream . Last month I bought the TCMBS handheld bandsaw. Also, a fine machine . To date, Triton is my brand.

The MOF001 in combination with the TWXRT001 Frank Lems - 25/07/2016

Through woodworking forums and youtube I met Triton. In January 2014 I bought the MOF001 replacing my Festool Router. A powerful machine. Especially among my DIY Router Table. Based on my experience, I bought two months ago the TWX7 with the TWXRT001 router table and the TWX S001 Contracters Saw. The table is very stable and versatile. In particular with the two miter tracks. The Contracters Saw is very precise. Dust extraction is top notch. The MOF001 in combination with the TWXRT001 is a woodworkers dream . Last month I bought the TCMBS handheld bandsaw. Also, a fine machine . To date, Triton is my brand.

The MOF001 in combination with the TWXRT001 Frank Lems - 25/07/2016

I bought this router to repair the rotten wood on some of my Georgian windows - and there were a lot to do. Before I could start repairing the windows I used the router to make my own router table that would sit on top of a workmate and would be held firmly by the workmate jaws. I used some of the triton router table parts in the table - for example the router plate - which I rebated into a wooden base using the router. It handled making the window parts very well but I had two problems which is why I have only given it 3 stars. 1) After about 2 months the motor would only start intermittently and I had to take it back to where I purchased it for repair under warranty - which meant 2 reasonably long return journeys as it took about 10 days to repair it. 2) the spring that is attached to the lever that keeps the router height locked has broken. The lever still holds the router in place but on a number of occasions I have caught my finger on the broken end and drawn blood. Easy to do if the router is fixed in a table because turning this lever then has to be done blind.

Repairing Georgian Windows Roger Corte - 25/07/2016

What a great router! There is no need to buy any add-ons, this router comes with everything you need right out of the box. You even get a router bit! The features and ergonomics built into this router make it stand apart from the competition.

No need to buy extra parts! Dean Miller - 25/07/2016

Very pleased. The router is easy to use in my router table the lift crank makes height adjustment a doddle. Spindle lock makes tool changes easy and quick. Well balanced when used hand held. Before I bought this router I thought long and hard as there are a lot of routers that are cheape. With hindsight should have got one sooner, gets a lot of use as its comfortable to use. No regrets.

Triton. MOF 001 David Clarke - 25/07/2016

C'est une défonceuse solide, endurante et de bonne qualité. Monté sous table ou avec un guide elle permet un travail précis. Je suis très content de cet achat.

Très bonne défonceuse jc - 25/07/2016

Wow! What a versital tool? From the ease of bit changes to the table lift to the amazing power in free hand. I am now a committed Triton fan! Thank you!

Plunge Router #1400w Jim Ellis - 25/07/2016

‘Excellent value - through the table adjustment are easy and precise and eliminated the need for a lift system for the router table.

Router installed on router table Barry RRichards - 25/07/2016

Love this router!!! There are so many features that there really is no comparison. One of my favorites is the above table changing of bits. There are many others though. I honestly can say this is the best router I have had!!!

Tons of features Lance - 25/07/2016

Had mixed results with my routers. My first lasted several years before the bearing went bad. Cost more to repair than replace. My second one lasted several years before the I started having trouble with the height adjuster. Sent it out for repair, got it back, still did not work properly. Sent it out again, could not find anything wrong with it, but could not fix it. It was replaced. Had trouble with the replacement router. It would not maintain a cutter height unless the lock lever was engaged. Even then, when the lock lever was released, the router would drop 1/8" after routing only a few minutes. Contacted customer service about this problem. They made several suggestions; none worked. Requested the router be sent to them. They could not find the problem so it was replaced. This router works fine except that the height adjuster does not work as smoothly as the others. I got tired of complaining, so I will use it as long as I can then replace it; probably with another brand.

MOF001 router James DiRocco - 25/07/2016

This router is ideal for table mounted use. Features such as automatic spindle lock once the shaft is raised high enough, eliminates the need for a second spanner. The switch cannot be turned back on whilst changing router bits and the micro adjuster height is great for determining router bit height. But as I found over months of use, it's just not that reliable. The armature on mine must have broken/dead coils because if the router is started in a certain angular position, it simply won't start. Turn the rotor a few degrees either way and it will (if you even think of doing that, which we didn't to begin with). For less than a year's worth of work, it's not really acceptable. And to obtain spare parts from overseas and expect to be able to fix it myself, ridiculous. As I said, great product, but unfortunately not designed for heavy production use.

Good features, poor reliability David Johnston - 25/07/2016

Great router plenty of power, has done a fantastic job on all the work I have asked it to do.Would buy another one if this one ever quits on me. Thank Triton for such great products.

