TRA 001

Fresadora bi-modo 2400 W

Potente motor de 2400 W / 3,25 CV con regulación electrónica. Cambio de fresa fácilmente mediante una sola llave. Bloqueo automático del husillo y desconexión eléctrica durante el cambio de fresa. Ajuste rápido y preciso de la profundidad de corte mediante ajustador en la empuñadura y el microajustador. Función para pasar fácilmente de fresado manual a fresado montado en mesa. Muelle desmontable para levantar y ajustar la fresadora fácilmente. Salida para la extracción de polvo.

Características del producto

Pinzas de apriete de 1/2" y 12 mm compatibles con la mayoría de fresas
2400 W / Motor de 3,25 CV para cortar maderas duras
Bloqueo automático del husillo y funcionamiento solo cuando la tapa del interruptor está cerrada
Encendido progresivo y velocidad variable para ajustarse a todo tipo de fresas y aplicaciones
Botón único para pasar a modo fijo con mecanismo de piñón y cremallera
Microajustador para ajustes de profundidad precisos
Mecanismo de ajuste de altura de piñón y cremallera con manivela para no tener que utilizar accesorios adicionales cuando utilizamos la herramienta sobre una mesa de fresado
Regulación electrónica de la velocidad para acabados precisos en todo tipo de materiales
Muelle desmontable para facilitar el cambio de fresa en modo fijo
Torreta con 3 posiciones para pre-ajustes de profundidad precisos
Protector integrado para mayor seguridad y limpieza al extraer el polvo
Guía multifunción para mayor control en cortes circulares y manuales
Pasadores de montaje rápido para instalar y desmontar de la mesa de fresado RTA300 fácilmente
Ranuras de ventilación para reducir la cantidad de polvo acumulada en el motor cuando la fresadora está montada sobre la mesa de fresado
Salida de extracción de polvo para un entorno de trabajo más limpio y seguro
Acceso rápido a las escobillas para cambiar escobillas desgastadas de forma rápida
Cambio de fresa rápido mediante una sola llave a través de la base gracias al bloqueo automático del husillo
Interruptor de seguridad con bloqueo para evitar el encendido accidental al cambiar la fresa

Características técnicas

Ajuste de profundidad de corte Microajustador
Regulación electrónica de la velocidad
Velocidad sin carga 8.000 - 21.000 min-1
Ajuste de profundidad 0 - 68 mm
Potencia 2400 W
Indicador de encendido Neon
Alto 310 mm
Longitud 180 mm
Peso 6,4 kg
Ancho 300 mm
Interruptor de seguridad
Potencia acústica Lw 100,8 dB(A)
Presión acústica Lp 89,8 dB(A)
Velocidad bajo carga 8.000 - 21.000 min-1
Contenido en el embalaje - 01 Fresadora bi-modo 2400 W
Contenido en el embalaje - 02 manivel a de ajuste de altura
Contenido en el embalaje - 03 Pinza de apriete de 12 mm
Contenido en el embalaje - 04 Llave para pinza de apriete
Contenido en el embalaje - 05 Guía multifunción

Accesorios incluidos

Manivela de ajuste de altura
Guía multifunción
Llave para pinza de apriete
Pinza de apriete de 1/2"
Pinza de apriete de 12 mm

Videos y manuales

TRA 001

Accesorios compatibles:

TGA 250

Juego de casquillos copiadores, 12 pzas

Juego de casquillos copiadores maquinados fabricados en latón galvanizado y placas de guía de acero galvanizado. Casquillos con orificios de ventilación para optimizar la extracción de polvo. Incluye casquillos copiadores con diámetro externo de 5/16", 3/8", 7/16”, 1/2", 5/8", 51/64", 3/4" y 30 mm, casquillo de centrado (incluye adaptador Porter cable), espaciador para mesa de fresado y 2 tornillos M4.

Más información
TRT A001

Adaptador de carril para fresadora

Placa de base y guías galvanizadas, diseño robusto y piezas de plástico resistente a los impactos. Mecanismo de sujeción rápida para montar fácil y rápidamente sobre la fresadora y el carril. Compatible con todas las fresadoras de la marca Triton.

Más información
TWX7 RT001

Módulo mesa de fresado TWX7

Mesa de fresado especialmente diseñada para utilizar con el Workcentre TWX7. Compatible con las fresadoras Triton (TRA001, MOF001 y JOF001). Ideal para contornear, rebajes, ranurar, molduras y cortes ranurados. Incluye microajustadores, espaciadores giratorios, protector de seguridad y salida de extracción de polvo. Incluye 2 guías de corte horizontales y 2 guías de corte verticales. Montaje fácil y rápido. Convierte el Workcentre TWX7 en una herramienta de fresado potente y precisa. Fabricada con materiales de alta calidad para mayor durabilidad. Compatible con varios accesorios opcionales para mayor versatilidad.

Más información
DCA 300

Colector de polvo 23 litros

Colector de polvo fabricado en plástico resistente. Evita que el aspirador se pueda obstruir debido al polvo y el aserrín. Capacidad hasta 23 litros (5 US gal).También se puede utilizar con la mayoría de herramientas que dispongan de salida para extracción de polvo.

Más información
FJA 300

Accesorio para ensambles de espigas

Accesorio compatible con la mesa de fresado Triton. Indicado para hacer juntas de caja y espiga precisas de 6 y 13 mm (1/4” y 1/2”) en maderas de 3 - 32 mm de grosor. Capacidad para realizar varios cortes simultáneamente. Compatible con la mesa de fresado Triton RTA300.

Más información
AJA 150

Accesorio de montaje para fresadora

Placa deslizante para utilizar con fresadoras montadas en un banco de trabajo. Compatible con la mayoría de fresadoras montadas en Worcentres. También compatible con la mayoría de las sierras de calar y los primeros modelos de mesas de fresar y calar (fabricados antes de RTA300). Ideal para crear estanterías, armarios, armarios empotrados, etc. Fabricada en acero resistente.

Más información

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574 Review(s)
Excellent product, plenty power soft start extra two years warranty when signed up,pretty quite to highly recommended.

Triton TRA001 Router Dual Mode Adrian Sarre - 05/06/2019

I love the control on the milling depth of this product. Combined with the power it is a versatile machine. If there is a point of critic, it is the size and weight of the product. However for use in a table and on workpieces placed on your workbench this does not bother at all.

Power & Precision Frits van Loenhout - 05/06/2019

nice router works very well

triton router bob - 03/06/2019

In the past I have put a lot of efforts to suit a router from another brand to mu routing tables and I clearly know how many problems you have to find a solution for and how much time and money it would cost with a doubtful success. A lot. Unpacking my new TRA001 I was astonished by the features that it provides right out from the box for a table mount usage. Except the enormous 2,4kW power, the built in precision lift system, spindle auto-blocking in the bit changing position, s-shaped wrench, power switch blocking in ON position in order external start/stop button block to be used, dial instead of button control of the electronics, allowing to start at the fixed speed every time, are features that make this router not simply a machine but his owner's best friend in the shop. TRA001 is probably the best choice on the market for a router table usage as for hand held as well for the price!

Best choice for table usage Tsvetan Dimitrov - 31/05/2019

This router has excellent weight to power ratio. I was so happy with it that I had my local machine shop do a special profile bit to duplicate a picture frame that the manufacture told me is no longer in production. With my new router I make what ever I wish. Way to go "Triton"

My 2400W Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router Donald Parris - 31/05/2019

Absolut Spitzenmäsig die Oberfräse TRA001

TRA001 Thorsten Wagner - 18/05/2019

This router was part of the router table outfit I purchased from Rockler. The tool is easy to use and is powerful enough to get the job done. I recently completed a project of reshaping and repainting kitchen cabinet doors and drawers and this router made it easy.

Powerful Router Mark Murray - 27/04/2019

I purchased this router a month ago and have been very satisfied with its performance. I mounted the router to a router table and really appreciate the built in lift capability. This feature alone saved me over $300 by eliminating the need to by a stand-alone lift. The router operates flawlessly and changing bits with the automatic spindle lock simplifies the process. The two setting depth stops are also a very useful feature that saves time when making repeat cuts. I would not hesitate to recommend this router.

Triton TRA001 Router Larry Burden - 24/04/2019

great machine, powerful, quiet at usage! recommendable!

Router TRA001 Mario Weiss - 24/04/2019

Neben einer Festool-Oberfräse OF 1010, die für den Handbetrieb gedacht ist, wird die nun erworbene Triton TRA001 unter Tisch eingesetzt. Die serienmäßige Höhenverstellung mit Handkurbel ist eine angenehme Begleiterscheinung, erspart sie einen ca. 250,- bis 300,- € teuren Lifter. Die Leistung ist überragend, Gleichlauf, Anlauf, Auslauf alles top! Spannungen mit selbständiger Verriegelung ist der Hit! Da freut man sich auf kommende Aufgaben, die gemeinsam zu bewältigen sind!

2400W Dual Mode Router - Oberfräse Michael Eichwald - 22/04/2019

Hello Triton. Overall a good piece of equipment. With the brutal Ohio winters I even though I purchased the router in December I just used it for the first time a few weeks ago. As an engineer I want to share some observations with your engineering staff. Three screws vibrated loose with one of them having what appeared to be blue threadlocker on it. I can share some photos if you would like. Looking forward to many years of projects with this router, easily the most powerful one I have ever owned.

Big Router Ron Kovach - 07/04/2019

best ever router this is the second machine I have purchased and wouldn't buy any thing else so easy to adj cutting depth whilst mounted under the router table especially doing biscuit joints

tra001 jack koppel - 31/01/2019

I am pleased with this router. It has performed very well so far. I like it's squat stance over other large routers. Low center of balance and the controls are spiffy. Though when free handing I find the switch a little small for my big fingers. I am very much looking forward to years of service from this high end high value router

3-1/4 hp router ken sullivan - 31/01/2019

Very pleased with the TRA001 Router. Bought it to make my first set of stairs. Very accurate and easy to use including fitting accessories

TRA001 Router Simon James - 29/01/2019

Super schöne Maschine mit viel Dampf.

[email protected] Rainer Rinderknecht - 29/01/2019

Really great router used it for a number of jobs does it with ease would recommend it definitely.

Superb router Percy cook - 28/01/2019

I own several brands of routers and this Triton 2400 is the easiest one to adjust, the power is great for raised panel doors I wish I had bought one sooner.

Great Router Terry Hudgens - 27/01/2019

I have only had the router for about a month now but it is definetly an improvement from my old unit. The above table height adjustment is very smooth and works like a charm. It spins my large panel bits with no bogging down and I have detected no vibration from the router when using any of my bits.

Triton 3-1/4 go router Chris cotter - 25/01/2019

Bon produit je recommande

Tra001 Morat - 25/01/2019

i find the plunge a little stiff but may just need more use, as i can wind it down to where i am cutting i just tend to use that function. i am still new to this so as i become more experienced i may be able to make better use of the various functions. i will say so far it appears to be an ideal router for me.

tra001 router mervyn gregory - 24/01/2019

I was looking for an additional router to hang permanently in the table and this looked the ideal unit as it offered some exceptional features which i’ll List. -The router lift mechanism- Yes! It’s easy to adjust the height and super quick! Great innovation! All it needs is a hole in the table. I decided to buy an Insert plate with pre-bored holes. This machine was too heavy for my ply table to support without bowing so go for a rigid plate if you feel the need for one. -The spindle lock- Use the lifting handle to wind the router all the way up and you are free to change cutters one handed! The collet pops up through the table so much higher than any other router I have owned so the action of releasing the cutter/collet is unhindered even with reducing rings in place. -The motor. - soft start and this thing will chomp through anything my cutters throw at it. There are many other great features to this powerful, safe machine but these are my favourites and have made routing on the table a real pleasure.

TRA001 Tom Black - 24/01/2019

Great features you’d expect to find on routers twice the price. Ratcheting height adjustment is great. Dust collection is a big plus. Basically getting a fixed and plunge router in one without needing to change the base. Planning on buying the mid size and putting this beast in a router table.

Solid router-awesome value David S. - 23/01/2019

Excellent router, so easy to use thanks to its rack and pinion depth adjustment. The power on this machine is just awesome, almost like a spindle moulder. Dust colle tion is brilliant and when it's mounted to my table it is a real joy to use. The best router there is, simple!

Triton tra001, what a beast! chris blunston - 20/01/2019

it is heavy but that makes it very stable when set up right a dream to use

quality product murray beaton - 17/01/2019

Love it ! It has all the power you would ever need

Router Kevin Frazier - 17/01/2019

Received my TRA001 Router just before Christmas and fitted it into my new router table I made with a Kreg Router Plate fitted. Router is a blast it works well and is quite for the size of motor it also fitted well to the Kreg Router Plate with no problem.

Triton TRA001 Router Brian Hawkes - 15/01/2019

german Diese Oberfräse hat genug Leistung, auch mal härteres Holz zu Fräsen. Als Tischfräse ist das Gerät einsame Spitze. Der Fräserwechsel ist wirklich einfach und durch die Sicherheitsfunktionen die diese Oberfräse besitzt auch für Anfänger geeignet. Diese Oberfräse ist die beste. english This router has enough power, sometimes harder wood to milling. As a table router, the device is lonely tip. The router change is really easy and due to the safety features this router is also suitable for beginners. This router is the best.

Top Router Sören Kerker - 12/01/2019

I bought my TRA001 about 2 months ago and since then ive used it on several projects. I mainly use it in my router table and with its great vacuum setup, plentiful power and above the table height adjustment it is absolutely perfect. The few times ive used it handheld I found the controls to be fairly intuitive to use. I really cant say enough how pleased I am with this router and I would definitely recommend ito others.

Love my Triton TRA001 michael burkhalter - 12/01/2019

I have only had my router for 2 weeks so far but at very impressed with its capabilities and smooth performance. I was using a 2-1/2 hp router in my table and this is so much quieter and smoother running. I have used it to do raised panels with no bogging of the motor taking full cuts. I thuroughly enjoy the above table adjustment and the auto spindle lock for changing bits one handed. I wish it still had the old 1/4 turn collet but understand that some changes need to be made for safety. May add a muscle chuck in the future to get a similar ease of changing bits.

3-1/4 hp router Chris cotter - 12/01/2019

Very impressed with the features and quality for the money. Plunge and fixed in one package. Rack and pinion depth adjustment is great. This thing is beefy too... not lightweight. Will definitely consider putting this in router table permanently and getting the next size down for handheld work.

Excellent router. Great value. David Schutze - 09/01/2019

This router is like a cadillac! Worksgreat for what i do

Triton router Jds wood window restoration - 03/01/2019

Easy to use and change bits

Triton 3 1/4 hp plunge router Richard - 31/12/2018

Received my TRA001 in December 2018, great piece of engineering the router looks good, its what I needed to fit into my router table. Really works well and does a great job.

My new router Brian Hawkes - 29/12/2018

Die TRA001 ist eine tolle Oberfläche. Sehr zu empfehlen.

Sehr gute Maschine Ingo Ebel - 27/12/2018

The 1st router I recieved, the rod for the depth stop was stuck. Returned without issue. Just received the 2nd router everything is working. I have only tested it so far, plan on putting it in a table, but also plan on using it to plain slabs.

Router Brian - 26/12/2018

This router has plenty of power. It has no problem running oversized raised panel bits. The depth and locking adjustments take a bit of getting used to. Overall I am very happy. It gets the job done!

Overall pretty good Michael Good - 19/12/2018

Very nice unit love the soft start and variable speed. I do wish the handles were better shaped for using free hand.

2400W router Arthur Derosia - 17/12/2018

I put this router through some rough times and it’s still as good as new.

Great router Gregory dexter - 16/12/2018

Super tools

2400W Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router Taimo Mets - 15/12/2018

Super Maschine mit vielen Einstellmöglichkeiten. DieTiefenverstellung mittels Spindelt ist super

Tolles Werkzeug Huth - 14/12/2018

This is a lot of router for the money. The quality is good - you can feel it's a decent bit of kit, and it's very ergonomically designed. The only small let-down is the fence, which is quite difficult to adjust and not very flexible.

Good heavy-duty router and reasonable price Rich T - 07/12/2018

Robust, soft start, powerfull, good quality. Excellent machine!!

Excellent Antonio - 07/12/2018

It is a good machine with many practical possibilities. Meets all expectations

good machine H.-D. Huth - 03/12/2018

Great router with tons of power and lots of adjustment options.

Triton 3.25 hp Router Joseph Selander - 01/12/2018

Nice Quality feel to the tool

Triton TRA001 kevin - 30/11/2018

I have the Triton TRA001 router now for a couple of weeks. My first impression, its a beast! The price and quality are great. The main reason that I bougt this router, is to use them in my router table. The routerloft that is included, works very nice.

The Beast!, Triton Router TRA001 Bjorn Grooten - 29/11/2018

What a beast of a router, only had this a couple of weeks, very pleased with the build and ease of use of the tra001, if I was to have a negative about this it would be the supplied collets, half inch and a 12mm collet, i think a 6mm collet should also have been included, however I cannot fault the router itself, I use mine in a router table, the height adjustment handle is so easy and quick to use. Five stars from me !

Tra001 Julian - 29/11/2018

after 60 years as a joiner plus bench hand this triton router = is not one of the best I have used = IT is the best I have used = so accurate and versatile

tiuter william - 19/11/2018

when I first got the router I had the metric collect instead of the standard collect. I called up the company had no problem getting the new part in. since then I have loved using the router in the table, it eats everything I cut through it. on the other hand it's a bit heavy for using outside of the table. I would buy again.

Triton router Rick - 12/11/2018

Cracking powerful machine

Router TRA 001 Duncan MacKenzie - 07/11/2018

I purchased this to mount to a router table and be able to easily adjust the bit height without a lift. Works great, and has plenty of power!

Excelent Router Brad - 06/11/2018

Great tool. Works perfect manually as mounted under router table. Easy to use and accurate. Best buy ever.

TRA001 Steven Willaert - 06/11/2018

So far the most versatile and well built router I've come across.

2400W Dual Mode Precision Router Alex Peschechera - 06/11/2018

Nice product with lots of useful features.

Tra001 Fivos Poyias - 06/11/2018

I have a plunge router which is suitable for table use. I used not so much time and two springs are so loose and need to be replaced. I was following Trition routers quite while on youtube.Since we did not have any retailer in Turkey I have decided online purchase. I am glad I did it.This machine is so perfect for table use and other router use. Spring is easily detached from the machine just using a screw does not need any special training.Design is perfect the pinion system keeps the depth still.Also gives extra security.I am so satisfied about this machine.

Great Tool Hakan Torun - 31/10/2018

Did I mention I love this router? Earlier this year, Rockler was having a bundle sale of its router table along with the Triton 2400 router. I decided to go ahead and purchase them together due to the significant savings but didn't really know what to expect from a triton router. After carefully reading the instructions and making sure to follow tritons directions for installation on a router table, I began to test feed different types of hardwoods and softwoods and was instantly impressed with the power and variable speed control. My favorite feature by far is the plunge depth adjustments with the winder handle, there's no need to buy a pricey lift mechanism for this router! Woodworking is an expensive hobby and I feel like my hard earned money was spent wisely on a Triton tool

Love it! Love it! Love it! Sergio Salgado - 31/10/2018

Machine qui inspire confiance, bonne solidité et plein de bonnes idées! Vivement qu'elle soit sous table.

Très bonne machine. Michael - 30/10/2018

Super machine pour mettre sous table.lourde pour utilisation a la volée pour l'amélioration juste passer a brushless

Tra001 magnifique Mestre Christophe - 27/10/2018

The Triton router I purchased has worked flawlessly. It has great power and it is easy to change bits. I look forward to it being in my tool collection for years to come. I will consider buying Triton tools again.

New Router Anthony Scalise - 24/10/2018

I love my new Triton router. It has plenty of power and tears through wood. It weighs a ton and not the best to use by hand but works perfectly in the router table. When I did first get mine it had the wrong collect in it but I called they were friendly and sent me a new one in a couple days. after disabling the safety I have absolutely no qualms with it. it is the perfect router for the table

Router for the table Rick - 24/10/2018

Great router in every way. Tried it in freehand mode, easy to handle. Now installed under self-made router table and it works perfect for soft and hard wood. Great value for this price !

Triton TRA001 Steven Willaert - 23/10/2018

I love my new router. I bought it instead of buying a router lift for my Kreg PRS table. It was cheaper to buy a new router than a lift, so it was time to upgrade. it's been a pleasure to be able to adjust from the top of the table and I find myself using the router table more than I did when it had to be adjusted from below. the soft start is great.

TRA001 Router Scott McGehee - 23/10/2018

The triton brand is a go to tool for me in my shop. It’s easy to work with. The depth stops , micro adjustments are all what makes this smooth, dependable and accurate. I would love more of this brand around me in my shop. Thanks Triton Tools

Smooth, dependable and accurate Kyle - 23/10/2018

I really like my new Triton router. I have mounted it in my router table. I have owned it slightly over 30 days it works very with hardwoods that I use. Unfortunately, last week the adjustment knob on the plunger broke off, and I was unable to re attach it. I contacted the service department, and within minutes, received a return authorization to return it for service. Good service staff! I am awaiting the return of my router. While it is frustrating to have to,send in a new router for service, I like the way it works It meets my expectations.

My TRA0001 Router Al Childs - 23/10/2018

Very pleased with router and customer service.

Triton router Donald Buff - 23/10/2018

this is the best router design ever made in my opinion I have used a lot of different routers but the extra features on the TRA001 like the soft start, 1 spanner bit chance and the safety feature to go with it and the table top height adjustment all great features I think I will get another just for free hand work

TRA001 murray moore - 23/10/2018

i got this router to put in my table saw extension wing i dont have room for router table this is as good the router. is flawless smooth precise depth setting for a big machine its easy to use freehand as well

tra001 the best [email protected] - 23/10/2018

Great tool! Massive, stabile. Many options to control deep. Great solution for router table. Smart way to change router bits. And safety...

Tra001 router I was waiting for. Marek - 23/10/2018

Very nice tool

TRA001 Riaan Verster - 30/07/2018

triton routers are the best for router table use,one wrench to lock and unlock the router bit,the winder to raise and lower the bit is built in to the router witch is vary easy to used,the on/off switch is vary good ,over all it's a good router for table or free hand work ,I all so have a 1400W M0F001 witch I had for two years witch I forget to register it is a vary good router to . Regards GARY RIECK.

Hobby worker GARY RIECK - 24/07/2018

Powerful router, I am using it as a table router and for bigger projects where my 1/4" router is too weak. Good quality, robust and comfortable in handling.

Very good router Matt - 17/07/2018

It is the first router i own. I have used some before, nut mostly I have outsourced the routing. Then I got interested and wanted to add this machine to my workshop ... and after two weeks of youtube and rewiewing rewiews i ordered this machine .. I have worked for 4 weeks now with this router, it is mostly set in a table and it performs exceptional. I have used it as handheld as well, but it is a heavy machine and if you do a lot of handheld routing get a smaller machine.. All in all... it is IMO the best price/performace for small home router tables if you are a enthusiast / semi profesional user... this machine seems to be in a league of it's own. Not a toy... a beast rather ... but I love the fact that i can use 1/2" bits as well... and with the additonal head adapter the 8mm bits that are more common in our parts of the world as well ... so i can really use the advantage of the ebay, amazon sets... that come arround somethimes .. I enjoy this machine so far... produced some 1 m3 of routing dust and have not found a single flaw. From my perspective as a DIY hobby user... it is recomedable all day long.

A beast Denis - 16/07/2018

This is one of best router that i ever worked with. It is in a clas of it own

TRA001 Riaan Verster - 07/07/2018

Ich behaupte: die TRA001 ist das Beste was zur Zeit auf dem Markt ist. Ich denke ich werde noch viel Spass damit haben.

TRA001 - unglaublich gu und günstig Dietrich Treusch - 01/07/2018

Had problem with the collet lock button. Had to crank it up so tight to engage that it stripped the lift mechanism and had to be returned for warranty repair. The router itself is powerful and works well. I like the above table lift. Great feature.

