TWX7LB Workcentre Lite

Versatile woodworking station with a multitude of accessories for tackling any woodworking task. Built-in mains-isolated switch connector for connecting power tools, with knee-off stop button function. Easy-to-fit module inserts quickly transform the function of the Workcentre. Module levelling screws for simple surface level calibration result in a perfectly flat work surface. Positioning wheels improve manoeuvrability, for small position adjustments. Folds down compactly for convenient transportation.

Product Features

Versatile woodworking station with a multitude of accessories for the capacity to tackle any woodworking task
Built-in mains isolator switch with knee-off function for connecting power tools
Easy to fit module inserts quickly transform the Workcentre into a variety of bench-mounted tools
Positioning wheels greatly improve manoeuvrability for small position adjustments
Module levelling screws for perfect surface calibration
Folds down compactly for convenient transportation and storage
Dual T-track rails for accessory mounting compatible with leading accessory systems
Aluminium extruded side rails for future extension accessories
Purpose-built storage hangers for convenient and tidy storage of accessories

Technical Specification

Capacity - Maximum Load 150kg
Finish ABS
Folded Size - Height 320mm
Folded Size - Length 1045mm
Folded Size - Width 730mm
Material - Primary Construction #45 Carbon steel
Power 3500W
Product Height 910mm
Product Length 1045mm
Product Weight 30kg
Product Width 730mm
Standing Size - Height 910mm
Standing Size - Length 1045mm
Standing Size - Width 730mm
What's in the box - 01 1 x WorkCentre Lite
What's in the box - 02 1 x AU cord set 10A
What's in the box - 04 4 x Clamp stops
What's in the box - 05 5 x Tool props
What's in the box - 06 1 x Hex key
What's in the box - 07 1 x Manual


Compatible With

TWX7 RT001

TWX7 Router Table Module

Precision router table module specifically designed for TWX7 Workcentre. Compatible with all three Triton plunge routers (TRA001, MOF001 and JOF001) for shaping, planing, rebating, trenching, moulding and grooving. Extruded aluminium main fence and adjustable side fences. Features micro adjusters, rotating cruciform fence spacers, safety guard and dust extractor connector. Includes quick set horizontal (2) and vertical featherboards (2). Easy assembly and configuration. Combined with TWX7 Workcentre achieves a full featured Router Table capable of professional results. High quality materials and components ensure a long life. Fully supported by optional accessories for extending functionality.

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TWX7 CS001

TWX7 1750W Contractor Saw Module 254mm

Precision contractor saw module designed for use with the Workcentre TWX7, resulting in a full-featured saw table capable of professional results. Powerful 1800W motor and precision 254mm TCT blade. Accurate 86mm blade height adjustment and 0-45° bevel angle adjustment for performing complex bevel cuts. Protractor gauge and rip fence for performing rip cuts, cross cuts and mitre cuts. Dust extraction port located below the table surface for efficient, unobtrusive dust removal. Easy to assemble and configure and fully supported by optional accessories for extending functionality.

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TWX7 PS001

TWX7 910W Project Saw 127mm

910W sliding or fixed 127mm (5") dia circular saw that functions as a bench tool or TWX7 Workcentre module. Cast aluminium base with both metric and imperial graduations plus steel double-bar saw head mounting. Fine-toothed blade leaves a clean, smooth edge. Saw locks in place for table saw mode or free moving for a wider range of mitre and cross cuts when used with the supplied protractor fence with built-in quick release clamp. Up to 22mm cutting depth. Perfect for accurate, fast cutting of many materials including laminates, flooring, decorative wood and skirting board. Includes blade, protractor fence, quick clamp, dust bag, blade key, push stick and TWX7 module fittings.

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TWX7 CT001

TWX7 Clamping Table Module

Fitted with 40 x 3/4" (19 - 20mm) dog holes. Universal compatibility with bench dogs, clamps and anchors. Easily configured for a wide range of woodworking applications. Holes also usable for dust and chippings extraction. Compatible with TWX7 Workcentre.

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TWX7 Side Support

Side support bracket with chrome plated tubes, to prevent corrosion. Adjustable reach to support the workpiece. Useful when dealing with large projects. 600mm maximum side extension (from table centreline).

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TWX7 Outfeed Support

Outfeed support bracket with chrome plated tubes, to prevent corrosion. Adjustable reach to support the workpiece. Useful when performing rip cuts, or dealing with large projects. 670mm maximum outfeed extension (from table centreline).

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TWX7 Rugged Transit Kit

Large diameter rugged transit wheel attachment for the workcentre chassis, suitable for transit across uneven terrain. Grooved tread pattern running the circumference of the wheel, ensuring maximum traction at all times. Internal bush insert design keep the wheels perfectly concentric to the axle, minimising wear and tracking deficiencies. External wheel covers protect the axle and fastening components from dirt and debris. Durable ABS moulded rugged transit handle. Pivot mounted for user comfort whilst in use. Large diameter handle mount ensures forces are distributed evenly during transit.

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3 Review(s)
I have a small workshop which every square foot is at a premium. The Workcentre has earned its' floorspace. I use the workcentre as a sturdy work platform for small and large projects using the project saw, sander, router, scroll saw and assorted hand tools. I love the Workcentre.

A great product Denis Brown - 18/12/2019

The Workcentre is the perfect addition to my small workshop where every square foot is precious. The Workcentre earns it place as a multitasking base with the clamping module and Project saw.

Nicely done Denis Brown - 4/12/2019

Excellent product safe accurate cutting , light transportable robust construction. dust extraction is poor making 4 stars instead of 5

twx7lb cs001 Barry Edwards - 24/10/2017