TWX7 RT001

Módulo mesa de fresado TWX7

Mesa de fresado especialmente diseñada para utilizar con el Workcentre TWX7. Compatible con las fresadoras Triton (TRA001, MOF001 y JOF001). Ideal para contornear, rebajes, ranurar, molduras y cortes ranurados. Incluye microajustadores, espaciadores giratorios, protector de seguridad y salida de extracción de polvo. Incluye 2 guías de corte horizontales y 2 guías de corte verticales. Montaje fácil y rápido. Convierte el Workcentre TWX7 en una herramienta de fresado potente y precisa. Fabricada con materiales de alta calidad para mayor durabilidad. Compatible con varios accesorios opcionales para mayor versatilidad.

Características del producto

Mesa de fresado profesional para realizar todo tipo de tareas de fresado
Guía de corte y guías laterales de aluminio extruido para mayor resistencia y durabilidad
Guía con microajustadores y espaciadores giratorios para realizar ajustes precisos
Guías de montaje rápido para ajustar la pieza de trabajo de forma segura
Compatible con todas las fresadoras Triton para mayor versatilidad
Salida de extracción de polvo para un entorno de trabajo más limpio y seguro

Características técnicas

Salida de extracción de polvo
Alto 180 mm
Longitud 710 mm
Peso 9,9 kg
Ancho 410 mm
Contenido en el embalaje - 01 Módulo mesa de fresado con superficie de micropuntos
Contenido en el embalaje - 02 Tornillos para nivelación de la mesa
Contenido en el embalaje - 03 Guía de aluminio con superficie de micropuntos
Contenido en el embalaje - 04 2 espaciadores
Contenido en el embalaje - 05 2 microajustadores
Contenido en el embalaje - 06 3 placas de guía
Contenido en el embalaje - 07 2 empujadores horizontales
Contenido en el embalaje - 08 2 empujadores verticales
Contenido en el embalaje - 09 2 salidas de extracción de polvo
Contenido en el embalaje - 10 Pasador de inicio
Contenido en el embalaje - 11 Manivela de ajuste de altura
Contenido en el embalaje - 12 2 llaves hexagonales (3 y 2 mm)
Contenido en el embalaje - 14 2 manuales de instrucciones

Videos y manuales

TWX7 RT001

Accesorios compatibles:

JOF 001

Fresadora compacta 1010 W

Fresadora compacta y ligera, ideal para utilizar en modo manual. Bloqueo automático del husillo para cambiar fresas fácilmente con solo una mano y ajuste de altura para afinar la profundidad de corte de forma precisa. Incluye manivela de ajuste de altura y una fresa recta.

Más información
MOF 001

Fresadora bi-modo 1400 W

Fresadora compacta con potente motor de 1400 W / 2,25 CV. Velocidad sin carga: 8.000 - 21.000 min-1. Función de regulación electrónica de velocidad. Pasadores para montar rápidamente sobre la placa de montaje. Compatible con la mesa para fresado Triton RTA300. Torreta con 3 posiciones de ajuste para seleccionar varias profundidades de corte. Interruptor para pasar fácilmente de la función de fresado manual a fresado montado en mesa. Ajuste de la profundidad con mecanismo de piñón y cremallera.

Más información
TRA 001

Fresadora bi-modo 2400 W

Potente motor de 2400 W / 3,25 CV con regulación electrónica. Cambio de fresa fácilmente sobre la mesa mediante el uso de una sola llave. Bloqueo automático del husillo y desconexión eléctrica durante el cambio de fresa. Ajuste rápido y preciso de la profundidad de corte mediante la manivela de ajuste y el microajustador integrado. Función rápida para pasar fácilmente de fresado manual a fresado montado en mesa. Muelle desmontable para levantar y ajustar la fresadora fácilmente. Salida para extraer el polvo de forma eficaz.

Más información

Workcentre TWX7 y mesa de trabajo

Banco de trabajo versátil para realizar multitud de tareas de carpintería. Incluye interruptor con toma de corriente aislada para enchufar herramientas eléctricas y botón de apagado de seguridad accionado mediante las rodillas. Mesa de trabajo con orificios de 40 x 20 mm de diámetro para sujetar piezas de trabajo de forma segura. Insertos de montaje rápido para usar el Workcentre con diferentes módulos. Tornillos de compensación de altura para calibrar la superficie de trabajo de forma precisa. Ruedecillas para mover ligeramente la herramienta. Se puede plegar para transportar fácilmente. Gran variedad de accesorios disponibles: mesa de fresado, soporte lateral, soporte de salida, juego de asa y ruedas de transporte, ruedas de transporte, transportador, asa de transporte y mesa de aserrado

Más información

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31 Review(s)
As a novice woodworker but perfectionist, I spent considerable time researching my project, tools required and budget available. It soon became clear that the Triton Workcentre suited my needs. Competively priced, compact, adaptable, interchangeable. A joy to work with and constantly expanding the system with wide range of accessories. A must buy.