Router Ron Reher - 27/06/2018

This plunge router is a great piece of equipment for the money. Really great safety features.

Excellent router Chris S. - 24/06/2018

Works perfectly. Great handling, powerful, nothing to complain! I simply love to work with this router.

Perfect Tool Wolfgang Eliasch - 16/06/2018

Very well thought out tool. Unfortunately had a small glitch in the depth adjustment but Triton was very good sending me shipping tags to return for warranty. 2nd Triton router, bought because of reasonable price and how happy I was with the 1st.

fish49 Richard Fisher - 02/06/2018

Die Oberfräse ist sehr Hochwertig und es lässt sich sehr gut als Handgeführtes Gerät aber auch im stationären Betrieb sehr gut arbeiten. Die Verarbeitung ist sehr gut und alles geht schön leichtgängig. Klare Empfehlung.

Oberfräse TRA001 Daniel Hutschenreuter - 01/06/2018

This is a great router, although I had a problem with the on/off switch at first, the customer service was spectacular! I only use the router mounted in a router table and the method for changing bits is easy. I don't have to take the router out of the table, and I only need one wrench to change bits. I have had my TRA001 for 1 1/2 years and would recommend it to anyone that it looking for a big horsepower router with the power to run any size bit.

Triton TRA001 jeff Zanetto - 30/05/2018

This router works great in the router table that I made. Using free hand the plastic shield that is part of the dust collection get where it is had to see the bit. The hose size for the dust collection was difficult to find. Overall I am happy with my purchase

Router Bill - 27/05/2018

I recently bought my Triton TRA001 and I totally loved it. This router fulfills all my wishes: it has power without end, is easy to use and is in connection with my router table the absolute crowning glory. This cutter has only excited me so far.

Fantastic tool Gerd Rosorius - 23/05/2018

There is nothing to dislike about the TRA0001 router. The function is well thought out, I love the multiple ways to set depth, plunge. With soft start / variable speed and a fence that comes with it, you can't go wrong. My woodworking buddie came over and saw mine and went home and ordered him one that afternoon. Now that I have a dedicated router for my table, I m looking for a new hand unit. The 2 1/4 hp looks like the one I'll order. And you can't beat the price either.

Didn't know what I was missing. David Olson - 22/05/2018

Endlich habe ich die perfekte Oberfräse für meinen Frästisch gefunden. Super stark und perfekt zu bedienen. Kann ich nur empfehlen und würde sie immer wieder kaufen. Vielen Dank.

Endlich! Thomas Menk - 19/05/2018

bought and loved the smaller router so bought the big one when my dewalt burned out a bearing and melted the housing. Love the details and how thought out this was. That said, sending it back(great to deal with the return) because of a glitch with the height adjustment engagement button. Believe it's one of those rare things that all machines sometimes encounter and just my familiarity with this router.... still would recommend

2400w dual mode plunge rpouter Richard Fisher - 17/05/2018

Powerful / Exactly Precision / Easy Handling The answer's of Triton Products

Precision Plunge Router Marco Schlögl - 13/05/2018

Bin sehr zufrieden mit der Triton. Kann man nur weiterempfehlen.

Trition Michael - 10/05/2018

I had been looking at another router for a year, After reviewing the Triton and asking folks that have used one , I purchased the TRA 001. After seeing mine, my friend just informed me his came in today. I will be looking to Triton as my woodworking and tooling needs grow.

The Right choice David Olson - 08/05/2018

I bought a 2HP Triton router for my custom built router table almost 10 years ago and it finally wore out ... at least the switch went. I have passed that router on to another woodworker who is an electrician and, who knows, maybe he will get many more years of use out of it. I was in the middle of a project involving extensive router table work and, without a single moment of hesitation, I immediately replaced this route rwith its bigger brother, the 3 HP Triton, and was delighted that it has the exact same base and roughly the same height, so installing it under my router table was a breeze. Now the best comments. This new router obviously has more power than my previous Triton ... which was in itself adequate for 10 years, including running big profile for rail and stile doors and panels. But the best part and most critical thing for me is ease of changing bits and the excellent fine adjustment for precise bit height. Before I bought my first Triton, I had installed a DeWalt which required frustrating nder the table effort to loosen and tighten bits and had a cam system for adjusting bit heights that drove me crazy in trying to lock the bit at a precise height. I love how easy the Triton makes both processes. I could easily give my old Triton 5 stars and expect my new one to be the same.

3 HP Triton Router Murray Long - 06/05/2018

I have used many routers over the years, I find this router simple to set and easy to use, it is a well balanced tool that works well using it freehand as well as using it in a router table situation. The router hits all buttons, as is expected from the Triton range of products.

how good is this router Peter Broomhead - 06/05/2018

I like the power, verstility ( plunge and fixed base in one) and adjustements. Many people said that it is good for the table but too heavy as handhald however I like the weight and feel of the router so it will be my primary handheld one.Not too heavy at all! Dust collection is also nice feature.

2400W Router Maciej Rynkiewicz - 05/05/2018

Have had this now for a couple of months, and it gets used nearly every day, I got it to go in my router table, and it is fantastic, plenty of power, and the above table router bit change ability is excellent, worth getting just for this feature alone. I have it fitted into the Jet Xacta router Lift, fits perfect. I have also used it a couple of times for plunge routing, all the controls fall easily to hand, nice smooth plunging, soft start, hook it up to the Triton dust bucket and it is a great combination, all in all a great tool.

Triton TRA001 Router Terry Green - 04/05/2018

I bought the Triton router to replace my old Hitachi that walked off with someone. I like this router, but it does take some getting used to. I had to read the instructions several times in order to figure out how some of the knobs interplay. For example, the micro winder, winder handle clutch ring and the plunge selection button. I still have some trouble pushing the plunge selection button.. one of these days I'll figure out what I'm doing wrong. My only complaint is the retracting power switch cover. It has a tendency to get stuck in the not quite open position. i.e. the router is stuck off and until you get door all the way open, you can't turn it on. Messing around with with the door usually will unstick it, but it is quite annoying to need to stop what I'm doing to fix the door. It also wasn't clear that, when installing a new bit, pushing the router to its maximum depth actually allows the automatic spindle lock to engage. I still haven't tried all the functionality the router supplies.. so far, just basic plunge and micro adjust. Over all, it runs smoothly and much quieter than my previous router, Plenty of power.

My new plunge router Mike Tracy - 01/05/2018

It's not often you come across a good bit of kit. Nice to hold. Soft start. Easy to change the bits. Just a very good tool 100% Happy. Thanks Chris.

Very Good Router Chris Prowse - 30/04/2018

Just used my new Triton router to build cabinet doors and wow what a beast the 3 1/4 horsepower ripped through the red oak like it was butter.

Mr Mike Grady - 28/04/2018

I bought a Router and Router Table and having to Crawl under the table to Change bits and to set depth was a pain and the time it took - more time changing bits or setting height than woodworking. There had to be something in the USA there were Router lifts and routers that would fit into them In Australia only Plunge Routers there is a German company that has a plunge router that the motor can be removed and fitted in under table lift -but not available in Australia. Then was told that Triton you could change the bit and set height from above the table =the only such plunge Router. I knew I would need new Router Table so started learning about building one and would use a plunge. I was looking at what jigs I would have to build and seen a manufactured Jig the M-Power CRB7. When I picked up my Triton TRA-001 it was a different base to other Routers and will not connect to the CRB7 so used it where I did not need the CRB7 – But after working with the Triton the other routers are bloody awful and not nice to use. Wish Triton would make standard type base as an extra that you could exchange with their unique base. I would then buy the 2nd Triton

Love my Triton Ronald Rowlands - 27/04/2018

The best Router I have used, powerful!

Router Uno Stolt - 21/04/2018

Have had this Router for nearly a month now, and it is brilliant, I use it nearly every day in a Router Table, and love the fact that you can change bits ABOVE the table, and not have to fumble around underneath trying to change bits, and the height winder is great. The safety features are great, and the power handles everything I throw at it. Of course it works just as brilliant as a plunge router also, not just in the router table, the plunge is nice and smooth, with an easy to use locking lever, and the variable speed makes for safe routing with larger bits. Highly recommend it.

Triton TRA001 Plunge Router Terry Green - 20/04/2018

I bought TRA001 to use it wit a router table and I love it from first glance. Its very well designed. You know how to safely use it. The designers knew that you need a powerful and easy to use machine and they made it. I had no problem to attach it to my tabel saw extended wing. Only for holes for screws were needed, a central whole for the router bit and a separate hole for rhe lift mechanism. As soon as I fix it and plug it I had to test the tool. Here are my observations: - great lift mechanism (easy and effective) - autostop of the collar when the bit is full up (no need to use 2 wrenches, no need to look under the table) - planty of collars (1/2” and 1/4” you get with the router, 6 and 8 mm can be bought separately) - lots of POWER (no burn marks even with large bits) Buy it and have fun!

TRA001 - power and precision Tomasz - 20/04/2018

A lot of very nice details improving security and usability. Plenty powerful. A very unusual parallel fence but it woks great. Nice to have both metric and imperial threads to mount under table. Very good collets included. I would have rated it 5 stars if a guide bush was included.

A well thought router to use both under and on a table Laurent Picouleau - 18/04/2018

hello, this is a good machine for all usual task. The plunge are great and there is simply to use. I take this to table router and it's the best quality/price you can see to website.

Router TRA001 triton walther - 17/04/2018

Love it except it takes too many turn to looster the chuck.

Bit change. MARK SIMMONS - 17/04/2018

Great tool with lots of torque! Features I love are soft-start, variable speed adjustment, maintains constant speed during cut, easy tool change, micro-adjust height, table mount, captured collets.

Awesome router Paul Zurlinden - 14/04/2018

I purchased this tool some time ago and I was quite surprised, because it is better than I have expected. It is really nice to work with it.

It is a very good tool Alex - 12/04/2018

I love the features of the triton line, it sits in my router table and is wonderful to use. I love the ease to which I can change bites rais an lower the the bit. For a novice such as myself this router can't be beat. I wish there was an option for buying the tool with out all the gadgets... personally I will never use the 31/4 router to do anything else than be in my table. This is my second triton router. ( I burn the out the first one, a 2Hp, and have moved up to a 31/4... I a am hoping this one will last longer. At this point I treat it with kid gloves, not running it too long, checking its temperature etc... I know a tool should be more robust and less dainty... but I am worried that After 1/2 of hard use the motor will heat to the point of melting. In al fairness my last router demise could have been 'user error'. Yet if companies are going to make sensitive tools maybe they should include an internal heat sensor which turns the tool off until the heat returns to an acceptable level). Another issue that might be a facor against buying this brand is that in Canada where I live I have to pay lots of extra money in shipping to get replacement parts from the only triton parts place in Quebec- I live on the other side of the country in BC.

So good so far Dustin keller - 12/04/2018

After three years of use, the router worked well. Last month the router breaked down. Don't swich on. Tries to, but, don't do that. I don't know where is the problem (not in swich on mecanism). So i have tu buy a new electrical circuit, with a 70£ cost being not sure that the router will work. The spanish dealer had said to me that if i open the pack they will not accept the circuit return if the problem is not in it.

Not reliable Javier Z - 11/04/2018

I found this router to be of exceptional quality and to be very will suitable for the raise panel doors which is why I purchased this product.

Router Ron Hacker - 10/04/2018

I bought this router primarily to put into a router table. I selected it based on a review where the reviewer measured the runout on several routers and the Triton won hands down. That is very important when routing dovetail on a router table. A big plus is that this router has design features that make using it in a router table a real pleasure. It comes with a hand crank so adjustments can be made from above the table. Also one wrench above the table bit changes. No need to purchase a router lift. This on does it all. I just finished dovetailing seven drawers and everything went perfectly. I love it.

Super Router Brett McAlister - 10/04/2018

After receiving my router, I installed it in my router table and began building a piece of furniture. Approximately 30 days later, my router stopped working. I contacted the proper individuals who sent me authorization to return the router. The repair process went without any difficulties, everything post-paid, and the router returned much faster than I expected. I am not upset the problem occurred. Anyone who works with tools (especially the plugin variety) will experience a failure or two. What totally impressed me was that everything promised in the advertising is true. The router performs just as I need, and the guarantee is even better. I am TOTALLY satisfied and will most likely purchase the 21/2 version as well.

Great product, great service Joel - 09/04/2018

Leistungsstark, Präzise einstellbar, handliche Maschine, aktuell im Tisch verbaut, automatische Spindelarretierung find ich super. Würde ich wieder kaufen.

Oberfräse Triton TRA001 Walter - 05/04/2018

I installed this for use with the router table. Smooth and powerful . . . & you get to VERY valuable tools for the price of 1: an exceptional router and 2: the built-in router lift.

Great purchase Gary - 05/04/2018

This is my second TRA001 router. The first one is in my Kreg Precision Router Table. It has worked perfectly. I was so impressed that I bought this new one for my smaller Kreg Benchtop router Table. Having a router lift built into the router is fantastic. Also, having the collect nut raise to near flush with the table top makes tightening and loosing a bit effortless. An amazing router at an amazing price.

TRA001 Router Johnny Maniscalco - 04/04/2018

Je suis entièrement satisfait de cette défonceuse, précision et puissance sont au rendez-vous, idéale pour mettre sous table et la manivelle de remontage tout simplement géniale. Souhaitons que la fiabilité soit au top avec le temps.

super outil Coquet Patrick - 29/03/2018

I bought this router to install in my router table since my older Hitachi developed severe runout problems making dovetails impossible (I determined that it was the collet). I read some reviews that specifically measured shaft runout and the Triton stood tall among the rest. Another BIG plus is that the Triton comes with the fittings to work as a lift in a router table and the above table bit change feature. These two items have been a real pain for me and now are a breeze. Thank you Triton! I just got done using the router along with my Leigh RTJ400 dovetail jig to make seven drawers. Perfect dovetails every time. Yesterday I did cope and stick routing on two cabinet doors and again great performance. Adjustments from above the table made it really easy. The only thing I wish that came with the router is a sticker with the rpms for the variable settings.

Ideal Tool BRETT A MCALISTER - 27/03/2018

nice and smooth start ,lots of power

homeowner robert large - 27/03/2018

I love it. It has plenty of power when routing hardwoods. Changing bits with it in a table is a breeze with the lift handle & auto lock on shaft. Worked nice and smooth as a plunge router too.

Works Great Kyle Kirkland - 27/03/2018

Ich habe die Fräse in einen Tisch verbaut, sie ist solide und leistungsstark

Sehr zufrieden Hannes Föttinger - 25/03/2018

it is a great product , I would recommend to anyone to buy one

plunge router john christian - 23/03/2018

I already had a Triton Router Table so this router is a perfect fit and works well too.

Router Sandy McGookin - 21/03/2018

Have used it for several week. Works great. Did develop an issue. I contacted Triton, great customer service! Just waiting to get it back. Overall even though it had to be sent back to Triton, great product.

Router Sam - 19/03/2018

Купил недавно фрезер 2400ВТ TRA001, целью покупки было сделать фрезерный стол. очень понравилась мощность изделия и регулировка по высоте с помощью ручки, обороты под нагрузкой держит хорошо сучки не помеха.

Фрезер ??????? - 19/03/2018

Super starke Maschine. Tolle Leistung.

TRA001 Günter Bachtrögl - 17/03/2018

I consider this router to have been an excellent purchase. I don't have a lot of space in my shop, so I don't have the luxury of having the exact tool for every job. So I have to be selective when it comes to how many of each tool type I purchase (don't have room for a trim router, medium duty router heavy duty router, table router, etc...). So I bought this one figuring it is powerful enough to do pretty much anything I need in the table, and most everything I foresee myself doing when not attached to the table. It may not be as convenient for small jobs, but it should still work for anything I plan on doing with it. I'm very happy with the design, smooth plunge action, built-in lift, etc.

Triton tra-001 Fred Couverette - 16/03/2018

easy to use and change bits,smooth operation,lots of power for the larger cuts and the smooth start up reduces the sudden and heavy amperage draw at the start..have it mounted in a table

homewoner robert large - 13/03/2018

For a few years now, I've been struggling by with an old BD router that just could barely cut it. Now that I'm in a position to start buying quality tools, my friend told me to check out the Triton TRA001 before looking at anything else. I talked at length at a local trade show to a Triton rep about the router and between the two, they sold me on it. Since buying it, I can tell my skills have improved dramatically with a lot less errors. I wish I had known about this sooner, I would have saved up earlier for it. Oh, quick hint...if you're mounting it to a router table, be sure to remove the plunge spring to keep it from wearing out.

I love it! Robert Mountain - 12/03/2018

The TA001 router is so well engineered and thought out. This is my first Triton tool but won’t be my last. I also bought the belt sander and it is one brute of a machine so far it is doing a great job!!

Awesome Machine Dale Seaman - 11/03/2018

The powerful engine and simple operation make the router the ideal router for stationary use. For the hobby craftsman but also for the more ambitious craftsman

perfect router for stationary use Manfred Scharrer - 09/03/2018

I have used it some and it is the best shop tool I have in my shop

great tool John Christian - 09/03/2018

Purchased the Triton 2400W Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router mainly to cut some Kitchen work tops at my sons new house (bit of a mess) and looking at various router reviews the cheaper ones all appeared to have problems/issues – vibration, collets getting stuck, accuracy so was about to go for one the more expensive so called ‘trade’ options (Dewalt, Makita etc) when I came across the Triton being advertised at our local Screwfix outlet. Price was good and all the reviews were good apart from the obvious operator type issues so decided to go for it and not looked back. Cut the worktops, joints and lengths with no problems, all the decorative side panel fixings with nice clean accurate cuts, very pleased with the results and ready to start on the next project – as I said the house is a mess. The range and availability of extras such as collets and guide bushes has been good with availability from other makes such as Trend also out there – always a good sign for a product. In use the router feels solid and good to hold, proving a good replacement for my older 1/4" one, the depth adjustment proved quick and easy to use with the fine adjustment being used for the final cut when required, the built in safety features are also a nice touch. The option to fix in a table at some point is another option I’ll probably try but for now finding it works well as a stand unit. Only downside I guess is lack of a case which would have been nice.

The 2400W TRA001 Router for kitchen worktops and units. Dave - 06/03/2018

The router has exceptional power to effectively work in my router table. I am currently looking forward to using it to flatten an ash slab for a natural edge coffee table.

TRA001 plunge router is impressive Gary D. Niehaus - 05/03/2018

As a complete novice when it comes to using either a bench or plunge router, I can say without question the Triton TRA001 is very easy to use and has a range of operating features that makes even the most unskilled beginner look good. In addition, the built in safety features that are standard with the Triton routers, protect the operator from any potential serious injury. I particularly like the fact you can easily change the router from either plunge or table mode in a matter of minutes, which effectively means you get two routers for the price of one! Having thoroughly researched a suitable router to buy, I believe the Triton TRA001 to be the best value for money,has the most amount of operating and safety features and would thoroughly recommend anyone looking to buy themselves a router; should consider a Triton router.

TRA001 2400W Dual Mode Router Review Tim Cherrington - 05/03/2018

Brilliant router flawless operation unbeatable in the market far outperforms any other router on the market

Big power router Gordon Webb - 04/03/2018

Awesome little machine can’t fault the operation ease of use and the fact that despite its compact size it does the job of a machine twice it’s size and three times it’s price

Palm Sand Gordon Webb - 04/03/2018

works very well in my router table

router arthur duffy - 03/03/2018

Mounted router to table top, for making raised panel cabinet doors. I am really satisfied with the ease of use, variable speed, and how easy it is to make depth adjustments. I would recommend anyone needing a heavy duty router to purchase this one.

2400W Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router Jimmy Campbell - 02/03/2018

Great love it maybe a little big for some,but for me its great lots of power. Very stable in use.

Router Lee beresford - 02/03/2018

Having just purchased my TRA001 Plunge Router I can say that this is a fantastic piece of kit. It has all the features I need for my home workshop and has been fitted to my RTA300 Router Table. With it's soft start, variable speed control to handle even the largest panel raising bits and the above table height adjustment I am delighted. Thank you Triton.

2400W Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router Mike Wood - 01/03/2018

Superb and powerful product which is ideal for mounting it to a router table. I am very happy with it and should have purchased it sooner ;-)

TRA001 Rolf Eckert - 28/02/2018

At a woodworking show when the rep showed me the features of the TRA001. I have to admit that I was pretty impressed and when my friend mentioned he's got on, I took the "plunge" and bought me one. Nice and smooth, hands down one of the best professional tools that I've got in my woodshop at this time. Normally, I don't use routers that much but now that I got this handy dandy little spitfire, you can bet that I'm going to try and incorporate it into every project I've got. Thanks!

Wow! Robert Mountain - 26/02/2018

Very nice router, I use exclusively in a table. I bought the Kreg plate and in fit perfectly. Very strong and surprisingly quiet. I love the auto spindle lock and the above table height adjustment. Very good value for a very affordable price

Owner cincysigndesign Jim klingenberg - 24/02/2018

Good machine, very powerful but ease to use. Perfect when table mounted.

Excellent Xav - 23/02/2018

excellent nice to use loads of power going to make a table for it

TRA001 wilf macdonald - 22/02/2018

I did a lot of online research and talking with other woodworkers and saw and heard nothing but positive information/comments on this router. I already had two routers but after tiring of stooping and reaching under the table to make adjustments, etc. neither seemed to be a long term fit for permanent use for a router table. I purchased this Triton TRA001 router to specifically mount under my Kreg Router Table. Installation was quick and easy. I needed a router with variable speed, powerful and easy to use under a table and the Triton TRA001 delivers. This router allows me to make easy bit changes and height adjustments thereby saving time and being super convenient. I love that is also comes with 1/2" and 1/4" collets and can't speak highly enough about the automatic spindle lock for single tool bit changes. After using Craftsman, Dewalt and Bosch routers I am super impressed with this Triton TRA001 router.


The tool works pretty well, tho the regulation of the fence is not accurate and there is no numbers on the micro winder and table height winder, scales (by that I mean, that it is easy to get astray). But in the end I am satisfied with this tool.

Was what I was expecting Sigitas Narmontas - 20/02/2018

Love this plunge router since day one. Comfortable to use and powerful!

Awesome router Lauri Mei - 19/02/2018

Puissance au rendez vous pour cette défonceuse que j'ai monté sous table RTA300 et RAS300. Le système de levage avec la manivelle est un plus.

Excellente machine Gilles Moreau - 18/02/2018

Very happy with how well the TRA001 router has performed mounted to my router table while routering raised panel doors. The variable speed and noise level are also nice features. Would recommend this tool to anyone.

TRA001 Jimmy Campbell - 17/02/2018

For me just a heavy diyer, its great fixed in its table it does everything I need. haven't found anything it can't do. Yes it is big and heavy,but am a big guy so using it free hand isn't a problem. My collection of triton tools is getting bigger. Love it, the wife hates it.

Router Lee beresford - 16/02/2018

Well thought out router. Will use in router table where the features shine. needs improvement in the 1/2 in. collet. Hard to get the router bit out unless I rap on the side of the collet nut to loosen collet. Good power, smooth motor. The quietest router I own.

router review Dennis Yoder - 16/02/2018

Just started using the router in a router table. Everything seems to be working fine except getting the collet to release the bit. Have to rap on the side of the collet several times to get it loose. Need to have a collet like Porter Cable has that when you turn the collet nut it pulls up the collet with it.

Router review Dennis Yoder - 15/02/2018

This is my second TRA001. I use it mounted in a router table. Ise no reason to use any other router. It is consistent and dependable.

Great router Gary Silk - 15/02/2018

I bought this router to hog out material on the Roubo workbench I am building. It has performed very impressively. I am using a center cut end mill and the plunge features and ease of use make this an enjoyable tool to use. It makes a huge mess with chips, but keeps up with my cuts.

Impressive Plunge Router Nathan Owen - 13/02/2018

This thing is beefy. Smooth and powerful with built-in table lift. Love it!

Smooth and Powerful David Vaughn - 13/02/2018

I absolutely love this router!! When mounted on my large 'Paulk' style workbench it is amazing!! The power puts it in the category of a shaper. Dust collection is great when used in conjunction with the Woodpeckers router fence. Do not hesitate to purchase this router. Its great!!

