TBJ 001

Engalletadora 760 W

Engalletadora eléctrica con potente motor de 600 W y base fabricada en aluminio. Engranajes metálicos para mayor resistencia y durabilidad.. Ángulo de ajuste: 0 - 90º. Ajuste de altura de la guía: 0 - 40 mm. Tope de torreta con 6 posiciones de ajuste diferentes para utilizar galletas de varios tamaños. Compatible con galletas Nº 0, Nº 10, Nº 20 y S6. Base con tapa para limpiar y sustituir la cuchilla fácilmente. Incluye salida de extracción de polvo, empuñaduras aisladas, almohadillas antideslizantes y guía desmontable. Se suministra con cuchilla, llave de espiga, galletas, llave hexagonal y bolsa para polvo.

Características del producto

Tope de torreta con 6 posiciones de ajuste diferentes para utilizar galletas de varios tamaños
Fabricada en aluminio para mayor resistencia y durabilidad
Base con tapa para limpiar y sustituir la cuchilla fácilmente
Indicada para realizar juntas para ensamblar muebles y estanterías
Almohadillas antideslizantes y guía desmontable
Incluye salida de extracción de polvo para un corte limpio y preciso
Mecanismo suave y preciso para realizar cortes limpios y seguros
Empuñaduras aisladas para mayor comodidad y seguridad

Características técnicas

Diámetro del disco 100 mm
Diámetro del agujero 22 mm
Salida de extracción de polvo
Material - Primario PA6+GF30
Velocidad sin carga 11.600 min-1
Potencia 760 W
Alto 145 mm
Longitud 460 mm
Peso 2,65 kg
Ancho 170 mm
Potencia acústica Lw 103 dB(A)
Presión acústica Lp 92 dB(A)
Contenido en el embalaje - 01 Engalletadora TBJ001
Contenido en el embalaje - 02 Cuchilla (instalada)
Contenido en el embalaje - 03 Empuñadura auxiliar
Contenido en el embalaje - 04 Bolsa para polvo
Contenido en el embalaje - 05 Llave de espiga
Contenido en el embalaje - 06 Llave hexagonal
Contenido en el embalaje - 07 75 galletas (25 x Nº 0, 25 x nº 10, 25 x nº 20)
Contenido en el embalaje - 08 Bolsa de transporte
Contenido en el embalaje - 09 Manual de instrucciones

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TBJ 001

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31 Review(s)
Superbe machine ,elle est précise et l'aspiration fonctionne bien.

Dégauchisseuse à biscuit 760W Dauteuille - 23/02/2020

Superbe machine , évacuation des copeaux dans le sac fonctionne superbement bien .

Dégauchisseuse Dauteuille - 09/02/2020

Very good machine

Biscuit jointer Wojciechowski - 28/01/2020

Excellente machine, surtout pour son prix ! Aucun problème d'équerrage, coulissement sans jeu et en souplesse. La construction est de très bonne facture, l'ensemble est bien assemblé et inspire confiance. J'en suis très content : il y a une belle sacoche en tissu dans lequel on peut ranger l'outil et les accessoires

Excellente machine Victor C. - 26/01/2020

Bonne machine bien fini, travail propre,k Sac de transport assez grand

TBJ001 Grandin - 19/01/2020

I bought the tool to build a library and this triton is a fantastic and durable tool. You can build a library in one day and finish the work easily. Fantastic product with low noise and high usability.

A tool you must have Luciano - 07/01/2020

I bought the biscuit jointer to build a custom and big library to store all my books. The Triton does the job. I stressed it with so many holes in few hours and it never stopped or demonstrated breathlessness. Recommended product

Fantastic product Luciano - 24/12/2019

The jointer is great, however one must beware of the motor starting with a jerk which can mess with the alignment.

Great tool, with few issues Boris Radosavljevic - 10/10/2019

Price and quality index more than fine.. Tool for hobby usable by professional workers.. Spare brush included very appreciated even if a brushless motor would be preferred. To be a china product it is enagh well done... Time resisistance non tested...

