RTA 300

Precisie freestafelblad

Veelzijdig freestafelblad, te gebruiken op een Triton Workcentre of onderstel. Compatibel met de meeste 1/4" en 1/2" freesmachines voor vormgeven, schaven en het maken van sponningen, profielen en groeven. Groot, stevig tafelblad met schuifstuk met afneembare verstekgeleider. Hoge geleider met microverstelling en afstandsplaatjes voor schaafwerkzaamheden. Beschermkap met stofpoort.

Product eigenschappen

Microverstellers voor een fijne geleider verstelling
Schuifstuk met afneembare gradenboog voor soepele en nauwkeurige freesdoorgangen
Dubbelzijdige gradenboog met grip tape voor extra non-slip ondersteuning met 90° bereik
Drukvingers voor een volledig verstelbare verticale en horizontale ondersteuning
Stalen frame met MDF paneel is gemakkelijk te vervangen wanneer versleten of beschadigd
Kleine en grote inzetringen voor een maximale ondersteuning van het werkstuk
In hoogte verstelbare, heldere beschermkap voor een helder zicht op de zaaglijn en een efficiënte stofontginning voor een veilig gebruik
Het tafelblad met poedercoating dient als sterk en vlak werkoppervlak met een snel-bevestigingssysteem
Stofpoort voor de aansluiting op een ontginningssysteem

Product specificaties

Stofpoort Ja
Materiaal - primaire constructie Poeder gecoat staal
Micro verstelling Ja
Hoogte 55 mm
Lengte 695 mm
Gewicht 11 kg
Breedte 560 mm
Tafel afmetingen 540 x 690 mm
Doos inhoud - 01 .
Doos inhoud - 02 .
Doos inhoud - 03 .


RTA 300

Compatibel met

JOF 001

Compacte precisie bovenfrees, 1010 W

Compacte, lichtgewicht bovenfrees, ideaal voor het frezen uit de vrije hand. Automatische as-vergrendeling voor enkelhandige freesbitvervangingen en boven de tafel draaihendel voor een snelle en fijne instelling van de freesdiepte. Voorzien van groeffrees en hoogteverstelhendel.

Meer informatie
MOF 001

Precisie bovenfrees met dubbele functie, 1400 W

Prijswinnende bovenfrees met compacte en krachtige 1400 W / 2,25 pk motor met 8000-21.000 min-1 elektronische snelheidsbehoud onder last. Snel-bevestigingspinnen in de basis voor een snelle montage op de voetplaat. Compatibel met de Triton RTA300 freestafel. Gemakkelijk in te stellen, rechtstreeks af te lezen 3-stap draaikopbegrenzer voor nauwkeurige, vooraf ingestelde freesdieptes. Omschakeling tussen vrije inval en vaste frees functie met tandheugel hoogte verstelling.

Meer informatie
TRA 001

Precisiebovenfrees met dubbele functie, 2400 W

Krachtige 2400 W/3,25 pk motor met elektronisch snelheidsbehoud. Automatische as-vergrendeling en uit-schakelaarvergrendeling bij vervanging van de freesbits. Snelle diepteverstelling met de draaihendel en fijn-afstelling met de microschroef. Snelle om schakeling naar traditionele invalfreesmode. Uitneembare veer voor eenvoudig tillen en verstellen van de machine. Efficiënte stofafvoer.

Meer informatie
DCA 300

Zaagsel opvangemmer, 23 liter

De gemakkelijk te legen emmer met een enorme 23 liter inhoud, voorkomt dat stofzuigers door zaagsel verstopt raken en vol komen te zitten. Kan op vrijwel elk product met stofpoort gebruikt worden.

Meer informatie
FJA 300

Tandverbinding freeshulpstuk

Compatibel met de Triton freestafel voor gemakkelijke, nauwkeurige en aantrekkelijke tandverbindingen. Dè eenvoudige manier voor het maken van perfecte 1/4" en 1/2" tandverbindingen in plaatdiktes van 3 mm tot 32 mm. Freest verschillende verbindingen tegelijkertijd. Te gebruiken in combinatie met de Triton freestafel, model RTA300.

Meer informatie
BJA 300


De unieke Triton lamellenfrees is snel en eenvoudig op de Triton freestafel te monteren, voor het maken van snelle, sterke en onzichtbare verbindingen. Ideaal voor afschuinen, verstek-, kant- en eindverbindingen, stuiknaden, rechte hoekverbindingen en andere soorten hoekverbingen. Wordt geleverd met een TCT frees bit en een voorraad lamellen. Extra lamellen zijn in verpakkingen van 50 (BJA050) of 500 stuks (BJA056)verkrijgbaar.