Triton Router Review Eric Cichy - 12/02/2018

This Tritan TRA001 is a very clever designed powerful machine. First the automatic shaft lock when you want to change your cutter. Really handy specially if you build this router in a router table. You only need the supplied key to change your bit, lower the machine and ready to go. Height adjustment is very precise without play and can be easily locked into position. Quick height adjustment is also available. For router table owners, you can adjust the height from the top of the table with supplied key. Works great. The foot is stable, bigger than average routers. The plunge construction very ridgid which helps to keep narrow tolerances. Safety wise the on/off button is a nice as it is protected by a door. There is a small delay when powered up. Once you get used to it it is good to have. Speed is fully adjustable to router bit/ material you are cutting. Machine is reasonably quiet and runs smooth, no play in shaft. The housing is a combination of fibre enforced strong engineered plastic and aluminium. It is well made and finished which is good. If I had to change one thing it would be the point where the cable exit the machine to slightly lower point. Adding some hear protection in the box would be a bonus.

Versitale Precision Power machine Marcel van Engen - 11/02/2018

Probably the best router I've used in a table. This is the 3rd router I've had for my table and it's amazing. It has enough horsepower to do what you need it to and the built in lift is the best feature of them all. The lift was the whole reason I got this as adjusting the router height from below was a pain unit I got this unit. Rich

TRA001 Review Rich Bolduc - 11/02/2018

I'd had my eye on this router for quite some time, having seen review videos for it on the internet. It looked amazing. Packed with loads of really useful functions which made it ideal for mounting in a router table, which is where mine lives. I haven't bothered drilling a hole for the height lift yet as I have easy access to the underside of the table to use the micro adjuster which works perfectly. I love the fact too that when the router is fully extended the collet is easily accessible from above the table and the automatic spindle lock means changing cutters is a one handed operation. Whoever has designed this tool obviously has real world experience of woodworking and specifically in using a router. I own two other routers which are nowhere near as easy to use or powerful. This is my best purchase of 2018.

Amazing router Jon Killeen - 11/02/2018

Diese Maschine ist einfach der pure Wahnsinn ich hatte noch nie eine Fräse mit so viel Kraft die aber zugleich auch einfach und praktisch zu bedienen ist ich kann sie nur jedem empfehlen

Eine Hammer Maschine Christian Hausberger - 08/02/2018

I currently have 2 different routers in my home work shop which I use quite frequently. I added a new Kreg Router table to my shop and knew that I wanted a powerful router to permanently mount underneath it. Either of my current routers would have mounted under the table but neither have an above table cut depth adjustment or bit change capability. After doing much research I decided on the Triton TRA001 router. This router has key features that make it great for table use. First being when you raise the spindle all the way up the automatic spindle lock engages and makes for one handed and single tool bit changes. Second is having fully removable spring by removing one single screw. Third is the very smooth operating height adjustment by a provided tool which is used from above the table. With these innovative features, raw power and 3-year warranty you simply can’t go wrong with a Triton TRA001 router.


Sehr starke und massive Oberfräse, reichlich Leistung, hohes Gewicht. Da ich Sie nur im Fränkisch einsetzen werde für mich die optimale Lösung. Zu einem unschlagbaren Preis. Very strong and massive router, plenty of power, high weight. Since I will use it only in the Routertable, for me the optimal solution. At an unbeatable price.

Strong Router David Behrend - 05/02/2018

It is my second router and i bought it exclusively for undertable stand. It is perfect tool for this job. Very powerfull and it’s the only router with an integrated and complete lift system.

Perfect tool for undertable stand Jb chadeyras - 04/02/2018

I have used the TRA001 in several projects shaping several materials like hardwood, MDF and dense PE foam. The router had more than enough power, the power is well adjustable, it always performed very precise and it is easy to handle. The results are perfect. Rounding off the picture is having 3 years of guaranty. I am fully satisfied.

Powerfull and precise router Florian Geittner - 30/01/2018

As advertised. Very powerful machine

Great product Matt - 30/01/2018

Successfully mounted under table, working exceptionally well, extremely pleased with product

2400W Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router Roy Dowling - 29/01/2018

Overall, I am pleased with the machine. Accuracy, durability and power are more than sufficient. I am using mine in a homemade table install using a Kreg plate. The winder was a bit tight in the plate, but it works. I have three suggestions for product improvement. First, the instruction manual needs some work. The tiny pictures of the machines features were of little help. I had to watch a YouTube video to figure out the plunge depth feature. Which leads to number two, the rod in my plunge depth Gage was stuck up in the tool housing. Even totally removing the set screw did no good. I had to twist it loose with a pair of pliers. Lubrication helped a bit, but it still sticks. I thought about returning the tool, but then decided it would be dedicated to table work. My last suggestion is that you include a dust hose adapter with each tool. I had to order the Triton second stage collector (bucket kit) to get a hose that would fit the tool. Nothing I could find in the USA would fit properly.

Good Tool Dave Swain - 29/01/2018

I found this router to be the most flexible power tool I've ever used the safety features are beyond anything I've ever used and the one spanner locking collar is extremely handy with the dust collector collar I hook up me Triton extractor system and not only is my workshop kept clean I can see what I'm doing as I cut along my work. My old router (Makita) I thought was good until My new Triton Router made its way into my tool cabinet.The other feature I'm impressed with is the through the table adjustment makes life a breeze.

Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router Elis Balzan - 29/01/2018

I have the TRA1 router and it is a great machine. It is in repair shop right now,having trouble with the height adjustment. I am confident it will work just fine when I get it back

Router Paul Meyer - 22/01/2018

Mounted under table, working great

2400W Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router Roy Dowling - 19/01/2018

Good powerful tool Well made Well packaged A case would of been good Like all the tools very good

Router 2400w Dawn CliftonD - 19/01/2018

He probado la fresadora, principalmente instalada en una mesa de fresado, que es donde creo que mayor utilidad tiene, ya que se nota bastante pesada para trabajar sujetándola con las manos. El resultado ha sido muy satisfactorio. La máquina tiene mucha potencia con lo que no fuerzas el motor incluso trabajando con maderas de densidad elevada. El sistema de elevación micrométrico es fantástico, el arranque de forma progresiva es muy suave y el cambio de fresas es muy fácil y práctico. Me encanta el diseño y la ergonomía de la máquina y todos los sistemas de control de profundidad que tiene. Como puntos a mejorar, haría falta una gráfica donde se indique las revoluciones correspondientes al número de potencia que indica la rueda y mejorar la pequeña holgura que existe en el eje de profundidad. Volvería a comprar la misma máquina.


War mir im Vorfeld sehr unschlüssig, ob die TRA001 die richtige Maschine für meine Hobby-Werkstatt ist. Ich war auf der Suche nach einer stärkeren (vorher war eine Bosch POF1400 in Gebrauch) Oberfräse für meinen Frästisch, die eine Höhenverstellung von oben ermöglicht. Habe die Triton, die T11 von Trend und die Makita 2900 in der engeren Wahl gehabt. Entscheident war zum Schluss der Preisunterschied. Muß sagen, die Triton leistet bis jetzt einen sehr guten Job im Tisch und muß sich nicht vor den Profigeräten verstecken. Für den Handbetrieb würde ich sie nicht empfehlen, da sie doch recht schwer ist und der Fräser nur schlecht eingesehen werden kann.

Positiv überrascht Bastian Goebel - 16/01/2018

After my purchase of the plunge router I am impressed with the features this machine has to offer especially the through the table adjustment winder. I purchased a Triton router table a while back to use with my old (makita) but once I introduced the Triton there is no comparison. I sold my old router and wont use anything else but my Triton. I also love the safety features like the power isolation when changing bits, the quip release for plunge mode, the self locking and one spanner bit removal, the micro adjustment (I use it a lot) and the dusk extraction attachment wow I now have a clean workshop as well I can see what I'm doing.I have since bought a Triton accessory kit this will open up more project ideas. I also mentioned my new router to friends who will be purchasing a Triton equipment. I can't speak more highly for my new Triton family member(my Router) next will be a Triton belt sander. I have already told my family what I want for my Birthday. Kind Regards Elis Balzan

2400W Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router Elis Balzan - 16/01/2018

Great Tool but very Weak instructions for use. For somebody who does not know the device, it s to understand the Features of the device. No support provided, where to or help in the net. No 4 how to precisely adjust the depth of cutting.

TRA001 Michael Peters - 15/01/2018

Outstanding router for the price I use it in a router table in my workshop. I was considering buying a spindle moulder But decided to try this fist after reading other reveiws online. It is well built and quite a bit heavier than my previous trend router. It has plenty of power for cabinet making and is easy to use it a table system best purchase this year for the shop.

Carpenter/ joiners review Rhys - 06/01/2018

Die Oberfräse macht einen massiven eindruck. Benutze sie hauptsächlich in einem Frästisch und sie hat genug Leistungsreseven auch bei härteren Holzarten. Würde sie mir wieder kaufen.

Top Oberfräse. Steffen Letzelter - 04/01/2018

Ich kann die Fräse nach 4 Wochen in Benutzung nur empfehlen. Bei mir ist die Maschine in einen Frästisch eingebaut und darf sich hauptsächlich an Eiche bewähren. Ausreichend Leistung ist ja vorhanden. Ganz besonders angenehm ist auch die Verstellung von oben, funktioniert einwandfrei.

Fräse für Frästisch Heiko Oetting - 03/01/2018

After first uses, I can really recommend this router. It has a powerful motor and great quality. But it is quite heavy for hand use. Best Regards.

Great Product Lars Bayer - 02/01/2018

Router arrived in a timely fashion and is exactly what i thought it was and wanted. Unfortunately i have not to date had the opportunity to use it. I am sure that it wil prove to meet my expectations when i do.

Havent got to use it yet but...... Robert Harris - 29/12/2017

Had some problems with the router aafter a year and Triton justreplaced it and paid the postage, very impressive. I really like the router, it has some great and well thought out features

Great router Richard waters - 29/12/2017

Fantastic router and lift except....removing bits are extremely frustrating!

MR PETE MCCANN - 24/12/2017

Very please with the router so far. The features of the unit are well thought out and it lives up to it's reviews. I had a couple of minor issues with a sticking plunge depth stop, and the on / off switch could have little more positive tactile feel to ensure that it is switched off. I would recommend the unit to any beginning or seasoned woodworker.

Triton TRA001 Router- Very pleased with the unit so far. Brian Zeldenrust - 23/12/2017

I bought this router few weeks ago to install it under a table. I am fully happy of the result. The handle provide with the router is the easy way to deal with height adjustment. The automatic lock for bit change is perfect. Just one thing is missing in the box, a height mm collet.

good investment JB - 22/12/2017

So far so good. It has the power to handle different projects. I have mind in a router table and the one thing I have to get use to is making sure the power button is off on the router when trying to change the bit or the locking pin won't come out in order to loosen the collect. Like I said so far so good no problems as of yet knock on wood 5 stars for me.

Triton 3 1/4 how router Neely G Hubbard, Jr - 21/12/2017

This router has a massive amount of power and therefore I decided to use it in a router table rather than freehand. It just gets the job done regardless of the type of timber that your working on, its certainly a powerhouse tool that needs care and attention whilst in use, hence the router table.

Triton 2400W dual mode plunge router R J S Clarke - 20/12/2017

I really wish that I had bought this router 30 years ago. It is very easy to adjust and shows incredible power capabilities. Using good quality carbide tools , this machine plows right through maple and walnut leaving a very smooth finish. This saves a lot of time at finishing. Highly recommended.

Fantastic Router Jeffrey Bone - 20/12/2017

This is the best router in the world

2400 watt router Dowayne Loader - 18/12/2017

This has been the best router I’ve owned so far besides it being really strong it’s way more quieter than the other routers I have. I use it to make kitchen cabinet doors so I really use it when there is about 40 doors to make and they are all raised panel it’s a beast at getting the job done! I had a problem with the raising and lowering mechanism after about 4 months I want to say it was probably a faulty mechanism but either way I notified triton and they had me send it back to them and they took about 2 weeks and it was back in my shop with no extra cost to me since I registered the router for the 3 year warranty thank god. I highly recommend this router to any woodworker or cabinet maker who is just starting off in their career I know tools are expensive but this router is worth the price I promise! My name is Jose Cardenas and I Approve this comment lol Visalia, California

Best router I’ve owned !!! Jose Cardenas - 18/12/2017

Did a lot of studying before I decided on the Triton. Spent a lot of time figuring out how the features work . My first real project is going to be a 48” x 30” router table. Looking forward to mounting router insert plate and T track in top. Want to be able to do up to 12” boards. It is a little bit heavier then some.

Triton TRA001 dual mode precision plunge Router 2400 watt DJoe Fitizpatrick TDDid a lot of . - 15/12/2017

I have owned my TRA 001 for only 4-5 weeks and have used it exclusively as a table router. So far I'm most impressed with the precision of cuts. I joint-edged some 6/4 Hard Maple and got surprisingly straight, clean edges. Still getting familiar all the features but have to say the engineering and quality of construction is also impressive. It seems to be a great machine for the price.

2400W Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router Mark de Veer - 14/12/2017

La défonceuse Triton TRA001est très puissante. Je l'utilise avec le table Workcenter TWX7 et le module défonceuse Triton muni d'un support de sortie. Le réglage micrométrique, le fait de pouvoir utiliser des grandes fraises, le bloquage pour changer de fraise sont très efficacement conçus. Tout y est, puissance, facilité de réglage de hauteur de coupe grâce à la petite manivelle fournie. Je conseille cette défonceuse ainsi que ses équipements complémentaires proposés à un prix raisonnable.

TRITON facilite l'action du menuisier, même amateur HATTENVILLE Luc - 14/12/2017

I recently purchased this router specifically to fit into a table I was making. Now it has been fitted, I couldn't be happier. It fits all my needs and after scowering many reviews of this model and comparing it to other routers, I am convinced that it is unique. Changing bits could not be easier and in operation, the accessibility of controls is not a problem. Winding the bit to above the table, the router will lock the colet and automatically switch off the power. Only one spanner is needed to change bits above the table and when the bit is then lowered, switching on again is easy as well as locking the height adjustment. For table use, you will not find a better router than the Triton TRA001. Thanks Triton for making the job easier.

Triton Router TRA001 Malcolm Alexander - 14/12/2017

My most powerful router up to now I have a bosch dewalt and Makita all for different jobs this triton I bought cash just for a new router table I am building and up to now I have not used the Triton router because due to ill health I have not finished the router table but I am excited to use the router as soon as I am back in the shop. Build quality looks great I love all the features and cant wait to start using it.

2400w Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router TRA001 Adrian Smith - 10/12/2017

It looks solid and promising. It had not yet been used. The package was received complete.

Triton router AR001 Ed Tower - 05/12/2017

Amazing product just what I needed for the job

2400W Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router Ian - 05/12/2017

Hello. machine with a simple record as the use. taken in hand very easy. powerful machine with a very progressive start a very efficient suction mouth. precise adjustment of the depth. one regret the parallel guide no fine adjustment

ripper that smashes samios constantin - 03/12/2017

This router was bought specifically for my homemade table because of the lifter handle, speed control for large bits & the ability to change bits from above... And it excels in all these features... I also love the soft-start which mitigates the torque reaction felt during hand-use... if I had any criticism, it would be that the pressed-steel collet spanner had a razor-sharp edge on one side from the manufacturing process, a touch-up with a file sorted that... Installing in a table needs careful consideration as to the positioning of the lifter hole , u don't want to place it where the fence can cover it... mine was set up at " 8 o'clock" which seems perfect. It's a heavy machine but beautifully built & as it resides in my table, weight is more an advantage than a hinderance. My previous table router was a DeWalt, a nice machine but with none of the TRA001s refinements. Too many skinned knuckles from changing bits underneath & struggling with setting cutter height sealed it's fate. The fixed speed also restricted it's cutter range & when I first saw the Triton's specs I was sold on it in an instant. Also the 3 year warranty was a BIG deal in the decision to buy, & having previously bought the Triton planer-thicknesser I knew I was getting quality & service. My 5 star rating is totally deserved & reflects the product's thoughtful design & implementation. Keep up the good work Triton....

Router No-Doubter Peter Fitzpatrick - 30/11/2017

Hello The processing of this product is very good. My expectations have been fulfilled. Greeting

JOF 001 H.Häniche - 29/11/2017

I spent about 3 weeks reading and comparing routers and decided that the triton would give me the best of Both worlds fixed and plunge. I have been spending my time trying to learn all the controls. My first project is going to be a router table

2400W dual mode precision plunge router .Joe Fitzpatrick - 28/11/2017

So far this thing is awesome. I love the adjustment are, very easy to change bits. The only bad thing about this router was the base assembly instructions. This router is almost too powerful. You Aussies nailed it with this router. Will recommend to others.

Excellent router Steve Wright - 26/11/2017

Plenty of power great tool

Great tool T leger - 24/11/2017

Have just put the TRA001 in my router table and am extremely pleased with the way it works. Bit changes are easy above the table with the clever shaft interlocking system. Height adjustment is also simple although I haven't utilised the above table adjuster as I would need to drill a hole in my cast iron table top. Router also plunges deep enough that I won't need to use a collet extender. Router itself has a nice soft start and plenty of power with no vibration. Very pleased.

TRA001 - great table router Matthew King - 23/11/2017

Bought this as part of the Sommerfeld router table system. Have to say I am very impressed with power, usability, and overall quality of tool. If you are looking for a router to use in a router table, strongly consider this. It has a built-in raiser that eliminates the need for a router lift. It also blows the chips up (when mounted in table) rather than pulling them down and into the router. If I need another router, I *will* be buying Triton.

TRA001 - Great router Ira Davis - 22/11/2017

Brilliant bit of kit. This is my second of this type of Router, and will go in and stay in my Triton Router table RTA 300. Its not as if it's not easy and quick enough to take the Router out of the table (that's ingenious enough), it's just that sometimes I want to leave it setup. This Router just takes anything you throw at it.

Triton Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router 2400W Kimball Wade - 14/11/2017

The router I bought is good! It runs smooth. It runs rather quiet (for a router). It has plenty of power for what I need. However, I have it on a (Kreg) router table, and the safety features incorporated into it make it quite difficult to change bits and get back to work. I was impressed that it has a built-in router lift. I'd buy another one.

good router (all things considered) Steve Dailey - 14/11/2017

Searched several months for my first router. Usually only buy Ridgid, Dewalt, Bosch, or Makita for power tools.Decided to take a chance on this Aussie router, wow was I glad I did.Great for table or freehand. Be careful this thing is powerful.The only thing I don’t like about the router was instruction manual. Keep up good work Aussies, great product, easy to use and lift is perfect for bench top router table.

Almost too powerful Steve wright - 12/11/2017

Powerful router works wonderful with the Kreg table. Pleased with performance and not overly loud.

Great Router Alesia Angel - 11/11/2017

excellent product, besr router I have used

awsome router Jim Munford - 09/11/2017

Bin sehr zu frieden für anspruchsvolle Fräsarbeiten sehr gut

TRA001 Gerd Beygang - 08/11/2017

So far this router is been great love the fact that I can do the adjustments without reaching underneath the router table plenty of power

great router Troy leger - 08/11/2017

I had an odd size router table top that would not work with any lift systems, so I purchased the Triton plunge router. The Triton router is the ONLY router I am aware of that lets you use it as table mounted router with a crack handle to adjust the bit height. It works awesome and was easy to set up! Very pleased with my purchase!

TRA001 Router - Awesomeness Dale McComsey - 03/11/2017

great router regards from belgium

super product! francois portael - 02/11/2017

This is my second one of these, the last one has served me well for over 20 years! Its powerful and fits very neatly into the triton router table, and the ability to change the bit through the table isw brilliant! If I am honest I have found it a little heavy to use as a hand plunge router inless i am working on large timbers. My previous model I got through 5 sets of bushes and a speed controler each easily replaiced and cheap components. Triton excel as a company being able to supply parts for machine which are old ( try and get bits for a bosch or frestool after 10 years ) There is a good competent range of assessories to complimemt almost any routing requirements. All in all it has everything you need on it to work well and easily.

The best router for the money bar none! Graham Alexander - 01/11/2017

Outstanding plunge router. Very easy to operate with pretty of power. Will recommend this router to my friends.

woodworker Dean Lamb - 30/10/2017

Absolutely amazed at what this router offers for such a great price. Love the above table bit change and height adjustment. Removing the plunge spring takes on minutes and is a great feature when using this in a router table. Easy to use controls once you get the hang of it.

Amazing Router! Love it! Daniel Leong - 30/10/2017

Powerful Tool.

Powerful Tool Mike - 29/10/2017

This is an awesome router, It saves so much time, especially when shaping any timber that requires several passes, owing to its pre-set stepping action on the plunge handle also its powerful motor guarantees a clean cut every time

Routing made easy Jim Munford - 26/10/2017

I've had my Triton TRA 001 router a couple of weeks now, and i'm berry please with my purchase. Having used it on two projects the first thing you notice is its Awsome powerfull motor with variable speed control to manage working with all woods hard and soft. Ì also appreciate the machines safety switch feature and the overall depth control mechanisms to dial in to exact depth of cut. The TRA 001 feels well built and robust, at the same time relatively easy to use with a quality feel. All-in-all an excellent addition to my growing Triton set of tools, which also includes their Plunge Track Saw, which i'm equally happy with. Good job Triton!

Price verses Performance = Awsome Router. John - 23/10/2017

sehr gute Maschine..

2400W Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router martin - 22/10/2017

I got this for my table for the dual mode and it hasn’t disappointed. Fairly quiet and extremely powerful. It was exactly what I needed.

Perfect for router table Shane Robinson - 16/10/2017

The best Router I have ever bought. Easy to use and powerfull. And put into a routertable, it's a dream.

Best Router TRA001 Rolf Müller - 15/10/2017

This is my second 2400W router. The first is a designated for a router table and the new one is for hand use. They are the most user friendly routers I have ever used.

Great Router Kenneth Reidy - 13/10/2017

I have had this TRA 001 3 and 1/4 HP router a month ago and have used it several times already. I got it because I was so happy with the MOF001 2 and 1/4 HP router. I have been very pleased with both and recommend them to anyone. I believe that these routers are the best for anywhere close to the cost.

Router TRA001 Bill Murray - 13/10/2017

Bonjour, Je cherchais une défonceuse à installer sous table, et après maintes recherches sur internet mon choix s'est fixé sur la Triton TRA001. Cette défonceuse est certainement la meilleure défonceuse pour ce genre de travail. Puissance, possibilité d'ajouter des mors de 6 et 8 et surtout sa manivelle qui permet un réglage rapide et précis. Je recommande vivement la Triton TRA001.

Défonceuse sous table Jean-Yves DUPONT - 13/10/2017

This is a powerful wonderful tool.

Triton 2400 W router Tommy Morrow - 12/10/2017

Heavy, but also heavy duty. A little clumsy to push the button for plunge routing

Triton router Alan Hausmann - 11/10/2017

This is the second 2400 Plunge Router I own. The original is a designated for a router table and the new one is for all other routing. It is a very user friendly tool.

Great HD router kenneth reidy - 06/10/2017

Does a fantastic job in a router table to make Raised Panel cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Will buy another for trimming and basic router bits.

Woodworking Stewart Morrill - 02/10/2017

This is my second Triton plunge router. My first Triton router was the 2 1/4hp model. I was so happy with the first Triton that when I had to replace a router from a different manufacturer I didn't consider anything but a Triton. I find that the Triton has put a lot of thought and engineering into their product and the result is something that is a next generation model not just a copy cat of all the rest. The 2400W unit works great and uses the same accessories as the smaller unit. The fence and guide bushings are unique and work amazingly well. The bit is centered well in the base and bushing, the plunge mechanism is smooth and the fence is a breeze to install, set up and use. Great work folks.

2400W Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router Bill Murray - 29/09/2017

Love my router.

2400 Plunge Router Tommy Morrow - 28/09/2017

I have not had the chance to do much with the router yet but I do like what I am seeing.

