SJA 100E

Superjaws - přenosný stojanový svěrák

Robustní, práškově lakovaná celo-ocelová konstrukce pro dlouhodobé užívání. Výkonný upínací mechanismus s upínací silou 1000 kg pro kontrolované upnutí. Rozsah upnutí 0 - 955 mm/0 - 37 1/2". Nohou ovládaný upínací systém umožňuje upnutí bez použití rukou. Extra široká základna v podobě trojnožky pro stabilní podepření i velkých materiálů.

Vlastnosti produktu

Oboustranná pohyblivá čelist pro upnutí až do šířky 955 mm
Uretanové krytky čelistí pro pevné upnutí bez poškození
Nohou ovládané upínání vám uvolní ruce pro plnou kontrolu nad materiálem
Vylepšený rám a design nohou umožňuje složení a rozložení v rámci sekund
Přenosný pracovní ponk umožňuje přístup k práci z 360°
Základna v podobě trojnožky pro stabilní podepření a bezpečnou práci i na nerovném povrchu
Zámek upnutí umožňuje rychlé a bezproblémové uvolnění sevření čelistí
Snadné rozložení nohou pro bezpečné a rychlé sestavení
Mocná upínací síla 1000 kg a nosnost až 200 kg

Technické informace

Nosnost - maximální zatížení 200 kg
Upínací síla 1000 kg
Způsob upnutí Nohou ovládané upínání
Povrch Lakované
Výška ve složeném stavu 295 mm
Délka ve složeném stavu 810 mm
Šířka ve složeném stavu 330 mm
Materiál - základní složení Ocel
Výška 980 mm
Délka 880 mm
Hmotnost 14,5 kg
Šířka 860 mm
Co je součástí balení - 01: 1 x svěrák SuperJaws
Co je součástí balení - 02: 1 x návod



18 Review(s)
This super jaw is Brillant great grip easy to lock and unlock jaws folds away and takes little storage room

Great grip Dave - 13.02.2020

this portable clamping system as Great Grip holds the logs well for cutting very easy to lock and unlock item in vice

Great Grip Dave Green - 30.01.2020

Fully staisfied, no problems, works as expected.

Fully satistied Marek Prikryl - 13.12.2019

I am fully satisfied.

SuperJaws Portable Clamping System Marek Prikryl - 29.11.2019

Great tool, solid, robust, versatile, compact, It’s ideal tool for home and professional use. Much better than a standard work mate or bench. I would highly recommend it.

Triton super jaws Perry - 15.08.2019

I've wanted to have a go at power tool wood carving for some time and needed a really sturdy clamp/bench that would allow me more freedom of access than a traditional bench. The superjaws is very well made, really strong and super easy to use. I didn't find another product that came close for what I wanted. Using chainsaw type cutters on an angle grinder and discs which carve wood like butter means an extremely sturdy, stable and safe method of securing large sections of wood is essential. Superjaws is perfect for the job and I'm having so much fun "playing" at carving and finding how versatile this clamping system is.

Brilliant tool Bronte Roberts - 10.08.2019

i am very happy i purchased the jaws . it has helped me when i do not have a vice when i need it.

super jaws roy ludlow - 07.01.2019

since purchasing the jaws i have found them to be invaluable. i can hold the smallest article to a large sheet of timber with out it over balancing. i find the height just right for me even sitting on a chair. the jaws are easy to fold and move to a storage corner. the neighbours marvel at the small space it takes up and how quick i assemble it. a neighbour has a large table with a vice on it, he says it takes up too much room just for a vice. he is thinking of purchasing a super jaws himself.

super jaws roy ludlow - 24.12.2018

I hesitated a year ago, wish I hadn't. I have one of these now, can't believe I waited so long. This is a fantastic bit of kit, I can't speak highly enough of it. I bought it and the log jaws, what a team we make, super happy, it is steady, solidly built, EASY to use with the hands free clamping being almost as good as having an extra pair of hands around. Nice!

Do it, don't hesitate! Cecilia King - 17.11.2018

Had my eye on one of these for a while, years actually. Bought one finally and I am kicking myself for having waited so long. I have used this with the log jaws on for cutting logs up with a chainsaw, steady as a rock and the jaws worked a treat. In standard mode have done hours of power carving and the clamped wood stays clamped now matter what! The ability to clamp work hands free is where this marvels contraption more than earns its place in my workshop, I can work alone AND safely now. It folds away easily and takes up very little space, fits in the boot of my car very easily too. Clamping in a horizontal board means I can even extend my Worki top space when I need it. This machine holds work in place, is sturdy and helps me be safer. Why did I wait?!? I highly recommend this great piece of kit, wish I had bought one earlier.

I should not have waited this long! Cecilia King - 06.11.2018

This kit is superb - very sturdy, very easy one'handed use and great value. Makes me wonder how I managed without these really

Excellent 'extra pair of hands' Anthony Robinson - 06.11.2018

Should have purchased them sooner very easily assembled a roubust great product

Supper jaws Colin Roe - 16.06.2018

Very good product. Easy to use and very functional for various jobs. I am using it almost every weekend with my other sja100xxl.

Sja100e Simon - 16.05.2018

Excellent piece of kit. Very sturdy and strongly made. Very easy to use and dismantle. I'm sure it'll last for years to come.

Superjaws clamping station. Robert Johnstone - 11.04.2018

i bought the super jaws system to add to my workflow as a green wood worker and it is brilliant. i also purchased the log jaws which i swop in and out as i us the jaws to do many different tasks from small pieces of wood to sawing logs up. it works flawlessly.

superjaws for green woodworking sean - 31.03.2018

Oh, where have you been in my life!! For the last couple of years I have looked at Super Jaws in catalogues, and I could not think they could safely hold large pieces of wood safely. Then I went to a Wood Show in Indianapolis, IN. The Arbortech people were using the Super Jaws to hold a log for Arbortech demonstrations. I was so impressed with the Super Jaws. After my purchase of a tool, the Arbortech people pointed me in the direction of the Triton booth. And they were at half price. That was a no-brainer. The Super Jaws holds my large irregular shaped pieces of wood with no problems. But I do have 2 suggestions. 1- Adjustable legs. I am 5'5". It's a bit of a reach to get into the top of a piece of wood. 2- Splay the front legs out a little more for total stability. Thank you for being at Indianapolis! And FYI, I keep showing all my friends my "new toy". They are not wood workers, but they are impressed. Lindsay Unique & Unusual Woodcarvings

Triton Super Jaws Lindsay E. Frost - 14.03.2018

After 10 minutes frustration (and a read of the instructions) these are great - no more wobbly saw horses for me. Strong, sturdy and stable and easy to use. Heavy, but thats what makes it strong and stable. Surprised how many uses I have found for it so far

Superjaws: Bite like a bulldog! Martin Silman - 23.11.2017

Super outil, de bonne qualité

Trés bon outil Pierre-Marie - 10.11.2017