JOF 001

1010W Compact Precision Plunge Router

Lightweight, compact router ideal for free-hand work. Automatic spindle lock for one-handed bit changes and above-the-table height winder for quick fine tuning of the depth setting. Supplied with straight bit and height adjustment winder.

Product Features

1/2", 12mm and 6mm collet for a greater range of bit fitment
1010W / 1-1/2hp electronically controlled motor for precision cutting
Automatic spindle lock engages only when the power switch cover is closed
Soft start and variable speed provides the perfect speed for all cutter types
Safety switch shutter locks closed in bit-change mode to prevent router being switched on
Micro winder enables continuous fine depth adjustment through the full plunge range
Single wrench bit change through the base is achieved with the automatic spindle lock
Electronic speed control ensures a fine finish on all materials
3-stage turret with direct reading scales for precise pre-set cut depths
Excellent dust extraction for a cleaner, safer working environment
Multi-function fence provides optimum control for hand-held use and circle cutting
Quick fit pins for fast fitment and removal from the fence and RTA300 Router Table
Side air vents reduce intake of dust into the motor casing when mounted upside-down in a router table
Fully enclosed guarding provides maximum protection from the cut zone and assists dust extraction
Easy access brushes allows changing of worn brushes

Technical Specification

Depth Adjustment Micro winder and conventional free plunge
Electronic Speed Maintenance Yes
Guide Yes
Micro Adjustment Infinite
No Load Speed 21,000rpm
Plunge Range 0 - 59mm
Power 1010W
Power On Indicator Neon
Product Height 270mm
Product Length 162mm
Product Weight 5kg
Product Width 280mm
Safety Power Switch Integrated Safety Switch
Sound Power LW 100.8dB
Sound Pressure LP 89.8dB
Speed Maintenance Under Load 8000 - 21,000rpm
What's in the box - 01 1 x JOF001 1010W Plunge Router
What's in the box - 02 1 x Multi-Function Fence
What's in the box - 03 1 x Collet Wrench
What's in the box - 04 1 x Extended Baseplate
What's in the box - 05 1 x 1/4" collet
What's in the box - 06 1 x 12mm Collet
What's in the box - 07 1 x 6mm Collet
What's in the box - 08 1 x Table Height Winder
What's in the box - 09 1 x Instruction Manual
What's in the box - 10 Yes

Included Accessories

1 x JOF001 1010W Plunge Router
1 x Multi-Function Fence
1 x Collet Wrench
1 x Extended Baseplate
1 x 1/4" collet
1 x 12mm Collet
1 x 6mm Collet
1 x Table Height Winder
1 x Instruction Manual


JOF 001

Compatible With

TGA 250

Template Guide Kit 12pce

Machined, chrome-plated brass guide bushes and chrome-plated steel guide plates. Ventilated guide bushes for optimised dust extraction. Includes 8 guide bushes (OD 5/16", 3/8", 7/16”, 1/2", 5/8", 51/64", 3/4" & 30mm), alignment bush (porter cable adaptor), table spacer and 2 x M4 screws.

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TRT A001

Router Track Adaptor

Robust chrome-plated base plate and guide rails provide a sturdy structure when combined with the impact-resistant plastic. Quick-fastening mechanism ensures minimal time and complexity in fixing the router to the track rail. Compatible with the entire Triton Precision Plunge Router Range.

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TWX7 RT001

TWX7 Router Table Module

Precision router table module specifically designed for TWX7 Workcentre. Compatible with all three Triton plunge routers (TRA001, MOF001 and JOF001) for shaping, planing, rebating, trenching, moulding and grooving. Extruded aluminium main fence and adjustable side fences. Features micro adjusters, rotating cruciform fence spacers, safety guard and dust extractor connector. Includes quick set horizontal (2) and vertical featherboards (2). Easy assembly and configuration. Combined with TWX7 Workcentre achieves a full featured Router Table capable of professional results. High quality materials and components ensure a long life. Fully supported by optional accessories for extending functionality.