TRA001 Ed Billingsley - 28/09/2017

Been working the hell out of this router since the day I got it and it hasn't slowed down a bit. Handles everything I throw at it in my custom furniture and cabinet shop.

Love the router Chris ferrugi - 27/09/2017

I've only had the Triton router for a short time and I'm a beginner, but this router works flawlessly and even quietly. The jobs I've used it for have turned out great. I'd recommend this router to anyone interested in a quality router that will last for a lifetime.

Great router Darryl Downing - 21/09/2017

Lots of power. Great safety features. Would recommend.

Great addition Damian Caputo - 21/09/2017

Défonceuse d'une excellente précision, peu bruyante, et très agréable à utiliser.

Utilisation sous table Yves JANCON - 20/09/2017

Great build, this router meets all requirements required by a professional or semi-professional with a huge 2400w motor to plough through the toughest materials or the fineness to work with small intricate work. A pleasure to use.

Greg Greg Callahan - 13/09/2017

This is the best ever Router I have ever used. I am so so happy that I purchased this great router. I would recommend any other person who is considering to upgrade their routers to buy the Triton 2400W Dual Prcision Plunge Router. I am using this router for my router table. Thank you Triton for designing a great router. There is no other router on the market that is better. This is the number 1 router to buy.

TRA001 Triton 2400W Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router Alex Katona - 11/09/2017

Heavier than most making it only practical to use with guides and jigs. Unfortunately, sub-base for guide bushes has to bought seperately. Considering the price should be included.

TRA 001 ROUTER Stephen Dudley - 10/09/2017

Excellent. One of the best and most convenient to use table routers I've owned. I particularly like the micro adjustment from the top of the table.

Triton T A001 Christopher Davis - 07/09/2017



This is my second Triton Router an upgrade in size on my older machine, features the same but with much more power. At this stage in time still a great piece of equipment for the price.

2400W Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router Christo Botha - 05/09/2017

Betreibe Gerät stationär im Oberfräsentisch des Workcenters TWX7. Platte abgeschraubt, Feder entnommen und mit Schnellverschluss unter Tisch befestigt. Kurbel durch Tisch, Einstellung, das Spindellock arretiert, entsprechende Spannzange mit Fräser montiert usw. usw. Probefräsung 20 mm Nuten verliefen problemlos. Staubabsaugung auch gut. Für mich einziges Manko, dass im Fräsfuss die Bohrungen fehlen,die z.B. eine Nutzung der CRB7-PLATTE verhindern und nur das Triton-Zubehör ermöglichen. Alles andere wurde ausgiebig in Bewertungen beschrieben und ich stimme der Bewertung von Robert vom 08.08.17 voll zu👍👍. Wer das Gerät kauft, bereut es bestimmt nicht. Viel Spaß!

TRA001 - STARKES GERÄT Wolf - 02/09/2017

Not only is this one of the most powerful of routers, but the design and features have been designed by someone who really understands the use of these type of tools. For what is offered it is very attractively priced. The only criticism is the instruction manual, it misses out that you have to release the on/off switch before you can engage the spindle lock - easily overlooked when working with it upside down plugged into their excellent router table. This unit is so far ahead of the competition it deserves a much wider audience - Festool cry your eyes out!

Triton TRA001 Keith Bunker - 31/08/2017

This is the top of the line router for my shop. I have 2 of them. I have owned just about every brand of router and this is the one I will stick with going forward Mike Nugent - Black Pearl Woodworks

2400W Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router Mike Nugent - 30/08/2017

This is the best router I have ever used. The power and the precision is excellent. I am using this router for my router table and very happy with the machine. I thoroughly recommend any buyer considering to upgrade their routers to buy the Triton 2400W Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router. To the management of Triton, thank you very very much in designing a great work tool for my workshop.

2400W Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router Alex Katona - 30/08/2017

Excellent build quality, powerful 2400w motor with variable speed for routering various materials. Have used and owned many routers and find this router high quality and equal to the best around. Do your self a favour and buy this triton router if your in the market for one.

Greg c Greg - 29/08/2017

3 ¼ hp, rack & pinion plunge control, soft start, router table lift built-in, super effective dust control, easy bit change with one wrench... what else could you ask for in a router? How about a reasonable price? This is my second Triton router and I love the 2 ¼ hp unit as well. If you asked woodworkers to design a dream router you would get a Triton!

Best Router Ever! Brad Thode - 26/08/2017

Very power and sturdy router very impressed by it

Router Tommy Macken - 24/08/2017

One of the best pieces of equipment I own... Well engineered and performs without fail on all of my projects, big or small! I highly recommend and I will most definitely buy additional Triton tools in the near future.

This router is a "beast!" Michael Frenzik - 15/08/2017

After ten years of reliable daily service from my original TRA001 Precision Router, it just died. I was lost without my favorite table mount router. I had to really save up for this new model TRA001 but it's well worth every nickle to be back with this familiar friend and work horse table mount router. TRA001 is the ultimate work horse for any job you might ask of it.

Replacement of my old TRA001 Table Router Reg R Hainstock - 15/08/2017

Die Fräse ist für den Einsatz im Frästisch perfekt geeignet. Im Handeinsatz habe ich keine Erfahrung

Einsatz im Frästisch Jan - 12/08/2017

Excellent router for use in a router table

Plunge router Paul Whittingham - 09/08/2017

Love it well designed a real work horse. The dual mode features make ounting and using in a router table easy.

TRA001 steve - 08/08/2017

Ich habe mir gleich die leistungsstärkste Triton Oberfräse TRA001 mit 2400W zugelegt, da ich bereits gelernt habe, wer billig oder von Anfang an zu wenig Leistung kauft, der kauft zweimal. Die Triton TRA001 kommt mit ordentlich Gewicht daher, was jedoch mit einiger Übung zu bewältigen ist. Tolle Funktionen sind integriert: die Höhenverstellung wenn die Fräse bereits in einen Tisch eingebaut ist, der Sicherheitsschalter, etc. Insgesamt ist diese Oberfräse sehr zu empfehlen und leicht zu handhaben.

Tolles Gerät mit vielen Features Robert - 08/08/2017

Love this router! Saves me getting a separate router lift for my router table. Couldn't be happier. Love the safety features also.

Great for under the table Jules Tsakirakis - 26/07/2017

Prefect straight out of the box. Quatility made many great functions, the best being the well thought out mounting to use it as a table router to ability to adjust the bit height from above the table is so useful

Tra001 The ultimate router Steven Bignell - 25/07/2017

The TRA001 is a perfect router. Many positive opinions helped in the selection. Strong, accurate and convenient to use. I would be happy to recommend it to everyone. A TRA001 egy tökéletes router. A sok pozítív vélemény segített a kiválasztásban. Erős, pontos és kényelmes a használata. Örömmel ajánlom mindenkinek.

Perfect Bálint István - 24/07/2017

I have purchase my router and only used it once. Then the screw on the brake lever fell out so I tighten it, and the threads stripped. So far for my router not so good. I've been using one at work and love it. That is why I purchased mine. I'm about to find out how there support is. When I get a chance. I would give 5 stars, but my screw stripped out.

Wondering Dan Hopkins - 18/07/2017

Very effective , Powerful and useful router will do the job at hand no questions at all and is a pleasure to use

TRA001 Martyn Gregory - 15/07/2017

Having recently purchased the Triton TRA001 router for my Kreg router table, I have been impressed with its simplicity of use and magical finish on my projects. Never though routing could be so much fun that I am experiencing at present!! Thank you Triton for such a magical addition to my workshop.

Impressivel Tool!! Murray Coleman - 14/07/2017

Don't be fooled by the excessive use of plastic. This is a powerful machine, with easy start up and more than a match for the hardest of woods. It can easily accommodate large cutters. The micro adjustment, ease of changing cutters from the top, together with height adjustment, is mega convenient. You won't find a better deal for the money! "

Great Value Alexander Gillies - 08/07/2017

Having used cheaper routers for years, making the switch to a top of the line Triton was such a wise move, worktops, to finep detail it takes all I throw at it, so smooth and obviously more than enough power in reserve. Worth every penny.

Worth every penny Paul Blackman - 03/07/2017

The router is very powerful and good to use as table router. I even need to practise in using it free-handed, so far I have only experienced routers up to 1400W. Although it looks like candy sweets -some might say china crap- it seems to be built in high quality level. No sharp edges. very good and precise to use functions at all. Still heavy, but not to heavy to handle for full-grown men, I'd rather give it to my spouse or children to work with. Apropos: Every function appeals to be very accurate and safe, it has a very elaborated handling. So far, I haven't met a point to criticize on it. I'd rather buy it again!

Very good router! Stephan Wahl - 02/07/2017

Seems TRA001 is a highly developed router, which I have used so far. Apart from the standard router functions, I find the rotable plunge handle, the Table height winder, and also the multifunction fence (which is strong enough to be precise). The only disadvantage I'm facing is depth stop rod, which, unfortunately, does not tend to be in place sometimes (I think you know what I'm talking about). But so far, I am more than satisfied...

New toy (TRA001) Krisjanis Neijs - 26/06/2017

I had a 2 3/4 Triton router ,had know problem with it. Just needed to upgrade to a stronger router. The only problem I have , I mounted in my router table and have a hard time getting high enough to get it locked to change bits. I tried to contact Triton after I purchased the router and no response .My rating is only because of no response from Triton.

some what displeased Travis Freeman - 22/06/2017

I use the router for about 3 weeks and I am very satisfied so far. My router is installed in the router table and so works very well. The manual operation, however, is very difficult and is not suitable for this purpose, in my opinion.

2400W Dual Mode Precision Plunge Route Julio Pugliese - 21/06/2017

After watching several videos and reading several reviews online, it is clear to me that I made the right choice. The thought and attention to detail that went in to designing the TRA001 was evident before I even plugged it in. I purchased the TRA001 to use in my new router table. It was extremely easy to install. It's even easier to make height adjustments and change from one bit to the next. I did need to contact the support team with one concern and it was addressed immediately. I couldn't be more satisfied with my purchase or with the after sale service Triton Tools provided me.

Tried and True Nicholas Johnson - 16/06/2017

The tool's safety features are great. After mounted on the table and ran it a few times, the screws for locking mechanism started to came loose and fall apart without any notice from the user.

Tool's quality Tony Nguyen - 14/06/2017

A wonderful tool - great working with this router; I'm very happy about the TRA001

TRA001 Peter - 12/06/2017

Diese Oberfräse ist super geeignet um in einem Oberfräsentisch eingebaut zu werden. Der einfache Fräser Wechsel von oben, genauso wie die von oben erreichbare Höhenverstellung sind ideal. Die Power reicht für jedes nur denkbaren Holz. Leider hat die Fräse aber auch zwei Mängel. In den Tauchholmen ist etwas zu viel Spiel. Man muss die Höhe feststellen, ansonsten können Ungenauigkeiten auftreten. Das zweite ist zwar ein sehr wichtiges Sicherheitsfeature, nervt mich aber ungemein. Man kann den Fräser nur wechseln wenn man den Schalter deaktiviert hat. Ich nutze die Fräse im Tisch und habe dort einen separaten Sicherheitsschalter. Darum ist es etwas umständlich. Ansonsten liebe ich diese Fräse.

Für Frästisch super geeignet Daniel Findl - 11/06/2017

Okay, let's get to it. Pros- *Big, Beefy router capable of easily handling the toughest material. Ate through 1 3/4 inch mahogany like it was nothing. * Built in lift makes it easy to use in a router table (Table insert sold separately). *One handed bit change makes changing bits effortless and quick *Motor is surprisingly quiet relative to other routers of similar size/power (I have a Porter Cable 3 1/4hp router and it's loud!) * Sadly I had to return my router for repair after only a week of use. The reason why this is a pro is because customer service was excellent and the return was a breeze. Cons- *Initial setup and use are a bit confusing. They could have invested more time giving step by step instructions in the manual. I'm a visual person so an instructional YouTube video on initial setup, use, and maintenance would have been helpful. I would consider myself a woodworker of moderate skill and it took me a long time to figure out the features. Even now I don't know that I understand all its capabilities. In fact, I saw a store clerk move the router up and down smoothly pushing in the button while rotating the knob on he side. I had no idea it could do that! (Forehead slap) *No lights on the router like others (DeWalt) so make sure you have plenty of good lighting. Big and beefy means increase the safety! *No compatibility. If you want to use other manufacturers stuff you like with this great router, unless it's a guide bushing, you can pretty much forget it. The Triton TRA001s a great product but sometimes you want to upgrade the router without having to buy everything again except for the bits! (Guides, accessories, router table plate, etc). Full disclosure: I did have to return my router but I have a lot of experience with tools and I think I just got one of the ones with some issues that weren't caught by QC. *Overall I am very happy with my purchase and I would recommend anyone looking for a heavy duty router to purchase a Triton TRA001. Can't wait to get my router back in time for Fathers Day!

Triton 3 1/4 hp Review Michael Fronk - 11/06/2017

I have the router mounted in a table. It has performed as expected. I like the ability to change bits with a single wrench. The only problem I've had (and it's now in for repair - outside the warranty window) is it became so hard to raise the collet in order for the lock to engage that the mechanism broke. I keep the router clean, so it wasn't a matter of sawdust impeding the action.

4 Yr Review Arthur Michelson - 07/06/2017

I do not like the fact that I can not change the cutter heads without closing the power switch cover. It's inconvenient when the router is mounted in a table, with an external shutoff switch to cut the power to it.

Table mounting and collect lock Kevin - 07/06/2017

Very happy with this router the best of 4 other that I own previously of differen brand (5)

2400w dual mode precision planter router Mario moreno - 04/06/2017

This is the best router available in it's price range, and a lot better than many more expensive models

TRA001 Alan Pell - 01/06/2017

This tool is very powerful and precise. A real pleasure to work with. I'm very happy with this purchase.

2400W Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router Carlos Miranda - 01/06/2017

Great router. Powerful enough for any job. I have it installed on my router table. The capacity adjust from the bottom of the router is one of its best features. I would recommend this router to anybody. The user guide is easy to understand. It explains functionality in easy terms.

Triton 2400 Watt Dual Mode Plunge Router John Sargent - 27/05/2017

Powerful, well Thought through, easy and versatile. I like the way you can use the router as a plunge router and mount it in a table. I've made my own router inlay in my worktable and coppied the "keyhole" mount from the Multi-function fence onto the inlay. Switching from plunge to table mount has never been easier.

Great tool! Adams - 23/05/2017

The TRA001 is a machine to tackle any routing job. Having said that, it is particularly suited to being table mounted. I bought the TRA001 with a view to replacing my spindle moulder which I don't tend to use because of the cost of the cutters which is harder to justify for one-offs than that of a router cutter. The sensibly sized fence/baseplate makes it very stable for edging and I have made an extra handle that attaches in the fence slot. Extraction is very efficient and pipe attachment is easy and convieniently positioned. Height setting is superbly easy with the handle and micro adjuster and the plunge lock lever is right where it should be, by your thumb. Supplied with this router is a handle which allows micro height adjustment from the top of a table when mounted. Yet another excellent feature is the power system, I call it system because it is a safety system with a sliding sprung cover on the switch that locks open when on and closes when switched off. In addition, the switch cover is locked when the collett is fully plunged, not only that bout the spindle is also locked which makes go easy cutter changes. The depth-stop is easy to use but presents the only fly in ointment. A small but irritating problem is that, usually after cutter change or deep plunge the depth-stop tube sticks in the up position requiring pulling down. It doesn't happen all the time and can be largely avoided by placing the tube in its longest or bottom setting before changing cutters. I'm giving the TRA001 five stars for the reasons above which add up to unbelievable value for money. But I must subtract a bit for the depth-stop Irritation so let's call it 95% but even so, if you want a big router you won't be disappointed.

Serious Kit Tony Bown - 22/05/2017

Brilliant router, superb quality, why didn't I change to Triton sooner

2400W Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router Alan Pell - 19/05/2017

I've had several routers, and the Triton is hands down the best I've ever owned. The ability to use this router in a table without an expensive lift makes it a frugal choice for the demanding woodworker. I've used huge panel raising bits on hardwood, and the Triton TRA001 handled it with no issues. I would recommend anyone that is in the market for a router to get the Triton.

Best router for the money Robert Lee - 19/05/2017

I bought my Triton TRA001 to replace my 25 year old Makita - a hand-me down from my father. Controlling the starting torque in it was just getting to me! The TRA001 works like a dream with a gentle start up and then full power. The speed control is a major bonus. I have mounted the router in my Sawstop table as I have a space crisis in my shed. Now I can use my table saw fence with the router. I have still to give the machine a really solid workout but so far so good!

Triton TRA road test John Dymke - 18/05/2017

Awesome,handles good,very powerful

Awesome Paul Erdmann - 17/05/2017

I love the fact that I can adjust the router and change the bit above the table with out removing the router, and with one wrench. There are many features on the router I really like. I have not used it very much and am hoping it will last for years. In the past I have had routers that lasted only a year or two. When my Bosch router dies, I'm buying the smaller triton. Levi

3 1/4 hp router Levi Bontrager - 14/05/2017

I own most of the other routers on the market at this price point. For this review I will state what I like and dislike as compared to those other routers. Like: Changing a bit is much easier, Adding/Removing attachments are quick and simple, depth stop turret offers more fine tune control, top is flat allowing it to stand up when flipped over, dust collection is not the best but it is better than most, powerful motor which also seems to maintain RPM's more consistently when under load. Dislike: The depth lock button on the handle is awkward to use, the plastic housing takes away from the overall quality and makes it feels cheaper than it is (use a better ABS plastic or a different material all together), the power button is awkward to use, having to remove the spring when mounting to a table and maintain a place to store a 12" long spring until you unmount it again and reinstall the spring, the "Turret" part of the depth stop is cumbersome to use and only allows for 2 steps, the nuts on the depth stop does not keep its precise position between steps. Overall this router is the best choice at this price point. If a few improvements are implemented, I believe this router can compete within the $500 - $750 price range.

Mr Jason Long - 06/05/2017

Table mounted mine and to date it has performed flawlessly. Highly recommend.

2400W Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router Thomas Holum - 04/05/2017

Real please listen with itit is a good product well my back and I think I'm going to like it a whole lot

Router Jeff - 03/05/2017

This router has such great features, it makes it easy to use either under a table or freehand. Unfortunately it seems to be somewhat fragile; two months in, the armature apparently went south, leaving me in the middle of a big project. The tool is currently in the hands of your warranty entity. The jury is still out on how the warranty treats me.

Disappointed Dwain White - 02/05/2017

router works great I put in router table handles raised panel bits just fine would I buy again yes and I will.

tra001 3hp router ralp - 30/04/2017

Wonderful router. This thing is a workhorse. Had it for a few months now and really haven't had any complaints.

Triton router Scott Pontiff - 21/04/2017

I purchased a TRA001 to mount in my extension table. I used it hand held a few times and was thoroughly impressed with the performance replacing another brand 2-1/2 HP. After a bunch of use and abuse in the table I had a slight issue, I asked the Triton rep about it at the local woodworking about it and he told me how to get in touch with customer service and in just a few days that had me running better than ever. Now I have two TRA001 routers one dedicated to the table, and a second for free handing and to use with a second insert for my table when making projects that I have to switch back and forth between bits.

Great product, but even better company Doug Schriefer - 20/04/2017

I bought this router with the specific intention of leaving it mounted under my cast iron router table. So far, it has performed flawlessly and has proven to be the right choice for me. The ability to adjust and change bits from above without having to pay the extra money for a router lift was a strong selling point for me. Yes, the spring jumps out when you remove the's a spring. Just keep your face away like others have said. This router has plenty of power and speed adjustability. I've only been using the TRA001 for a couple months now, so I'll stop short of a five star rating only because it still has to prove durability over time. I would recommend this router for anybody using it specifically in a table mounted setup.

Tabled Dennis Jacobson - 20/04/2017

A great router with plenty of power to handle even the largest 3" router bits with ease.

Router Bryan Olsen - 19/04/2017

I recently purchased the router and mounted it beneath a Kreg router table. The Triton is far superior to the Dewalt machine it replaced. The ability to be able to change bits easily and adjust the height of the bit from the top of the table makes this an outstanding product.

Triton 3.25hp Router ERIC COLEMAN - 18/04/2017

very nice router plenty of power and ease of changing bits , depth adjustment also very fine.

tra001 3 hp router rick jones - 16/04/2017

Love the features that allow use in a router table without expensive router lift. Customer service is hard to access.

TRA001 Jack Mason - 14/04/2017

Powerful with smooth start. Easy adjustments when mounted under a routing table. Very pleased with it's performance.

TRA001 router Richard Zalewski - 14/04/2017

It's a beautiful machine---I have a 2" carbide bit and extension and am planning planks with it ( I also bought a 'Router Boss' and a dewalt 625 --it does not perform as well --changing bits, plunge, not as smooth--,off-on switch---Russ

Titon combo router Russell Edwards - 08/04/2017

Not used it much yet but here are the pros and cons so far: Pros: Perfect for the router table. The fine height adjustment makes it really easy to get the right depth. The bit change is great when in the table. Relatively quiet for its size. The guide is really stable for straight cuts (not tried circle cutting yet) Cons: Hand held use a bit awkward switching it on take some getting used to. The ratcheting collar is difficult to use. The depth stop doesn't seem to lock in place very well. Had to buy a separate 1/4 collet. In my opinion it should have been in the box instead of the 12mm. Overall I'm satisfied with the router, but I will be using it mainly in a table where it excels.

Perfect for a router table Andrew Mills - 06/04/2017

Just bought the Triton TRA001. The first unit had something loose inside. Toolstream replaced immediatly. The crank control handle broke off the replacement unit. It is to be picked up today to go to repair shop. The customer service is great but since I have not been able to use the router to be able to review.

2nd new unit Bert Silverman - 05/04/2017

Very well satisfied so far. Well built with excellent features. Only downside is that in the event of a problem, there's a need for local service centers and the ability to contact someone immediately for tech support. Contact by email is not a very good option..

owner Ron Napoli - 05/04/2017

estoy contento me gusta mucho buena herramienta

fresadora sergio javier benitez alfonso - 05/04/2017

I am extremely satisfied with my purchase of the Triton TRA001 Router. It has exceeded my expectations in ease of use and functionality. I use this router 80% time mounted to a router table. The adjustments are easy to access, and collet changing is a breeze. So far the motor powers through soft and hardwood with ease; it doesn't slow down. I would definitely recommend this router.

Ease of use Ernest Palacios - 04/04/2017

Excellent and versatile

TRA001 Eugene - 04/04/2017

Love the fact that I can access height adjustment from the table top and also change bits at table top.

TRA001 jack Mason - 01/04/2017

One big, powerful beast that does one heck-of-a fine job!

Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router 2400W TRA001 Randy Fratzke - 01/04/2017

This is an excellent router. The under table hieght adjustment is definently a plus!

Triton TRA001 John McFee - 31/03/2017

My first experience with Triton has proven to be a good one -- from the quality of the tool to the level of customer service following the sale.

Solid company Jay Bridwell - 30/03/2017

I recently purchased the router and mounted it on an unused Triton 2000 work station using a Kreg Router Table top. It is to be used with a Leigh RTJ400 dovetail jig. Having used a Dewalt previously I find the Triton a far superior router and especially appreciate the ability to be able to adjust the height of a bit and change bits from the table top.

Review of Triton 3.25HP router Eric Coleman - 30/03/2017

Excellent tool and conception :-)

Great Biarrotte Vincent - 25/03/2017

Perfect precise router. Fits brilliant into the router table. Very enyoable to work with.

Plunge Router Hugo Vonk - 24/03/2017

Great router for the Kreg router table. Love the lift, do not need another device.

Router Thomas Cosentino - 24/03/2017

Absolutely delighted with this Router. Very smooth in operation & has plenty of power to take big cuts. Easy adjustability & cutter change when used with a router table. Micro adjustment or rotary stop for depth control, is a great feature. Well designed & engineered.

Precision Tool Neil Matthews - 22/03/2017

robusta potente pero suave al trabajar con ella maquina profesional recomendable

comentario sergio - 22/03/2017

Well built router, good dust extraction. Bought to replace previous router because of the simple cutter winding mechanism when mounted in router table. Only disappointment was it does not come with quarter inch collette.

