TWX7 CS001

Module banc de scie d'entrepreneur

Module pour banc de scie d'entrepreneur haute precision conçu pour être utilisé avec le Workcentre TWX7 et constituer un ensemble complet de banc de scie pour un travail et des résultats dignes de professionnels. Moteur puissant de 1 800 W et lame de précision de 254 mm de diamètre avec pointes en carbure de tungstène. Capacité de réglage de la hauteur de lame à 86 mm et réglage de l'angle oblique à 0-45° pour réaliser des coupes complexes en biseau. Rapporteur et guide longitudinal qui vous permettront également de réaliser des refentes, des coupes transversales et des coupes d'onglets. Dispositif d'extraction des poussières situé sous la table. Facile à assembler et à configurer. Nombreux accessoires optionnels disponibles pour accroître sa fonctionnalité.

Caractéristiques du produit

Le moteur puissant de 1 800 W et lame de précision de 254 mm de diamètre avec pointes en carbure de tungstène permet de réaliser facilement une multitude de tâches de sciage
Rapporteur inclus pour réaliser des coupes transversales et des coupes d'onglets de précision
Le guide longitudinal avec rainure en T intégrée permet d'obtenir des refentes de précision et sert de support aux accessoires
Double dispositif d'extraction des poussières afin d'obtenir un travail plus soigné et en toute sécurité
Encoches pour positionner les mains au niveau de la surface de table facilitant le retrait des modules
Angle de coupe ajustable permettant de réaliser des coupes de précision en biseau de 0 à 45 °
Poussoir de sécurité inclus afin d'avoir une maîtrise totale de la pièce près de la lame pour travailler en toute sécurité

Caractéristiques techniques du produit

Plage de l''angle de biseau 0 - 45°
Diamètre de la lame 254 mm
Type de lame Lame TCT 40 dents, ATB, conforme EN847-1
Diamètre de l''alésage Lame - 30 mm
Capacité de coupe - 45° 59,5 mm
Capacité de coupe - 90° 86 mm
Capacité de refente 775 mm
Vitesse à vide 4 500 tr/min
Puissance 1 800 W
Poids du produit 14,66 Kg
Standard Conforme ATB EN847 - 1
Hauteur de la table 900 mm
Taille de la table 851 x 650 mm


TWX7 CS001

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From opening the box, its a sturdy piece of kit. Pretty much ready to go out of the box, you have it standing and level in 5 minutes, and another 10 to level the MDF work surface. Straight into use, I had to clamp some small drawers up, using bench dogs in the pre drilled surface to support the drawer, it showed very quickly how this portable workbench was going to be very useful. I only have a very small workshop and this interchangeable work bench is something I wish I had brought years ago. great job

TWX7 Workstation Nicholas Booth - 23/03/2017

A beautifully constructed unit and saw module. Comments: side extension very stiff, dust collection via Triton bucket not powerful enough, difficult to line up work piece and saw blade with current saw hood.

TWX7 and Contractor saw module Ian Ross - 04/03/2017

I've just received the saw a week earlier, and did some test cuts. Mounted on my TWX-7, it was a very decent setup and worked like a charm. Still some details could be improved : I wish I could let the blade guard and the riving knife mounted when the blade is completely down, so it could be under the kerf plate for storage, for instance. Overall, it's a nice "movable" tool, but not very transportable. Worth the investment if you have a small shop, which is my case.

Very pleased with my purchase R. KOCHER - 15/02/2017

Im a hobbyist woodworker building simple furniture amongst other projects. I have a 1 car garage woodshop, which is why I was tempted with the contractor saw. It seemed like a very clever use of space and alowed me to have a router table and table saw which I didn't think I would ever fit. Over all extreemly pleased so far. I took the time to set it up following the video and now get very accurate cuts, although it's only been tested on sheet materials and pine so far. My only gripe being, one of the fence locking clamps doesn't seem to hold the fence at all, but I am yet to confirm it to being a manufacturer fault. 4 stars only because I've not had it long enough to really rate it.

Contractor Saw Module Justin - 12/01/2017

With a lot of subterfuge my wife bought the TWX7 and CS001 module for Christmas. I did leave the catalogue around henhouse with the suitably marked pages. So far I am extremely pleased with the product and the quality that Triton has maintained. I have been a look term user of the Workstation 2000 and associated router table. These I have now passed on to others. the TWX7 will save space in my workshop and I have plans for a suitable storage module to fit under the unit to hold the contractor saw and router module. I have looked in detail at the market and the very expensive solutions out there but my TWX7 answers all my needs st a very much more competitive price. I also see the future potential of the modular approach and what can be developed for the future. Other comments: No instructions om assembling the power plug but my distributor Yandles helped. Questions: 1. Can a dado blade be fitted to the CS001 2. I would suggest the 20mm hole spacing be changed from 100mm to 96mm to follow the standard used by most others. 3. Need access to a Y-fitting for a shop vac to work with CS001

TWX7 CS001 Maurice Husband - 05/01/2017

I'm studying at the carpenter school at the moment. We have big Altendorf table saws there. I have also been working with Festool cs 70 table saw. I am building up my own little shop and table saw was among the first machines to buy. Triton contractor saw is great table saw. Of course it is not Altendorf, but in my opinion it is better than Festool. The rip cut fence is far superior comparing to Festools fence (cs 70 LA). You can tighten it up in both ends. So it is really accurate. The mitre fence is not so accurate, but with good square you can get along. Good thing is that you can buy after market mitre fence (Incra, Kreg...) if you like, because Triton workcentre table has universal size slot miter channels in it. The motor (1800w) is powerful enough. Considering the price, this thing is top notch.

Contractor saw Tapio Vuorinen - 11/08/2016

Through woodworking forums and youtube I met Triton. In January 2014 I bought the MOF001 replacing my Festool Router. A powerful machine. Especially among my DIY Router Table. Based on my experience, I bought two months ago the TWX7 with the TWXRT001 router table and the TWX S001 Contracters Saw. The table is very stable and versatile. In particular with the two miter tracks. The Contracters Saw is very precise. Dust extraction is top notch. The MOF001 in combination with the TWXRT001 is a woodworkers dream . Last month I bought the TCMBS handheld bandsaw. Also, a fine machine . To date, Triton is my brand.

The Contractor Saw in use. Frank Lems - 25/07/2016