SJA 300

Étau/tréteau portable SuperJaws XXL

Force puissante de serrage réglable jusqu’à 1 000 kg. L’ouverture des mâchoires permet de serrer des matériaux jusqu’à 1 000 mm de large. Le serrage s'actionne avec le pied, ce qui permet à l'utilisateur d'avoir les mains libres. Le trépied extra-large optimise la stabilité des grandes pièces de travail. Robuste, la construction en acier peint par poudrage en assure une plus longue durée de vie.

Caractéristiques du produit

Les mâchoires réversibles et coulissantes augmentent la capacité d’ouverture jusqu’à 1 000 mm
Les mordaches en uréthane sont antidérapantes et assurent une bonne préhension
Le serrage s'actionne par pédale ce qui libère les mains pour un meilleur contrôle
Sa nouvelle conception du cadre et des pieds lui permet de se déplier et de se replier en quelques secondes.
Sa stabilité procure un support portatif pour travailler de façon autonome
Les larges pieds arrière facilitent son utilisation sur les sols mous, et évitent de laisser des marques.
La base tripode extra large offre une très bonne stabilité et s’adapte à tous les terrains
La poignée arrière facilite le transport
L’interrupteur de serrage permet de sécuriser le serrage ou desserrer les mâchoires facilement
Se replie rapidement pour faciliter le rangement et le transport
Robuste, sa construction tout en acier permet de soutenir une charge maximale de 250 kg
Les pieds se replient facilement pour plus de sécurité et un assemblage rapide.

Caractéristiques techniques du produit

Capacité - charge max. 250 kg
Force de serrage 1 000 kg
Méthode de serrage Actionné par pédale
Taille format plié - hauteur 780 mm
Taille format plié - longueur 330 mm
Taille format plié - largeur 355 mm
Hauteur du produit 900 mm
Longueur du produit 1 060 mm
Poids du produit 19,5 kg
Largeur du produit 960 mm
Taille - hauteur 900 mm
Taille - longueur 1 060 mm
Taille - largeur 960 mm
Contenu - 01 .
Contenu - 02 .


Compatible avec



2 rallonges de 600 mm en aluminium pour optimiser la fonctionnalité du SuperJaws XXL. Pour fixer des supports latéraux ou des servantes. Permet de supporter des pièces de travail plus larges. Avec des extrémités protectrices en plastique ABS.

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Butées de fixation

Butées de fixation en acier pour fixer les rallonges et accessoires dans la position requise. Pour une utilisation avec le SuperJaws XXL. Dimensions : 48 x 44 x 36 mm.

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Support latéral

Tête du support avec une surface à faible frottement pour permettre le pivotement de la pièce sur 360° et sans laisser de marque. Permet de soutenir des pièces de travail plus larges. Hauteur réglable. Construction robuste en acier. Dimensions 202 x 48 x 157 mm. Pour une utilisation avec le SuperJaws XXL.

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Support avec rouleau

Support avec rouleau comprenant une butée pliable. Permet de soutenir et déplacer larges pièces d'ouvrage de grande taille. Hauteur réglable et levier de serrage manuel. Construction robuste en acier et rouleau en aluminium. Dimension 210 x 72 x 238 mm. Pour une utilisation avec le SuperJaws XXL.

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SJA 420

Plateau-support pour outils

Permet d'avoir ses outils à portée de la main en servant également de support d'appoint. Conçu pour être utilisé avec les SuperJaws (SJA200, SJA300 et SJA100XL).

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31 Review(s)
Super outil de qualité, devenu indispensable à l'atelier et sur le terrain.

Superjaws XXL trioux - 07/05/2018

I used twice Superjaws to cut wood boards and have to say that it is quite useful, especially when you work alone. I received one of the Superjaws with a broken plastic piece (piece to lock the feet) but I still can use it. Maybe I will change it one day if I can buy this piece as a spare part.

Great tool Nicolas - 18/03/2018

Excellent tool. Holds everything very well. Like an extra pair of hands. Must have in some person shop.

