BJA 300


Engalletadora Triton para utilizar con la mesa de fresado Triton y realizar juntas rápidas, fuertes e invisibles. Ideal para juntas de ángulos rectos, ingletes, cortes biselados, juntas en bordes, etc. Incluye fresa de TCT. Galletas adicionales disponible en juegos de 50 piezas (BJA050) y 500 piezas(BJA056).

Características del producto

Se puede montar fácilmente en su mesa de fresado para realizar juntas rápidas, fuertes e invisibles

Características técnicas

Alto 90 mm
Longitud 360 mm
Peso 3,4 kg
Ancho 680 mm
Contenido en el embalaje - 01 Engalletadora
Contenido en el embalaje - 02 Manual de instrucciones

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BJA 300

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This Triton Biscuit Jointer fully meets my requirements of functionality, efficiency, accuracy and safety which are critical in woodworking.


I'm using this BJA300 biscuit joiner in combination with the TRA001 router and the RTA 300 router table. Being fairly new to the more-than-basic woodworking, I've decided to buy the BJA300 biscuit joiner. It's a great tool to create sturdy joints. This can be done with conventional equipment, but this joiner adds speed and ease of use because of the hassle free alignment of the joints. It's therefore ideally suited for professionals and DIY-ers/consumers.

Great product, recommended Jan Arkesteijn - 25/07/2016