T12 AD

Taladro angular T12, 12 V

Taladro angular versátil ideal para trabajar en espacios reducidos. Portabrocas sin llave de 10 mm (3/8"). Potente motor con engranajes metálicos con par de torsión hasta 18 Nm. Diseño compacto y ligero para usos prolongados. Incluye 2 baterías de litio de 1,5 Ah. Cargador inteligente para minimizar el tiempo de carga y garantizar la máxima duración de la batería. Luz de trabajo integrada.

Características del producto

Diseño en ángulo de 90° y portabrocas sin llave de 10 mm para trabajar en espacios reducidos
Potente motor con engranajes metálicos para mayor eficacia y durabilidad.
Incluye 2 baterías de litio de 1,5 Ah para mayor productividad
Engranajes metálicos para mayor resistencia y alto par de torsión
Velocidad variable y cambio de sentido de rotación para mayor control de la herramienta
Cargador inteligente de 1 hora para minimizar el tiempo de carga
Luz LED de trabajo para visualizar mejor la pieza de trabajo
Empuñaduras engomadas para reducir las vibraciones
80 % de carga en solo 30 minutos para mayor productividad en usos prolongados

Características técnicas

Tipo de pila/batería Batería de litio 1,5 Ah
Cargador 30 minutos (carga rápida) / 1 hora (carga completa)
Tipo de portabrocas Sin llave 10 mm
Velocidad sin carga 0 - 620 min-1
Alto 117 mm
Longitud 297 mm
Peso 1,2 kg
Ancho 52 mm
Velocidad variable
Contenido en el embalaje - 01 Taladro angular T12, 12 V
Contenido en el embalaje - 02 2 baterías de 1,5 Ah
Contenido en el embalaje - 03 Cargador
Contenido en el embalaje - 04 Bolsa de transporte
Contenido en el embalaje - 05 Manual de instrucciones

Videos y manuales

T12 AD

Accesorios compatibles:

T12 B

Batería de litio T12B 12 V 1,5 Ah

Batería de 1,5 Ah para utilizar con herramientas Triton modelo T12. Carga en 1 hora.

Más información

Batería de alta capacidad T12, 12 V, 3 Ah

Batería de alta capaciadad para utilizar con herramientas Triton modelo T12. Sirve como soporte para la herramienta. Carga completa en 90 minutos.

Más información

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8 Review(s)
works well, does what it is meant to

T12 angle drill Kevin Gordon - 07/10/2017

I was looking for something similar but this tool is unique! Dimensions are perfect and it works great. My new favourite drill for hard and gruelling works.

Amazing tool Alessio Eduardo Pusateri - 27/09/2017

Feels and works nicely, does what it is meant to do :-)

Angle drill Kevin Gordon - 23/09/2017

I make planters and at times have to screw parts together which normally is not a problem however, to screw parts together from inside the planter such that the screw isn't visible from the outside then a tool like this is invaluable as a screwdriver which is what I use it for mainly. It also came in handy when I fitted some kitchen cupboards and had to remove one of the legs temporarily. Before I bought this tool I struggled to do these jobs but not any more!

A very useful tool Barry - 18/08/2017

I was always taught that good things always come in small packages and the T12 Angle Drill has to come top of my list. It is as near to perfection that you could ever wish for. Open the box, it is all there. Drill (superb), fits like a glove. Battery and a spare whilst one is charging. Of course a well designed charger and the very nice touch, a tough case to keep it all in. The case is very durable and has thoughtful Velcro straps to keep everything in place. The case has a very sturdy handle with plenty of hand/glove room and a nice logo on the bag to show that you mean business. Small case, quality product - go on, show everyone you mean business - you will not be disappointed!

Wow! Tony S - 04/06/2017

I had often thought one of these would be a useful addition to my toolkit, but I bought this drill for a specific job. It enabled me to drill out a broken stud which I could not access any other way. The job was done in minutes, and easily saved me enough money to pay for the drill! I am sure that I will now find this drill to be an essential part of my toolkit.

Very useful angle drill. Philip Brommage - 12/09/2016

The T12 angle drill comes in very, very handy on many occasions! It really makes me wonder how I ever managed without it ... It is robustly built and has good performance as well as really fast battery charging. You are getting good value for money. A drawback could be the position of the forward/reverse switch which (for some) can get in the way of your hands/fingers. Also note the maximum speed of 620 rpm and the lack of torque settings.

How did I ever manage without it ... Peter Dercksen - 03/09/2016

Acheté récemment, la machine est ergonomique et son revêtement est agréable. Puissance suffisante pour des travaux raisonnables, testée avec une mèche de 19mm dans du sapin sans soucis avec une pression moyenne. Permet d'aller dans tous les coins et endroits exigus pour un budget intéressant.

Bonne prise en main Rick - 02/08/2016