Tbj001 Maurizio Rinaldi - 03/10/2019

Nach meinen sehr guten Erfahrungen mit Workcenter, Frästisch, Oberfräse und Kreissägemodul lag es nahe, auch für die Anschaffung einer Flachdübelfräse ein Triton-Produkt zu wählen. Bisher bin ich damit sehr zufrieden. Sie scheint mir solide verarbeitet zu sein. Nach der Feinjustierung stimmt alles.

Gutes Preis-Leistungsverhältnis LA - 13/09/2019

Cette machine est proposée à un très bon rapport qualité-prix. La butée parallèle est solidement verrouillée à l'aide d'une vis unique, ce qui permet un réglage facile, rapide et répétitif. Les matériaux utilisés sont robustes et de bonne qualité. Je trouve que la tension du ressort de plongée est à la fois ergonomique et sécuritaire. Il vous faudra tout de même ajuster la butée de profondeur lors de la première utilisation, mais cela ne prend pas plus de deux minutes. Pour conclure, la machine est précise et agréable d’utilisation, je recommande vivement ce produit.

Très bon produit Vincent - 10/08/2019

Un bon compromis entre qualité et prix, très satisfait de la précision, je recommande

Super biscuiteuse Florian - 25/04/2019

Bardzo fajny sprzęt. Dobrze wykonany i precyzyjny. Używam go głównie do łączenia klejonki w większe płyty. Po wszystkim wystarczy tylko przeszlifować delikatnie całość. Nie ma żadnych uskoków pomiędzy poszczególnymi sklejanymi elementami. Polecam sprzęt. Atrakcyjna cena za taką jakość.

Biscuit Koliber TBJ001 Slawek - 22/01/2019

excellent appareil qui me satisfait pleinement. J'apprécie la sacoche de transport.

biscuit jointer yves HENRIOT - 06/11/2018

This biscuit joiner is easy and ready to use, it only needs a small tuning for the stop which was a bit short on mine : the biscuit was touching the back of joint, wheras the parts were not in touch. Delivered with soft mallet, and a bag of various biscuit :)

easy and efficient Jerome - 25/10/2018

I have used biscuit jointer once during my school project, and I've realized how versatile is this tool. I knew I have to buy that tool. Pased few months, I saved some money, and based on internet reviews I decided to buy Triton TBJ001, since then I'm a happy owner. I like everything about the tool, but due to lack of experience I can't say much about cons. For me it's perfect

Best tool for the price Dariusz Pogorzelski - 14/07/2018

Works really well, very limited radial play into the slides.

Great TBJ001 Biscuit Jointer yvobrico - 22/03/2018

I used before router with biscuit blade, but after Triton Tools Biscuit Jointer bought all my jointings are double fast and accurate than before. I really enjoy working with TBJ001 and as rest of Triton Tools what I own this is same quality and joy.

5+ Kristjan - 16/03/2018

I bought this product to build furnitures, and it fullfilled all my hopes and needs. I think this tool has the best quality/price ratio, and I recommend it if you want to make good job whithout been ruined.

Triton TBJ001 Rossignol - 30/01/2018

Recently I bought this jointer and used it in several projects where I formally applied dowels or tenons used in grooves made with a router. I am surprise by the convenience of this machine and happy with it’s performance, So I should have bought it long before.

Why only now Huub Nuijens - 15/01/2018

As a semi professional user I decided to buy a tool that belongs price wise to the middle range. I needed the tool to start with for fixing a solid oak edge (2" wide and 3"/4 thick) on the end grain of a thin solid oak tabletop ( 3"/4 thick). The best way for accurate fixing is to my opinion biscuit jointing. The job is finished, and the result is perfect.

Triton TBJ001 Biscuit Jointer Huub - 26/12/2017

Machine puissante et complète. Juste un peu de réglage à prévoir pour caler la profondeur des différents biscuits

Performante Parachou Sebastien - 21/11/2017

Great machine. Looked around a lot and thought I’d try the triton. Really good value machine, very happy.