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DCA 300

Dust Collection Bucket 23Ltr

Prevents sawdust filling up or clogging vacuum cleaners. Provides huge 23Ltr capacity. Easy to handle and empty. Sturdy plastic construction. Fits most products with dust extraction outlets.

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88 Review(s)
I really like this router but it is fiddly to use especially when changing the router bits.

Good but fiddly Sebastian Rogers - 25/09/2023

I purchased my Triton Compact Precision Plunge Router on the recommendation of a professional woodworker who produced a review on my Kreg Router Table. He offhandedly recommended the Triton Router as the best option for any router table, due to the number of unique features it offers the user. I already owned a very good, yellow, battery powered router that I did not want to lose to a router table that would be a fixed feature in my workshop. Following my investigations I discovered the Triton Router is highly regarded in the marketplace and can command a premium price. I located a supplier who delivered it the next day and on unpacking was immediately struck by the design, the materials used, its many features and the professional feel to the unit. The fact it caters for 12.5mm 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch shaft router bits is an immediate win for any woodworker. The automatic spindle safety lock, enclosed power compartment, and main power switch cover features further add to its adaptability and safe operations, irrespective of its use. These combined with the fact I can change router bits working above the table were strong selling points for this amateur. It also offers an above the table adjustable height tool that is a unique selling point for this Triton Router. Had I seen this unit and its high specifications before, I may not have been 'brand loyal' and purchased my 'yellow' battery powered router, which is excellent but the Triton Compact Precision Router is frankly better on every feature, and capability. Plus it is also 240V which is preferred for my Router Table application. First use has been promising, more than sufficient power on hand, soft start and adjustable speeds all proved to be faultless. First job is a Router Table Cabinet for mounting under the table and I am confident this first class router is more than up to the task. This has to be the best router on the market and offers a range of capabilities DIY units simply do not offer.

Designed with the user in mind - irrespective of ability. Bob Webster - 27/02/2023

Die Maschine macht einen guten Eindruck und ist für meinen Bedarf sehr gut geeignet. Nur das Eintauchen bzw. runterdrücken in das Material ist etwas hakelig und teilwise schwergängig.

insgesamt gut Hans Müller - 17/02/2023

Habe die Fräse für meine Porter-Cable 4216 angeschafft und bereue es keine Sekunde. Exakte Einstellung, liegt gut in der Hand und hat genügend Kraft.

Geiles Teil Klaus Pokorny - 24/08/2022

Just purchased this after a lot of research, it fits my needs perfectly and at a later date I’ll be buying a router plate and make a router table extension for my table saw which will add another level to my woodworking. Thank you triton.

Triton JOF001 router lovely piece of kit Adam lyttleton - 27/06/2022

After trying many routers, finally found one that does what it says on the tin. As well as being an excellent tool it comes with almost everything you will ever want except cutting bits. Dont hesitate if you are looking for a new router this is the one.

Excellent Tom Hobson - 24/06/2022

Great quality router at a great price. You need to know what you are doing as it's pretty powerful but get some good quality bits and you'll get great results. This is for the keen hobbyist/amateur I guess but it's real quality. I like it anyway.

Triton quality again Geoff Beckett - 16/12/2021

Really love this router! First time use was simple and easy and the results were just fantastic! Next step will be to upgrade it with the table router module :-)

Great router Benjamin Bedeman - 24/09/2021

Nice and easy to use router,i want to use it in the series 2000 workstation but cant get hold of an o/head mounting kit,can someboddy help?

overhead routing Hannes - 17/08/2021

This is a tool for big boys! The JOF001 is my first Triton tool. No looking back! I was building a router cabinet, which was no trouble. However, i had real issues with diy lift systems. So when i found out that there were routers with height adjustments from the plate side, "reverse", i was utterly interested. There was a choice of such routers on the market. I chose the Triton JOF001 for 3 reasons. Firstly, i am a new-ish wood worker. Still plenty to learn, but it is so much fun. i didn t feel i needed a powerful router. Time will tell. Secondly, it has the "reverse" height adjustment. Although i had to modify the handle as it wobbles too much to be efficient. Shorter is better, i find. It is a precise adjustment. Thirdly, Triton is originally Australian, and that tells me it is likely to be robuste, well made. Fair Dinkum. It is the impression I have when i use it free handed, to be sure. But above all, the safety features are so impressive. Thank you to all of you who designed the machine!

