TSP L152

1100W Surface Planer 152mm

Powerful 1100W surface planer for smooth planing of wood and plastic surfaces. Large 152mm planing width with 771 x 250mm table surface. Dual-bladed cutting block removes material at 16,000cpm with a maximum depth of cut in a single pass at 3.2mm. Extruded aluminium fence tilts 45 - 135° with preset stops. Includes guide fence, blade drum guard, push stick, 2 x push blocks, hex spanner and 2 x hex keys. Dust port dimensions: Inner 57mm, Outer 60mm.

Product Features

Easy, accurate setting of cutting depth to a maximum pass of 3.2mm
Bench mounting holes allow the base to be securely fixed in a workshop
Dust extraction port connects to external dust extractors for a safer and cleaner work environment
Large infeed and outfeed tables provide support for longer workpieces
Circuit breaker for electrical safety
Dual blade cutting block for fast material removal and finer finish for jointing
Extruded aluminium fence tilts 45 - 135° for versatile and accurate planing
Push stick and push blocks promote safer working with more control over workpiece
Blade guard drum reduces chance of kickback

Technical Specification

Angle Adjustment Range 90°, 45° and 135°
Depth Adjustment 0 - 3.2mm
Drilling Depth 0 - 3.2mm
Dust Extraction Yes
Guide Guide plate: "Material : aluminum. Color: silver Total Length Size: 101.7mm. The hole distance :102 (±0.05)mm. The hole inner Dia: 2--?10(+0.15/+0.05) mm Width: 41.4±0.2mm.8.2(+0.1/0) mm Appearance is smooth, without burr, crack, scratch"
Material - Primary Construction Casting aluminium
No Load Speed 8000rpm
Planing Depth 0-3.2mm
Planing Width 0-152.4mm
Power 1100W
Product Height 380mm
Product Length 965mm
Product Weight 19.4kg
Product Width 505mm
Sound Power LW 107.3dB
Sound Pressure LP 94.3dB
Table Size 771 x 260 x 70.7mm
What's in the box - 01 1 x TSPL152 1100W Surface Planer 152mm
What's in the box - 02 2 x Handles
What's in the box - 03 1 x Blade Guard
What's in the box - 04 1 x Blade Guard Arm
What's in the box - 05 2 x Push Blocks
What's in the box - 06 1 x Push Stick
What's in the box - 07 1 x Guide Fence
What's in the box - 08 1 x Guide Fence Attachment Kit
What's in the box - 09 1 x Double End Wrench (10mm & 12mm)
What's in the box - 10 1 x Hex Spanner
What's in the box - 11 1 x Instruction Manual
What's in the box - 12 1 x Instruction Manual

Included Accessories

1 x TSPL152 1100W Surface Planer 152mm
2 x Handles
1 x Blade Guard
1 x Blade Guard Arm
2 x Push Blocks
1 x Push Stick
1 x Guide Fence
1 x Guide Fence Attachment Kit
1 x Double End Wrench (10mm & 12mm)
1 x Hex Spanner
1 x Instruction Manual


TSP L152


10 Review(s)
Had this device just over 18months now. Initially very impressed. The indeed and out feed table were co-planer to about 0.1mm over the entire length of the outfield table. Seemed to work fine initially but was taking more of the front of the work piece than the back. I actually started finishing workpieces with my number 7 hand-plane. Anyway I eventually investigated a bit further, the blades were too low, less than a mm but still to low. I (eventually) adjusted then and it now cuts much better. BUT a word of warning, the bolts holding the blade seemed to have thread lock applied. I eventually got all but 2 bolts out intact but I had to resort to cutting a slot in the last two and using a drift to tap them loose. This ruined the bolts. The bolts looked like M6 with a 1.25mm thread pitch (a very odd size), they are not! They are imperial UNC 1/4 2o tpi. All this typing is to assist others if they hit this problem. I didn’t expect imperial bolts !

Not bad Simon Gardiner - 19/03/2023

I don't know what I ever did without this planer. It's the business. It is well made and solid piece of kit. The blade height adjuster is good and the fence allows you to make accurate angle cuts. The dust extractor port collects the vast majority of dust with little spilling out elsewhere. I mounted the planer on a table with castors so I can wheel it wherever I want it. I am more than satisfied with my new baby.

Love it! Ian Simm - 24/09/2022

I haven't test it properly, but it seems like a good tool. The large handle is broken during installing the paner, and one of the cutter have some signs, but the rest is just fine.

Nice tool Dragos - 18/03/2022

Excellent Surface Planer, would definitely recommend.

1100W Surface Planer 152mm (6") Mark Butterfield - 24/02/2022

Very good!

Triton tspl152 Radoslaw - 14/02/2022

Good and polished equipment

Triton tspl152 Radoslaw - 13/02/2022

I have't used it yet, looks great for the price.It great to purchase a tool where you don't have spend time setting it up its all done for you.This is another Triton tool I have purchased to go with my Thickness Planer and My Mitre Saw.All purchased from FFX try thier prices.

TSPL152 William Cape - 26/12/2021

J'ai acquis cette dégauchisseuse depuis plusieurs mois, j'en suis entièrement satisfait. Elle est très ergonomique.

Bon matériel Olmo Cédric - 30/04/2021

Heb hem enige maanden en ben zeer tevreden. De aanslag is lastig vast te zetten maar na wat aanpassingen werkt dat ok. Uiteraard is de bank niet voor het grote werk maar voor meubelwerk zeer geschikt. Makkelijk op te bergen. Echter jammer dat de ondersteuning van triton te wensen overlaat. Zij hebben nog steeds mijn vraag niet beantwoord. De vraag is waar zijn vervanging beitels te koop onder welk nummer. Verder is het apparaat de moeite waard voor aanschaf.

Prima schaafbankje Rob van Campen - 19/04/2021

First impressions are that it works exactly as it should. Bought it after watching John Clothier's unboxing, setup and review video of it on YouTube, which also gives helpful additional instructions for setting it up. Complements my Triton TPT125 thicknesser. One minor thing: When I first attempted to attach the longer of the two tightening components by pulling back its handle and twisting its long bolt into place (you'll know what I mean if/when you get there), the spring mechanism in the handle failed. This meant that the handle still worked but that it now dangled rather than being held in place. The easy fix for this if this happens to you is to disassemble the component by removing the shorter hex-head bolt from it and then reassemble it.

Nice little machine Chris B - 02/12/2020