Triton TRA001 router Paul - 20/03/2017

Great router plenty of power and I mounted it on a router table. The lift works great.

WRM Richard Murray - 20/03/2017

After using the TRA001 to make six dining chairs out of white oak, I have some observations. I bought an aluminum router table insert and installed the router in the wing of one of my table saws, with a separate paddle switch. It's powerful and drives the big pattern routing bit through the white oak just fine. I really like the variable speed and the above-the-table height adjustment, and if I were using it hand-held I wouldn't mind the safety switch at all, and was happy to see the dust collection shroud. But dust collection is disappointing. I bought the Triton hose adapter, but the big end fit none of my hoses or other adapters and the small end falls out in use. When I got it hooked up to a large shop vac that I use where there is no DC system in my shop, I found the dust collection would collect some dust but the shaving-sized stuff piled up on the tabletop. I tried different router insert rings to give it smaller and larger openings since the entire bit and bearing are above the table in use, but that didn't help. Bottom line for me: a good machine with thoughtful features at a good price, but dust collection is a serious limitation. To be fair, I have several small and mid-size Porter-Cable and Dewalt routers dedicated to various tasks that make no attempt at dust collection, but it is something I am paying increasing attention to.

Good, but... Michael Anderson - 20/03/2017

To say this thing is a beast is a bit of an understatement. The first thing I noticed about this router was its size and weight compared to my previous router. It's big and it's beefy, and leaves me with little doubt that it could handle anything I throw at it, and you can tell a lot of thought has gone into designing it. From the safety cover over the power switch, to being able to easily change bits, and the soft start extremely quiet motor. There is nothing not to love about this router. This was my first Triton tool, and I am now hooked, and am already looking at what I "need" to get next. I would happily recommend these routers, and Triton tools to anyone looking to get something that it quality made, reasonable price and likely to last a long time.

It's a beast Rob Flooks - 20/03/2017

I bought the Triton TRA001 router to mount on my router table. I have been very pleased with the outcome. The router has plenty of power and adjusting the height of the bit is much easier and exact then the Bosch 1617 set up I had before.

Very Pleased Douglas Harris - 18/03/2017

Good ideas on router, but am on the second as the first broke, so not good on reliability.

New Triton Router Richard Burton - 16/03/2017

Router works great and has awesome features for micro adjustments. The only down fall was that I had multiple screws and mounts fall off the second time I used it. Not to big of a deal since I watched the two items come off but could have Ben bad if it were mounted under my router table. Tightened them down and kept going. The other issue was with the up and down adjustment knob. It wouldn't squeeze into the handle unless I really squeezed a lot and tried to push the plunge up and down then something loosened up and it works good for now. I would buy again even knowing the issues I had.

Good product but early issues Joe bauer - 16/03/2017

I purchased this router specifically to go in a router table I was building. It has not let me down. Easy above table bit changing. Easy height adjustment from above table.I haven't used the depth stop feature in the configuration I use this router. Plenty of power.

Feature Packed Wayne - 14/03/2017

I love my router. Professional quality at a modest price

Great product Nicholas Burks - 14/03/2017

Got this and I am very pleased. Bought it to go in my old mk3 workcentre (yes, I would like a new one please) Compared to other brands, one of the many reasons I chose this was for the ease of fitting to the table. The spindle lock mechanism was a big selling point to me together with ease of cutter change while still mounted in the table. Would definitely recommend to others

TRA001 Keith Dutton - 14/03/2017

Well built, safety is a bit difficult when mounted to a router table. Dust collector hookup is easiest w 1-1/4-1-1/2 PVC Drain Slip Fit to 1.5" dust collection adapter. I believe this should have came with the machine.

TRA001 Paul G - 13/03/2017

I had been using a skil 1 1/4hp router but it just never seemed to have enough power. I got the triton 3 1/4hp and that things cuts thru any wood like butter! I love all the added features and dust collection was great!

Amazing router samuel reed - 13/03/2017

Dopo alcuni anni di lavori svolti con l'utilizzo di fresatrici di altri marchi, mi sono deciso ad acquistare questo prodotto per la sua versatilità e potenza del motore. Mi è stato molto comodo adattarlo a un baco fresa che avevo, molto pratico è stato la manovella per registrare l'altezza della testa dove posizionare le frese, il primo lavoro che ho realizzato è stato quello di un tenone e mortasa, utilizzando un kit fresa. La fresatrice è dotata di una pratica rotella per regolare la velocità, posso dire che anche a minimo, in alcuni test fatti su legno , ha dato dei risultati buoni. Dotata di un sistema di sicurezza sull'interruttore il quale non permette l'accensione in modo involontario. Altro sistema di cui sono rimasto contento è il blocco del serraggio per i colletto delle frese, basta usare solo la chiave in dotazione per svitare o stringere il mandrino di fissaggio. Ho acquistato da parte una serie di mandrini da 6 e 8 mm per utilizzare le frese con cordolo piccolo, la macchina nella confezione porta due uno da 12 mm e l'altro da 12,7mm. Sono molto soddisfatto della fresatrice, soldi ben spesi, in futuro penso di adattarla al suo banco dedicato insieme al tavolo WORKSENTER. Mi sono fatto convincere da questo acquisto anche dalla serietà della casa madre TRITON e per i tre anni di garanzia dei suoi prodotti. After several years of work carried out with the use of milling machines of other brands, I decided to buy this product for its versatility and power of the engine. I was very comfortable fit on a bug bur I had, was the handle very practical to record the height of the head where to position the drills, the first job that I made was to a mortise and tenon, using a drill kit . The milling machine is equipped with a quick wheel to adjust the speed, can say that even at a minimum, in some facts on wood test, gave good results. It equipped with a safety switch system which does not allow switching on unintentionally. Another system I glad is the tightening of the blockade to the collar of the drills, just use only the supplied wrench to loosen or tighten the clamping chuck. I have purchased from a number of spindles 6 and 8 mm for use with the cutters small bead, the machine in two carries pack a 12 mm and the other 12.7 mm. I am very satisfied with the milling machine, money well spent, I think in the future to adapt it to his memory bank, along with WORKSENTER table. I was persuaded by this purchase also from the seriousness of the parent company TRITON and for the three-year warranty for its products. Grazie TRITON. Salvatore Ferrante

ROUTER TRA001 Salvatore Ferrante - 13/03/2017

Dopo alcuni anni di lavori svolti con l'utilizzo di fresatrici di altri marchi, mi sono deciso ad acquistare questo prodotto per la sua versatilità e potenza del motore. Mi è stato molto comodo adattarlo a un baco fresa che avevo, molto pratico è stato la manovella per registrare l'altezza della testa dove posizionare le frese, il primo lavoro che ho realizzato è stato quello di un tenone e mortasa, utilizzando un kit fresa. La fresatrice è dotata di una pratica rotella per regolare la velocità, posso dire che anche a minimo, in alcuni test fatti su legno , ha dato dei risultati buoni. Dotata di un sistema di sicurezza sull'interruttore il quale non permette l'accensione in modo involontario. Altro sistema di cui sono rimasto contento è il blocco del serraggio per i colletto delle frese, basta usare solo la chiave in dotazione per svitare o stringere il mandrino di fissaggio. Ho acquistato da parte una serie di mandrini da 6 e 8 mm per utilizzare le frese con cordolo piccolo, la macchina nella confezione porta due uno da 12 mm e l'altro da 12,7mm. Sono molto soddisfatto della fresatrice, soldi ben spesi, in futuro penso di adattarla al suo banco dedicato insieme al tavolo WORKSENTER. Mi sono fatto convincere da questo acquisto anche dalla serietà della casa madre TRITON e per i tre anni di garanzia dei suoi prodotti. After several years of work carried out with the use of milling machines of other brands, I decided to buy this product for its versatility and power of the engine. I was very comfortable fit on a bug bur I had, was the handle very practical to record the height of the head where to position the drills, the first job that I made was to a mortise and tenon, using a drill kit . The milling machine is equipped with a quick wheel to adjust the speed, can say that even at a minimum, in some facts on wood test, gave good results. It equipped with a safety switch system which does not allow switching on unintentionally. Another system I glad is the tightening of the blockade to the collar of the drills, just use only the supplied wrench to loosen or tighten the clamping chuck. I have purchased from a number of spindles 6 and 8 mm for use with the cutters small bead, the machine in two carries pack a 12 mm and the other 12.7 mm. I am very satisfied with the milling machine, money well spent, I think in the future to adapt it to his memory bank, along with WORKSENTER table. I was persuaded by this purchase also from the seriousness of the parent company TRITON and for the three-year warranty for its products. Grazie TRITON. Salvatore Ferrante

Lavori con router TRA001 Salvatore Ferrante - 13/03/2017

Have had for a few weeks. Mounted in router table, I liked the fact that I could buy a high quality router and router table and not have the extra expense buying a lift plate. Router is easy to use in table, very powerful for bigger bits, I have not had any negative issues with this router.

Jeff Jeffrey Joslin - 12/03/2017

I bought this router for mounting on my router table and the results from the Triton are astounding. The power and variable speed are just great and better than my Porter-Cable. The above table adjustment feature is quick and hassle free. I ran both oak and maple parts through it with no slow down what so ever. I highly recommend this router to anyone looking for a great router for their router table.

Outstanding Power and features Wayne Daniels - 10/03/2017

I like my router! No more going under the router table to adjust the height! Thank you for à well-made product!

Router 3-1/4 hp Howard Ek - 10/03/2017

I've had this router for 10 months, works great. Plenty of power ease of use. It did have an issue so I sent it in for repairs a week later I was informed I'm getting a replacement. Absolutely no complaints here

Sterling Leif - 10/03/2017

Best bang for the buck. Everything you could ask for in one package: great quality and workmanship (literally no runout); great dust extraction; smooth/accurate plunge system; quality accessories for all major tasks; excellent safety features and great price. First hand customer service to boot. So nice I got two. I keep one permanently mounted on table. What are you waiting for?

Great Router Carl Brown - 07/03/2017

I was looking for the best value for my money and I found it. This router has all the features I wanted and is easy to use. It has more than enough power too!

It does it all! Jesse Willmon - 07/03/2017

Tout ce que je ne pouvais pas faire devient possible avec precision debutant avec quelques paires d'heures par semaine j'ai voulu tout de même opté pour un max de puissance je ne le regrette pas il fallait bien les 2400w seul bemol son poids mais on a rien sans rien et il aide a la stabilité je recommande ce produit

Super outil cette tra001 Kamel - 07/03/2017

Bought this with a Kreg table, so far it has performed brilliantly . Probably if not the best one of the best routers on the market.

router David - 06/03/2017

Using on table top setup works great.

Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router 2400W Richard Murray - 06/03/2017

This is the best router I have ever owned. Strong and easy to use.

Great router Scott Davis - 05/03/2017

perfect tool!

TRA001 Thomas Lettner - 03/03/2017

Is Plenti powerful it took a while to get used to it it works great

TRa001 Steven Cowell - 03/03/2017

I bought the router for stationary operation. It has enough power and can be operated very well from above. The only downside is that there is no 8mm cutter in Germany

TRA001 Marco Kalbfleisch - 02/03/2017

I don't put 5 stars because dust's the only cons...even with a vacum plugged, there's still some dust around. Apart from that, this bad boy is a beast. Nothing frightens him. Precision, easy adjustments and great compatibility with different collets sizes. It gives the best mounted in a router table, it was made for it !

The most powerful router ! Montezuma - 01/03/2017

Great router, Purchased with the Kreg router table and drop in mounting plate. Love the lift feature. Very smooth operation and plenty of power.

Router Thomas Cosentino - 01/03/2017

Well built router good specs great for router table. Only problem is that if you want to use guides you have to buy new footplate. Also the collets no 1/4 inch so again you have to buy. In uk you use 1/2inch or 1/4 inch cutters not 8mm. Only found this out when went to use freehand.

Tra001 Router Keith Hardman - 28/02/2017

I am super happy with the router I purchased. I can tell from the unboxing that a lot of engineering thought process went into the design and material selection. I really like how well the product was constructed. Also the price was good compared to other products on the market. It was priced for a serious enthusiast or a light professional.

Great Product Nicholas Burks - 28/02/2017

Best router I have ever had, a little hard changing bits (being left handed) but overall very good.

Router Bob G. - 28/02/2017

Really happy with this. Bought to use with my Triton Workcentre but also, using it free hand found it to be strong, powerful and sure in it's cut

Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router 2400W TRA001 keith dutton - 28/02/2017

Plunge / Table Mount Functions are very convenient. Safety on the power switch could be done differently as it would be difficult used in a router table that has an enclosed base for dust capture. 1-1/4 slip fit PVC drain fitting works perfect for dust collector port.

2-27-2017 PGillum - 27/02/2017

I purchased a Triton TRA001 from an online retailer. I am very impressed with the fit and finish of the router. I set about the task of mounting it into my router table right away. I have a Kreg Router inset plate that was predrilled for a Bosch router that the triton is replacing. Kreg makes an insert plate predrilled for the triton but I did not want to incur the additional expense so I decided to drill new holes to adapt it to the Triton. I would recommend to someone else that you buy the insert with the holes predrilled. I was able to get the holes to line up. But the Kreg plate is a laminate design and the top laminate tended to bubble up around the holes that I drilled creating a slight raised surface in that area. I was able to shave it down but would have preferred a predrilled plate. The TRA001 was used to make two large cope and stick doors for a wardrobe I am making. I turned the adjustable speed dial to the setting of 3 which the manual says is about 14,500 RPM. I was very pleased with the results. The router speed remained constant while the door parts were cut with precision. I love the through table height adjustment that is built into this router. It is so much easier that my old Bosch. In fact I love that there are so many different ways to adjust the depth of the router. I have not had an opportunity to use the router outside of the table yet. Unfortunately I had to send it back due to a minor defect. The first time I used it the locking level that is used to lock the plunge depth in place once you set it fell off. There should be a screw that holds it onto the router but I could not find the screw. It may have vibrated off and been sucked up into my dust collector or it may not have been installed at the factory. I contacted the Triton customer service team asking for a replacement screw. Instead they asked me to send the router back to them and that they would send out a replacement. I was kind of annoyed because this means I had to take the router out of the table and put it back in the original box. Getting the TRA001 back into the original box with all the parts was no easy task as it has to go in a certain way and the depth stop has to be just so, etc. Did I mention that this thing is heavy? I then had to take it to UPS, etc. I wasted several hours on this process when all I wanted was for them to send me the replacement screw. In their defense I am sure they think that most people would prefer a new router over a replacement part. For me this would have been true if it were a more important part like a motor or plunge mechanism. I would have prefer to have been given the option of returning the router or waiting to receive the replacement part. I did not mention my disappointment to the customer service agent because I am sure they deal with difficult people all day long and I didn’t want to be another one of them. I only have two complaints about this router and they are both minor. The first is that the manual does not contain directions on how to use the through table height adjustment crank. I had to study the router in order to figure it out for myself. I was able to do so but would have liked to see a picture showing the connecting point on the router. The other is that the only way to purchase the hose that connects to the router dust collection is to purchase a $60 bucket that comes with the hose. I don’t want a dust collection bucket but I want the hose. I sure don’t want to spend $60 for a hose after spending >$250 for a router. It seems to me that the least the good folks at Triton could do is to include a small piece of the hose in every box. Or make it available as an accessory for a fair price. After becoming very familiar with the router packaging I can tell you that there is definitely room inside the box for a short piece of hose. I am going to knock off a star due to the dust collection hose being unaffordable and my experience with the missing screw. In summary I can say with confidence that if you are looking for a very well built high quality router from a company that values customer service I can highly recommend the Triton TRA001.

Well Built router with great customer service Wayne Campbell - 27/02/2017

a bought my triton tool trough a amazon christmas sale - and after waiting and waiting for it - after 2 months - i hold it in my hands - and what sould i say about it? - its fantastic :) - so much power - so precise - its just amazing to use it - best router i've ever had - im really happy with it :)

a perfect tool for me :) Sven-Rainer Gaertner - 26/02/2017

It's an extremely well thought product with no equivalent on the market. On top of that its price is very reasonable. My intention is to put it under a table but it seems to be perfectly useable by hand as well. Time will tell if it is reliable but it looks solid. In a nutshell, I'm more than happy with this purchase.

Triton router TRA 001 Arnaud - 26/02/2017

Router has excellent power and love that it works in my router table without the added extra expense of a router lift.

Router TRA001 Jeff - 26/02/2017

use in router table.great tool

3.25 router keith mcmillin - 22/02/2017

Had to sent first one back because of vibration, but sent one to me good service.

owner Rex Wood - 21/02/2017

The TRA001 does not disappoint in build and power. I opened and tested it out though I am waiting for my Incra table saw fence and router table combo to come in to mount it and really put it through the test. I did run it through some oak scraps that I had and the power and variable speed was just outstanding. The height adjustments is also great along with the safety features. I highly recommend this router and will give a more detailed review once I get my table and get it mounted.

One beast of a router Wayne Daniels - 20/02/2017

Great router! Very cleaver engineering.

TRA-001 best router I've ever owned. Scott Davis - 19/02/2017

I bought this machine to put in a router table. Changing bits is a snap with he height adjustment crank. It has loads of power for serious table routing. Before putting it in the table I tried it out as a plunge router and found it stiff and sticky. But in the table I have no complaints.

Triton TRA001: A hefty machine Sean Holland - 18/02/2017

love the ease of height adjustment for both hand and table use soft start very good and loads of power for whatever task you throw at it.

Router tra001 Christy Moroney - 17/02/2017

The Router 2400W is a perfect product. I us it with the triton work center TWX7. It is perfect and give me very good precision.

Review of Router 2400W - A good work DIDIER - 17/02/2017

Excellent product, well made

Triton router tra001 M. Lavrsen - 16/02/2017

Had to replace speed control after very little use. The screw that holds the height adjustment knob keeps coming out. Is their a lock washer of some sort I am missing to keep handle in place. Otherwise router has been okay.

speed control Robert D. Anderson - 15/02/2017

I don't have much experience with routers, but I found the TRA001 to be intuitive to operate but powerful enough to get the job done quickly and accurately.

A beast James Dalton - 14/02/2017

This is a excellent router .Love it because I can adj it from the top of the router table.

Plunge Router TRA001 3 1/4 hp Ronald A Reome - 13/02/2017

I do not afraid to tell that It was a right choice

First router Oleksandr Ludan - 12/02/2017

A very nice and good machine. Only the protection screw (from the spring) on the top of the machine was not screwed on. The first contact that i have with the machine leaving the packet the spring shot from the the machine again my face. But the machine is now again in order Romain Krier

TRA001 Romain Krier - 07/02/2017

I got the powerful TRA001 specifically for mounting it in a router table. Doing this went without a hitch. The height control crank is a big plus. Changing bits doesn't require any messing around under the table. With 3 ½ HP, it handles any task I might throw at it. I'm very satisfied with this purchase. Good on ya, mates!

Ultimate machine for router table. Sean Holland - 04/02/2017

Excellent Router but the user Manual is a disgrace, showing that Triton don't really care about customers it is a poorly constructed manual for example the part number and the information on the part numbers are pages away then in print making it hard to read . The 17 photos crammed on one page and not the pages if it was a decent manual. They have used a very small font size to reduce the size of Manual when you are only talking about cents more to give them a manual they can use. Plus I have seen the manuals of much cheaper routers giving you a drilling template for mounting under Router Table. This is not a $99 Router from China but one in the $500 - $640 Price range. Plus when you bring this to the attention of Triton they completely ignore you –no reply to your correspondence. This makes you ask will they ignore me if I am having problems with this router and If I were to buy a Triton 1100W Thicknesser 317mm and other Triton power tools would I get the same poor standard of Manual

only Router in Australia with required features Ronald Rowlands - 04/02/2017

My original table mounted router died so it was time to replace it. I took the opportunity to evaluate ALL the router brands and chose the Triton TRA001 as my best solution. Criteria: easy and accurate above the table bit changes and height adjustment; 3-1/4 hp motor; adjustable speed; both 1/4" and 1/2" collets (no 1/4" inserts for me); secure way of locking height that doesn't change the set bit height; price below $300; soft start. The Triton met all my criteria at a reasonable price point. While it lives in the table, I could remove it if necessary for use as a powerful plunge router. So far, that haven't been necessary. I'll consider Triton again whenever I need to replace my hand held router.

Triton TRA001- Best Table Mounted Router Dan Nettler - 03/02/2017

Confort d'utilisation, moteur tres puissant, reglages intuitifs

Excellent DE SOUSA Frédéric - 02/02/2017

Hi I really was disappointed when I had so many problems with a Router that was so expensive and supposed to be top of the line! The Collet for the large router bit was wrong and would lock on the bit and was very hard to get apart! The depth stop handle was missing the brass biscuit and the spring behind the know, so it wouldn't lock down. Your tech person was very nice and got the parts sent out to me. But I couldn't use the router until the parts came and needed the router for a job I was doing for a customer! I have it a fixed now and I am pleased with the router

Problems on arrival Patten Lee - 31/01/2017

Ein sehr kräftiges Gerät, solide gearbeitet, hohe Qualität. Dieser Oberfräse kann man was zutrauen, hält auch bei Hartholz oder zu viel gewählter Schnitttiefe ihre Drehzahl. Das ist eine Fräse für Profis und ich kann sie nur weiter empfehlen. Auch bei diesem Produkt sind Ersatzteile zu erhalten, leider nur in Großbritannien.

Sehr zu empfehlen Gunter Saemann - 29/01/2017

This is my second triton router in my shop, and for me it's the best one to use under a router table.

Triton router table use Yaniv Loria - 28/01/2017

This router cuts very smooth and very easy to use. The customer service is second to none. Thank you for making such high quality tools

Triton 3 1/4 router Tom Collins - 25/01/2017

Incredibly powerful and the above the table functions are excellent.

Powerful!! Joshua Peters - 20/01/2017

I purchased the router to plane wood slabs. Everything seems to work fine. It runs my 1 1/2" but without any problem. You just have to make sure you are not greedy and take light passes. The only odd thing would be the plunging mechanism. It is different than my other routers. I'll just have to get used to it.

Router for slabs Brandon Gauthier - 18/01/2017

So far everything has been going well. I use it on a table so I like the through the table adjustment.

Very nice Router Scott Williams - 14/01/2017

Got this router couple of months ago now due to some really good reviews I had seen , this thing is the nuts love the rack and pinion option and it's smooth plunging action , and the way you plunge it right down for cutter change and the fine adjustment only down side which is slight is I've removed the plastic guards as even with extractor just couldn't see clearly this doesn't bother me tho as just wear safety glasses , the ease in which you can mount this router to the triton router table is just heaven and once you put it in the table you don't want to take it out fantastic piece of kit might get the middle sized router as well then I can leave it in the table

Awesome piece of kit Dan Parrott - 13/01/2017

Excellent router, large but this is a bonus - holds steady and only goes where you move it. Excellent power, great soft start. Excellent safety features. After 28 years of using power tools, I rate this router 11 out of 10! That's how good it is.

Triton router Edward - 13/01/2017

This is now the nicest router I own really like the soft start and that I can use it in my router table with the built in lift. It has become my go to router and seriously thinking about leaving it in the router table and buying a second. Looking forward to trying more of the Triton power tools.

Plunge Router 2400W Al (Allan ) Breit - 07/01/2017

excellent tool but came with 1/4 inch collet attached and cant interchange to 1/2 inch collet,still waiting for advice on what to do or how to change it.

tritonrouter plunge butch espersen - 06/01/2017

Excellent package with all the right in all the right places. Really like the right knob plunge depth adjustment and button disengage for free plunge. The router adapted easily to my Keegan router table and the above table adjustment is great.

TRA001 Review Timothy G. O'Connell - 05/01/2017

I bought the TRA001 purely because it can be table mounted, and incorporates it's own mechanism for raising. I had used a large PC router with a raising mechanism previously. I couldn't be happier. The TRA001 provides 95% of the capability at half the cost. You lose the ability to micro adjust without the crank, but gain the built in locking chuck. Plus, it's quiet and has good dust extraction. very happy.