JOF001 Deniseke - 11/06/2021

Great router from Triton

Triton JOF001 Router Adrian Morgan - 03/06/2020

So far I’ve used this with 1/4 and 1/2 inch bits and it’s done exactly what I’ve asked of it. The sliding mechanism is smooth, the 3 adjustable depth stops along with the micro adjuster are useful and it’s light and accurate enough to use freehand. Worth the money.

Solid, dependable router Richard Simcock - 30/05/2020

It's my first ever router, so it's hard to compare to anything... All I can say is that I'm happy with the tool. I've used the router to plane boards and make cavities so far. The 1000W are more than enough for my needs, even with hardwood (oak), I didn't feel the router was having difficulties. I got a bit deiceived by the "Compact" in the description, as the product still weight 5Kg... maybe I'll need to invest in an edge router at some point to complement this one? The router was missing a bit of oil for a smooth plunge operation.

Quality tool Guillaume - 20/05/2020

Bought to put the finishing touches to a home made guitar pedal board.Just the job x

Plunge Router Derek Day - 19/03/2020

First time getting a router, easy setup and use, tried freehand sign writing, came out well for a 1st effort!

Router R Thompson - 27/02/2020

The first router I have had, so a steep learning curve, but having great fun. It produces incredibly clean cuts and is quite powerful enough for me! I have yet to work out if I will need the router table to go with it, and I expect ultimately I will if only for speed of setting up and stability.

Sturdy, powerful, clean-cutting tool Mark Dancy - 14/01/2020

Easy first router, simple to use, would of been 5 stars, but had to buy a separate 1/4 collet. Why put 12 and 6mm collets in, when most cutters are 1/4 or 1/2 inch

Simple to use Mark Thompson - 11/12/2019

Nice bit of kit, well made and does what it says! No complaints

1010w plunge router Ray Boden - 08/12/2019

Bought this to compliment the bigger router in the range. As expected, it's an excellent piece of gear, very well thought out design and mirrors the larger router in nearly all respects - which is what I hoped for. Would definitely recommend.

Lovely Piece Of Kit Robert Polglass - 26/11/2019

Very pleased with this router it has some very good features that other brands do not have admittedly it takes a bit of getting used to but once you get your head around it it is fine and very easy to use.

Very comprehensive Neville Padgham - 10/10/2019

I’m a diyer and wanted a router to allow me to be more flexible when making small tables and trays - and the 1010 W plunge router gave me that. It is powerful and a little heavy but I think all routers are. I have used it for rebating and squaring off jigsaw cut edges so far so early days but it is very effective.

Just right for my needs Ray J - 01/10/2019

Je suis vraiment ravie de mon achat. Elle est maniable, facile d'utilisation en mode sous table, je ne regrette absolument pas mon achat.

Très bien Amelie Bouvier - 25/09/2019

Although the 'baby' of the range, the JOF001 router is a terrific tool with features that you would expect on much more expensive models. It is well designed with clever features that make routing a pleasure. The ability to use straight out of the box in a router table are, I would suggest, unique at this price range and the powerful motor never struggles even with large bottoming-out bits. The safety features of the on/off switch, the micro adjustment and twin depth stops combined with the robust build quality and light weight make this a really professional tool that I cannot praise highly enough.

First-class product David England - 29/08/2019

This router is quality enough for anyone and does exactly what it states. Above table access to adding a bit is a fabulous extra along with the microadjuster.

