DCA 300

Dust Collection Bucket 23Ltr

Prevents sawdust filling up or clogging vacuum cleaners. Provides huge 23Ltr / 5 US gal capacity. Easy to handle and empty. Sturdy plastic construction. Fits most products with dust extraction outlets.

Product Features

Compatible with most products with dust extraction outlets
23Ltr capacity
Easy to handle and empty

Technical Specification

Material - Primary Construction Plastic
Product Height 480mm
Product Length 310mm
Product Weight 4lbs 4oz
Product Width 310mm
What's in the box - 01 1 x DCA300 Dust Collection Bucket 23Ltr


DCA 300


12 Review(s)
I bought this because I was getting fed up of emptying the scheppach dust collector bag, and it would get inside the casing too, it took a while to fit to my machines, ( bandsaw, belt disc sander) under my bench, but once fitted it's brilliant !, the only thing is the filter does get blocked quite quickly and I have to take lid off to brush off dust, but I've purchased another filter to wash and replace while drying, oh and since using my dust vacuum hasn't had any dust at all, so a brilliant purchase for me. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

Better than expected Paul Heard - 2023/10/19

Much larger capacity than my vacuum. Using the thicknesser generates a lot of waste. In the past this meant emptying the vacuum and cleaning its filter a number of times, usually when it became over full. My filter is now always clean giving maximum suction from the vacuum. The filter in the bucket generally clears by giving it a tap or two on the lid. Good seal on the lid. Only criticism is that the central hose could be a bit longer but I got round this and now have a much better system for all my workshop. Made a real difference!

Big Time Saver Darren Brooks - 2023/02/06

This collection bucket is great enhancement to my existing dust collector. And a very economical way to increase capacity.

Significant improvement Jeff Turnbull - 2018/10/23

Sceau très pratique! Il m'évite de gâcher des sacs d'aspirateurs... J'ai juste remplacé le filtre qui se bouchait trop rapidement à mon goût par un tamis métallique et l'aspiration est top!

Très Utile Andy ZEDET - 2018/05/07

Macht was es soll! Einfache schnelle Installation und Anwendung. Aufgrund des geringen Eigengewichtes sollte der Eimer befestigt werden,damit er nicht umfällt. Etwas zu hoher Preis finde ich.

Zubehör Absauganlage Wolf - 2017/09/02

Bucket is good for light to medium jobs and DIY'ers, Needs something to stop it falling over though, (I put a weight in the bottom which stops it to some extent)., Also it can buckle in if the suction is blocked for a moment, but it does push out again... On the whole its OK and does what its meant to do... Collect wood shavings and dust.... Price needs to be brought down a bit as I paid £109 for mine which is what it was advertised for, so needs to be more competitive? After I bought mine, I saw it advertised for £45 on Amazon which did peeve me somewhat!! So Triton, good kit, but something needs to be done about price disparities!! Otherwise 8 out of 10 ....

Dust Collection Tony Wagstaffe - 2016/11/28

I bought this to cut down on wood waste flying about all over the place!! Once connected up and running with your vacuum, it certainly helps to keep it down and saves a lot of cleaning or sweeping up after. What is left you can still use the waste vacuum pipe to clear that up as well. You can also use the collected waste either as a mulch or put it into your compost bin, So it's handy in that way to...

Dust Collection Bucket 23Ltr DCA300 Tony Wagsatffe - 2016/11/14

You can read about all kind of saw dust collectors and cyclones to build yourself on Youtube, but the Triton saw dust collector is just a nifty, easy to use piece of equipment every workshop needs. Two ports to help you hook up your equipment make it very easy to use. This thing is just good for your health. And besides, I saved enough on dust bags for my shop vac to earn the cost of the dust collector back in no time.

Just a nifty piece of equipment Hans ter Hart - 2016/07/25

I've had mine for a few weeks now, how did I manage before! well clogged vacuum cleaner's are a thing of the past. I use mine primarily out and about; it's very good for plaster dust too, general working environments and I don't have to lug around big vacuum cleaners, a small cylinder is all I need now. Cleaning is easy and the only draw back is attaching brushes or nozzles, I'm looking for alternate end hose adaptors, but I still highly recommend the dust bucket.

very efficient PHhandyman - 2014/01/16

I have been struggling for quite a while now using a general purpose workshop vacuum for dust collection with very limited success. Works well on some and not at all on others. As we say in the UK - seems to be a problem with the wrong sort of dust ! Look around at available dust extraction systems and they all want to sell you two pieces of kit - one for dust collection and the other for chip extraction (planers and the like). Not any more. My new Triton Collector Bucket does it all and efficiently and cheaply at that. By placing it between the dust / chip source and the vacuum, it removes all strain and pressure form the vacuum itself. As a result, my vacuum now does not clog up every five minutes and hardly ever needs emptying. Open the lid of the bucket and you can see a layer of fine dust from sander or saw sitting comfortably atop a layer of chippings from the planer. Superb ! I cannot fault the design or the implementation. The filter is of good quality - it prevents the dust from reaching the vacuum but does not do so to the detriment of suction power. The connections are easy but effective - no awkward stiffness but none fall out during use. A limited amount of Heath Robinson here and there to effect a good connection with a range of dust sources ( from 38mm up to 100mm) and you have a single solution for all your machines. Well done Triton ! I am happy to recommend this product to all.

The Perfect All-rounder Daisywoodcraft - 2013/03/30

Great product. Got it home, hooked it up in no time, I now enjoy a much more dust free routing area. Very handy

Essential CWF - 2013/01/29

I found that this product collects a vast amount of dust, and is easy to use, extremely useful! It is an essential product whilst completing woodworking as it keeps my workshop clean and works efficiently. The product comes with both a short and long hose, both convenient and both prevent clogging. There is good suction. Also as the bucket is see through it shows you exactly how much dust gets collected – which is a lot! It has been a great addition to my workshop.

Very useful product GeorgeB - 2011/08/03