Excellent table router Deryl Dowell - 05/01/2017

Overall this router has been awesome. It is very powerful and the built in lift mechanism is fantastic for table use. I was even pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to handle during free hand use. No complaints on the router itself.

Triton 3 1/4 plunge router Allen - 05/01/2017

I chose the TRA001 router as it is one of the very few that has all fine adjustments done above the router table and I haven't been disappointed. Its dust collection is second to none and its 3 1/4 HP is more than enough power to meet most demanding dados. If you are making or buying a router table then this is the best you can get. Its made for a router table.

Mr. John Barr - 05/01/2017

Great machine with all the right features.

TRA400 review Timothy O'Connell - 19/12/2016

Great router! Love the crank for lifting and lowering. Ease of locking/unlocking base. Plenty of power and bit changing is simple.

Triton TRA001 Router Michael Farkash - 18/12/2016

The perfect router for my home made router table. Everything is done above the table, changing bits, adjusting heights and changing collets without the need to purchase an expensive router lift. It has plenty of power for use with larger bits and dust collection is brilliant. I use a hose directly connected to the dust port of the router and another hose connected to a port at the back of the fence on my table. I'm so impressed I might buy one of the smaller Triton routers to have for hand held use.

Triton router TRA001 John Barr - 16/12/2016

Treated myself to this router for my home workshop mainly to use in a router bench. Very impressed built in lifter fine adjustment soft start all in a well designed package. Not my first Triton purchase and wont be my last.

Super router Chris Williams - 14/12/2016

I purchased this router to be used in my router table. So far I love it and might have to buy a second one just for other work, really like the soft start and ease of use. It's the nicest router I have ever had.

Router Review Al Breit - 11/12/2016

Triton TRA001 3-1/4 HP Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router is a well built router that goes pairs nicely with the Keg router table. Manual that comes with the router is pretty sketchy. Needed some info from customer service. They were great.

TRA001 Richard Abrahamson - 07/12/2016

I love this machine. As a retired lecturer in Construction Technology and with a background in carpentry and joinery which I taught for over 27 years, I have used just about every router available in the U.K. This router is on a par and up there with the very best. I machine lots of hardwoods, mainly Oak and find that the Triton TRA100 has the power and the controls to carry out the machining processes safely whilst producing a first class finish. Most of my work is carried out using the TRA100 manually, it's a well balanced machine and a pleasure to use.

2400 watt plunge router John Spanton - 01/12/2016

Robust and powerful

Good product Martial Szpieg - 28/11/2016

Incredibly powerful but also allowing for precision. I use my TRA001 permanently in my router table.

The TRA001 beast of a machine Darren Coburn - 28/11/2016

I’ve had the TRA001 for about a month now. It is in a router table and works great. The manual that came with it is pretty sketchy but online videos help figure it out. Called customer support for some answers. They were terrific.

TRA001 Router Richard Abrahamson - 24/11/2016

Wow! excellent build quality and rack and pinion system is great as well as some other well thought out features only down side is the power switch, i can understand its design for under table mounting but can be a bit fiddly when using in other modes, only a minor issue though

Tra001 router Darren simkins - 18/11/2016

More power than I expected

TRA001 router Robert Beath - 16/11/2016

I recently purchased Triton's TRA001 plunge router. It performs as expected and more. Like many other users, I was in a greater rush to use my new tool then to complete some registration forms. And in the time of my early use, I had a problem with the plunge mechanism - it broke - although I may have been the neophyte responsible. I called Triton, they walked me through registration, providing shipping labels and in one week returned my lovely, new router. That is a level of customer support that should be both acknowledged and celebrated.

Quality and customer focused service - Unbeatable combination Charles Dinerstein - 14/11/2016

This is my first Triton tool, and so far so good...I bought the TRA0001 router and it works great, and thinking about getting another one, but first I'm going to give there tracksaw a try...

Router Sakarr White - 14/11/2016

Very pleased with my new router ,a powerfull machine. I even ordered the planer , tpl180 , wich i will register when it arrives

powerfull bart de craemer - 17/10/2016

Changing bits in a table has never been easier turn router off use supplied crank to crank router all the way up than use the supplied wrench to loosen the collet the self locking shaft is great

Bit change Joe Keyser - 13/10/2016

I was afraid because of its weight and dimension, but when started to work with, it does the job like a charm. I'm very happy with. Very precise and powerful machine. Thank you Triton!

The BEST router ever! Ferencz Molnar - 05/10/2016

I'm totally happy with this Router as table router. The machine is very powerful and precise.

TRA001 as table router Marco Röhrs - 03/10/2016

As I needed a new router for my table I thought I would try one with more features suitable for this application.For the purpose of the rest of its life under my router table this router is superb and I am very happy with the noise level and performance.If I am honest though I would find the adjustments using the grip awkward but my machine will only be undermounted.

Router table Philip Hark - 03/10/2016

Well designed and constructed. Not yet had the opportunity to test it adequately. I look forward to constructing a router table since it is well designed for this purpose.

Triton TRA001 Router Robert Sandler - 27/09/2016

I couldn't be happier with my new router. It will be mounted under my router table 100% of the time. I was getting too old to stoop down to adjust the bit height with the Bosch router I had under there. I mated it with the Kreg insert plate made for the TRA001. Works great.

plunge router Jake Kernan - 26/09/2016

I had read reviews and viewed a number of videos comparing and contrasting higher HP routers. Focus finally settled on the Triton TRA-001. This router seems to have it all, multiple modes for plunging and precise depth setting. The ability to raise and lower the the router through the table is a big advantage over other manufacturers. With the Triton TRA-001 coupled with my shop-built router table, many hundreds of dollars were saved, over an external lift and store-bought table. A number of projects and tasks have been completed with ease and precision.

Everything I Need Leigh A. Sauer, iii - 26/09/2016

Very excellent router in a table plenty of power doesn't bog down quick & easy bit,and setup

Great table router Mark parr - 26/09/2016

Overall this is a great router for use in a table. The only issues I have is with the button you press to raise and lower the router doesn't engage sometimes when you are using it by hand, but this wont be a problem when I use it in the table. Second if you are using this router in a table, when you raise the collet all the way above the table to switch the bit, the switch will move back to the off position so then you have to go underneath your table and turn it back on.

Triton TRA001 Router Christopher Kurdziel - 20/09/2016

I liked the power of the unit. It runs smooth but I had problems with the handle that moves the router up and down. It is out for repair right now. Hopefully the probably will be taken care of and I won't have any more problems. The service people are great! They got me the return label to send the router in for repair via email fairly quickly. Right now I will give it four stars since it has to be repaired after only 35 days of use. The rating could go up or down depending on how it works after that.

Router handle problem Ernie Plumley - 19/09/2016

I needed a strong router to make doors for kitchen cabinets. I also had a project going on that required the use of a large pattern bit. The Triton was very easy to set up set the height, and I didn't need to spend additional money on a router lift! The Triton made short work of my projects with no stress on the router motor. Simply a great tool at a great price!

Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router 2400W Paul Czarnocki - 13/09/2016

I already own two routers; one inexpensive, almost knockabout piece of kit, and a somewhat more expensive Makita. I love my Makita, for which I parted with a pretty penny, I equally love this Triton Router TRA001. I would so bold as to say the Triton is better than the Makita; simpler to adjust, change bits and the ease with which I can switch from table mounted to hand held is an absolute boon. Oh, and just for good measure; my Triton is over £300 cheaper than my Makita!

TAKE THE PLUNGE, IT'S WORTH IT! Gwyn Starkey - 12/09/2016

I have looking at 3HP routers for a while and decided on the Triton TRA001 for the following reasons. First was the price, much more reasonable than the completion. Second was that it would work in a router table and by hand. The third reason was you can raise and lower the router while in a table set up with out having to having to purchase an expensive router lift system. And the three year warranty is a major plus.

Triton TRA001 3/1/4 HP Router Peter - 07/09/2016

I am extremely satisfied with the performance of this router on my fixed table. However, I have lost the screws of the cover plate after fixing the machine to the table. Now I will also have the chance to test there after sales support! Will comment on their performance in due course.

Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router 2400W PJ Coetzee - 01/09/2016

i put this router in my router table to be a dedicated router table router. When i put a bit in it and turned it on it vibrated so much that things were falling off my router table. I tried different bits and different collets and it still vibrated. I measured the run out on a half inch router bit shaft and the run out was nine thousands. The customer service was great. They sent me a new router and this one is good as far as vibration but the little split pin that the above the table router raiser engages fell out. So i guess i will have to fix that. Also they need to do something about the switch mechanism it is a pain to operate under a table.

triton router david nicodemus - 30/08/2016

The concept is great, especially for router table. The Power is also enough for anything you can put in a router, there it's no limitation in this machine there. But the quality isn't what I expected, the bushing on the rod was not ok from start, it is a Little better now, but sometimes the Construction jamed and it was really impossible to move the height position without using one hand on the clutch and one hand to lift the router on the other side, It has gotten better, but I cant explain if it depends on Wood dust in the bushing or if it was some grades on the rod in the beginning. I also use it as a plunge router, the Engine works smoth, start softly even if it is 2400w, thats good. The balace in the router is a Little bit high so it is easier to hold one hand on the router base to keep it down to the Surface, But I found my technique to use it in a good way. This is not a problem and I will also use it 90% in my router table. Still a really good concept, but not Festool quality, but then it is unfair to compair with a machine that cost 3 times as much. I also use a small Festool router so I can compair the quality feeling. For the price it's a good machine, If it wasn't for the jaming bushing it would have been 5 stars

Great concept Malte Ritzén - 30/08/2016

I bought the TRA001 router to use in my router table after the speed control on my old router died. The reviews had been terrific and after using the router I can see why. The packaging for the router was top notch and the instruction booklet was great but best of all was the performance: smooth, powerful and no drama at all. Just a great machine! Good job!

Simply a great router James Lewis - 30/08/2016

Have used this router for over 5 years paired with a Sommerfeld Router Table. It has performed Flawlessly and is very easy to adjust and run. Thank you for a GREAT product

ABSOLUTELY Fantastic Dave Kleindienst - 30/08/2016

So far I have to say I'm impressed with the quality of the TRA001. This is my first Triton product and some attention has definitely been paid to this design. I will say that after opening the box I discovered my base plate was cracked in 3 separate places but a quick email to the local warranty provider resulted in a new plate being mailed to me the very next day. I don't think this will be my last Triton product.

Solid Dave - 30/08/2016

Again great product from Triton.

+++ Tapio Vuorinen - 26/08/2016

This tool feels like it will serve me for years to come. I imagine it to be the router my dad would have bought back when I was a kid. It's well made, solid, stays cool and works beautifully. It is very heavy, but I quickly got used to that. I've used 1/4 and 1/2 inch bits and there's no vibrations only consistent power output. I choose this model after reading and watching many good reviews online and also because this router is so well designed for table mounting and it has a height adjuster included- which makes table-mounted adjustments so much easier.

For the delicate detailing and sharp finishing your project requires- finish it with Triton. Derek Davis - 19/08/2016

It's so quiet. My old router at only 1500 W screamed like a banshee. The Triton, even at 1000W more is so refined. A little time and trouble in setting it up payed dividends and I love the fine adjuster/table lift/bit change. Why pay £280 on top for a router lift? My one niggle is the 1/4" UNC base screws. Would have preferred M6 which would have prevented complicated counter-boring of the table insert. The ultimate goal is to have everything Triton. I still sneak out to the workshop just to look!

It's so quiet! Brian Edgeler - 14/08/2016

I was looking for my first router, after hours of looking at reviews and videos I decided the triton tr001 was the router for me. When it arrived in a well packaged strong box. My first job was to round the edge of a hardwood garden bench I had made, it is a well balanced machine and powerful, round the hardwood like butter with so much ease. It is a very solid machine and easy to use and adjust the depth. I cant wait to try it in a router table where I am sure it will be so easy to use and adjust sizes and ability to change router bit above table height will make things so much easier. This is the router to buy for ease of use and strong and long lasting.

Triton TRA001 Router Michael Stitt - 08/08/2016

I am your backyard jack of all trades type of guy. Spent a month researching different routers big, small and everything in between , Not until I was on a u tube site researching a project I seen/ heard of Triton .I was almost reading to purchase PC and lift to go with my woodpecker router table , hit the brakes hard . From all the reviews I read. And seen on the media outlets . Triton was the router ! I have had it for a few weeks and so far I am very pleased , the only issue is the port to attached a vacuum hose to the router is smaller than most . Love the safer feature, along with the simplicity of change out the bits . I will consider purchasing other triton products as well.

Tra001 Ricky - 01/08/2016

Having looked at many routers from other manufactures, I found that the spec on the Triton was so much better than alot of them. I wanted a router that was capable of being used on a router table or hand held, it suits both very well. I have used it over the weekend on a couple of projects and its brilliant, easy to set up, lots of power and surprisingly quiet. Can't wait to start the next project. Well done Triton for a great router.

Triton TRA001 router Julian Barkle - 01/08/2016

I've use TRA001 router for over a year now using it to flatten large slabs with a 2 1/2" diameter cutter. It has performed wonderfully with plenty of power and never gets hot even when used hard for a few hrs. Especially convenient is the micro winder depth adjustment. Customer service is tops as well.

Great Machine Titus - Lone Pine Specialties - 01/08/2016

Excellente machine, solide et efficace. bien équipée et peu bruyante. satisfait de cet achat. Toutefois, j'ai acquis en même temps la router table et celle-ci me semble moins bien que la TRA001 : Difficulté de montage : Je n'ai pas réussi a centrer la tête de fraisage et je trouve qu'il y a beaucoup de plastique.

TRA001 Cayé Bruno - 01/08/2016

I used a Triton TRA001 router for a number of years, mostly paired with the Triton router top fitted in my Workcentre. It performed well on both light and heavy duty jobs.When I moved home I left the router behind with my son. In setting up a workshop in my new home the Triton TRA001 was one of the first pieces of equipment I replaced. I considered other makes but none came close to the many useful features already highlighted by other reviewers, particularly the safety aspects and the ease of use when table mounted. It was and still is my router of choice.

Router of Choice Terry Ewington - 01/08/2016

I do love the power of this router. I have used it mostly with a 3" surfacing bit on slabs and it has no problem with that task. This is my second unit however, as the first would not release bits without having to resort to methods of persuasion. The only issue I'm having so far is the plunge lock falling off repeatedly in table use, but intend to fix that with a drop of lock tite.

Good, but could be better. Erik - 30/07/2016

I've used this for several good sized projects so far. The plunge router has performed very well. The plunge handle is convenient and the soft start is a real plus. Also when mounting under my router table, the table lift mechanism is very handy and it makes it easy to change bits.

TRA001 Jeff Jackson - 29/07/2016

Like a previous reviewer, I paired my router with a Kreg Precision Router Table and love it. This router has tremendous power and is easy to use. Switching out bits is a breeze with Triton's lift arm and keeps me from swearing and dropping wrenches. Even though this is a larger router the ergonomics of this model make it both easy and comfortable to router projects free-hand. Great unit Triton!

What I was looking for in a router! Heath - 28/07/2016

Je n'ai rien à redire sur cette défonceuse. Bonne puissance, montage sous table de défonçage Triton très simple. Sécurité au déclanchement. Très bon achat.

Du bon matos Vincent Cossart - 26/07/2016

As a qualified wood machinist of many years, working in large and small factories where I operated a variety of large, workshop routers, I missed this machine in my home set up. I researched products thoroughly, and I am hard to please, but this model appeared to be suitable. I admit that it is excellent, well designed, robust and, if it can satisfy my high standards, it has a top rating.


Only had for less than a month but am really appreciating all the great features so far. I have it matched up with a Kreg router table and so far so good! Love the lift system and easy change of the bits. Soft start is wonderfully! Looking forward to getting to know all it's features.

Teacher Brad Ewest - 26/07/2016

I bought a Triton TRA001 for its good combination of price - performance. After working with him were satisfied with his work. And the third item as the quality is also present. I'm limited to working space. I think over the manufacture of desktop where it is easy to change different tools.

A good router OLEKSANDR - 26/07/2016

This router is perfect in a router table especially because of the height adjustment. It has a lot of power and a very good price for what you get. I also like that it is easy to change the router bits when it's hanging in the table you can just leave it in the table. I have only used it in a router table and not by hand so i can't tell you how that works.

Very strong router. With a even better price. Daniel Hofstede - 25/07/2016

Replaced an old Craftsman router with the TRA001. No comparison; great power; love the multiple speeds, soft start function, plunge, and lifting mechanism! Marvelous technology at a good price.

TRA001 Router A. F. H. - 25/07/2016

What a GREAT Product and company!! I was using it with my router table circle jig cutting cake boards the easy lift connector on the router broke and the router quit working. I called the 800 number and was greeted by helpful, polite, friendly service representatives. I was e-mailed a shipping label within minutes. I shipped my router at no charge to me to be repaired. With in a couple of weeks I received an e-mail telling me my router was on its way to me. 2 days later I was back at my table finishing the cake boards. Everything repaired at NO COST to me. I have used other "name brand" routers in the past, NONE OF THEM OR THEIR COMPANIES CAN COMPARE WITH MY TRITON TRA001! This router was OBVIOUSLY engineered by people who use routers, and the company founded on customer SATISFACTION !

TRA001 Jamery Ray - 25/07/2016

I bought this router to replace both my router lift and my old router. My router lift no longer was able to maintain a depth of cut with a heavy bit, and my old router needed a non-standard replacement collet. So, instead of buying both, I bought a TRA001 and plate. Both are working well, plenty of power, easy to adjust, the shaft lock makes it easy to change bits, and great customer service. I would certainly buy this router again.’

A really good router Jeffrey Greenhut - 25/07/2016

I bought the TRA001 just before going on holiday so I didn't miss a deal. I must confess that I haven't yet used it and that I can't resist sneaking into the workshop just to look at it! Fed up with cheap routers I splashed out on the Triton, primarily for table use. What sold it to me was the above- table cutter change. I can't wait to use it.

Can't wait to use it. BRIAN EDGELER - 25/07/2016

Once in position, the router is superb. The only comment I would make is the lift system. It should be smoother when adjusting it, But overall, a super piece of a tool.

Superb Router Paal Sandgren - 25/07/2016

A great router, especially for its price. I bought it with special collets, so that I can use it with metric and non-metric router bits. Changing the bits is simple: the spindle locks automatically, so in one hand you'll have the wrench and in the other you can hold the router bit. The fence gives great control, and even cutting circles is painless. I also love the plunge system: it makes life easy when doing off hand work, and when mounted in the router table. It is easy and safe to use, yet it leaves nothing to desire when it comes to power. I love the fact that even the toughest timbers can be routed. A while ago I was routing the edge of the top of my new workbench, when the guide wheel from my bit fell off. I didn't notice this directly and the router tore right into the steel frame of my workbench. Although this was not my intention, it speaks volumes for the sheer power of the motor. (Luckily nothing bad happened to me, nor the router.) I'm now using this TRA001 router in combination with the RTA300 precision router table and the BJA300 biscuit joiner. I only wish I'd bought it earlier!

Great router with lots of great features Jan Arkesteijn - 25/07/2016

Very strong, very powerful reliable. It is a product that I strongly recommend. On the minus sides: visor gets dirty very fast and it isn't easy to clean mine didn't work very well on the height adjustment. A little grease spray and now height adjustment works almost normal. when mounted under the table still needs a little help with the other hand when it need to be raised. You can't use other template guides except the original from triton and these are very expensive - 1/3 of the router price All together I happy about the product and I think I made the best choice

Good, powerful, almost great Adrian - 25/07/2016

Had my first TRA001 for 6 years and still going strong when I did something dumb and ruined it (let's agree NEVER to discuss that :) ) One week later, new TRA001 fitted to the router table, and happy, happy, happy once more. A delight to use, faultless operation, precision controls.

Happy again Rob Robertson - 25/07/2016

I purchased the Triton to use only in a homemade router table with a Unilift system. Yes, I know, the router has its own lift system, but, in my opinion, the Unilift is better so I prefer it. I have only had the Triton a little over 6 months and as a hobbyist it does not get worked all the time. I am very impressed with its performance for the price. It starts smoothly and has more than enough power, even for routing deep mouldings in Australian eucalypts. I already owned a couple of routers but wanted one to leave in the table.

A good router David - 24/07/2016

Love the power and one wrench to change a bit. The built in lift works great in my router table. I like the safety feature on the lift it automatically turns the switch to the off position when it locks to change the bit. The price is awesome for these features

Tra001 router William Stermer - 23/07/2016

Impressive tool. I bought this router to use in my router table because it had the built in router lift. I'm very pleased with how strong and powerful the motor is and how well the lift works. Haven't had it long enough to determine how rugged it will be but it is well built and I expect many years of use out of it.

Impressive Don Thompson - 22/07/2016

One of the best tools I own. Very powerful and works great under the table.

TRA001 Geoff Van Brunt - 22/07/2016

When my workhorse Makita plunge router bit the dust, I needed a reliable replacement for my router table. The Triton TRA001 Plunge Router fit the bill perfectly. Besides being a solidly build unit, it includes a height adjustment mechanism for the router table that makes it easy to adjust the but height without taking the router out of the table. Sure proved to be a time saver for me. I was impressed with the power of the unit and the ease of use in and out of the router table. I would recommend this unit to anyone that is looking for a powerful plunge router for a router table.

Triton Plunger Router TRA001 Ed Simendinger - 22/07/2016

GREAT ROUTER! I have had it for several years mounted in my router table with only one problem. The router would not raise high enough to lock the spindle , a call to the service line and my question was quickly answered, problem easily fixed and I was on my way GREAT ROUTER ! GREAT SERVICE ! AND ALL THE POWER I NEED ! even for cutting raised panels in hard wood!


great router,tons of power,really adjustable,very good one!

super router gary clark - 21/07/2016

I had seen ads in trade magazines for years for the Triton TRA001 but I had a big router and I just couldn’t justify the expense of another one even though the cost was surprisingly low given all the features. I went to the Kansas City Woodworking tool show that comes through once a year and saw the router demo’d and that did it. The price and performance were unrivalled by the other tool suppliers. As I said, I’ve had it a couple of years and I absolutely love it. I read some of the other reviews and frankly I think they’re a bunch of whiners. The tool’s good features more than make up for any little shortfalls it may seem to have. The topside height adjustment as well as the vernier plunge depth features are what clinched it for me. I’m a professional woodworker (38 years) and I’d buy another one tomorrow.

My Buddy! Ron Sheldon - 21/07/2016

This is a brilliant router, powerful, accurate, good value for money. I use it mainly in the Triton router table where it excels. Would recommend this router to anybody contemplating an upgrade or replacement of their current machine. I have a lot of Triton equipment and have had no quality issues with any of it. A great purchase, very pleased.

Router TRA001 Dennis Yarwood - 21/07/2016

I was looking for an affordable work horse router for using strictly in my router table and I came across the Triton TRA001. It was a great price and had the horsepower I was looking for so I opted to purchase one. I must say that I have been more than satisfied with this router. The power is awesome and cuts 1/2" finger joints with ease. The motor does not bog down like my smaller Porter Cable routers and it never gets hot. I like the fact that I can change a bit without removing it from my router table. It is easy to adjust bit height too. The only thing that bothers me is that the lock for the bit height adjustment is very hard to unlock by hand and I normally have to tap it with a small hammer to get it to break loose. I have used it a lot in the last year or so since I purchased it and have had no problems. This is a very smooth running router and I would recommend it to anyone that needs a very powerful router in their router table. I usually cut about 6 3/4" boards at a time when doing finger joints and it runs through them like butter with a nice bit. I would definitely buy another if this one ever needs replacing. Thanks Triton for a great router!