Meer informatie

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20 Review(s)
After replacing some of the plastic nuts and building an insert to stabilize my router, and a lifting device to make adjustment in use much easier ( Sketchup ref Triton RSA router table fix ). I'm now trying to improve on the inset rings! I have a reasonable bit of kit.

Review Graham Moreland - 8-2-2020

Once the router table was fitted to the work centre it proved quite sturdy I found fitting my non-Triton router pretty straight forward. I achieved much better control of depth and cutting and it was only the height winder that flummoxed me until I contacted Triton support who where quick to assist. A good purchase.

Router table RTA300 Peter Marsh - 7-11-2018

Excellent product, especially the integration between the Triton router and table. Makes life very easy, no fiddling about under the table, bit changing can all be done from above. Removing the router from the table also couldn't be easier. Very well thought out.

Precision Router Table Simon Walker - 29-8-2017

I have owned and used a Triton Mk3 saw/router workstation since the 1980s. The difficulty was adjusting the router cutting depth. This new precision router table is great. It fits my old table. Mounting the router is so simple. Much greater depth of cut possible. The feed guides make it much safer to use and the micro fence adjusters are brilliant. Dust extractuct is vastly improved. I am just sorry I can not buy the jig saw attachment to go with it.

Precision Router Table Paul Hewson - 6-3-2017

I have been pretty impressed with this router table over the three years that I have been using it! I think that the feature missing are a pin for the work-piece to sit against. Also, the plastic "fingers" are somewhat fragile; I managed to break one in the first month of of use, but none in the rest of the time that I have been using this. One of the great things about these tools is that you can, in the UK at least, buy spares of nearly every part. This means that you have the options of spending £20 every couple of years to replace bits that are worn out rather than having to replace the entire unit. My respect to Triton for this! Functionally this does everything you could ask of it from rounding over, slotting, edge planing, etc. There are also extras you can buy, like the finger jointing jig, that work well (albeit being a little fiddly to set up but this is the case with box jigs). If you have a Workcentre 2000 and want a router table then this is a no-brainer; buy yourself one of these and (preferably) one of the excellent Triton routers and you will be set.

Great Little Router Table! Mikey - 13-8-2016

I bought this for use with my triton router and it has greatly improved its versatility and eas of use. Better access for adjustments would be an improvement but otherwise it is hard to fault.

Great addition to my router Simon Crew - 2-8-2016

I bought RTA300/RSA300 & TRA001 as my first table/stand &router combination , I;m pleased with it , but the router plate could have had a pre-drilled hole for the height adjustment winder , also I'd would have a fixed table insert with a 3/4 " alloy slide extrusion . Overall a good table &stand assy .

RTA300/RSA300 shevy48 - 2-8-2016

J'ai acheté la table module de défonceuse en même temps que mon WorkCenter. Ma Bosch ACE 1400W s'y est adaptée sans problème et j'ai pu y réaliser tout ce que je voulais. J'y ai maintenant adapté une défonceuse Triton modèle TRA001 et grace au système de manivelle, je peux régler sans problème la hauteur de la fraise.

Un complément indispensable au Workcenter Vincent Cossart - 26-7-2016

Well designed and useful handy man piece of equipment. It is part of my almost full range or Triton tools.

Router table Terry Hanelt - 26-7-2016

I bought this to use with my Bosch router. It was easy to drill the insert to fit the Bosch ( I keep the router's fixed base in the router table and use the plunge base for free hand use). This is unlike most router tables, and the fine fence adjustment mechanism has proved incredibly accurate and surprisingly useful. I have managed to route joints in laminate faced boards so accurately that the joins are near invisible. The are some minor negatives. The supplied hold-downs are not very effective, and the table could do with a standard mitre slot or two. The fence can be a bit 'sticky', but a few strips of low friction tape under the fence eliminate this.

Unexpectedly capable! Will Colwyn - 25-7-2016

Very nice table in conjunction with WCA201 and MOF001. The router plate could (and should) be pre-drilled for the height adjustment winder. Also, the router bit hole could be bigger as to accept very large cutters. Overall, a very good router table for the hobbyist

RTA300 Manuel - 25-7-2016

I use it with the TRA 001 it is my first router&table and I"m very pleased with it.