My go to joinery system Derrick Austin - 08/02/2020

table pour la défonceuse TRA001 simplement super, encastrée dans un établi mobile c'est parfait.

TWX7 router table module isabelle felesmino - 01/02/2020

This product was straightforward to assemble especially with online content at the Triton website. Everything performs as it should. Certainly worth buying.

Triton Router Table Mike Skrakowski - 18/12/2019

This router table module is a really excellent bit of kit. It is far more accurate than my old one. Coupled with a Triton router I can't fault it.

Router module Steve Pollard - 30/11/2019

I cannot praise this module enough, clearly a lot of effort has gone in to every detail of design, from the feather boards to the dust extraction. It really is a joy to work on and makes what could sometimes be laborious tasks really quite simple. I must also mention the Triton customer support team, who when I was having trouble locating one of these, went above and beyond, to help me track one down and get it ordered. All in all an excellent service provided from start to finish. Well done team Triton!

Precision Routing Harry Halfacre - 01/11/2019

The throat plate is flimsy and a pain to change from one size to another. Ideally there should be only one plate that fits standard templates. A quick fix is to use a disk from a redundant hard drive - almost a perfect match and can be glued on top. Gives the grub screws more substance and stops the plate sagging. And there are four disks too. Otherwise a great product.

Throat Plate needs some design attention Jim Niven - 29/08/2019

Excellent product, safe and perfectly adapted, used with a MOF001. Quality very correct, a good investment for those who wish to go further.

good investment DI CICCO Bruno - 16/08/2019

Never had a router table before but now I do not know what I would do without this TWX7 unit. Has made making mouldings and edgings a breeze, and is really well constructed , bit fiddly to put together but follow the on line video and it all makes sense. Have since purchased the contractor saw module in preparation for replacing my deck this summer I am sure it will be just as good.

Wow ! What a great addition. Dave flatman - 09/08/2019

.. after a thorough search through a lot of other possible solutions, i finally ended with this module and it´s really amazing - especially for the price/performance ratio (bought it for € 200,- from amazon). it is rugged, stable, accurate, well made and a good deal compared to some other units and/or parts. bought some pin-screws for the inlay plates and it´s easier to change them, best would be if they would "snap" in place; but this i can easily live with. best use in my opinion is - combined with the workcenter table - for even frequent home use. definitely much better than anything else i found in this price-range.

TWX7 Router Table Module Christian - 21/07/2019

I have only come to a brief test session with this module. It looks and feels solid! Mounting my Triton router is easy. Adjustments to the setup can be done with good feedback. The price-quality ratio is high.

Good first impressions! Frits - 20/05/2019

Je suis très satisfait. - Défonceuse facile à installer - Aspiration très efficace - Presseurs et guide très bien En bref produit bien pensé par Triton

Table de travail pour défonceuse TRA001 Denis Delannoy - 18/04/2019

Triton Router Table Module needs much better documentation with larger print and an explanation of some of the features. The fit of some parts made the router table unusable until I made manual corrections to the affected parts. (Router throat plate hole and/or the leveling screw holes were too deep to level the plate. Hardware, numbered only as P3-4 for dust collector attachment on table, were both set above the table height. One Router Module fence nut in knob was a ¼ - 20 instead of metric.) These were reported to Triton.

Triton Router Table Module Jeffrey Stewart - 20/04/2018

Das Modul könnte gur sein, wenn das System der Einsatzplatten (um den Fräser) besser gelöst worden wäre. Der Kunststoffring lässt sich im gesammten Umfang nicht auf eine Höhe zur Platte bringen. die 120 Grad zwischen den Befestigungsschrauben sind entweder zu tief oder zu hoch. Es ist auch eine Fummellei, den Ring auszurichten. Zudem wurden nur 3 Madenschrauben für 3 Platten mitgeliefert, so muss man bei jedem Wechsel die Madenschrauben aus der Platte rausschrauben um sie für die andere zu verwnenden. Warum hat Triton nicht mal bei anderen Herstellern (Incra) geguckt, wie die das machen. Bei Incra z.B. werden die Platten mit Magneten gehalten und man kann sie sehr schnell wechseln. Die Befestigungsplatte für die Oberfräse, scheint mit zu dünn (2mm) zu sein, bei der großen Maschine gibt es deshalb wohl auch eine Beschränkung für Abplattfräser. Incra liefert da eine Befestigungsplatte, die ist 9,5mm stark!!! Die Platte des Moduls ist leider nicht eben, in der Mitte (Fräser) fällt sie um ca. 1mm ab, ob man da noch eine gleichbleibende Tiefe für eine Nut erreicht, ist fraglich. 520€ in den Sand gesetzt, ich werde mir die von Incra kaufen.

Einsatzplatten Hansmann - 03/01/2018

An excellent product, well engineered and robust. It offers a wide range of settings for the most demanding of tasks. Easy and flexible to use to use. A real delight.

