TSPS 450

Ponceuse à cylindre oscillant 450 W

Plateau en fonte de 370 x 295 mm pour un meilleur support et plus de stabilité. Les actions de rotation et d'oscillation procurent une vitesse plus élevée et plus d'efficacité, pour un travail minutieux et une finition parfaite. Fournie avec 6 x manchons de ponçage grain 80 de diamètres 13, 19, 26, 38, 51 et 76 mm ainsi que les tambours de ponçage et inserts respectifs. Rangement des accessoires intégré. Tubulure d'extraction de la poussière pour raccordement à un système d'aspiration.

Caractéristiques du produit

Le large plateau en fonte offre un meilleur support et plus de stabilité
Les actions rotatives et oscillantes garantissent un travail minutieux
Fournie avec 6 manchons grain 80 de 13 à 76 mm de diamètre, et les tambours de ponçage adéquats
Les différents inserts permettent de ne pas avoir de jeu entre la table et la surface de ponçage
Le rangement des accessoires intégré permet de tout avoir sous la main
La tubulure d'extraction des poussières peut se raccorder à un système d'aspiration, pour un environnement de travail plus sain et plus sûr
Les trous de fixations procurent un montage stable sur établi
L’interrupteur avec cache anti-poussière offre une facilité d'utilisation et une excellente performance même sur des sessions de travail prolongées

Caractéristiques techniques du produit

Vitesse à vide 2 000 min-1
Oscillations par minute 58 oscillations/min
Hauteur du produit 450 mm
Longueur du produit 390 mm
Poids du produit 12,9 kg
Largeur du produit 330 mm
Bouton d'arrêt d'urgence Oui
Puissance acoustique LW 89 dB
Pression acoustique LP 76 dB
Contenu - 01 1 x ponceuse à cylindre oscillant 450 W TSPS450
Contenu - 02 6 x manchons de ponçage grain 80 (13, 19, 26, 38, 51 et 76 mm)
Contenu - 03 6 x inserts de table (13, 19, 26, 38, 51 et 76 mm)
Contenu - 04 5 x tambours de ponçage en caoutchouc (19, 26, 38, 51 et 76 mm)
Contenu - 05 1 x kit de pièces d'assemblage
Contenu - 06 1 x clé de 13 mm
Contenu - 07 1 x adaptateur pour tubulure d'extraction des poussières
Contenu - 08 1 x Instruction Manual

Accessoires fournis

1 x ponceuse à cylindre oscillant 450 W TSPS450
6 x manchons de ponçage grain 80 (13, 19, 26, 38, 51 et 76 mm)
5 x Rubber Sanding Drums 19, 26, 38, 51 & 76mm
6 x Table Inserts 13, 19, 26, 38, 51 & 76mm
1 x Dust Port Adaptor
1 x Wrench 13mm
1 x Minor Assembly Parts
1 x Instruction Manual


TSPS 450

Compatible avec


Manchons de ponçage en oxyde d'aluminium, 6 pcs

Manchons de ponçage avec support en tissus pour une utilisation avec la ponceuse à cylindre oscillante Triton TSPS450. Tailles fournies : 13, 19, 26, 38, 51 et 76 mm (1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/2", 2" et 3"). Longueur : 115 mm (4 1/2").

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TSS 150G

Manchons de ponçage en oxyde d'aluminium, 6 pcs

Manchons de ponçage avec support en tissus pour une utilisation avec la ponceuse à cylindre oscillante Triton TSPS450. Tailles fournies : 13, 19, 26, 38, 51 et 76 mm (1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/2", 2" et 3"). Longueur : 115 mm (4 1/2").

En savoir plus
TSS 240G

Manchons de ponçage en oxyde d'aluminium, 6 pcs

Manchons de ponçage avec support en tissus pour une utilisation avec la ponceuse à cylindre oscillante Triton TSPS450. Tailles fournies : 13, 19, 26, 38, 51 et 76 mm (1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/2", 2" et 3"). Longueur : 115 mm (4 1/2").

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204 Review(s)
Brilliant machine !! Perfect for the job required.

