1400W Track Saw Kit 185mm 4pce

Powerful 1400W track saw kit complete with 1400mm track for smooth, precise, straight and bevel cutting of larger workpieces. Easily accessible spindle lock aids fast, convenient blade-change. Integral anti-kickback device. Plunge-lock safety feature. Large 185mm blade for deeper plunge capacity. Vibration reducing soft-grip handles. Variable speed with soft start and constant speed under load. Includes 1400W Track Saw with 185mm blade, Track Pack and connectors, dust extraction adaptor and work clamps. Dust port dimensions: Inner - 35mm, outer - 39mm.

Product Features

Easy bevel adjustment for precise bevel cuts at angles 0 – 48°
Scribe mode eliminates splintering and tear-out
Variable speed, soft start and constant speed electronics optimises cutting conditions for every material
Precise cutting depth adjusts to a maximum of 68mm
Efficient dust extraction with universal vacuum system adaptor and 360° outlet
Dual alignment cams fine-tune the fit between the saw and track for exact cuts
Anti-kickback safety feature prevents the saw from jolting when performing plunge cuts
Guide rail track lock adds stability when performing bevel cuts
Easy change carbon brushes to further extend the product life-span

Technical Specification

Bore Diameter 20mm
No Load Speed 2000 - 5000rpm
Power 1400W
Product Height 250mm
Product Length 330mm
Product Weight 5.5kg
Product Width 240mm
Sound Power LW 105dB(A), KWA=3dB(A)
Sound Pressure LP 94dB(A), KpA=3dB(A)
What's in the box - 01 1 x TTS185KIT 1400W Track Saw 185mm
What's in the box - 02 1 x 185mm 48T TCT Blade
What's in the box - 03 1 x TTSTP Track & Connectors (2 x 700mm)
What's in the box - 04 2 x TTSWC Work Clamps
What's in the box - 05 1 x Carbon Brush (pair)
What's in the box - 06 1 x Dust Extraction Adaptor
What's in the box - 07 1 x 5mm Hex Key
What's in the box - 08 1 x 3mm Hex Key
What's in the box - 09 1 x Instruction Manual

Included Accessories

1 x TTS185KIT 1400W Track Saw 185mm
1 x 185mm 48T TCT Blade
1 x TTSTP Track & Connectors (2 x 700mm)
2 x TTSWC Work Clamps
1 x Carbon Brush (pair)
1 x Dust Extraction Adaptor
1 x 5mm Hex Key
1 x 3mm Hex Key
1 x Instruction Manual



5 Review(s)
Le packaging n'es pas adéquat. j'ai du changer 2 fois le produit car la buse de sortie pour aspirateur casse pendant le transport. le carton appui directement sur elle quand on le posse au sol. Apres une dixaine d'utilisations elle demarre et s'arrete toute seule, donc partie au SAV. Quand elle fonction fait bien sin travail et est assez précise. A voir pour son retour...

Scie correcte Rod - 25/11/2022

This is my first plunge saw and I haven't tried any other brands earlier, I have however used circular saws and table saws for different purposes. Overall I enjoy working with it but I have some comments and reflections: The saw is fairly well built but with some plastic details I wish was done in metal, for example the depth stop. The blade that came in the packages makes really good cuts without fuzzy edges, I have however only used it for a week. Note that saw blades is 185 mm is uncommon, at least where I live, compared to for example 165 mm and I’ve been struggling to find replacement blades even in the online stores and the ones I find is expensive. Due to this I wish I bought the smaller Triton plunge saw. I don’t like the kick back function since you can’t pull the saw towards you after a cut without releasing it. Another thing is the lack of ability to micro adjust the cut depth. With a micro adjuster this could have been a precision tool for cutting rabbets or similar but now I feel it’s more of a built site tool than for carpenting. Of course you can set it up to make precision cuts but not without manual measuring and try-outs in a scrap piece. And thanks’ to Youtube there’s no need of read the manual to understand how to set everything up, because the manual is as lousy as they get (if you ever bought an electrical tool you know what I mean).

Reflections after some use Magnus Berglund - 12/09/2022

La première scie que j'ai reçut avait un défaut de fabrication : elle ne se lançait pas lorsque j’appuyai sur la gâchette. Sans doute un mauvais contact facile à réparer, mais comme elle était neuve j'ai préféré faire jouer la garantie et la renvoyer. La deuxième scie que j'ai reçut fonctionne parfaitement. Les coupes sont très propre. L'aspiration est bien placé, branché à un aspirateur, la scie fait peut de copeaux. Les rails et les serre-joint sont pratique et la scie se cale bien dans la rainure via les molettes d'alignements. Le fait que la scie soit livré avec une paire de charbon supplémentaire est un petit détail appréciable. Bref, pour l'instant je suis satisfait de mon achat (j'ai la scie depuis 2 semaines).

satisfait tchernomax - 04/09/2022

Saw arrived in good time, haven't used it yet but everything looks in good order.

Track Saw David Parker - 08/09/2021

Accompanied with the Triton track this saw does a fantastic job to produce very straight cuts in sheet material. The saw also allows for plunge cutting, which is a fantastic feature I have now used twice. With a self made track attachment I am able to cross-cut many shorter pieces of plywood, chipboard and MDF with accuracy and ease.

Triton Track Saw - TTS1400 Charles Bolland - 13/12/2019