Conectores de carril

2 conectores de carril, ideal para extender la longitud del carril. Compatible con la sierra de incisión Triton TTS1400.

Características del producto

Características técnicas

Alto 4 mm
Longitud 320 mm
Peso 0,334 kg
Ancho 11,7 mm

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They don't come with instructions. You have to be careful not to overtighten the screws or you'll deform the track extrusion and form a bur that will make it harder to slide. I store mine in the track because they wouldn't be protected in the saw bag and would get bent but I have the Allen wrench in my saw bag where you have to dig to find it. It would be better if the Allen wrench stored on the saw for changing blades would also work with these.

Not thought out Jay - 24/10/2017