RTA 300 wim schoenmaker - 25-7-2016

I purchased this table after I I purchased a TRA100 router because I was impressed by how easy it was to mount the router to the table and I had also watched a number of videos. Most of the work I have carried out using the table has been very successful, the guides and guards are effective and I have been generally pleased with the overall results. However I do own a jig for producing dovetail and finger joints which has a guide insert which can be used to adjust the tightness of the joint. The insert will fit to most other router tables but not this one. I have manufactured an insert ring that fits this table and accepts the jig insert from my joint making jig but it would be better if Triton provided a table insert ring that is compatible with other manufacturers guide inserts.

Does not accept jig inserts. Colin Harrison - 25-7-2016

I use this table with the TRA 001 and with the Triton router table stand. A very good table, easy to dismount for storage, easy to calibrate for precision routing, very stable, very sturdy. Dust extraction very good As a very big minus: I was VERY disappointed to see that the router bit hole is too small for raised panel doors cutters - all, doesn't depend on the brand! They don't fit in that hole so you can't use them unless the cutter is completely over the table which means you have to put another support board under the raised panel board to be able to cut it. Once you put another board below the board you want to make the board on top becomes a little unstable and precision routing is no longer valid. My opinion is that if someone buys the biggest router on the market and the corresponding table it should be able to use any size of cutter. I am now in discussions to convince them to make a plate with a bigger hole so that raised panel doors can be made on this table but from the first answers I'm not very confident it will happen! Depending on the solution of the request I can strongly recommend this table or don't recommend it at all.

Depends for what you want it - designed ONLY for small cutters - illogic Adrian - 25-7-2016

A year ago I was using a homemade router table, with a cheap router. I had to partially strip the router to insert my homemade lift system. Eventually the router broke because it was taken apart too many times (and the quality wasn't up to par). I was fed up with this, and so I decided to invest in some decent equipment. I'm now using this RTA 300 in combination with the TRA001 router and the BJA300 biscuit joiner. Installing the table was (fun and) easy to do. One part was broken in shipment, but the Dutch importer and Triton supplied the replacement part quickly. It saves me a lot of time, especially since I just have one router for off hand use and use with this table. Attaching and detaching the Triton router is simple and straightforward. Using the table in combination with an Triton router is a breeze. It's easy to adjust the table, attach dust extraction, and set the height of the router. I found no drift whatsoever when using it. In short: I can recommend this product!

Easy to use, lots of options Jan Arkesteijn - 25-7-2016

When using with a triton router the quick fix arrangement is easy and simple. Would have been better if fine adjustment tool access hole had been pre drilled in plate.

Router table John g - 25-7-2016

works well easy to use

router table Alan Young - 25-7-2016

Salut, Je viens de recevoir cette table et je peux vous dire que rapport qualités prix cela dépasse toute mes espérances, je l'ai installé sur mon établis maison et je la trouve génial , montage simple avec notice en français, bien-sûr trouver sur internet. Pour l'instant j'y ai installe ma défonceuse, mais je crois que dans future proche j'investirais dans une défonceuse de la marque car réglages beaucoup plus simple qu'avec ma défonceuse perso, mais bon sa marche c'est le principale. En tout je referais cette achat sans hésitation, car super produit, bravo Triton et merci. Se message et 100℅ vrai je ne reçois rien de triton, c'est juste que c'est un super produit "ACHETER LE SANS HÉSITER"

Super outils comte014 - 20-1-2015

Lets face it, efficiency is key. Nothing about traditional router setup is efficient. Always in shop for stock runs and time consuming. Do you want to make another jig, or simply start running profiles. This Table when matched with stand and a Triton router, is portable and efficient precision. I have saved thousands of dollars running my own trim profiles and fluted boards from stock. Custom floor transitions, on site and same day as flooring install. My finishing work is now the major contributor of our client referrals. Good Job Triton. Price is right. Note: Fence is good, improved factory hold down devices would have been a bonus. But with only a day invested in jigs, all issues resolved for running plank profiles and joinery.

Ease of use, reliable setup and performance. Handy - 18-1-2013

Overall this unit has been well thought out; full adjustable. I would have given it a 5 star rating except for one major problem. I use a Porter cable router with the table and the clamping system which holds the router in place does not do so securely and the router drifts off center when in use. The best way to correct this which would still allow the use of any router would be make the router plate thicker and of a wood or nylon product so the mounting screw could directly attach the router after drill the correct hole pattern. Again; no matter how tight you try to make the clamps they will and do allow the router to drift which causes each routed piece to become further and furthe out of tolerance. Have to check and recenter the router after each pass is unacceptable. This problem must be addressed before this can become a truly workable system.

RTA 300 Precision router table with stand Koatree - 30-7-2012