TRA 002

2400W Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router

Powerful 2400W electronically controlled motor. Single spanner ‘above table’ cutter changing. Automatic shaft lock and power lock-off during cutter change mode. Fast plunge depth adjustment with winder handle and fine depth adjustment with micro winder. Quick switching to conventional plunge mode. Removable plunge spring for easy lifting and adjustment. Effective dust port.

Product Features

Interchangeable collet system for a greater range of bit fitment
Safety lock-out cover locks closed in bit-change mode to prevent router being switched on
Automatic spindle lock engages only when power switch cover is closed
LED work light for illuminated bit control
Single button switches from plunge to fixed based router with rack and pinion adjustment
Micro winder enables continuous fine depth adjustment through the full plunge range
Built-in router lift and table winder eliminate the need for expensive lifting mechanisms when used with router tables
8000-21,000rpm electronic speed maintenance under load provides the perfect speed for all cutter types
Removable plunge spring for easy bit adjustment when table mounted
3-stage turret with direct reading scales for precise, pre-set cut depths
Fully enclosed guarding provides maximum protection from the cut zone and assists dust extraction
Multi-function fence provides optimum control for hand-held use and circle cutting
Quick-fit pins for fast fitment and removal from the fence and TWX7RT001 Router Table
Side air vents reduce intake of dust into the motor casing when mounted upside-down in a router table
Excellent dust extraction for a cleaner, safer working environment
Easy access brushes allows the end user to change worn brushes
Single wrench bit change through the base is achieved with the automatic spindle lock
Safety Switch Shutter locks closed in bit-change mode to prevent router being switched on

Technical Specification

Depth Adjustment 0 - 68mm
No Load Speed 21,000rpm
Plunge Range 0 - 68mm
Power 2400W
Product Height 340mm
Product Length 180mm
Product Weight 7.55kg
Product Width 300mm
Safety Power Switch Yes
Sound Power LW 100.8dB
Sound Pressure LP 89.8dB
Speed Maintenance Under Load 8000 - 21,000rpm
What's in the box - 01 1 x TRA002 2400W Dual Mode Plunge Router
What's in the box - 02 1 x Collet 1/2" (UK/EU/US/AU/SA)
What's in the box - 03 1 x Collet 1/4" (US/AU/SA)
What's in the box - 04 1 x Collet 8mm (RU)
What's in the box - 05 1 x Collet 12mm (UK/EU/RU/SA)
What's in the box - 06 1 x Collet 12.7mm (RU)
What's in the box - 07 1 x Collet Spanner
What's in the box - 08 1 x Multi-Function Fence
What's in the box - 09 1 x Extended Baseplate
What's in the box - 10 1 x Table Height Winder

Included Accessories

1 x TRA002 2400W Dual Mode Plunge Router
1 x Collet 1/2" (UK/EU/US/AU/SA)
1 x Collet 1/4" (US/AU/SA)
1 x Collet 8mm (RU)
1 x Collet 12mm (UK/EU/RU/SA)
1 x Collet 12.7mm (RU)
1 x Collet Spanner
1 x Multi-Function Fence
1 x Extended Baseplate
1 x Table Height Winder
1 x Blow Moulded Case
1 x Pair of Carbon Brushes
1 x Guide Bush Adapter (US)
1 x Instruction Manual



3 Review(s)
Je suis fan de la marque KTM dont les couleurs sont orange, noir et blanc... est-ce ça qui m'a tiré en premier vers la marque Triton ? Je ne sais pas, mais j'ai acquis cette machine pour l'installé "sous table" et pour ne pas être limité par la puissance! C'est un monstre et rien ne lui résiste. Couplée à la TWX7 et la RT001, elle aligne le travail sans aucun problème. Robuste, bien pensée, assez simple d'utilisation, je pensais la laisser en permanence sous table, mais je pense que je vais acquérir les bagues à copier et la servir également à main. Sont poids conséquent n'est pas vraiment un problème, plutôt un gage de stabilité. Le test final sera sur la durée de vie de la machine, surtout des plastiques, mais j'ai vraiment l'impression qu'elle va durer longtemps!

un monstre Luc - 14/12/2023

This is an amazing router! Has tons of power and wonderful dust collection. The only downside I’ve seen is the router lift knuckle (for mounting in a router table) is really weak. The first night using it I twisted it off adjusting the height.

TRA002 Joshua - 16/10/2022

If you are looking for a well-rounded, powerful, tool. This is it! I can’t recommend it enough- between the precision, dust collection and power. I’m looking forward to having this tool work for me in the shop!

Great Router Mike Stephenson - 03/10/2022