T12 ID

T12 Triton Rázový utahovák 12 V

Rázový utahovák T12ID nabízí rychloupínací ¼" šestihranný držák bitů pro vysoké rychlosti, který je určen pro utahování šroubů a matic při vysoké rychlosti a s vysokým krouticím momentem. Obsahuje 2 x 1,5 Ah Li-Ion baterie s články Li-ion. Inteligentní 1-hodinová nabíječka prodlužuje životnost baterie a snižuje čas nabíjení. Vestavěné LED světlo. Otáčky naprázdno 0 - 2400 otáček/minutu, počet rázů 0 - 3000 rázů/minutu, max. krouticí moment 95 Nm. Dodáváno v brašně. Hmotnost 1,1 kg (včetně baterie).

Vlastnosti produktu

Výkonný kompaktní motor pro nejlepší výkon ve své třídě a dlouhou životnost
2 x 1,5 Ah Li-Ion baterie s výkonnými články Li-ion pro prodlouženou dobu používání a téměř nepřetržitý provoz
Přesné kovové převody pro dlouhou životnost i při použití ve vysoké rychlosti a krouticím momentu
95 Nm maximální krouticí moment, 2400 otáček/minutu a 3000 rázů/minutu pro vysoký výkon při utahování šroubů a matic
Rychloupínací 1/4"/6,35 mm šestihranný držák bitů pro rychlou výměnu šroubovacích bitů a jiných utahovacích adaptérů
Inteligentní 1-hodinová nabíječka chrání nářadí, baterie i nabíječku a minimalizuje čas nabíjení
Pogumovaná tvarovaná rukojeť pro bezpečné uchopení a snížené vibrace
Rychlé 30-minutové nabití na 80% pro nabití baterie, která je tak vždy k dispozici
Vestavěné LED světlo poskytuje osvětlení i ve stísněných místech

Technické informace

Typ baterie 1,5 Ah Li-ion
Nabíječka 30 minut rychlé nabití/1 hodina plné nabití
Typ sklíčidla 1/4" šestihranná, rychloupínací
Elektronické udržení rychlosti Ano
Materiál - základní složení Nylon se skelným vláknem, pogumovaný
Otáčky naprázdno 0 - 2400 otáček/minutu
Výška 190 mm
Délka 175 mm
Hmotnost 1,1 kg
Šířka 57 mm
Hlučnost - LW 79,2 dB
Akustický tlak - LP 68,2 dB
Nastavitelná rychlost Ano
Proměnlivý krouticí moment Ano
Co je součástí balení - 01: 1 x 12V Impact driver
Co je součástí balení - 02: 2 x 1.5Ah Li-Ion batteries
Co je součástí balení - 03: 1 x Soft carry case
Co je součástí balení - 04: 1 x Charger
Co je součástí balení - 05: 1 x Instruction manual

Příslušenství, které je součástí balení

1,5 Ah Li-Ion baterie


T12 ID

Kompatibilní s

T12 B

T12 1,5 Ah Li-Ion baterie 12 V

Triton T12 1,5 Ah Li-Ion baterie s 1-hodinovou rychlonabíječkou. Kompatibilní se sortimentem Triton T12.

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Vysoce kapacitní baterie 3,0 Ah 12V

Vysoce kapacitní baterie nabízí dvojnásobnou výdrž pro Triton T12 řadu. Při jejím použití je možné nářadí postavit kolmo (vytvoří stabilní základnu). Nabíjení 90 minut.

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14 Review(s)
The ergonomic design and build quality are excellent, as you would expect from Triton products. With variable speed and torque settings plus extra battery and fast charge means all types of jobs can be completed quickly and efficiently. All this and a great carrying case as well!

Professional Quality Dave Harris - 06.11.2018

People had spoken of your products excellent build quality, and now being an owner of the T12 Driver, I appreciate how good it really is, and the extra touch with the carrying case was great. I found it very easy to use, and the extra battery is a real bonus. Highly recommended, excellent quality and value.

What an Impact! David Harris - 24.10.2018

Solid well worked out product. Cant go wrong with this.

Drill and screw duo Derek Jones - 23.10.2018

I really love it. Except for one thing, the rubber ring on the front drops off.

Great product! Johan Kuiper - 10.04.2018

I bought both drill and impact driver together. My first use of them was on a wooden carcass in which wood was joined by metal braces & screws. It was really helpful to have two drivers, one for drilling, the other for screwdriving, as it avoided the need to change drill bit for screwdriver bit. Impact driver did a splendid job. 5 out of 5. Drill driver is also proving useful on other tasks. One slight reservation is that it does not have the same speed as my (50-year old) mains drill. Apart from that it's very good. 4 out of 5. Here are one or two minor points you might like to think about for when you're next redesigning these products: 1. Both drivers have a direction-changing switch which is in a place where it can be accidentally knocked by the top of the hand. When You might like to redesign it so that this can't happen. 2. Drill driver does not have a button which holds the trigger down without continually exerting finger pressure. This could be useful. 3. Occasionally one wants to drill a hole which is horizontal. Including a spirit level might be something for a more expensive model, but you could get the same effect by having a long edge on top of the drill casing which a separate spirit level can be placed on.

Impact driver and Drill driver David Carlisle - 11.03.2018

I would recommend this to anyone that's into retro woodworking using a lot of bolt & nut assemblies.

Very Handy Little Driver for all round jobs. Theo - 09.02.2018

I used the driver for the first time this week, and was thrilled to see how well it worked, it had plenty power. I have spoiled myself with this purchase as my drill I was using is about 20 years old.

T12 Impact DriverI Neil Holley - 26.10.2017

I've been wanting an impact driver for a while and I'm so glad I got one this driver its REALLY good I was surprised how quick it drives the screws in and I was worried at first that the battery's wouldn't last long but I didn't even need to change the battery once and it did a lot of work I was surprised how long it lasted. I am so glad I got this driver and have used it every day since I've bought it.

Great bit of kit! Shane - 24.02.2017

Very impressed with this tool. Got it just over a week ago and it has already saved me lots of time at work. It is well balanced ,powerful, and the battery seems to last quite a long time as well. I would definitely recommend this tool to professionals and diy enthusiasts

impact driver tony kent - 14.01.2017

Bought a router first and is without doubt one of the best of the many I have encountered. Needed replacement drill drivers and hey ho gave Triton a try.....Guess what...Yes brilliant but this time.....No surprise ! Experience is a great educator.😀

What a pleasant surprise ! David Heath - 13.01.2017

Quite impressive, was a bit skeptic because, bought this without being able to test or even know the real size of it. Had a view DIY jobs to finish in my vacation and was in need extra tools. This one defiantly helped to get the job done.

Quite impressive Kobus Köhne - 26.12.2016

very good price when bought as a twin offer, comfortable to handle with enough grunt for my needs

T12 impact driver William Sayer - 27.11.2016

Perfect for the job

Impact driver Marco Ducci - 14.11.2016

I bought this in a set wit the t12 drill driver and use them both, This impact driver is powerfull it is even stronger then the one i bought from another brand a blue one from bosch don't know the type nr out of my head. All in all a great little impact driver

Powerfull little thing. Daniel Hofstede - 25.07.2016