Oscillating Spindle Sander Stuart Spence - 24/03/2023

Good machine for the money a couple of issues one the universal plug thing to convert to British plug I have to waggle it about to make it work and the rebate in the table is 1.5 mm lower than the inserts this makes small pieces cockle or catch on the lip apart from this I am very happy

Triton oscillating sander Dean howlett - 08/01/2023

Je suis un débutant dans la fabrication d'un instrument de musique, je fais ma première guitare. Mon avis est donc à considérer en conséquence, mais étant un bricoleur de longue date, je peux avec plaisir assurer de la qualité du matériel, de la fiabilité de la machine, de la précision et de l'efficacité du travail qu'elle permet. Mes respects, David

Absolument parfait! David Meier - 02/12/2022

Been looking at one of these for a while well wife bought one for my birthday well I pressed with the machine and the handy storage plus saves a lot of time sanding and with it oscillating does not burn the wood

Triton oscillating bobin sander S Copeland - 13/10/2022

Excellent machine, makes the sanding of shaped pieces simple, with a good range of spindle sizes allowing for different radii. I am only giving 4 stars because the replacement sanding sheets come as a full set rather than individually. They are available from other suppliers in individual sizes however.

easy sanding Philip De Paolo - 09/10/2022

This tool is amazing. Had seveal projects with curved surfaces. This makes it so easy... The dust collection woks superb!

Super Sander Dave - 29/08/2022

The cast iron top edges have some sharp areas. It looks unfinished. The removable plates do not sit flush with the top. I will have to shim each time I change size. Other than that the sander works fine.

Sander Larry jones - 25/08/2022

I had a Delta B.O.S.S. Bench top Oscillating Spindle Sander. hadvit for 20 + years until it just quitting oscillating. Figure it was time for a new one. Could not find another Delta, when this one popped-up on the laptop screen, read all the specs and reviews and features. Ordered it thru Amazon Prime, showed up a couple days later. Very impressed, this Triton Is much faster 2000 RPM's and it extremely quiet, hope I get 30 years out of this one, very well constructed. Thanks Triton

Awesome Mark - 18/08/2022

I bought this on offer at a great price and I'm extremely impressed with it. It is easy to use and having all the different spindles make it great for any job. The spindles are quick and easy to change, and the on-board storage make finding the right one easy. I would recommend this for any home workshop.

Spindle sander Gary Stevenson - 24/07/2022

I am a hobbyist wood turner and have, over the years, purchased many relevant machine tools. I have to say, this sander was a great purchase (from Yandles at £99.00!). The quality of build and component parts are quite exceptional for the price. Like most others I made consideration of the competition and found most to look similar with varying prices - Draper being the most expensive at £154. As I have purchased this brand before with good results And together with the sale price from Yandles it was a “no Brainer” as they say. Would strongly recommend.

Great sander David McKinnie - 16/07/2022

Absolutely fantastic bobbin sander for the price, I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Super easy to setup and change the drums and is quite quiet during operation. Definitely recommend 👍

Great Bibbin Sander Grant White - 31/05/2022

En lækker lille maskine der laver et perfekt arbejde og så har den en fed farve.den bør spændes fast til bordet.

Spindelpudser Kim Kristensen - 23/05/2022

Forget hand cramps, this oscillating sander will get at those curvey surfaces with ease. 6 drum sizes make choosing the right sanding size snap. A vacuum port makes sucking away dust healthy. Triton design gives a sizable work surface, no vibration, easy drum changes. Good quality at a fair price.

hands down works like a charm Lee - 03/05/2022

After taking delivery of this sander I spent a few minutes assembling it and it worked fantastically well. This will be a great boost to my workshop.

Fantastic Product Alasdair Weir - 02/05/2022

I got the sander to do edge sanding on thicker wood pieces and it works very well. The large base is good and sturdy and makes it easy to handle the wood pieces.

Good sander Harvey Miller - 22/04/2022

I have been wanting one of theses for a long time, I make model trucks and have just started making a small rocking DRAGON so there are lots of pieces some small and some large so this spindle sander is perfect and has saved me hours of work.

Spindle sander why did I not get one sooner Laurence Lewer - 29/01/2022

The table top is large and smooth , it has lots of power to get the work done . easy and fast to change the sanding drums . I glad I got it

Great sander Roy Pittelko - 21/01/2022

Nice product. Easy to use and just what I needed!

Triton Oscillating Bobbin Sander Deems - 24/07/2021

This is a review of the Triton Oscillating Spindle sander TSPS450, I've been using this for 4 months now, and am very pleased with the product, there are a couple of small modifications I've made and I cover these in this video https://youtu.be/aXdnZiMwzMk . I bought the sander because I needed one for a project my son was working on, I'd always wanted one so it felt like a great excuse to get one! Pros: - Good Value for Money - Works well - Dust free Cons: - Minor issues with the dust port connecting to a Henry hoover - Nowhere to store the washers needed to compress the bobbins. (Both cons I fixed very easily - see here for details https://youtu.be/aXdnZiMwzMk ).

Great sander - really good dust extraction Simon Dawes - 16/11/2020

I just love this oscillating spindle sander, it has made such a difference to making my craft work more professional looking. It is so easy to operate and change the spindles and the dust created is extracted brilliantly because of the collection mechanism of the sander. Can’t fault it!