MF001 Triton George King - 25/07/2016

I am using this router for 2 years now. Fantastic tool, well powered, easy to use under a routing table. Free hand, with a good router bit, it is not a problem to make a 20mm by 50mm depth mortice. The only weak point I have is about the power switch: not very comfortable. Thanks Triton.

Nice router Harald - 25/07/2016

‘This the best router I have used by a country mile. It’s ease of use and functions are fantastic. I did my research before I purchased it and it has lived up to all the reviews. The adjustable winder and quick one spanner change of bits makes it stand out from the pack.’

Simply the Best Glenn Henly - 25/07/2016

I have 2 of these. One has been table mounted and in use since 2007 without a hitch. Outstanding performance. Latest version is in use for hand held work. Very versatile and excellent dust extraction.

Great for Table Mount Kevin Lawler - 25/07/2016

I use my MOF001 in a router table and it's great, especially when used with the 'above table winder' which I purchased seperately. Have had the router for over 4 years and it has been trouble free for all this time. Collet lock is a great idea especially when router is table mounted. All round great product.

Love my MOF001 Alan Webb - 25/07/2016

J'ai commandé la défonceuse MOF après pas mal de recherches d'informations sur les modèles disponibles dans cette gamme de prix; je ne suis pas déçu de mon achat, je voulais comme première défonceuse un modèle assez précis et de bonne qualité, ce qui est le cas. Modèle très versatile et très bien pensé (blocage automatique de l'arbre et du bouton marche/arrêt pour le changement de fraise, réglage micrométrique, les différents modes de plongée, extraction de poussière efficace...).

Très content de mon achat Etienne - 25/07/2016

Have had this router for a while now and use it in a router table. Easy to use and very easy to change and ajust router bits. Precise ajustment is very good and I am happy with all aspects of this tool, would be happy to buy one again tomorrow.

great table router martin kennedy - 25/07/2016

I bought this router because I looked at lift kits for my router table and they are so expensive. This router has it built in… as do many others… but this one has everything else I need as well. I think it’s best feature for me is that I cannot change the bit without turning the power on it to off. I was very prone to forgetting this on my last router so having it forced on me is fantastic! Thank you.

This router is perfect for my router table Dan - 25/07/2016

The router failed after about half an hour of light use !!!!!!!!!!! Was away for several weeks for warranty repair - the windings of the motor were not correctly finished and secured - faulty workmanship. After repair has now done quite a lot of heavy hardwood slab levelling with a big plaining bit and is now working well. I initally asked for a replacement router but after talking with the repaired I never bothered to collect the replacement from the repairer as he guaranteed his work, so better the one that was fixed rather than risk another new unit that may fail very quickly and then take weeks to get back into use again.

Triton Router MOF001 Richard Brabazon - 25/07/2016

I love this router. The dust pick up works very well. The micro winder is right at the top &easy to use. Do find the plunge lock wants to come loose. The only week point.

Great router Kevin Hills - 25/07/2016

J'ai surtout acheté cette machine pour la possibilité qu'elle offre d'être montée sous table avec un réglage en hauteur par le dessus. Dans cette configuration, je ne l'utilise pas avec la table Triton prévue mais les réglages sont faciles et précis et les résultats sont excellents. Pour un usage " à la volée" la machine est un peu lourde à manipuler, mais c'est la contrepartie d'une machine précise, puissante, efficace et rigide.

Machine puissante, sure, précise et polyvalente Jacadi - 25/07/2016

I have three of these routers, two are installed in router tables and the third is used for freehand routing. I find them to be great value for money and absolutely ideal for router table use as you can carry out both height adjustment and router bit changes above the table thus obviating the need to scrabble about under the table plus the bit changes are safety protected by the automatic power cut off. Full marks Triton !

A Great value for money router F.V.Arpino - 25/07/2016

I have only had the router for about a month. I love the micro and coarse height adjustments. They make the router very easy to use. The ability to change the router bit with only one spanner, especially when mounted in a router table is one of the greatest inventions ever. Soft start is great. Certainly would buy another.

MF 001 Router Keith Hoffmann - 25/07/2016

Love this router, so easy to use,well built and quiet to use. I love the above table changing of the bits,so much easer. Well priced. Bye one you will not be disappointed.

Love this router Stephen knight - 25/07/2016

When mounted in a table this router has no equal. The ability to change out router bits with a single tool above the table makes this router a pleasure to use. Add to that the ease of adjusting height through the table and the quality build and buying this router has been a purchase that I can recommend to anyone considering a router for dedicated in table use. I have had this router for over a year and it has not skipped a beat. I would be happy to purchase this router again and recommend it to all my friends.

MOF001 Alex Glatter - 25/07/2016

The quality of this router has me sold. From now on it's Triton all the way!