My Triton TRA001 Review Will Dyke - 21/07/2016

I bought this router specifically for the router table. It does an awesome job. I have built two complete kitchens and a whole lot of add on kitchen cabinets. It keeps up with the toughest of woods, of course speed setting and wood feed have to be right, but once you get that the first time you have it! I really enjoy having this router in my table.

router John Stager - 21/07/2016

I bought this router for it's size and power and I have not been disappointed in a couple of days this router will be permanently mounted under my router table and I will be looking to purchase it's smaller sibling The Soft start is amazing it has the very smallest of kicks when you first turn it on my old router used to try and jump free as you switched it on The 2400 Watts of power are more than adequate for the biggest of jobs the only little niggle I have is changing between the modes was a bit hit and miss at first now I have mastered the knack it is not a problem and it will remain in the same mode in my table so all's good for me this deserves 5 stars

Amazing Router Phil Halliday - 20/07/2016

My first one lasted many years till the speed controller stopped working. No service center in the Chicago area and the part in this voltage is not available. I did buy another one and would like to get the original one repaired. The chuck on the old one loosens the bit for removal in about 1/4 turn. Really nice for router table use. The new one takes 1 1/4 turns and makes it much harder to replace a bit than the older model. Overall its a good router.

3 1/4 hp router Ken Benjamin - 20/07/2016

I mounted this bad boy under a Rockler router table. It is so easy to use and very powerful. The spindle locking mechanism saves so much time changing bits. I love the soft start safety feature as well as the microadjustment. The controls are easy to reach under the table. I did have one issue, where the height adjustment would not work. Evidently sawdust got in there and clogged it up, preventing it from raising or lowering. It was fully covered under warranty, however. I make sure to keep a duat collection system hooked up to it and have had no recurring issues.

Workhorse router Troy Pomeroy - 20/07/2016

I purchased this router about 4 years ago. It was my first router and I have been very happy with it. Although shortly after purchase, with minimal use, the fine adjustment knob stopped working. After a call to tech support, I was sent a new worm gear made out of metal, to replace the plastic worm gear that failed. NO CHARGE!!! Plus, being worried that I didn't have the aptitude to repair the unit myself, another call to tech support eased my mind, and the tech walked me through every step of the process. However, lately I have been having issues with the depth adjustments, where none of the adjustment motions to raise the bit work, unless I crawl under the router table and push up on the router while using the handle adjustment, raising the bit above it's needed height, then sliwly lowering bit to needed height. It seems that the weight of the router has caused the router to bind on the posts, which causes my adjustment issues. I emailed Triton and received a response requesting more info on my problem, but that was over 6 months ago, and I just haven't found the time to call to have the problem resolved. But I have faith that when I do call, Triton's great tech support team will have me up and running in no time. I now own 3 other routers in addition to my Triton, but my Triton is, by far, my favorite riuter.

Triton TRA001 Jim Gallo - 20/07/2016

I copied the following comments because they are identical to my experience. "I've used this router in an under table application (Rockler Table) steady since my purchase. I found right out of the box this was well made and the attachment's that were included are extra with most other brands. It's very powerful and works flawlessly over long periods of usage. I installed an external power switch which made life a lot easier. The above table height adjustment works as it is intended." WITH THIS ROUTER, THERE IS NO NEED TO BUY AN EXPENSIVE ROUTER LIFTING SYSTEM.

Best router / raising mechanism yet David Breen - 20/07/2016

It has been three years since my original review for this router (under the name FirstMM) - it is safe to say that the honeymoon period is definitely over on this tool! So, after three years of solid use, what is my opinion now? I have to say that it hasn't changed one bit! I would have thought that after all this time I would have been able to find something wrong but I am happy to say that I haven't! Every job I have thrown at this router has been performed not just adequately but extremely accurately and efficiently. The features I especially like are as follows: 1. The method for changing bits is inspired; turn off the router (you cannot change bits in the on position) and the locking nut will then rise above the face plate. A quarter turn of the nut is all that is required and the old bit can be replaced followed by another quarter turn to lock it in place again. Only the one supplied spanner is needed. I use this mostly in the Triton Workcenter router table so this method for changing bits is a joy; no more fiddling under the table or having to take the router out to change the bit -- thank you Triton -- Really! This has saved me hours of fiddling around over that last few years! 2. There is a fine adjustment that will literally move the bit up or down by just a hair; this is also invaluable for rabbits, slots, or even just getting that nice roundover without the horrible line that always needs sanding out. 3. It has three depth stops which can be adjusted for plunge mode; this saves so much time because I can set each of them up and route out deep pockets (e.g. for guitar cavities) in several stages and *know* that each depth is correct when I hit the stop. 4. Still in plunge mode the soft start is great. To be honest, with a machine this powerful it is not a "nice to have" but rather a must have. It still kicks very slightly but I have used some routers where you really have to hang on because the gyroscopic force tries to rip the machine out of your hands! All in all this is the best router I have ever used!

Initial review follow up after 3 years Mikey - 20/07/2016

First Triton router i got was faulty. It took 40 days to get a new one. That's a big money loss. Second is working, but it's obviously made in China. Over the table height handle does not fit where it should on router - the opening is too small. I had to repair that myself. Router IS powerful and it works good under the table. Can't imagine using it in hands, since visibility is practically zero. We all know big problem with switch cover when using it in the table. That's bad engineering. Also you have to LOCK the height once you adjust it over the table and for that you have to reach under the table on the router. That's bad engineering too. But over all, not a bad router.

Made in China mitja mithans - 20/07/2016

During your career as woodworker some customers comes up with funny requests. One such request forced me to obtain a Ryobi RE 1600 and a 2 3/4" bit. No problem with the bit, but the router nearly didn't make it. To replace the poor Ryobi, I settled for a Triton T001. Well, what a pleasure to finally use a machine that can deliver, no matter what I through at it. Ample power and excellent safety features makes this machine a real pleasure to use. My thanks to the guys (and girls) from, I think Australia, for thinking about other's safety and incorporating it into this great machine. My next router will surely be a Triton again.

Powerful Alternative Alwyn van der Merwe - 20/07/2016

I have been a chippy/builder for 40 years or so and have yet to see a better thought out power tool , it has obviously been designed and built buy people who get it. I love the above bench cutter height adjuster ,Well done Triton!!

Well thought out Rick Biesboer - 20/07/2016

Whilst I have most of the Triton Tools in my workshop, my favorite is the TRA001 Plunge Router. It's well designed, well engineered and an absolute joy to work with. I have used mine in my Triton Router table and have made various jewelry boxes together with my Triton Finger Joiner, the whole process has been effortless, plus I have made a great headboard with shelves and side pedestals using mu Triton Biscuit Cutter. My tool of choice is the Triton RA001 Plunge Router what a fantastic tool compared to the others I have used.

My TRA001 Don Bedggood - 20/07/2016

At first I only had a router and I was already happy! Then I had a table RTA300 and I felt Joiner! Triton simulate imagination, employs the mind and hands! Triton is the harmony and perfection!’

Harmony in perfection! Yuri V. Hrabovetskyy - 20/07/2016

Having seen some excellent reviews and been impressed with the functionality of the triton range of routers I ordered my TRA001 from and eagerly awaited its arrival. Within an hour of using my router I was beginning to feel let down as I had a few minor issues. The screws holding in parts such as the plunge lock, and the depth stop had rattled out. As a hobbyist/DIYer I have only ever, to date, used the router for limited time and for light applications. I contacted carbetec and they sent me, through the post, replacement screws for the ones that had rattled out and been lost amongst the saw dust. I initially put this experience down to bad luck. However, after using the router again, I notice the depth stop continually jamming in place as well as small cracks to the plastic base appearing. The quality of the rubber handles also seemed to be sub-par, as after very limited use there are signs of heavy wear. Overall, I have to conclude the router I received was not up to the standard I expected. Although all of the functions that attracted me to this purchase are present, the flimsy quality leaves me disappointed. It seems that I may be just unlucky to have received one from a possible 'bad batch', as most reviews I see are very positive. I remain impressed with the design features of this router, but having spent the amount I did, would have expected a higher standard of build quality. Having registered my disappointment direct the Triton, via email, and receiving no response, I was also disappointed with the follow up service I received. I hope this can be rectified with the receipt of this review.

Disappointed with the build quality Marc Seddon - 20/07/2016

I used it for a big work, and it's still working very well.

Very strong router Jbd - 20/07/2016

Before purchasing the Triton router I read an extensive range of reviews for different brand routers and came to the conclusion that the Triton router offered best value with a large range of features and adjustments. Having used the router for many projects I can now say with confidence that my choice was perfect.

Amazing router John B - 20/07/2016

I've been using this router for a while now and have found it very easy to use and do all my routing jobs with ease and accuracy.

Excellent Router Nigel Horn - 20/07/2016

I bought this router for under bench use and have found it to be everything that it is cracked up to be. The ability to change cutters and collets above the table makes it a pleasure to use. The smooth start is excellent and the micro fine height feed is very useful. Chip collection works okay as well so for me as a under bench router it's excellent value. Well done Triton and by the way thanks for using a nice flexible lead. So many manufacturer's are now opting for what must be the cheap more rigid cable. Keep paying attention to the details and the product will be great like this one.

Excellent Value David Gray - 20/07/2016

Used on a Kreg router table, great speed control for larger bits.Excellant height adjustment, easy one tool bit replacement. All round great product

Plunge router David - 20/07/2016

This is the third router in my workshop and is without doubt the best. Accurate to use with a powerful but fully controllable motor makes this unit a pleasure to use. Brought it to mount into a Kreg router table but have been so busy using it that it is still not fitted ...guess I will just have to buy another Triton router for that !! Easily the best router I have owned in over 40 years of woodworking here in New Zealand

TRA001 Router (aka The Beast) Mike Murnane - 20/07/2016

I have been using this router in a table. It has performed perfect. Never had a problem. I will be using this router for along long time.

Great Router Pete Capalupo - 20/07/2016

I bought this router to use in my RTA300 router table but discovered it won't fit, apparently it needs a special adapter plate which is not available in Australia and by the time one is shipped from the UK it will cost over $70.Very disappointing.Other than that it works quite well as a stand alone router and is easy to fit and change bits and has good height adjustment.

TRA001 David Bradford - 20/07/2016

After 40 years of woodworking and owning three routers, I did not expect to find much new out there. Well, I was wrong. The 2400W that I recently bought is perfect as an under table router. Even if that is the only way you use it your are ahead of the game in terms of the cost of alternatives. I now expect to use it for general routing due to its safety features and the quality of the design and accessories. I should confess that I already own the spindle sander and find it a great tool at an affordable price.

An old dog CAN learn new tricks! William Crawford - 20/07/2016

Great Router. Not easy to get used to , but once I mastered the raising mechanism, under table routing became very easy. It would help if an adapter for dust extraction were provided.

Owner - High Country Woodoworking Nicholas F. Poschl - 20/07/2016

I love this router. I bought it to mount in my table saw extension. I also bought a kreg plate made for it. I install it and used it more than I expected too. I built a vacuum box with plex glass and wood they works really good. The safety switch presents no problem, I only used it when changing bits which is very easy to do. I have four more routers and this one completes my router collection.

Outstanding Router Fred Osborne - 20/07/2016

Excellent router for my table. Love the built in lift. Had a 3 1/2 Craftsman with a razor lift. Too heavy, bulky, and cumbersome to lift. This is the best router I have.(out of 5 routers). Thank You Triton

TRA001 Jim - 20/07/2016

I have, probable more than fifteen routers. I have three 3 hp routers and this is the best one. I mounted it in my new MLCS table saw extension table. I. Wish I had had this set up years ago. The Triton router has a built in lift which saves several hundred dollars for a separate lift. It also raises collect above table for easy bit changes. I love this router.

Best table router ever! Robert A. Pierson - 20/07/2016

I have used this for a couple of years now. It is the best router I have ever used.

Great router! Thor Arild Danielsen - 20/07/2016

Love this router in my table. The above table adjustment paid for the router by not having to purchase a lift. Although out of the table I find it clumsy and difficult to work with. More than enough power. Very good dust collection also. Definitely would purchase again. However as well built as it seems, unless I add another table, I doubt it will need replacing.

great table mounted router Jim Kaisler - 20/07/2016

Fit into the table like a glove, and is proving itself as a great router!

Wprls great in my Kreg Router Table Bruce K - 20/07/2016

After many years using a pressed steel Triton router table (and non-Triton router) I decided to invest in a heavy duty cast iron top commercial router table with remote switch and accompanying dust collection shroud/box. The TRA001 looked like just the right router to go with this combination as I wouldn't have the added expense of a fancy Woodpecker type lifter so the yellow beast joined the team. Because of its size (the TRA001) I had to enlarge the dust collection box and reverse the mounting plate so that I could access all the required controls and switches; no big deal so off to work we go. Everything was honkey dorey except for one very annoying hitch! The height winder was very difficult to engage with and stay connected to the drive lugs on the router. After several frustrating and time consuming efforts at raising and lowering the machine for bit changes I took to the winder with an appropriate drill and increased the depth of the hole in the end of the winder. It now works perfectly and I won't charge Triton for R&D if they choose to adopt this modification in their future design/upgrade. I use the TRA001 exclusively in my router table and can't fault its ability to handle anything I throw at it. Worth considering by Triton would be TRA001 for table use only i.e. without the fence, plastic peripherals etc which now sit unused in a box in the back of the cupboard. If my TRA001 ever wears out I hope you'll still be making them.

More than value for money Gilbert Welman - 19/07/2016

I've been using this router for some time now both freehand and with the table. I've used it for small and large projects even turning second hand hardwood floorboards into beautiful weatherboards. Its never failed me and the standard features set it apart for all the others in the market. Highly recommended.

Flawless router Greg Howe - 19/07/2016

Had this router now for a few years and no complaints except one minor one explained below. Overall a very sturdy, powerful and professional router that you will not regret purchasing. Dust extraction and one spanner bit change is excellent. The one complaint is that I use it under table (router table setup) and the Winding Handle is too short and hits the fence. I had to position the router is such a way that the handle is close to the fence. Had the option to purchase an extension for the handle been available it would make life much easier. I tried but Triton did not have the aluminium tube available for sale. But this complaint is minor in scheme of things.

TRA001 Mike - 19/07/2016

Love this router. Great power and user friendly. Above table single wrench bit changes are great. I did find out of the box many screws needed to be tightened. I found this out when in first use a screw vibrated loose and fell out.

owner Michael Soule - 19/07/2016

I have used this router for several years, mostly with a router table. As a table router it has a big advantage of being able to make micro height adjustments from above or below the table. With a separate switch on the table, I change bits using a bent handle wrench by pushing in the spindle lock under the table while using the wrench above the table. The router does a good job on raised panels. I like the soft start and the easy speed adjustment. A Bosch fitting works in the vacuum connection but I haven't had good luck pulling enough wood chips out this way. My dust collector may not be powerful enough for this plus an above the table collection port. It is a big router for hand held use, but I have used it some this way and it has worked well. I built a new router table based on the summerfeld plan but with the router cabinet section on the end rather than in the middle for use with an Incra Jig. I access the router from the side. This has worked well.

Great Table Router Tracy White - 19/07/2016

Very powerfull machine works well with plunge and upside down. Very good presicion good repeatability on depth. Most of the times it's on a woodrat with a digital scale. Perfect connections on whatever I make. So far no problems perfect machine, recommend it to anyone.

Powerfull beauty Eric Evers - 19/07/2016

This has been used primarily with a table. I have found that it is not the most user friendly router for this purpose. Switch and height adjustments jamb frequently. On the positive side it has a great deal of power.

Triton Router Bill - 19/07/2016

I already had a Hitachi router which was not suited to under table use so I bought the Triton router solely for use with a table I had purchased. It has been excellent although I find the switch guard fiddly and it is disappointing that the plunge lock won't work at the full depth of the plunge. It will only lock a little bit back from the full plunge depth. But these are minor items and otherwise I am very happy with the router.

Solid router Richley Down - 19/07/2016

Been using this router for almost two years now and it has worked flawlessly. It is very smooth and powerful. I use this router on a home built router table and the above the table height adjustment works perfectly. Coupled with high-quality bits I am able to crank out raised panel doors and moldings. Woodworking is my hobby but I am a professional Mechanic and know a good quality tool when I see one. when it comes to tools I am not easily​ impressed. I would highly recommend this router.

Best router I've ever used David Myers - 19/07/2016

I purchased this to replace a burnt out Trend T11. I was loathe to purchase another Trend after it failed with relatively little use and I considered the DeWalt 625 but having learnt they were made in the same factory as the Trend I was similarly put off. I couldn't justify the cost of a Festool and the innovative features on this made it an attractive option. In use I have found lots of good points as well as a few niggles. These are generally minor things but would be good areas for improvement when they come to up date the range. The power switch cover often sticks causing problems, changing out the spring for swapping between table and non table use is a bit of a faff and switching between plunge and ratchet action isn't always very smooth - I think a lot of these issues are down to the inevitable dust. Both the height adjustment and the fence adjustment are crude compared to the micro adjustment on my old Trend which tends to lead to more adjustments costing a little bit of time. But on the whole this has proved to be a great bit of kit, with loads of handy features such as the spindle lock and the quick fit guide fence saving time and hassle. It is also safer than just about every router. If it lasts as long as my Trend (3 years) I would happily say its the better machine.

Great piece of kit Ian Thurlby - 19/07/2016

I have had my Triton for a good while now and it works flawlessly. I bought it specifically for use in a router table and I especially like the fact that no lift is required to lift the router above the table for bit changes and adjustments. A great feature and a serious cost savings. I installed my Triton in a table right out of the box so that is my only experience but it does the job exceptionally well. It is extremely powerful and handles large bits such as raised panel cutters with ease. The soft start feature is very handy with those large bits also. I use my Triton exclusively in a closed router table with my dust system so it has an external power switch which makes the covered on-off switch for bit changes a cumbersome process but one I have come to accept due the performance of the tool otherwise. This is a high quality powerful router that fully lives up to it's reputation. I would recommend this tool to anyone seeking reliable router with power to spare.

Triton Router David Schermock - 19/07/2016

well built tool keep it in the table all of the time, have trouble with handle and plunger in handle sticks a lot

well built tool ben ryer - 19/07/2016

I have my Triton router mounted under a router table and love the versatility I have now. I make cabinet doors and this router handles the big bits with no problem. I ran into a problem with the height adjustment and Triton took care of it quickly. I'm very happy with Triton products and look forward to using more of their products

Carpenter Chris Sherrill - 19/07/2016

I've had this router for a few years now . I bought it to use in my router table, man this router is a beast. I make a lot of cabinet doors, drawer fronts and trim molding , 3 1/4 hp it doesn't bog down one bit on hardwood. The crank handle for raising and lowering is nice making it easy to do above the table bit changes. It also has a micro adjuster to get your bit set just right. The speed control works great when using large router bits. I only have two gripes about this router , one is the plastic cover over the power switch with is a safety feature , To lock the collet you have to turn the power switch off and to turn it back on you have to slide the plastic cover over flip the switch on then the cover will stay locked open. Second grip is when using in a router table you need to take the plunge spring out to use the winder handle . This causes the bit to drop slightly when the plunge lock is released witch is not a big deal for me. Over all this is a great router and I would purchase this router again.

TRA001 Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router Rick Tomasello - 19/07/2016

I bought this router to use in a router table. It has performed flawlessly.

TRA001 Lloyd Luffman - 19/07/2016

A very good router for tough job. It's strong and precise and it perfectly works with a router table. Every part of this power tools works properly and it's made from good materials. It's the best router I ever worked.

An excellent router Bula - 19/07/2016

bonjour , je suis ravie de pouvoir vous informer que cette machine est exceptionnelle, matériel de qualité, fiable, simple d'utilisation et robuste. Nous a rendu un grand service lors de la réalisions d'un plancher en bois massif.Je la recommande vivement a tout les amateurs et professionnels qui aiment travailler le bois.

avis sur défonceuse triton ducourneau - 19/07/2016

So glad that I chose this router when my old router stopped working. Much easier because I can adjust the height from above the table. Use it all of the time.

Great for use in my router table Richard Ross - 19/07/2016

I bought the router for the 3 1/2 hp and have not been disappointed. I like the height adjustment feature in the router table and the dust collection is a big improvement over my other routers. Have not regretted the purchase.

Router Patrick harrison - 19/07/2016

Direct gekozen voor de meest krachtige uitvoering. Het is een plezier om met deze machine te werken; ergonomisch goed doordacht; minder lawaai dan een ander merk; onder de routertafel een prima afzuiging met stofzuiger; veilige en snelle wisseling van bits; nauwkeurige instelling van diepte; erg krachtige motor. Ik heb een goede keuze gemaakt!!

Beestachtig goede machine... Herman Smit - 19/07/2016

This machine has been in use for some months now, table mounted. It was purchased to replace an ageing 1/4 inch router which was cheap and nasty. The Triton machine has more than met expectations. I am still able to make use of my existing 1/4 inch router bits, whilst slowly building up a suitable stock of 1/2 inch cutters. The Triton router is powerful, easily controllable and, with the micro height adjustment, ideal for my requirements. Well worth the price paid, fully recommended.

Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router 2400W Paul Sanderson - 19/07/2016

I put this under the Kreg table with a remote switch. Beats all those other that you need to buy a router lift for. Plenty of power. I also have it hooked direct to a dedicated vac., with a delay switch.. Also own the 2 1/4 Triton, mounted in another table.

Fantastic router Chuck Stanford - 19/07/2016

I have used it very little,did not get enough time to use it much. It looks it is a bit noisy (shattering noise / vibration) in comparison to two other routers in the similar category, power seems good also. Overall setup/ attachments for this machines is good for smaller manufacturing jobs. I like the machine overall. Thanks

Mr Perwaiz Ahmad - 19/07/2016

После переучивания с Makita - фрезер отличный. В руках тяжеловат. В столе - SUPER. Мощи как дури в башке.К нему ещё хорошие фрезы ,и вот вам лучший фрезер в стол по приемлемой цене.

tra001 Sergey - 19/07/2016

This is my first such a powerful router. I bought it specifically for the milling cutters of large diameter, for which higher performance is required of a router ( TRA 001 used with CMT cutter with a diameter of 60 mm for leveling the surface - didn't even notice the power reduction) . Use as table and manual mode operations. Very happy with purchase TRA001 . I advise everyone to this mill , if you want more power, performance and great accuracy of wood processing!

TRA 001 Sergey - 19/07/2016

I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about a router. I have had one for over six years. I have used it in hand held. I have used in a router tablee.

Router Ron - 19/07/2016

I've used this router in an under table application steady since my purchase. I found right out of the box this was well made and the attachment's that were included are extra with most other brands. It's very powerful and works flawlessly over long periods of usage. I installed an external power switch which made life a lot easier. The above table height adjustment works as it is intended. I would have preferred a metal bit position lock over the plastic lever, but time will tell how much use it will tolerate. This triton brand of power tools IMO is very impressive, so much so , I continue to add more to my shop. THX Triton

Triton 001 Greg Brown - 19/07/2016

What an excellent router. My first robust, high performance router. I use it in my router table. The easy height adjustment through the top of the table makes fine tuning the height a breeze. Super easy changing of bits makes this spesific router and absolute pleasure.

Exellent Router Gideon Nel - 19/07/2016

Sturdy and well-built. Easy to use. Fine adjustments take only moments. An outstanding machine.

Outstanding! Russell Tate - 19/07/2016

I am an amateur woodworker for many years and needed to replace a Freud plunge router and table that had served me well for a long time. I did my due diligence and purchased the Triton TRA001 along with a new Kreg router table. My intent was to leave the router permanently mounted to the table, as before. I had a little trouble with the initial mounting but ultimately succeeded. I have been very, very satisfied with the new setup. It is more powerful, move maneuverable, safer and easier to set up and operate than I imagined possible. There was a little learning curve to adjusting the router but quickly overcome. Good job Triton !

Replacement router Howard Whitford - 19/07/2016

Just love this rotor in my table and free hand, goes thru hard woods with no problem. Love the soft start with no tort twist when using it free hand, the micro adjustment works very well as doe the dust duck when used with a vac. The one wrench for changing bits is great leaves one hand free

rotor Robert Arsenault - 19/07/2016

A powerful machine, easy to use, build quality is excellent. This is one of the best router for a table. I am very pleased with purchase!