Super jaws XXL is super! Henry Pennell - 24/02/2018

Definitely. This is the device I should have had 35 years ago ! Our woodwork-teacher's maxim was "the job must be fixed". Following his advice would have saved me from painful injuries, tool damage and routine cutting inaccuracy when awkward workpieces wouldn't go to my fixed workbench or / stay in a B&D workmate. Invaluable !

Strong and stable ? bill the barrow - 03/02/2018

Nice and solid work vice, but POOR selection of accessory. Not a happy customer.

Nice tool POOR additions. Mr D Conway - 29/01/2018

I am very happy with my bench. It has revolutionised the way I work. The only small niggley problem I have is with one of the rubber protectors at the clamp. It persistently slips out and that can be irritating.

Superjaws Manir Hussain - 01/09/2017

Cet outil est d'une utilité remarquable. Rend de fiers services au quotidien ! Bravo

Outil formidable Arnaud - 10/08/2017

What a fantastic tool, easily the strongest and most versatile clamping system I have ever used!!! Great product!

Superjaws XXL Osian Denman - 09/08/2017

Absolutely love it, well made and very handy

Excellent Steve g - 09/06/2017

I have only had it a few weeks now and primarily use it to hold logs when i chainsaw carve but I am sure I will find other things to use it for, it is more than up to the job, it is very well made and I am sure it will last forever, it is an excellent piece of equipment, I love it!!!!!

Spot on for chainsaw carving Steve g - 26/05/2017

Très bon produit c'est du costeau! Je le recommande

Bon produit Gonin - 13/05/2017

il n'y a rien à redire sur ce SuperJaws XXL, robusté, qualité tout y est.

Le Top SHOTZ - 27/04/2017

I got the Super Jaws XXL as a birthday present, and couldn't wait to try it out. I had a big project to make centerpieces for a friends wedding. She wanted rustic pallet wood boxes to hold jars of lights and flowers. But she didn't want the pallet wood too rustic. This meant a lot of planing, sanding and smoothing. This would have ordinarily been a tedious job, having only my vice attached to my work bench to clamp. But with the Super Jaws I could clamp and release each piece so quickly, it made the job so quick and easy. An added bonus was I could set up out on the deck in the sunshine too! I was able to work on a few pieces at once, and it was so easy to use I was even able to show my friend, who has no experience with woodwork at all! I have now pulled out the Super Jaws for many projects since this one, and it has just become a totally indispensable piece of kit in our workshop! I am glad I went for the XXL also, I have some doors to take down and plane and rehang next!

Super Jaws - one use and has become indispensable kit! Nicole Mullen - 24/04/2017

Impeccable, produit robuste et très pratique. Je recommande vivement!!!

Etau Super Jaw XXL Da Silva - 31/03/2017

Appareil indispensable dans un atelier. Quelques détails techniques sans incidence sur le fonctionnement pourraient être corrigés. Très satisfait

SuperJaws XXL SJA300 DZIADKOWIAK - 23/03/2017

I am very happy with the product, but I still have a little trouble. How to tighten a 50cm Board? The clamping is 0cm to 45cm in a sense and 58cm to 100cm in the other. While the features say 0 to 100 cm. Thank you

SJA300 Vanbellaiengh Christian - 21/03/2017

This is a substantial piece of kit both in weight terms (approx 20 kg) and in quality of construction. It comes double packed in an outer plain cardboard packaging and inner branded packaging. There are plenty of YouTube videos reviewing this device and they are generally correct in the conclusion, that this is well made. It is finished in the Triton orange paint in all key places (to stop rusting). It will aid the user to oil key areas over time like the keyway, and any moving parts, joints and the stay ball bearings for keeping the legs in position. This has replaced all my "portable" and "foldable" work benches leaving them in the dust.

SuperJaws XXL G Staniewicz - 11/03/2017

Really heavy duty, sturdy, unlikely to turn over, grips like the devil, folds easily, storing a cinch. Highly recommended.

Great 3rd hands Andy Jones - 09/03/2017

Extremely competitive prices and very fast delivery. Cheaper than Amazon; what more would you want!! Product was first rate; no breakages or missing parts. Product was packed more than adequately, considering it weighed almost 20 kg! In Operation the product is substantial and heavy duty. If you wish to clamp something and not have it slip it's thread or shake about then this is the equipment to enable a truly professional job!