Strong and steady Jon Norris - 17/08/2019

I did a LOT of research before buying a router. I based it on performance, portability, price and features. This is a really good product. The features are excellent and it’s very accurate. I can see this being very well used and is a massive improvement to my old Bosch one.

Awesome router Nick - 13/08/2019

The jof001 is very good to handle, multifunctional, lots of accessiores available. It makes me love woodworking more and i cant be without it :-) Thank u Triton for this wonderfull gift!!

Router Triton JOF001 Brunella - 04/07/2019

My first router. It is one of triton's lightest routers, but it is strong, not too heavy, has practical accessoires, nicely priced in comparison to quality, very capable, easy in use and safe. The on/off switch lights up and can only be pushed in if the router bit is sitting in the right way after replacement and before usage. I love it, cant wait to experience other products from Triton. Maybe i'll start with the jig saw :-)

Triton JOF001 makes me love woodwoorking more!! Brunella - 20/06/2019

Can't fault it. Well priced and well made

1010W router Graham Trott - 19/06/2019

I use several routers professionally by various major manufacturers this one compares favourably. Firstly the excellent safety features such as when changing a bit you can’t switch it on exactly how a potentially dangerous tool should be made. Nicely balanced, decent dust extraction easy to fit in a bench with the excellent height adjust handle. All in all an extremely well thought out versatile router

Brilliant Steve Henderson - 31/01/2019

Even though this is the baby of the bunch it is well powerful enough to chomp through whatever I have been working on whether oak through to mdf. The weight is good so you don’t feel like your using a toy, the build is excellent and the ease of set up results in clean, accurate cuts. All in all an excellent machine well worth the money and I would recommend this to anyone wanting to produce top quality work.

Excellent Router Jonathan Mander - 29/01/2019

All routers should be built this way. Tis is built to last. Also the fact that it can take multiple shank sizes is very useful. I have nothing bad to say about this product

An excellent machine Tony Durrant - 05/01/2019

Matériel au top ..!! Merci pour le service rapide ..

Défonceuse TRITON Le Sant Bruno - 02/12/2018

great router, very light compared to my last router. only done a few light jobs with it but so far its great. really enjoy using it. easy to set up and looking forward to using it in the work centre when I can afford one !!

very compact daniel long - 26/10/2018

"Kleine" leistungsstarke Oberfräse. Habe mir die Triton JOF001 für die Untertischmontage gekauft und bin rundum zufrieden. Mit ihren 1010 Watt fräst die Oberfräse problemlos auch Hartholz. Nur die Kurbel ist etwas wackelig.

Super ! Wolfgang S. - 23/10/2018

Very smart, very high quality, very easy to use, very precision, and "many, many... very yet". :):) Definitelly it's PROBABILITY THE BEST ROUTER IN THE WORLD (It is no joke).

Excellent Router Maciej Grabowski - 19/06/2018

Purchased primarily for use in a router table and could not be happier. The innovative “above the table” single spanner bit change with the automatic spindle lock facility is a godsend and a considerable time saver. Coupled with the automatic power lock action and the above table winder the Triton router ticks all the boxes. In use I have found the router to perform flawlessly. The soft start and electronic speed control add to the performance and I have also found the router to be quieter (in relative terms) than expected. All in all I am very pleased with the purchase and would suggest anyone in the market for a router, particularly for use in a router table, check out the Triton Range.

Triton JOF 001 Comact Router Mike Selby - 16/05/2018

This router is working brilliantly, hand radiusing a table top was relatively easy. Obviously using a template and guide bush would have made it easier. Still very pleased with the outcome and ease of depth control. Thoroughly recommend this product.

