RSA 300

Router Table Stand

Durable metal stand compatible with RTA300 and RTA200 Triton Precision Router Tables for use as a freestanding workshop tool. All-steel construction including long-life fasteners. Built-in knee- and hand-operated mains isolator safety switch. Tool-free leg removal with on-board leg storage for easy transportation. Includes easy storage hooks for Triton router table accessories.

Product Features

Tool-free leg removal with on-board storage for easy transportation
Built-in knee and hand-operated mains isolator safety switch for improved safety and convenience
All-steel construction including long-life fasteners for durability and precision
Compatible with RTA300 and RTA200 Triton Precision Router Tables for use as a freestanding workshop tool

Technical Specification

Folded Size - Height 220mm
Folded Size - Length 840mm
Folded Size - Width 480mm
Product Weight 11.4kg
Standing Size - Height 1055mm
Standing Size - Length 990mm
Standing Size - Width 690mm
Table Size 900 x 700 x 510mm


Compatible With

RTA 300

Precision Router Table

Versatile router table for use on Triton Workcentres and Router Stands. Accepts most 1/4" and 1/2" routers for shaping, planing, rebating, trenching, moulding and grooving. Large, rigid work table with sliding table insert with removable protractor. High-faced fence with micro adjusters and planing shims. Safety guard with dust extraction facility.

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2 Review(s)
Der Aufbau war leicht, die Bedienungsanleitung gewöhnungsbedürftig. Das Gestell ist aus stabilem Stahlblech gefertigt und sorgt mit den massiven Füßen für guten Stand. Die Klemmen für die Füße könnten stabiler sein. Der Stecker lässt sich leicht auf Europa umrüsten, einfach aufschrauben - fertig. Der Sicherheitsschalter am Gestell erhöht den Bedienungskomfort erheblich.

RSA 300 - stabil und funktionell Robert Kallaschek - 05/02/2017

No regrets buying this item. I own the work centre, and enjoy its versatility but nothing beats running a board through the table saw, then straight to the router. Owning both has aloud me to always have both, my router and saw on quick hand. Great combination, It's like having my cake and eating the "sawdust covered piece" too.

Have both CWF - 29/01/2013