Woodworking Projects

Thank you for purchasing your Triton Tool

At Triton we aim to assist our customers in whatever project they have in mind, as such we have produced a series of woodwork projects that can easily be undertaken with the use of Triton products.

Included are instructions on how to achieve excellent crafted items that will enhance your home and garden, and save you a small fortune in shop bought products. In addition you will also experience the satisfaction that comes with producing your own crafted products.

In order to suit all skill levels we have catered for beginners, intermediate and advanced, and for those who are starting out, the simple projects are an ideal way to begin a new creative and satisfying hobby. 

We continue to evolve our products, modifying and upgrading our products to ensure that we cater for the growing needs of our customers, as such, owners of earlier models may choose to make minor changes to their procedures, or consider adding accessories to their range.

We have also produced a series of Triton Guides that will attempt to shed some light on the complexities of making your project, including selecting the right timber, joining components and choosing the best finish.

We hope you enjoy them!