Plunge Router Stuart Parley - 18/04/2018

As a keen DIYer and hobbyist, this router is perfect. From the packaging to performance there is a quality feel that inspires confidence of a quality product. The ability to adjust the depth from above the workbench when mounted as a table router is a real bonus. Only having one router, the method of mounting to under table from hand held and visa versa is a breeze and negates the need to get a 2nd one. Several parts stockists around should the need arise. Fantastic piece of kit, would highly recommend.

Brilliant Adrian C. - 06/03/2018

I just bought my second Router; this time a "Triton" and have found it to be easy to handle and well made machine, the excellent quality of the Router can be immediately seen. The design has been made by engineers that know what is required by DIY and professionals.

Quality Des Rogers - 22/02/2018

Pretty pleased with tool, good value, only slight negative is the plunge operation only works if you push down on one side of the tool i

jof001 Mike Gresham - 20/02/2018

This has to be the best bit of kit I have ever bought

Amazing Phillip Harris - 12/02/2018

i purchased the 1010w precision plunge router around Christmas time after looking at various models from the different manufacturers on the market I made my decision to purchase it on the grounds that it seemed to be well designed and constructed, with a look of robustness. it came with a wealth of accessories with more that may also be purchased at some point in the future. The number of excellent write-ups and reviews in various publications shows that a considerable amount of woodworkers both professional and amateur seem to agree that this router is a quality piece of kit!

more for your monry andy rushton - 29/01/2018

l now own 4 routers all with different manufacturers (Bosch, Trend, performance power,Triton) out of all of them the Triton is by far the best to work with,it handles better than the rest even though it is not the most expensive of the 4 I only have praise for the router I purchased a thickness planer by Triton and only have good things to say about that to.i would like to commend Triton for what in my opinion are quality tools.

Buy faf the best for the cost. andy rushton - 15/01/2018

Awesome bit of kit. Very precise and easy to use, I have mine mounted in a router table and the height adjustment is a brilliant feature. Auto lock for changing bits is very clever. Best router I have ever used.

Awesome Johnny Timmins - 05/12/2017

At the smaller end of the Triton router range I wasn't expecting a great deal of power but this thing has it in abundance. Its done everything I have asked of it. I haven't given it 5 stars as some of the screws were loose causing the depth stop and lock to come adrift

Triton 1010w Router Steve Harvey - 15/11/2017

This is my second router but this is far more substantive. You can feel the quality the moment you pick it up. |I have mine table mounted so the addition of being able to adjust from above the table is a real plus for me. Highly recommended only downside was that it never came with an 8mm collet. 5 stars

jof001 router paul lightfoot - 13/11/2017

This is my second router as my first cheap brand one expired. I learnt the hard way by buying cheap and not having the quality of this new Triton. You can feel the build quality as soon as you pick it up. The real big plus point with this is on the router table with easy to use height adjustment right through the range. 5 stars.

Triton router jof001 paul lightfoot - 09/11/2017

I bought this router to fit to my RTA300 table. I had been using a Freud 2000 but found lots of problems with bit changing, Height adjustments and the method of attachment to the table insert. All of these problems have been solved with the Triton Router; It may not have the same power rating as the Freud but I found this particular model quite adequate for my Hobby pursuits.

A Great Router Thomas Armstrong - 07/11/2017

I purchased the Triton router after reading a lot of good reviews. The routers features and power are ideal for what I wanted however I was a little disappointed that on the first use most of the crews became loose and fell and some fell out. I had to stop what I was doing and tighten up all the screws on the router that were loose

Router Review steve - 01/11/2017

It looks and feels like a good piece of kit. It works like a good piece of kit. Only niggle was it was stiff on the plunge. It needed a spray of release oil and then an accurate downward push.

Router does the job Bill Brown - 07/10/2017

Works well from the get go. However the plunge action is very stiff and needs lubrication. Once lubricated it works well (lubrication and dust?) Maybe a minor niggle but essential that the action has to be free and dependable.