Triton TWX7 Router Table Michael Wood - 11/12/2017

Cette table est on ne peut plus complète. Tout y est pour la sécurité, le guidage du bois à travailler, l'évacuation des copeaux. Les réglages sont précis et facilités par deux règles latérales. Bref c'est une table que je recommande à tout boiseux qui souhaite faire de belles réalisations.

Table pour défonceuse Maurice Cohen - 27/10/2017

Whether the ease of assembly or use, this module has been perfectly thought for safety and a result close to the professional. I am very satisfied with this purchase.

Triton Router Table Maurice - 12/10/2017

Have an old MK3, love it and still use it. But love the ease of changing modules on the new TWX7 work center. Speeds everything up. Everyone who sees it wants to try it out.

Work center Hans Reith - 04/10/2017

New at, and learning how to use a router. So far I am very pleased with how it works. Does everything it was advertised as doing.

Router Hans Reith - 04/10/2017

The Triton TRA001 2400 W is a very good Tool for woodworkers. Ich kann die Oberfräse nur weiter empfehlen

It's a Great Tool Eitel Lorenz - 21/09/2017

Gut durchdachtes Konzept! Komplette Ausstattung! Geeignet für Workcenter TWX7 und alle 3 Oberfräsen von Triton, die per Schnellverschluss montiert und durch den Tisch per Kurbel bedient werden können. Kein Fräslift erforderlich! Qualität und Preis gut. Betreibe den Frästisch in Kombination mit TWX7 und TRA001. Bisher nichts Negatives festgestellt.

Oberfräsentisch Wolf - 02/09/2017

Ce module est génial on y installe la défonceuse en 10s a peine, bien évidemment avec la manivelle qu'elle plaisir de s'en servir ;)

Super Ravaud Benjamin - 18/08/2017

Excellent product

Tex7 mike liebenow - 07/05/2017

Impressed with the quality of the router table.

Awesome Mike Liebenow - 23/04/2017

Bought this as a treat to myself. After building it up and pairing it with the Triton 1010watt compact router, I have to say it is fantastic. I agonised for ages and browsed at many different makes of router table at much higher prices, but am very pleased I chose this one. It is user friendly, accurate and if you pair with a Triton router you get the bonus of ( above the table height adjustment) which saves all the bending down. The micro adjustment on the fence makes it easy to fine tune, and the dust extraction is reasonable with my shop vacuum. I would recommend to anyone.

TWX7 Router table module Andrew self - 28/03/2017

Avery good piece of equipment although I found the instructions for assembly not very clear.

Router Table Roger Tearall - 22/03/2017

My wife gave me the TWX7 Workcentre for my Birthday and it is outstanding gift and add for my shop. The router table took some time to assemble using common sense and YouTube video as the included instructions are poor. The Quality and thought put into this module is simply put: Great. A great gift from my wonderful wife that put a great smile on this woodworkers face.

A great Birthday surprise Dennis Silvis - 10/03/2017

Great tool, easy to mount and to use. I mainly used the saw, which is efficient once well adjusted. I'm really pleased with this product so far.

TWX7 Workcentre GUE - 28/02/2017

I bought the set as they were on offer with a substantial discount - table, router table, table saw and a nice new router; I think I effectively got the router module for nothing! Yandles were far cheaper than anywhere else. This is a very solid piece of kit. When assembled (which took very little time) I was amazed at how heavy it is and how stable. My only wish now, is that I'd bought the optional wheels, because this is very heavy to lug around, even with the modules removed. So far, I've only used the table saw, but wow, how much easier it has made tasks. No way could I easily and accurately have trimmed a centimetre off both sides of a large cupboard door without this, leaving a perfect edge. It is very well thought out; for example, you can leave the table saw in it when folder up, which saves even more space in my limited workshop. Everything seems so carefully and well designed. Make sure you check out their videos on setting things up perfectly. It took me a while to work out how to align the riving blade, but when I had it was in fact very simple. It was mostly setup in the factory anyway, the only thing I had was the riving blade not being in line. I'll write further once I get to use the router. So far, 5 stars from me.

Router table, router, plus table saw Dominic Raywood - 20/02/2017


Router module Derek Abba - 05/01/2017

Adaptor rings that fit round the cutter are slow and fiddly to change, a previous make I had the rings just clipped into place, otherwise I am very pleased with the module.

TWX7RT001 Derek Abba - 08/12/2016

Through woodworking forums and youtube I met Triton. In January 2014 I bought the MOF001 replacing my Festool Router. A powerful machine. Especially among my DIY Router Table. Based on my experience, I bought two months ago the TWX7 with the TWXRT001 router table and the TWX S001 Contracters Saw. The table is very stable and versatile. In particular with the two miter tracks. The Contracters Saw is very precise. Dust extraction is top notch. The MOF001 in combination with the TWXRT001 is a woodworkers dream . Last month I bought the TCMBS handheld bandsaw. Also, a fine machine . To date, Triton is my brand.

The TWX7RT001 in combination with the MOF001 Frank Lems - 25/07/2016