SuperJaws XXL Portable Clamping System G Staniewicz - 22/02/2017

I wish that I had brought this years ago, Never had such a versatile vice.

Support M Whitehouse - 21/02/2017

Dieses Spannsystem ist ein sehr hochwertiges Teil, es steht hervorragend und spannt auf leichte art die Werkzeuge sehr fest ein. Schon nach den ersten Gebrauch kann ich sagen, dieses Spannsystem ist nicht nur für Hobbybastler sondern auch für Profis sehr geeignet. Wenn ich 10 Sterne vergeben könnte würde ich dies tun.

Ein wirklich sehr guter Spannbock Gunter Saemann - 08/02/2017

Trétau très stable, facile d utilisation, bonne force de serrage. Repliage facile, ne prend pas beaucoup de place et ce déplace très facilement. Indispensable pour le travail sur chantier, j'en suis très content et j' ai plaisir de l' utilisé.

Super Jaws XXL Nyssen Jean-Marc - 01/02/2017

Dieses Spannsysem ist solide gearbeitet, eine sehr gute Qualität und leicht zu handhaben. Wie lange es halten wird kann ich nicht sagen, so wie es aussieht wird es mich überleben, außerdem gibt es bei Triton Ersatzteile. Ich kann dieses Spannsystem nur jeden empfehlen, auch Profis werden zufrieden sein.

Super Werkstückhalter Gunter Saemann - 29/01/2017

Very Solid. Stable. Durable. Heavy-duty. I use it as a foot-operated press in addition to a clamping system. Used it on a weekly basic. Great for use while building my Model railroad and other woodworking Projects. Also used during repair to Lawnmower especially useful as a push tool for inserting bearings using a purposeful made adapter, Used to hold metal pieces whilst cutting and drilling construction.

SuperJaws XXL Portable Clamping System SJA300 Geoff Kingsburgh - 01/12/2016

I wrote a detailed long review for the SuperJaws XXL and gave it two stars because of design and manufacturing issues that cause it to fall apart. Triton never published it and didn't get back to me about my problem so I'm downgrading it to one star though I doubt you'll see any reviews that aren't in complete support for their products, hence the lack of reviews. I guess I'll have to go to Amazon where they don't filter the bad news.

Bad news Jay - 19/09/2016

The super jaws is sturdy and has excellent clamping power. If anything, the thing is too heavily built except for the handles on the leg locking mechanism. They are thin cast metal and I managed to break one. However, I emailed Triton and they sent me a replacement at no cost.

Excellent clamp John Sherwood - 19/09/2016

Firstly let me say that I really like this product. Unfortunately it's not as well put together as it could be. Upon delivery there was something rattling round and eventually a washer fell out of the body. Later the roll pin fell out of the rear leg lock rendering it useless and the locating pin for one of the front leg locks also fell out. Upon contacting Triton I was told that if I touched any part of the device then I would invalidate the warranty. All it needs is some better quality control and it would be a lot better. One other thing is that the sliding jaw moves upwards slightly as you apply final clamping pressure. Makes it difficult to use for a glue-up as aligning pieces is nearly impossible. Apart from that though I do like the thing.

Could be better Mike - 03/09/2016

Très bon outil facile a ouvrir gain de place super outil

etau risi - 01/09/2016

Solid. Stable. Durable. Heavy-duty. Can also used as a foot-operated press in addition to a clamping system. Use it on a weekly basic. Great for woodworking, metalworking, crafts, home repairs, construction.

SuperJaws XXL Portable Clamping System Review for Drawing Lawrence Woodruff - 01/08/2016

Un outil qui m’est devenu quasi indispensable pour bricoler en toute tranquillité pour maintenir correctement les pièces à travailler. Mon test ici :

Excellent produit Ishido - 13/04/2016

Un outil qui m'est devenu quasi indispensable pour bricoler en toute tranquillité pour maintenir correctement les pièces à travailler. Pensez à vous inscrire sur le site de Triton pour l'extension de garantie !

Outil devenu indispensable Ishido - 02/04/2016