Best Router I've ever used. Robert Rondinelli - 25/07/2016

Great machine and really easy to use!!

Just what I wanted Anders Jaerderud - 25/07/2016

Ich brauche die MOF001 als Zweitmaschine für den Frästisch. Das Handling ist sehr praktisch, der Fräserwechsel einfach und die Stärke von 1400 W für meine Bedürfnisse perfekt. Ein sehr gutes Preis-Leistungsverhältnis! Ich würde sie sofort wieder kaufen.

Sehr zufrieden Hans-R. Wampfler - 25/07/2016

Professional quality router. Love the height adjustment options and micro winder. Easy to use. Soft start minimises torque reaction when started and enables complete control. Creates brilliant finish on job edges. Extended base plate and guide are good quality.

MOF001 router Gregory Wheeler - 25/07/2016

I was looking for a nice router to help me with my hobby of furniture making, and this router really works well for this. It's fast, intuitive, and reasonably priced. Would recommend this to friends.

Nice router that really opens up your world Davy Landman - 25/07/2016

I bought this router in 2014 as a backup for my Elu. Since Elu are no longer available, and I don't trust the Dewald yet, I found this Triton at an affordable price. What can I say, it's an excellent backup machine with ample power, good safety features and a nice bulky overall look. They say looks can be deceiving, and with respect to this machine, that saying is definitely true. you bring the job, and he will run it down in no time at all. Thanks to Triton for a great machine. I love it.

Great Standby Alwyn van der Merwe - 25/07/2016

i was surprised how much is on my router for the money i paid for it,routers that cost 5x more than i paid are just plunge no precision not in the way triton have done it and if they did that router would cost £1500 going on there prices now.also add on,s for triton routers are not expensive as well over all very pleased with my purchase one down side i have to buy the 1/2" collet but for only £13 not a biggie

surprised chris miller - 25/07/2016

I've run this machine in a shop made table for 6 months or so . Easy height control makes it perfect for table use . There's even a nifty safety feature that won't allow bit change while the motor is switched on !

Triton mof001 Geoff - 25/07/2016

I am new to routing and brought this via other reviews, and I am not sorry for the Router purchase. I also found it works very well on my router table although not Triton table

Dual Mode Plunge Router 1400W Alfred Verrall - 25/07/2016

Acheté il y a quelques années, j'ai pu obtenir cette défonceuse pour moins de 200euros et je n'ai pas regretté mon achat un seul instant. La descente est douce et sans à-coups, les méthodes de réglage de profondeur efficaces et complémentaires (même si le "tourniquet" avec jauge de profondeur est difficile à gérer). La machine ne cale jamais et offre une bonne assise, surtout couplée avec le guide parallèle original. Ce dernier offre un bon complément de semelle (sans l'équerre). Cette dernière est un peu difficile à régler mais offre one bonne répétabilité. Pour finir, les accessoires disponibles sont intéressants pour la mettre sous table (non testée à ce jour) et la possibilité de trouver des pièces détachées est rassurante en cas de casse. Un sans faut pour moi.

Tres bon produit jerome chavanel - 25/07/2016

I bought this router approximately 12 months ago. Since buying it I have had no issues with it at all, quite the opposite as it has performed excellently in every way. The reason for me buying this particular router is the rise and fall feature, being able to raise and lower so easily to change bits and adjusts the depth of cut makes this router stand out from the rest. I use it as a table router 95% of the time as it is quite big and heavy for free hand use.

Top notch router. Michael Molyneux - 25/07/2016

I bought this router because of the ability to raise, lower and change the bit through the table top and not have to buy an expensive router lift. Mounted it in a homemade table with a Kreg router plate, so far the performance is good. Time will be the real test ! Something I like but have not yet had to use is tha availability of almost all the individual pièces of the router as aftersales spares ............NOT THE CAS WITH MANY OTHER BRANDS ! so if Something does break or wear I am almost certain to be able to find the pièces to repair it.


I love this router. The people who designed this router used their brains and took in account what a user needs. The lift is great! Just mount it under your router table and do not worry about how to lift the spindle to change bits, just use the internal lift. Great feature. There's no point against this router. Just perfect!

Great router Hans ter Hart - 25/07/2016

Purchased late 2012 or early 2013. I had never had a router before and was a bit nervous of it at first. Certainly have to treat it with respect, it is a powerful tool but as I learned about it I enjoyed using it. Installed it in a basic table to increase its versatility. Never had any problems with it. Very nice to use.

