Superjaws XXL – přenosný stojanový svěrák

Robustní, práškově lakovaná celo-ocelová konstrukce pro dlouhodobé užívání. Výkonný upínací mechanismus s upínací silou 1000 kg pro kontrolované upnutí. Rozsah upnutí 0 - 1000 mm/0 - 39". Nohou ovládaný upínací systém umožňuje upnutí bez použití rukou. Extra široká základna v podobě trojnožky pro stabilní podepření i velkých materiálů.

Vlastnosti produktu

Oboustranná pohyblivá čelist pro upnutí až do šířky 1000 mm
Uretanové krytky čelistí pro pevné upnutí bez poškození
Nohou ovládané upínání vám uvolní ruce pro plnou kontrolu nad materiálem
Vylepšený rám a design nohou umožňuje složení a rozložení v rámci sekund
Přenosný pracovní ponk umožňuje přístup k práci z 360°
Základna v podobě trojnožky pro stabilní podepření a bezpečnou práci i na nerovném povrchu
Zadní rukojeť pro snadné přenášení
Zámek upnutí umožňuje rychlé a bezproblémové uvolnění sevření čelistí
Snadné rozložení nohou pro bezpečné a rychlé sestavení

Technické informace

Nosnost - maximální zatížení 250 kg
Upínací síla 1000 kg
Povrch Lakované
Výška ve složeném stavu 325 mm
Délka ve složeném stavu 780 mm
Šířka ve složeném stavu 345 mm
Materiál - základní složení Ocel
Výška 890 mm
Délka 1005 mm
Hmotnost 21,5 kg
Šířka 960 mm
Co je součástí balení - 01: 1 x SJA100XL Svěrák SuperJaws
Co je součástí balení - 02: 1 x zadní rukojeť
Co je součástí balení - 03: 1 x návod



23 Review(s)
A very good tool. I am very happy that I found them on the Internet. I bought them without hesitation. I recommend It is useful in everyday use.

A great tool Mariusz Maluha - 15.04.2020

Really useful bit of kit, stable and strong, also useful that log jaws are available which I will purchase at some point in the future

Excellent piece of kit M rayner - 06.04.2020

I love this clamp. It works exactly as expected. I don’t fold it daily, but it’s relatively easy to move around when unfolded. The clamping force is strong and consistent. I’m a DIYer, but it’s very easy to use for me. Great tool.

Great, simple, reliable tool. Alexander - 27.03.2020

Ideal. Strongly built, stable, and so convenient to access the job.

Superjaws xxl Paul Ainsworth - 19.03.2020

I work alone this tool is like having an extra person

Superjaw ray ferreira - 05.03.2020

the perfect tool for clamping African thrones produced in our workshop. Thank you.

African Thrones Paichl - 29.02.2020

This superjaws xxl is a tough bit of kit , fairly easy to assemble and fold and heavy enough to be sturdy . My only gripe was the front legs don't engage in the locked position when folded but a bungee cord has done that

Strong bit of kit John McLoughlin - 28.02.2020

Great bit of kit. Easy to use and very good clamping force will keep the work piece dead still.folds down compact to store away. Love the foot lever too, saves you bending down all the time. All in all great addition to my workshop would highly recommend.

Triton super jaws xxl Ben rogers - 25.02.2020

I bought recently this portable tool from Triton. Great, simple to use and heavy duty built tool for multi-purpose usage. I do recommend!

Super Jaws XXL Clamping system - Great tool for everybody Radek Svoboda - 20.02.2020

Purchased for site carpentry, it's like a second pair hands, solidly holds wood while you work. It is a nice working height so you are not always bending. It could do with a frame to hold the rear leg while working on a hard surface, not sure if you can get one as an option. I would recommend this product for anyone requiring a vice like grip to hold materials safe while you work.

Superjaws XXL Tim - 13.02.2020

Once I decided on the need of a portable clamping system, I put a great deal of research into finding the best bang for the buck. I’ve had the SuperJaws XXL for a little over a month and am very satisfied with it. Not sure how I managed all these years without it.

Super jaws XXL Gordon Boardman - 05.02.2020

Bought to replace an old B&D work table and this is in a different league! Solid, clamps awkward shapes and am sure will give years of service. Only minor negative is way legs clip down when folded is not as solid as rest of the build.

Superclamp Ian Disley - 19.12.2019

Bought to replace an old WorkMate bench and is clearly in a different league. Also takes up less space in workshop and car when folded. Not used much yet but is solid (heavy) and clamping system is rock solid. Only small criticism is the legs aren’t clipped into place firmly enough when folded. Looking forward to many years of DIY!

Super Jaws Ian - 05.12.2019

robust and functional product just a lack of stability on the back feet very satisfied overall

very useful Will - 22.10.2019

I have only had my SuperJaws for a short time and only used it three or four times. I really like it! It supports my work well with no wobbling or movement when sawing. If I had one thing I would like to see... It would be nice if it was lighter. It's about 50lbs and it can get tiresome for this old man. It isn't that I can't carry it, it would be more comfortable to do so if it was a little lighter.

Works For Me! Jay Amundson - 05.09.2019

This Superjaws XXL is a fantastic product. I had bought the product as an extension to the bench vise of my workbench, but the multi-functional use of the Superjaws makes my vise unnecessary. With the extreme clamping force you can hold every workpiece while working. And with the large clamping width of 1000mm, a lot is possible. Very happy with my purchase and the fantastic quality of Triton

Fantastic Steven - 01.01.2019

I bought the super clamp after considering other “workbenches”. I thought the quality clamping was the best feature. However, an extra bonus has been the tree trunk clamp heads I bought separately which for using my chainsaw on tree trunks is brilliant. Very happy.

Does a great job Brian Monk - 18.12.2018

Just another great product from a great company

Just a great produkt Kenneth Larsson - 12.11.2018

WHen I recently received the Superjaws XXL, at first I thought it was an older model. The reason I thought this is that the front leg did not have a foot, thus making it difficult to place on soft ground outdoors. The removal of the foot is, in my opinion a retrograde step. I simply do not understand why Triton would do it. Other that this, the Superjaws XXL is a sturdy device and I look forward to many years of use.

Superjaws XXL (SJA100XL) Jerome O'Driscoll - 29.06.2018

I recommend 100% Very good equipment

SJA 100XL Marqso - 27.06.2018

This is a strong, sturdy portable vice stand which has proved very useful since I got it home from the show. Best Christmas present my wife has ever bought me - thanks love xx

One of the most useful stands in the workshop Charlie - 15.12.2017

A sturdy and reliable tool. Holds everything firmly even awkward shaped logs.

Triton SupaJaws XXL Robert Stanier - 01.12.2017

Superb bit of kit.

Triton super jaws Neil Miller - 27.11.2017