Brilliant sanding for my crafting! Pam Hargreaves - 24/06/2020

Triton TSPS450 is build with good material, the work on this device is easy, it is equipped with good dust extraction. The device has fulfilled my expectations during 3 mount of the work. Disadvantageous of this machine is lack of space for a washers used with nuts.

450W Oscillating Spindle Sander TSPS450 Rafal - 22/06/2020

My husband bought me this spindle sander for my birthday as I'm very much into making craft items from wood for charity, even more so since lockdown. It has made life so much easier than hand sanding, delighted with it and so easy to change the spindles.

Great machine! Pam Hargreaves - 12/06/2020

My sander is great for sanding holes And curves. I love how the extra parts store on the sander base.

Great sander Larry Blackwell - 08/06/2020

I bought this specially to use when building electric guitars. So far, I've used it on at least a dozen other small projects from super dense hard wood to cheap pine. It's perfect. The rotation is spot on and it didn't bog down no matter how hard I pressed the wood into it. This is the first Triton tool I've bought and I'll definitely be buying more. The quality is amazing.

my new favorite sander Jacob Riley - 02/06/2020

just an outstanding sander, well built and great quality.

spindle Sander Stephan Bertrand - 28/05/2020

I bought this spindle sander after seeing where it was reviewed and came in as the top of the line spindle sander. I am so glad I bought this sander. It works great. I’ve used it several times now and it does a great job. I like how the parts store around the base of the tool. The dust collection is fantastic. I don’t have to do any cleanup after sanding. Overall this was an excellent buy! I am going to have to look for more Triton tools.

Excellent Buy Larry Blackwell - 26/05/2020

Absolutely brilliant works just like the much better than some off the much more expensive ones ! I would definitely recommend ! Well done Triton tools

Bobbin sander Alan Leather - 25/05/2020

I am not qualified reparer of sanders but i think my conclusios are valid. Unfortunately I cannot send a picture through this review. Firstly let me state that the machine did a fine job. My sander suddenly decided to stop going up and down. On investigation I found a snapped drive belt. Unfortunately this was not the only issue. The bottom part of the plastic housing had been snapped off. It looks like the cause was bottom bearing had been pushed down with such force that the plastic end just could not cope with the pressure and broke the housing. IF?? I was going to get repaired I would need a new belt, bearing housing and cap. Do not think it is worth it. Bye bye triton oscillating spindle sander. Not happy.

Internals came apart Ian allison - 19/05/2020

Easy to use. Good size bed. Saves time and effort to achieve good finish. Very pleased with the product.

Oscillating spindle sander Martin Price - 16/05/2020

My sander arrived in good condition and was easy to set up. It operates smoothly and leaves a smooth surface ready for glue or the next step in my projects. It performs tasks normally taking two or more machines and takes up only a small floor space in my shop. I have been working wood since 1956 and now value compact tools that take up less shop space.

TSPST450 Oscillating Spindle & Belt Sander Troy Mann - 15/05/2020

This has been a great sander. I have found many uses for the belt sander option. When hooked to the dust collection system the if very little is any dust.

450W Oscillating Spindle Sander Alan Konecnik - 11/05/2020

Got to use my new Triton 450 spindle sander the other day. Works great! I'm not the best when it comes to a band saw, but I can sand down to a pencil line, so this tool is invaluable to me. Dust collection works well, too. Regarding customer service: There was a part that I was unsure of when getting the unit set up. The included manual had b/w pics that didn't show detail very well. So, I sent an email request to Triton support for a PDF version of the owner's manual, and had a link to a manual in about an hour. Some thoughts for improvement to pass up the food chain at Triton: It was nice to see dust collection adapter included, but it was for a 4 inch hose. I think most of us in hobby/smaller shops are using 2 1/2" shop vac setups. Also there is a place for everything built in to the base of the unit, except for the easiest thing to lose--the washers

Gets the job done Robb Blanchette - 30/04/2020

I carried out extensive research into different machines before deciding to buy the TSPS 450. I have not been disappointed. The machine is well built and very reliable - hopefully it will last a lifetime.

Oscillating Spindle Sander TSPS 450 Robert Field - 23/04/2020

Great tool

Spindle sander Thomas Martin - 16/04/2020

Right tool for the right job

Spindle Sander Kenneth Zunder - 28/03/2020

Great product, exceeded my expectations

450W Oscillating Spindle Sander Mark Stevens - 12/03/2020

Only had this unit for a couple of months and really haven't had much use yet. But what I have used it for has made my life easier. No hand made jigs for sanding going forward I hope. It would be nice if it came with a variety pack of grits over 80. But, we can't have everything, right?

