TS Shelf Pin Jig

Simple slot-together system for joining 2 or more jigs. 7 drill guides spaced at 32mm intervals. Ideal for creating locating holes on adjustable shelving units such as cabinets and bookshelves. Incorporates retractable 30mm and 50mm side stops, plus a reinforced clamping zone. Includes pin, drill bit, collar and hex key, stored in the unit.

Product Features

7 drill guides for faster drilling on longer workpieces
Integrated retractable side stops at 30 and 50mm for setting accurate distance from edge of workpiece
Slot-together system joins two or more jigs without fixings for larger workpieces
Reinforced clamping zone for added strength and safety
Locating pin for easy hole referencing
Standard size 6mm (1/4") hole for standardised use
Equally spaced 32mm (1-1/4") holes for consistent shelf pin spacing

Technical Specification

Material - Primary Construction Plastic
Product Height 23cm
Product Length 9cm
Product Weight 290g
Product Width 2.7cm
What's in the box - 01 1 x Jig
What's in the box - 02 1 x Drill Bit
What's in the box - 03 1 x Collar & Hex Key
What's in the box - 04 1 x Cardboard box



1 Review(s)
Drilled one side of the shelf and by drilling the Other side i found that on the other side one can not use the side guidence of 30 and 50 mm because if one does the holes do not match

Not quite as expected Peter de Boer - 09/04/2021