SuperJaws XXL draagbaar klemsysteem

Robuust, volledig stalen constructie met poeder coating voor lange levensduur. Sterke 1000 kg klemkracht voor gecontroleerde klemdruk. Klem bereik 0-1000 mm / 0 - 39". Voetbediend klemmen voor handvrije bediening. Extra brede driepoot standaard voor maximale stabiliteit voor grote werkstukken.

Product eigenschappen

Omkeerbare schuifkaak voor extra brede 1000 mm klem breedte capaciteit
Urethaan kaak voor beschermende, anti-slip greep
Voetbediend klemmen maakt handen vrij voor volledige controle van de taak
Verbeterd frame en poot ontwerp voor snel opzetten en inklappen
Vrijstaand ontwerp voor 360° toegang tot het werkstuk
Driepoot standaard voor stabiliteit en veilig bedienen op ongelijke oppervlakken
Achter handvat voor gemakkelijk dragen
Vergrendel/verlosknop voor snel, gemakkelijk verlossen van de kaak
Snel verlos poten voor veilig en snel in elkaar zetten

Product specificaties

Capaciteit - maximale last 250 kg
Klemkracht 1000 kg
Afwerking Geverfd
Formaat ingeklapt - hoogte 325 mm
Formaat ingeklapt - lengte 780 mm
Formaat ingeklapt - breedte 345 mm
Materiaal - primaire constructie Staal
Hoogte 890 mm
Lengte 1005 mm
Gewicht 21,5 kg
Breedte 960 mm
Doos inhoud - 01 1 x SJA100XL SuperJaws
Doos inhoud - 02 1 x Achter handvat set
Doos inhoud - 03 1 x Handleiding


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12 Review(s)
Bought to replace an old B&D work table and this is in a different league! Solid, clamps awkward shapes and am sure will give years of service. Only minor negative is way legs clip down when folded is not as solid as rest of the build.

Superclamp Ian Disley - 19-12-2019

Bought to replace an old WorkMate bench and is clearly in a different league. Also takes up less space in workshop and car when folded. Not used much yet but is solid (heavy) and clamping system is rock solid. Only small criticism is the legs aren’t clipped into place firmly enough when folded. Looking forward to many years of DIY!

Super Jaws Ian - 5-12-2019

robust and functional product just a lack of stability on the back feet very satisfied overall

very useful Will - 22-10-2019

I have only had my SuperJaws for a short time and only used it three or four times. I really like it! It supports my work well with no wobbling or movement when sawing. If I had one thing I would like to see... It would be nice if it was lighter. It's about 50lbs and it can get tiresome for this old man. It isn't that I can't carry it, it would be more comfortable to do so if it was a little lighter.

Works For Me! Jay Amundson - 5-9-2019

This Superjaws XXL is a fantastic product. I had bought the product as an extension to the bench vise of my workbench, but the multi-functional use of the Superjaws makes my vise unnecessary. With the extreme clamping force you can hold every workpiece while working. And with the large clamping width of 1000mm, a lot is possible. Very happy with my purchase and the fantastic quality of Triton

Fantastic Steven - 1-1-2019

I bought the super clamp after considering other “workbenches”. I thought the quality clamping was the best feature. However, an extra bonus has been the tree trunk clamp heads I bought separately which for using my chainsaw on tree trunks is brilliant. Very happy.

Does a great job Brian Monk - 18-12-2018

Just another great product from a great company

Just a great produkt Kenneth Larsson - 12-11-2018

WHen I recently received the Superjaws XXL, at first I thought it was an older model. The reason I thought this is that the front leg did not have a foot, thus making it difficult to place on soft ground outdoors. The removal of the foot is, in my opinion a retrograde step. I simply do not understand why Triton would do it. Other that this, the Superjaws XXL is a sturdy device and I look forward to many years of use.

Superjaws XXL (SJA100XL) Jerome O'Driscoll - 29-6-2018

I recommend 100% Very good equipment

SJA 100XL Marqso - 27-6-2018

This is a strong, sturdy portable vice stand which has proved very useful since I got it home from the show. Best Christmas present my wife has ever bought me - thanks love xx

One of the most useful stands in the workshop Charlie - 15-12-2017

A sturdy and reliable tool. Holds everything firmly even awkward shaped logs.

Triton SupaJaws XXL Robert Stanier - 1-12-2017

Superb bit of kit.

Triton super jaws Neil Miller - 27-11-2017