Plunge router Bill - 24/09/2017

Bonne prise en main, qualité des éléments qui la composent, travail pro et finition avec des détails qui ne sont pas présents que dans des défonceuses beaucoup plus chères. Je suis très content de mon achat au point d'en avoir deux, une sur table et un autre pour le travail à main levée.

Défonceuse triton JOF 001 GARCIA REPULLO, MANUEL - 30/08/2017

Bonne machine, très pratique à utilisé

Très bon produit Kennel Thierry - 25/07/2017

I bought this router for three main reasons - the built in winder mechanism that lifts or lowers the router when fixed under the router table, the ability to change router bits from above and the apparent ease with which the router can be removed from this position for hand routing. The winder is a really neat way to avoid all those expensive lifting devices and it is very effective. The third benefit really needs one of Triton’s router tables, because it is a bit of a fiddle using the xxxx plate that is intended for routing circles or steadying the router when near an edge. This is a large piece of kit and a recess needs to be routed on the underside of the table to both locate the plate and to enable the collet to be raised to a sufficient height to change the bit from above. So, if you are have your own router table you need to recess the plate or have a sufficiently large opening in the top of the table to provide purchase on the collet. The ideal solution is to get the TWX7 workcentre with the router table module, but these two will cost about £400 upwards. The router itself is the smallest of the three made by Triton at 1010 watts. Although this may sound like a lightweight, it performs like a middleweight. The machine feels very smooth and willing and the only drawback is the depth adjuster used when hand routing. There is a spring loaded shaft that can be zeroed on one of the three turrets, then lifted and then engaged on a second turret. This has a fine adjustment wheel which works very well, but getting hold of the shaft which contains a strong spring and then lifting it while the turrets are changed is fiddly and frustrating. Overall the router design has taken into account some of the standard router deficiencies and come up with some innovative solutions. For the price it represent excellent value for money and so far the only problems are more to do with my failings in knowing how to rout a large recess and operate the depth adjustment.

Triton JF001 Router David Hemmings - 03/06/2017

I was given an old cheap router which didn't work very well, however it introduced me to the world of Routing and what is possible with a router. So my search for a new router was on and I wanted it to be suitable for router table use as well. I read as many reviews as I could and watched several youtube reviews of routers and I was impressed with what I saw of the Triton's. I decided to make the purchase of a Triton JOF001 as I have limited funds and I do not regret it one bit, this router feels like a premium product, yet it hasn't destroyed my bank balance. I intend to spend a lot of time with this router testing out its functionality and when I get round to it, I will look at building myself a router table because this comes with the tools that enable you to easily turn this over and adjust the cutting height very easily! A very impressive product which I am even more pleased with than I thought I would be. Well done Triton.

Beginners Router Phil Sexton - 03/05/2017

I am the current owner of the TRA001B 2400W router but was beginning to find it rather heavy for hand held work especially for use on the Leigh 12" superjig. As I already recognized the quality of the Triton product it took me no time to decide to purchase this smaller Plunge Router. And I haven't been disapointed. It has provved to be a wonderful and much lighter router to use as a hand held unit and with it I can now leave the larger unit mounted on my router table.

Great hand Held Router Stephen Knight - 18/04/2017

Bought this router to put in the new Triton router table which I bought. I have to say that after using by hand and in the router table it is the best bit of kit I've used. It is comfortable, precise and powerful enough to do any job. I like it so much I will be buying the two larger versions. I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone. I will only usually leave reviews on tools I would recommend to my friends and this ticks all the boxes. Packed full of features that you would normally associate with routers at three times the price, so at this price it is brilliant.

1010watt compact precision router Andrew self - 28/03/2017

Purchased to replace my old ( NOT Triton ) router that had seized. Very nice to include three collets but had to purchase the 1/4" one separately as I have a number of bits with that shank. Works very well, as I expected as I have it's big brother in my Triton Router table. Much easier to change bits with the Triton than the types where you have to use the spanner between the router body and base. I like the depth limiter as well, easier to set than other types. Very good dust collection when connected to my vacuum system.