Triton TRA001 Vitaliy Koltunov - 19/07/2016

I purchased this router primarily for use with sommerfeld router bits which was highly recommended. I renovated my kitchen and made all my cabinets with this router, this was my first time making raised panel doors this router handled the job with ease. I highly recommend this product.

3 1/2 hp router James mann - 19/07/2016

I would recomend it to my friends, easy to use and adjust. Excellent for table use.

Definetly a good router. Vaiko Kull - 19/07/2016

I also use this router on a Kreg router table and it is a great combination. I have slowly migrated to 1/2inch shanks and this router handles everything I can throw at it, even white oak and it never burns (as long as your router bits are sharp). I have never had the router bog down during use and is a delight to use. This is the first router (and I have gone through several) that I can say I have been completely satisfied with. I love the interchangeable collet and the built in height adjuster, which works wonderfully with my router table.

Best router I have ever used David Lohnes - 19/07/2016

Ive had this router for close to 2 years now, and use it frequently. Over all iam very happy with it, power is superb, height adjustment works very well. The one negative I have found is the tube where the manual plunge lock and spring is, constantly fills up with sawdust, and stops a full plunge, so swapping out bits is impossible because collet wont go into lock position. I then have to take off the cap and blow out the sawdust in the tube to get back too full functionality.

TRA001 Router Mike Campbell - 19/07/2016

Overall very happy with this router; which is only used in router table. Some minor complaints are: router cannot be raised (remember it is upside down in router table), to lock unit for bit changes without a tool, if the power switch is on (I have switch locked on and use an external switch on side of router table); also, I am not completely confident in the height position locking lever. There seems to be movement over repeated uses. I periodically have to check the depth and adjust as necessary. This is especially critical when cutting dovetails.

Very good router Mark Carpino - 19/07/2016

Love the power(as good as my Swiss Elu). Love the soft start and variable speed. Changing cutters is a single tool and easy enough, even though I use it inverted on my router table. On/ off mechanism is a bit awkward, but liveable. Nice and quiet too. The micro adjust is great(never thought that would be such a great feature). Would give it 5/5 but for the start up procedure(needs 2 hands). That by the way is not necessarily a bad thing either. It sure means both my hands are out of the way

Happy as! Peter Saunders - 19/07/2016

This is a supurb heaving duty router. I have used it for over a year and am incredibly pleased with it. I recommend it without reservations. It has power, runs smoothly and is pretty easy to adjust. Current use: Mounted on a table.

Triton TRA001 Jaime Nahman - 19/07/2016

stays permanently in my table , occasionally difficult to retract safety cover on switch . overall very pleased

fine precision tool Anthony Fisher - 19/07/2016

Bought this for exclusive use in a new table saw router table extension. The built-in lifter was a primary reason I selected this one and it is a nice feature. Nice powerful machine. Have not tried to push to its limits with very large bits but certainly works great with bits up to 1". A few convenience things could be improved to make it more of a perfect machine. 1. The handle on the lifter will not clear a fence that is higher than about 4.5" so you can't lift the router in a continuous motion with a tall fence - you can do it with a bunch of half-turns. How about selling an extension rod or a longer one? 2. Attaching a hose to the vacuum port interferes with the the lifer rod so you have to push the hose out of the way to attach the rod. 3. The proprietary screw-on hose attachment is annoying. How about including an adapter for those of us who don't want to buy you proprietary vacuum? In the end I bought some plastic hose at ACE Hardware and duct taped it onto the vacuum port. 4. The power switch has a plastic window you have to slide out of the way to switch on power. This is really inconvenient with the router under the table. I suppose mounting another switch to the table saw could solve that problem. Or, perhaps breaking off the plastic safety window.

Great router with some room to make perfect Paul Suni - 19/07/2016

I purchased this router to install on a router table attached to my table saw. The Triton router was a big improvement over the previous router. I no longer have to remove the router to change bits and the height adjustment is near perfect. I just wish I had back all the time I spent changing and adjusting to get the cut right on the older router. The cuts with the Triton are also cleaner and quicker since the chatter is gone and the speed can be adjusted.

Great for Router Table Tim Wiles - 19/07/2016

Had two previous routers and this is the best by far. The simple tool change and micro control of tool height when mounted on table is excellent.

TRA001 J gellatly - 19/07/2016

Bought this primarily for use in my Ron Paulk workbench as a mounted router. Fit in the Rockler router plate perfectly. Has more than enough power to spin even my large round over bits. Soft start and collet lock are nice touches. Runs very smooth and quiet for its size. My one complaint would be the built in lift mechanism for when it's mounted upside down on a plate. It grinds a bit and feels as if it's binding. I use it for fine adjustments and for raising the bit to change it, I use the router handle. It's a decent router for the money.

Plunge router Wes L - 19/07/2016

What a beautiful router. This router is feed my family making us some money.

Great tool Sean lavery - 19/07/2016

Well I make LIVE EDGE dining tables and do precision routeurng woth my two triton routers in layng butterflys and I use the router for leveling table tops. BOTH of my routers have broken down after a couple of years. One i had fixed and the other lays in disrepair as I need to find out where triton warraties thir tools. One router i'm still waiting to get fixed but by the time I find out where to ship it and pay courier charges it will probalyy cost as much as a new router. The part that had busted in the PLUNGING mechanisms on both roters. When working I love these rotors heavy and powerful. But i have doubts about longevity as Both have failed me. And these are not CHEAP roters ...when I spend almost 400 on a roter I expect it to last. Mark

Routor 2400 W Mark Owen - 19/07/2016

I bought the router for use in my router table. I had read several reviews on it and it came highly recommended for what I was looking for as a table router. It has all the power I had hoped for handling White Oak with ease. The soft start is not as soft as some routers. I took the collet wrench and put a couple of bends in it to allow better access to the collet in the table. the micro adjustments from above the table is great. That is exactly what I was hoping for, and got. It is the best router I have bought for the table. and it is the fourth one that I have used in a table.

TRA001 Dale Fischer - 19/07/2016

This is the my first router. I wanted a router primarily for table use but that was a top performer for hand held use. It is large and heavy but very powerful. I find that having the strong motor makes handling easier and weight not an issue. I've used it to make detailed juice grooves in a cutting board. Plunging is very smooth and the micro adjustment on the handle is great. I've also used it to joint boards after ripping 5/4 X 12" Poplar and Hard Maple. One minor issue was during table use, the depth stop screw and rod came out. Likely just vibrated out. Only happened once though. For dust collection I am using a rigged shop vac hose and it is just wedged into the clear dust shroud.

Power overcomes the weight Kenny Turano - 19/07/2016

I purchased this machine primarily for a router table extension that I bought for my table saw. It was important to me that I could adjust and change the bit from above the table without the added expense of a separate router lift and the TRA001 meets that need and saved me the $400 cost of the lift. This machine has so much power and the smooth start up is a testament to the quality that went into the design. I really like the safety features of the TRA001 and will admit that they have kept me from unsafe situations. When I opened the box I noticed that the base plate was cracked. I contacted the customer service folks who were eager to help and provided the best customer service that is all too rare today. I received the replacement plate in just a few days. While this is my first Triton machine, I am sure it will not be the last.

Outstanding Machine Ray Stocker - 19/07/2016

I guess the other reviews cover just about all there is on this router: I was so superbly impressed by my TRA001 router, both handheld and on the RTA300 router table, that I purchased the MOF001 and JOF001 as well, and I must say, I will never own another router again. Period. Well done Triton.

Precision Perfected JP JOUBERT - 19/07/2016

I use the TRA001 in the Triton Router Table and it is amazing. The TRA001 performs brilliantly and is up for any task. It is so good i bought another TRA001 to use freehand so i could leave the table set up. A powerful competent machine, highly recommended.

Superb Router Glen Drage - 19/07/2016

Very heavy duty, runs smoothly and has great power. Only used in a table, too heavy for handheld. Power switch is a good idea(in theory), but horrible to use. Should have a spindle lock not attached to the lift so as not to have to change bit settings to swap out. Buttons stick and lock is not positive enough. For the price it is good compared to the cost of a lift and motor for a table.

Triton router Marte Augusto - 19/07/2016

I choose the triton router over all others based on power,value for money,safety features and 1/2" capability as only had a 1/4" machine before. I have purchased the triton 1/4" shank so now have best of both. So far all works well after making my new grandaughters cot using European Oak router made all joints with ease.

Mr Malcolm Hockey - 19/07/2016

Triton after sales service is non existent. The switch cover was stuck - couldn't switch it on. Contacted Triton but got no response. Once I cut the offending cover off it works fine. You don't need a cover on the switch when it's under a table anyway. Answer your e-mails, Triton!

Triton Router Brian Hocker - 19/07/2016

There are many features that I appreciate about the router. The ease of removing and inserting the router bits and the "soft" start up of the motor. Things I don't like is how the router lift doesn't always work when set into the router table. This occured when sawdust accumulated quickly in around the router lift areas. Using a vacuum helped but it does not always solve the problem. The one last agrevation is the knob to raise and lower the router in the hand held position. It seems to get stuck at times when you push and twist the handle. Nice power, and very well built.

Plunge Router Joseph A. Bonifas - 19/07/2016

Thiis a very good router. Its powerful and well made and the built in lift works well in a table. There is a minor irritation in the safety interlock which makes it difficult to raise the router fully in the table without reaching under the table to operate the switch. Since table use should be combined with a safety switch on the edge of the table this is unnecessary. I have disabled it by removing part of the interlock and this makes it much more convenient. This should only be done if there is a secondary safety cut-off switch fitted to the table.

A good and flexible router with one small problem Michael Blackmore - 19/07/2016

Had mine for about 6 months in a self-built router table. Loads of power and brilliantly thought out. Only thought is that if the method of preventing start-up when the spindle lock is engaged was electrical rather than via the cover on the switch, it would be possible to fit a remote NVR switch. This would entirely remove the need for fiddling under the router table.

Couldn't be much better Jim Davies - 19/07/2016

This is a wonderful tool that doesn't disappoint. It doesn't bog down under heavy use, and is built well. It fell from my router table and came up mostly unscathed(plastic emblem popped off). Very happy with this purchase and want more!

wonderful investment in a quality tool Quinn Hale - 19/07/2016

this is a beast of a machine and handles everything i throw at it from rail and stile doors to rebates and flutes. the fine height adjustment winder (which negates the need for router lifts) is an absolute god send for fine work (no more bended knee adjustments) and the safety cut out when the machine is fully raised make this the safest/best possible router purchase. it is ideal for mounting or use freehand as it is surprisingly light for such a powerful machine and the soft start mechanism adds to the all round feelgood factor this machine gives me.

power house TOM BENNETT - 19/07/2016

I use this router mounted in a top of the line router table. And wow! The power of this thing is amazing. I make a lot of raised panel doors with oak using large bits. It just powers on through with no lugging or slowing down. Adjustments are quick and accurate. It makes tongue and groove construction very easy and accurate. I am very pleased with this purchase.

Great Router Charles - 19/07/2016

This is a tool full of features that make routing easy. It is heavy with a very powerful motor - this combination works well both as a hand-held tool and inverted under the table. It is my favourite router of the four that I have. Build quality is excellent and has to be the best, for my money, on the market.

Routing made easy Neil Stephen Humphrey - 19/07/2016

I bought this router to use in my router table. I had previously used a smaller Porter Cable router which didn't have enough power for some of my bigger bits. I love how easy it is to raise and lower the router for bit changes. My only complaint is that it's difficult for me to reach under the table to engage the locking lever. To have the raising /lowering knob facing forward, the locking lever ends up at the back of the cabinet, so I have to reach back there to engage/disengage the lever. Other than that, I love the router.

Perfect for my router table! Carol Johnston - 19/07/2016

I use this exclusively in a router table. It is much improved over the first version, with a much better geared up/ down mechanism (with none of the extreme backlash of the previous model) providing good incremental fine adjustment, a winding lever to raise/ lower the machine (although I rarely use it - one must position the router to the front right of the table so that the lever will be well clear of the fence but doing so results in the on/off switch being positioned behind the machine! - the intermediate position that I selected causes the winding lever to be rather close to the fence and reduces its usefulness). Setting the router height at its maximum can be difficult since a small adjustment can cause the spindle lock to engage - this is when I need maximum height for slot cutting 45 degree mitres mounted on a jig. Easy router bit changes. Powerful. Nice having separate 1/2 and 1/4 inch collets, glad they offer an 8mm collet - I will buy one. It is best to mount a separate switch plug to the side of the table as having to reach behind the machine to turn on/ off is annoying as well as potentially dangerous (one needs a quick way to switch the machine off). Overall I am very pleased with the router.

Triton router TRA001 review GregF - 19/07/2016

I have about 9 routers all together from small trim routers to this large beast. It was purchased for use in my home made router table & fits the bill perfectly. Once you become familiar with the location of the switches & locking arms it's use becomes natural. It never bogs down & the table top depth adjustment is a pleasure

Perfect for table use John Beard - 19/07/2016

I bought this for use in a Kreg table. It works well and is a cost effective alternative to expensive height adjustment platforms.

Well Made Router Brian Chandler - 19/07/2016

Recently bought the TRA001 and could not be happier. The first project I tackled with it was to build a router cabinet/table...came out beautifully. Even though I am only a hobbyist, and using it every time I do woodworking, it has never missed a beat. Will recommend it for hobbyists and professionals alike.

Great tool Johan - 19/07/2016

I own a grizzly table saw with the router table, I wanted a router that had a lift, I looked at many none of the others would work on my router table except the Triton, So I bought it, I had to drill a hole through my table top to line up the lift wrench, was not a big deal, The Triton router delivers, I love how smooth the precision lift works you can set it where ever you would like. Wow this is a very powerful router it has no problems on hard woods. This router also saved me lots of money the others with the external lift are very expensive, you will love it

Lift it up! Mark Schrader - 19/07/2016

I use my TRA001 for making raised panel doors. It cuts through 3/4 red oak like butter with a large raised panel bit.

Works Great! Mike Monaghan - 19/07/2016

A fantastic tool to work with. I even bought the RTA300 router table to go with it and found it a very good tool to work with

TRA001 Thomas R Bone - 19/07/2016

I first purchased this router and used it as a hand held router. It is a very powerful router and plunge adjustments were easy. However it was a very heavy router compared to other hand held routers. So I opted to replace my table router with this one and it works great. I bought a new router plate made especially for this router and being able to adjust the height with the crank is a bug plus. I have the router plugged into a remote switch mounted on the side of my table and leave the main switch on the router on. But to take advantage of the self locking feature for changing bits I have to turn the switch on the router off. This is easy to do. I was hoping to be able to use a speed control switch with this router since once mounted in the table it is difficult to use the router speed control but because this router has a soft start feature the available speed controllers won't work with a soft start motor. All said and done, I feel this is the best router for a table.

Excellent Table Router Jerry Kurowski - 19/07/2016

I use this router primarily in a router table and am amazed with the smoothness and precision it delivers. This was a recommendation from a friend and it is a joy to use. I'm now planning to migrate to Triton for the majority of my tools. Very pleased!

Precision! Bill Miller - 19/07/2016

Well made and easy to use. Works well in router table: accurate cut depth, centers on table, provides constant bit speed and performs flawlessly. When used hand-held it is buttery smooth and makes routing a breeze. Great overall tool.

WorkingWood Joe Allen - 19/07/2016

I made my own router table to accommodate this router. Everything is so simple, tightening and loosening collet with one hand, easy adjustment of height from above table. You could not do better.

Best router in the world Paul - 19/07/2016

I'have been using this machine for 3 years and it works like first day. I bought it from Spain, where Triton is not very expanded but it had the best references, so I got it by internet.

Fiability Jose Manuel - 19/07/2016

I've had other routers, but none quite as well made and easy to use. With heaps of power to run all my bits I use it exclusively under a router table. The above table height adjustment facility and the ability to be able to change bits easily above the table are excellent features. I am sure I will get years of service from this well made and well thought-out router.

Tra0001 Andrew Lomas - 19/07/2016

O.K. as a router. don't like the crude fence plate. Cannot use the router as in a 'ski' mode for machining packing pieces. Locking handle very stiff to operate. Switch is very fiddly and doesn't always turn on first time. Would have preferred a standard slide switch. Because of above I rarely use it, preferring my Elu's.

Router Bob Peters - 19/07/2016

I purchased the router strictly for (and together with) the Triton table RTA300, because of it's size and features. It is very good router. The only what I do not like is the fact that Triton router table does not allow to use the Table Height Winder (pos 24 in manual), i.e. to adjust the height from the table side. But this is not problem of the router itself.

TRA001 Jiri Tywoniak - 19/07/2016

I chose this router because I was putting together a new router table. I really wanted to ease the challenge of adjusting the cutter height so it could be done either from above or from the side, and the choice seemed to be either a router lift (very expensive) or this router. There are few alternatives out there that offer the above-table adjustment that this does. I chose this, and I don't regret it. Above-table bit-change is easy. It's very powerful. Dust extraction from the machine is pretty good too, and far better than I've managed before. My only gripe is that access to the switch is required to enable you to raise the bit enough to change the cutter, and that restricts table design. The bottom line is an attractive one, though. It's a powerful, precise machine that delivers well on many axes. And it's exceptionally cost effective. For the money, there's really nothing else that is even close. In a table, I think you have to spend much more than twice as much to get any increment at all. I'm delighted with the choice I made, and recommend it strongly for a table.

Great router for a table HTG - 19/07/2016

It is my second router and was absolutely worth to buy it. With some exceptions I use it in table mode. I bought it 1 year ago and I am always glad when I have a project involving the "big" Triton. Love it. When I unpacked I realized its plastic baseplate was cracked but the customer service provided me with a new one within a month. (that is the reason of the 4 stars).

Great table router Zsolt Biro - 19/07/2016

I have had my TRA-001 for about 12 years now. I purchased the router strictly for my table, because of it's size and features, and never regretted that purchase.I have used router bits as large as a panel raising bits down to a 1/8" straight bit. It handles all the bits equally. The speed control is second to none and I find myself using it frequently. I will highly recommend this router as a must have for the router table.

A work horse of a router [email protected] - 06/02/2015

I've had mine in use now for more than a year. I love it. I use mine exclusively in a router table. The Triton is very strong, smooth and accurate. Adjusting the depth of cut from above the table is a huge advantage, so is changing bits from above the table. The micro winder is smooth and accurate. I've never used an aftermarket router lift on my table, but I can't imagine they do the job any better than the one built into this router.

Great Router after a year krenelka - 03/06/2013

Every now and again I buy something that I simply cannot find a fault with and this is one of those items. Somebody, somewhere, has actually thought about how to make this router useful and simple to use and, whoever you are, I take my hat off to you! Positives 1. the ease of changing bits - make sure that it is switched off on the unit and wind the bit up as high as it will go. Next, turn the collet nut until it locks and then give it a quarter turn. That is how easy it is! no messing around with buttons to stop the bit rotating or any other nonsense. My average bit change (in the WCA201 workcentre using the RTA300 router table) is less than a minute! 2. as much as a router can be, this one is pretty quiet 3. there is very little vibration in operation 4. the fence is very solid - no play and quick to adjust 5. it comes with both metric and imperial collets The ONLY downside that I can think of with this machine is the cost - it IS expensive. That said I cannot recommend it highly enough for more reasons than mentioned above. One final thing - my model did not come with the half to quarter inch collet reducer which is a shame. It appears to be included with the cheaper MOF model and, I have to say, I found this omission perplexing!

This is the router I wish I had bough first time around! FirstMM - 24/05/2013

Had a black walnut 4 inch slab cut across the tree so you can see the rings. Need to plane the surfaces flat to make a coffee table. Constructed a jig for the project and a 1.75 inch diameter bit to plane both surfaces. What a work hores this machine is and under heavy loads just plowed through the black walnut. No overheating and no stopping. Dust collection was a bit of a problem but it could have been worse if I did't use the dust collection device provided. So if it is a big job and you need to remove lots of wood quickly it is a great machine

tough machine vitalesal - 28/01/2013

This is my second 3 1/2 hp router the first one lasted seven years of hard use in my shop. When it came time for a new router this was the only router that I considered. Like the feel of the new machine, a lot quiter than my seven year old model. Also, love the new elevation crank.

TRA001 Router rdharbis - 28/01/2013

Having struggled with fine height adjustment on my Hitachi TR 12 theTriton is brilliant. The micro winder system is pure genius. As a bonus it is also far quieter, great for the neighbours

Router W.Norquay - 28/01/2013

I've had a bad run with routers, that ever present feeling of frustration whenever I would fire up my (late) router. It's unreliablabilty, poor make and design did nothing but cost me time, wood and little of my own sanity. After another "fun filled" day of colourful language and promises of interesting ways of disposal, for my "waste of space router", I decided to finally spend some well priced money and get myself this router. The "purchase fear" was totally destroyed, during my first session with this brilliant machine. It's percision and performance, along with the Triton router stand and cutters has enabled me to take my wood work to a higher level. The great safety features make changing cutters or switching between 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch shanks a sinch. A great welcomed tool to this router weary wood worker. Get one!

Finally, I have a "real" router. CWF - 28/01/2013

Having purchased my TRA001 router a few months ago, my aim was to build my own router table and use this router. I have now completed this project and I must say this router is amazing. It is a dream to use, the soft start motor, the fine tuning depth guage. Everything is done above my table with one spanner. Height adjustments are as simple as. No more standing on my head under my old router table with two spanners taking the skin of my knuckles just about every time I was trying to change bits etc. This router is perfect for a router table, being a bit bias here though, I have not seen a table as good as my own made one. A dream to use,..! Paul(down in australia)

TRA001 Pauls123 - 27/01/2013

I bought this router for my router table to replace a PC router. I like the power this router has. Changing bits is easy with the winder handle. The switch cover, however, is a hassle. My only problem is that the winder handle isn't always accessible when I use the fence on my table (the fence sometimes covers the hole for the winder handle), so I have to raise and lower the router from below. I probably wouldn't use it as a plunge router because of it's weight. Overall, I like the router and would recommend it to others.

Great heavy duty router Carol - 27/01/2013

I was looking for a larger router to run large bits for a special project. I was especially intrigued by the idea of having a built in router raiser as I have considered buying one of these for my PC 690LR. The cost was considerable less than some of the other brands and not having to buy a router raiser was a big plus. I find bit change to be easier than my Porter Cable and the above table adjustment is super. It has handled all of my bits with ease and fits my Bench Dog table nicely. I have owned this router for one year and find myself using it more often because of its many features and power. I use it exclusively for under table routing.

extremely satisfied armbahr - 27/01/2013

I purchased the TRA 001 to use in a router table. I had no problem installing the router on the table. The only problem I had was no reading the instruction closely enough to have the power switch off so the router could raise enough to lock the spindle. I am very pleased with the router I was making glue joints and it sounded the same when I was cutting them as it did when it was running free. The biggest surprise was the amount of noise it didn't make, it was really quiet, more like a table saw than a router. I would recommend it to anyone.

Replaced a router that wouldn't hold settings pocooper - 27/01/2013

This combined with router table has been a wonderful addition to my workshop. Most of our other routers are old elus, but this certainly is a good new alternative to them.

Great machine pkingston - 27/01/2013

Mine came with the instructional DVD. Let's just say it's sparse. It would be nice if it showed using the micro winder or removing the plunge spring. Here's a tip. If you remove the plunge spring, stay clear. It's a strong spring and extends a long distance above the router. After a quarter turn on the release cap, it springs up suddenly and strongly as much as 8 inches / 20 cm. It's natural to have your face right over the cap as you take it off. Don't do that, or you'll come away having lost the first round with the mighty Triton, seeking first aid. Seems like a great router, I can't wait to get it installed in my table.

Just got my TRA001 home krenelka - 06/04/2012

This is a sweet machine - shame it didn't come with the DVD alluded to in the instruction manual (such as it is). It would be nice if there was an router table plate that was available as an accessory that neatly fit the clever Triton clip in system (don't have room for a separate table - want have an extension wing on my table saw). Nevertheless - a lovely piece of kit.

Sweet John_Huigen - 23/03/2012