Love the router Louis - 25/07/2016

bon rapport qualité/prix. niveau sonore correct. réglage hauteur vraiment bien. Je l' ai acheté il y a un an à peu près, je m'en sert assez souvent pour rectifier mes coupes, j'ai pu constater qu'il y a peu de pertes de puissance lorsqu'on tombe sur des nœuds. J'avais vu divers forums divers enquêtes sur cette dernière et c'est la seule qui m'a parut la plus correcte pour mon niveau (amateur) et les utilisations que je vais avoir encore à l'avenir. Le simple fait de voir que nous pouvons monter cette dernière comme une toupie est un réel argument d'achat d'autant plus que la conception des divers éléments et notamment les pinces laissent à penser que nous avons à faire à une réelle machine d'atelier.

bonne machine non64 - 06/01/2015

I bought this router in 2012 and it is great. I have been looking for a router with the price and performance. At Triton, I found what I was looking for. Good quality at a fair price! I use the router usually with the table, but also free hand he is really great. Thank Triton :) Excuse my bad englich Ich habe lange nach einer Oberfräse gesucht bei der Preis und Leistung stimmen. Bei Triton habe ich das gefunden was ich gesucht habe. Gute Qualität zum fairen Preis! Ich benutze die Oberfräse meist mit dem Tisch, aber auch freihand ist er wirklich spitze. Danke Triton :) Entschuldigen Sie mein schlechtes englich

Great Router :) Winni - 08/10/2013

I bought this router in 2007 because of the ability to raise and lower bit through the table top and not have to buy an expensive router lift. I mounted it in a Kreg router table. It's performance was ideal until the plastic/nylon worm gear started slipping. I was able to contact the current Triton distributor who sent me a metal replacement worm gear and e-mailed me detailed instructions, It now performs flawlessly! I am really happy with all of my Triton products. I own this router as well as its big brother and the Triton sliding compound miter saw and all have exceeded my expectations.

Great Router for Table use Toolz - 17/06/2013

When I shopped at Busy Bee Tools over 6 years ago for a dependable router that could accept 1/2 inch shank router knives, the knowlegeable staff strongly recommended the Triton MOF001 model because of its versatility and ease of use. They were right! The router performed like a charm over the years. Unfortunately, recently, the worm drive started "clicking" when the router was mounted under a router table (same issue as Ken Masoumi). I contacted Richard from Nordis Distribution who sent me the replacement part (I only paid the shipping costs) along with the detailed instructions. The replacement was a piece a cake and the Triton is back in service much to my greatest satisfaction. I DO NOT regret this router... Not one "bit"!

No regrets, even after 6 years despatiesga - 28/05/2013

I have had a few routers over the years but the Triton is streets ahead. It is so much smoother and more accurate in its adjustments than the others I have used. It makes tasks accurately repeatable and has enough power to do levelling jobs on a router sled without bogging down. The other great thing is that because it's a Triton I can get reasonably priced spare parts and keep it running for years (unlike some of the cheaper gear I have had).

A great router matt_o - 26/04/2013

I bought this router 3 years ago solely for the purpose of under mounting it to a router table. I had already tried PC 2529, Mastercraft, Ryobi, Trend T4, but this router by far is the most user friendly router I have, especially if mounted under a table it's easy to set up and operate. Only one thing bothered me for a while, the fact the worm drive gear was made in plastic so every time I needed to lift the router I had to support the weight of it with one hand to avoid stripping the plastic gears. This morning (Feb.14.2013) I found out that Triton has been replacing them with a metal gear free of charge so I ended up contacting Richard from Nordis Distribution and within 10 minutes I had it ordered and shipped to my house, the only cost was for shipping which I gladly paid. Nordis is a decent Canadian woodworking supplier and I will be contacting them first for my woodworking needs. Now I have a perfect router, don't need the bigger 3-1/4hp one this has been truly a workhorse, the service also seems to be most reliable so if any one ask me to recommend a decent router I would say TRITON, period.

MOF001 is my go to router now Ken Masoumi - 14/02/2013

I decided to buy a router and after many visits to forums etc. I decided that the Triton was the one for me. I watched videos and read every tiny bit of information relevant to this Router. It looks good and feels good But above all it is easy to learn, My curve is still growing. I have now decided my next project is to build a router table and if the price is right to purchase an insert plate with a winder. Thank for a great product. Steve

First time with a router stephenwalker97 - 27/01/2013

While looking looking for a router table lift kit i stumbled upon this router on amazon. It garnered good reviews and was cheaper than the lift kit i had decided on purchasing, so i bought this router instead. This router has nice smooth and accurate depth adjustments when using it in either the plunge configuration or mounted under a table. It really shines when mounted under a table however. Being able to fine tune the bit depth from above the table as well as change bits from above the table, make this router great. The only complaints i have, and they are negligible, are the power switch lock out feature and speed adjustment knob placement. It has good power with minimal vibration, and i have yet to bog the thing down.

Router Table Mount dirtpatch - 28/11/2011