Plunge router Nigel Wakefield - 23/03/2017

A very solid, well engineered, powerful router. What I really like is the thoughtful design, the ease of changing cutters, the safety interlock with the on/off switch, that the router is intended to be used table mounted as well as freehand. The height adjusting handle for use when table mounted makes life so much easier. Also, the plunge lock, the on/off switch and the speed control are to hand when in the table. My router will be permanently table mounted to act as a spindle moulder. The JOF001 has quick-release fasteners to mount to a Triton table, but I had difficulties fitting it to my Rutlands Xact table. With the sole plate removed, there are a number of threaded screw holes for fixing to a phenolic plate. Unfortunately, however the router is positioned, one screw hole is always too close to the removable concentric rings in the plate. I solved this by using the quick-release holes and countersunk 6mm setscrews.

Triton JOF001 Router Nigel Wild - 22/03/2017

fine tool, metric thread holes may be added to bottom plate for ease of customization in metric world

jof001 Zlatko Ivanagic - 07/03/2017

there could be metric screw mounting points set next to the default ones, on local market i have much bigger choice of those.. btw what is the single metric thread on the baseplate for? (which gave me idea)

JOF001 Zlatko IVanagic - 21/02/2017

Really good quality for this price. With all accessory. What else can you ask ?

Excellent Jerome - 18/02/2017

Out of the box it looks and feels great, and it is great it's style and handling just makes you want to use it. It has two great features that I love 1, the through table depth setting 2,the quick fiting mechanism to the baseplate that can be used to fit the router under a router table. Im a Happy man. Ps. would have liked a 1/4" collet instead of the 6mm.

Happy router man Norman - 04/02/2017

Just recently the old router in my router4 expired, after searching the internet and comparing features I settled on a Triton. Since fitting it I have used it extensively and am very pleased with my purchase. No more lifting out to change bits, just wind it up, auto locking, just one spanner. The micro adjustment makes setting depth easy and accurate. The locking lever, micro adjuster, speed control and on/off switch are all well placed for table use.

rob s Robert Schulz - 25/11/2016

Purchased this router about a month ago. So far it has been a breeze to use. Used to make raised panel doors with ease. I mounted it onto a router table and once it was all dialled and plugged in i was ready to go. The through table plunge winder was such a awesome feature to have, as i was able to quite easity adjust my depth height when cutting the tongues. This enabled me to be accurate everytime and the result was that i achieved perfect fitting joints everytime.

Triton JOF001 Mathew Summers - 14/11/2016

Very pleased with this purchase. It has a smooth plunge and the router is neither heavy nor too light. Love the safety cover over the starting switch. Also has a guide to make circles. Very well please with my first router.

Compact Precision Plunge Router 1010W JOF001 Maria Spiteri - 19/09/2016

Im very satisfied with the router. Compared to the other routers you can buy like Bosch or metabo, Triton is less expensiv and the design convinced me. Im using the Router very often and i like the possibility to use as table router with an selfbuild table.

Perfect Router Sebastian Giese - 04/08/2016

Je l'utilise depuis peu mais je suis pour l'instant pleinement satisfait de cette defonceuse. Bonne ergonomie, pas trop bruyante.

Très bien Charles - 01/08/2016

Automatic spindle lock, Safety switch shutter, Perfect for Router Table - Great router -

plantaga Volker Morlath - 30/07/2016

Bonne impression pour le peu dont j'en ai fait usage.

Pratique Xavier - 27/07/2016

Je l'utilise depuis 1 an et rien ne lui résiste. Très polyvalente, le meilleur rapport qualité/prix de sa catégorie ! I use it for 1 year and nothing can resist it. Very versatile, best quality / price ratio in its class!

Excellent router / Excellente fraiseuse ! steph - 27/07/2016

This router is well designed. It produces great results. The finetuning is excellent. Especially when mounted under a routing table it proves to be easy to work with. I am very pleased to have bought this router.

