Ein Paar Schraubzwingen zur Befestigung des Werkstücks an der Führungsschiene. Zur Verwendung mit der Triton-Tauchsäge TTS1400. Jede Zwinge nimmt eine Länge von 25 mm auf der Führungsschiene ein.


Technische Daten

Höhe 190 mm
Länge 320 mm
Gewicht 0,763 kg
Breite 30 mm
Lieferumfang - 01 2 x Work Clamps 320mm


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Purchased a Triton Plunge Saw and 1500mm tracks and these clamps. They make the difference in ensuring you get a clean cut with the track saw when breaking down large sheets of plywood or when you’re trying to do precision cuts. Absolutely keep the tracks in place. These are a must have with the plunge saw and track system.

Clamps make the difference Randy Walton - 21.03.2020

Finally decided I needed a track/plunge saw for a specific project where I needed to attack, break down, and triumph over 50 sheets of good Marine plywood for the interior of a new studio for my artsy wife and a workshop/home office for me. My circular saw and a 2x4 were not in the cards. I shopped extensively and while I loved the Mafell and Festool, they were way beyond the price performance curve for me. So the finalists were DeWALT, Makita and Triton. Each had good points But in the main, Triton won hands down. My retailer put together a package that was way beyond anything the other guys had for a similar price. Now after about 20 sheets of 12mm plywood, a laminate kitchen counter, an oak door and a sheet of 40mm birch plywood, I am over the moon with the Triton. Perfect alignment on the 2x 1500mm tracks, scribe function is clean and sharp and the finished cuts have smooth with no tear outs. The ONLY downside is good feature too... that’s the anti kickback. It works but it’s a little clumsy... but my wife likes the orange colour! Now, nothing can be perfect, So would like to get a couple accessories but hard finding a retailer here in Australia (original home of Triton apparently) that carry anything but the tools themselves. So maybe online sales Triton?

Triton TTS1400 Track Saw... just plain terrific. Randy Walton - 21.03.2020

Excellent product. The clamps fit my DeWalt track perfectly and they come at a much cheaper price than the DeWalt. Well made sturdy product, highly recommended

Track saw track clamps Alan Hughes - 07.06.2018

Excellent value for money. I bought these clamps for use with my DeWalt track saw. They fit perfectly well and do the job of much more expensive DeWalt clamps

Work Clamps Alan Hughes - 24.05.2018

Super produit, la mise en œuvre est très facile et procure une très bonne tenue. Je recommande vivement l'utilisation de ces éléments pour des coupes parfaites.

Serre-joints pour le rail de guidage Jedrzejowski - 13.04.2018

Strong and sturdy clamps that do the job. Work well with the saw track.

Good clamps Eric Evers - 16.10.2017

The clamps work well in the tracks for the saw keeps them steady. Feels better then the pair I used before.

Quality clamps Eric Evers - 03.10.2017

Use these for clamping straight edge timber to work as guide for circular saw or router as I don't have specific tracks. Really slim so don't get in the way of the tools. Very sturdy clamp action.

Great set of clamps Rob - 28.07.2017