. . Biscuit joiner Rich - 10/11/2017

Une relation qualité/prix inégalable, fonctionnelle, facile à utiliser et avec des réglages simples qui sont à la portée de tous les bricoleurs. Je suis très satisfait de cette machine et je le recommande sans hésitation

rainureuse à Gallets Triton GARCIA REPULLO, Manuel - 16/08/2017

I have researched regarding this tool for a while and decided to purchased one to build my window plantation shutter frames. Unfortunately, the line is not centered, and the locking bolts for the fence and depth lock bolts are not well made. Also, the angle and depth scale were hard to read.

Tool's Quality Tony Nguyen - 14/06/2017

I bought this item after researching the internet and after the good reviews of this machine. It makes perfect slots for the biscuits and it was a very handy tool. Grat value for money. It is a robust and handy tool for making a perfect joint . I used it with graset joy because of the fine adjustments to make the joints. Triton is always value for money and triton tools are for the professional as well as for the dedicated wood worker. A great machine,easy to use and not expernsive.

These biscuits are for eating!!!! with the Triton Bernard Grol - 01/05/2017

I am a self employed HSE & training consultant and I deliver many different types of training around the world for many top companies. I am now at a stage in my life where I want to enjoy some me time. With this in mind I decided to put some of my skills which I have learnt over the years in some woodworking projects at home. I have always done some diy whenever I can but never had enough time to commit to a larger project. I have purchased many new power tools recently from Milwaukee, Dewalt, Bosch and Makita, all of which are excellent products but also very expensive. I wanted to buy a biscuit jointer and I looked at the Mafell but the price was so excessive, I did what everyone does and trawled the internet to see if I could find a product which produces not only the goods but is value for money. I came across a Triton biscuit jointer and I am astounded with is build quality, its precision and of course its value for money. I have used this product many times since I purchased it a couple of weeks ago and it just keeps amazing me with its performance and its results. I also purchase a Triton twin dowelled at the same time so that I could use it in-conjuction with my biscuit cutter and both products produce the results. I brought both of these products for less than the price of a Mafell biscuit jointer and could not be happier with the products and one more thing thats makes the product excellent value for the money is the three guarantee and the professional support from Triton. I would have no problem whatsoever in recommending Triton tools to anyone of my cohorts around the world no matter what type of work they are employed in.

760W Biscuit Jointer Steve Goodgroves - 30/04/2017

After carefull research on the internet, my attention was caught by this perfect biscuit jointer, mainly for its good quality price ratio. It is a very solid machine and it does its work very easy and very nice. I used it for meranti hard wood and the triton made perfect slits for the biscuits because of its high power. I can advise to choose for this machine because you really get vallue for money. I am very satisfied with this machine.

perfect biscuit jointer Bernard Grol - 14/04/2017

I was initially very pleased with this item, it appeared well made and practical. However after cutting a handful of slots and trying out some of the supplied #20 biscuits, I found most of them to be an unworkably tight fit prior to applying adhesive. Measuring the cutter teeth with a Vernier Caliper they were found to be typically under 3.9mm, whereas the biscuits typically measured 3.9mm to 4mm. I figure that this issue would be regarded as wear and tear under the guarantee but only 20 slots max have been cut since receipt of the tool. Other than that the machine was pleasingly easy to setup and operate so leaving me somewhat disappointed over the problem experienced.

Disappointing Richard Hooke - 11/03/2017

Bought this tool as it looked adequate quality for price. In the meantime I have done now some connections and I must say it does what I expected. Only the connector for the vacuum cleaner should be mounted a bit higher, as it is not possible to connect a normal vacuum clearer. Alternative would be to provide a 45 degree adapter. If the adapter would be provided, I would rate 5 stars, but without it is just 4.

Does what it should Jesus Martinez - 05/12/2016

Bought the Biscuit Router 4 Weeks ago and by now I have woked several hours with it. I really like the solid but precise execution of this router. You can use biscuit plugs in the size 0, 10 and 20 just by switching the cutting depth very easily.

Biscuit Router Moritz Wolff - 26/07/2016