Great machine Rene - 26/07/2016

i like it i am a hobbyist, for me it s a great tool not too expensive and also good quality very very good for me !

VERY GOOD william - 26/07/2016

I am very pleased with this router, build quality is excellent and its even more powerful than I hoped for. I am using it in my router table, love the integrated bit hight adjustment.

Excellent David Lindh - 26/07/2016

This is generally a good router. I really like the way the collet is locked when changing cutters. It makes that task much easier. I have had to return my router for a warranty repair as the fine adjustment stopped working. The router was repaired and returned in good time. One annoying thing is the clear plastic guards that surround the moving parts of the router. At first they seem like a good idea until you want to use a guide bush that is smaller than the diameter of the collet. You then find that because you can't plunge the collet through the guide bush that you need to remove the guards to tighten the collet up on the cutter or centring cone. I took them off and put them back on a couple of times before getting bored with it and leaving them off. Whoever designed this router obviously never used a router with a guide bush before. Otherwise it a reasonable bit of kit.

Generally good but some bugs. Brian Ward - 25/07/2016

This router has a good strong motor. It’s very easy to adjust and bit change is fantastic. Plunging isn’t very smooth and its very hard to look through the plastic guard. There for I primarily use this router for jigs and such as it’s difficult to work free hand.

great value for money Dave Baumann - 25/07/2016

Using it for pine-based woodworking, works like a charm and precision Planning for a table-mount project which was the initial reason for selecting this model

Excellent price/performance ratio Philippe Dufour - 25/07/2016

Brought this router to fit my home made router/assembly table. Being the wrong side of 75, I did not want to scrabble under the table to adjust the depth of cut. It works well. I also made my own plate to fit the router to the table. It was not worth paying for one.

JOF001 plunging router John White - 25/07/2016

I've used this for some months now and it's never let me down! Very precise work. Is easier to change bits than in other machines.

Excellent router Harry Besseling - 25/07/2016

Good router manager to do decorative T&g rail and stiles in 19mm oak

Router review Daniel simmonds - 25/07/2016

Excellente machine ne ralentit pour ainsi dire pas même en travaillant avec des fraises 1/2" de fort diamètre. pas encore essayé sous table mais ça ne saurait tarder. Fournie avec pince 1/2" 12mm et 6mm. dommage j'aurais aimé vu la grande diversité des fraises avoir d'origine une pince 8mm.

Excellente défonceuse Alain Vincke - 25/07/2016

Après presque 1 ans d'utilisation, la JOF001 est top! Très maniable, réglage facile et précis, suffisamment puissante pour mon utilisation et robuste. Petite suggestion à Triton: dommage qu'il n'y a pas de boîte de rangement livré avec. Je recommande la marque!

Facile d'utilisation et robuste. Sebastien - 25/07/2016

From day one it wasn't easy to handle this router because you have to press down really hard. While pressing, the spring is squeaking. I had this problem with two machines.

Mid range performer Alessandro - 25/07/2016

I am wery happy with my JOF001. I use it in a Kreg router table and it is quiet, precice and easy to adjust. The spindle locks automatically when the router is lifted to change the bit and the winder has a long shaft so that you can make adjustments without the fence being in the way. The chuck holds the bit firmly in place but also releases it easily when you need to change it. Overall I am very happy with it.

Great router Marius Berg - 25/07/2016

Couldn't ask for a more accurate and precise machine.

Absolutely brilliant Ben - 25/07/2016

Very good price/quality ratio.. Fast bit change and accurate fine tuning are great

Great router Atte - 25/07/2016

Powerful enough, maniable, pretty tough, and usable in a large variety of works. Plunge has never been really smooth tough, wich affect precision...

Good router JVDB - 25/07/2016

Took me a long time to choose my first router but really glad I decided to buy this one. Very powerful, easy bit change, and is quite light making it easy to manoeuvre.

Great router reg1956 - 11/10/2013