450W Oscillating spindle sander Dave Swieton - 07/02/2020

Works ok. Does what it says. Easy to set up & easy to use. Like the different spindle sizes.

Spindall Sander Richard Zweck - 02/02/2020

This is my 3rd spindle sander in 3 years. I use it to make Christmas ornaments, I never sand wood any thicker than 1/2”. The other two broke within a year, and I had a heck of a time getting my money back thru Amazon. Finally found this Triton product, with an excellent 3 year warranty. I like the fact that I am dealing with Home Depot, an actual store instead of a cyber store!

Yay! Karen Hutchinson - 01/02/2020

I love how easy to change sanding sleeves, everything is right there. This machine is built very well it will stand up to daily use. The only thing that I would change is have an option for different speeds. So happy I purchased! :-)

Spindle sander Claudia Fletcher - 19/01/2020

Loving my sander it’s so easy to setup plus it’s very quiet & it don’t throw a lot of dust in the air just wished l bought one years ago for the price you can’t go wrong

Perfect workshop Stephen - 17/01/2020

Absolutely one of the most important tools in my shop. The performance of this tool is incredible. I can quickly change drum sizes and sanding sleeves. I love the vacuum feature so dust is never an issue! Its weight and size are perfect for a small shop!

Oscillation Bench-top Spindle Sander Kyle - 13/01/2020

I am happy with my O.S. Sander. It does the work I purchased it for. I know there are bigger and more expensive machines on the market but this one suits my purpose.

450W Oscillating Spindle Sander Robert Nydam - 06/01/2020

Couldn’t be happier with my sander, a lot quieter than I was expecting. The dust extraction system works extremely well. It’s made sanding small awkward shapes a dream

Great sander Dan vincent - 04/01/2020

I use this to sand more than I ever thought I would, very capable machine, the dust extraction is fantastic leaves virtually nothing to tidy up. It’s less noisy than I thought it would which is a massive bonus. The sandpaper’s that come with seem to last well, Very pleased with my sander and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a sander like this.

Great bit of kit Daniel vincent - 20/12/2019

With the various diameter spindles, this tool makes sanding various radii a snap. I am still looking for finer grit sanding spools for final sanding.

Good addition for the shop Walter Smith - 17/12/2019

Hi I have found my sander fantastic I make wood toys for a hobble, the machine has a range of sanding drum sizes which is great for what I love to do and are quick and easy to change, the sander is great! I should of got one years ago, I recommend it fully

Oscillating sander Alan hakes - 20/10/2019

Only used three or four times so far mainly for intarsia work and it performs very well.

Spindle sander Jim dillett - 18/10/2019

Wanted this for a long time,finally pulled the trigger Great tool. One question has 5 spindles and 6 sleeves can’t find the spindle for the small sleeve

Great tool Paul Schmandt - 16/08/2019

Great accomplice to the bandsaw, will smooth out curves perfectly.

Perfect Mario Skertchly - 09/08/2019

It is a well built machine and I use it to sand curved surfaces. I does a very good job.

Oscillating Spindle Sander Review Roger D Helm - 03/08/2019

Very usefull addition to the workshop , the dust extraction works really well. I would definitely recommend this power tool.

Spindle sander Giuseppe Legname - 22/06/2019


Triton TSPS450 Oszillierende Davor Buljevic - 23/05/2019

I'm interrested in that device And I would like to test it.

TRA001 Sascha Wittmoser - 30/01/2019

Superb machine that makes life so much easier and when fitted to a vacuum cleaner leaves absolutely zero dust. A godsend for any workshop.

TSPS450 Allen Dodd - 28/01/2019

Great sander put off buying one for too long and couldn't be without any longer. Surprisingly light so can be put under the work bench when not in use which is very handy. Replacement sander sleaves are easy to get from screwfix for a set £6.99 (course)/£7.99(fine)/£8.99(extra fine). Only down sides for me was it comes with a set of sanding sleaves and drums where missing so had to get it exchanged. The other was it comes with course sanding sleaves only. You have to buy medium and fine which cost more that the course where I looked. Great bit of kit tho.

Excellent quality Aaron Bell - 19/01/2019


Spindle sander David - 21/12/2018

Love that everything is stored on the machine. Held up so far and a joy to use.

One of the most used tools in my workshop Stephen Millinger - 15/12/2018

Great little machine. Solid. The table provides more room to work on than i imagined. Nicely squared spindle. Many good years to come.

Triton spindle sander Eric Lebeau - 11/12/2018

A truly great tool! I should have purchased one of these years ago! Very handy for sanding curves and straight as well!

Oscillating Sander Wayne Sherrill - 03/12/2018

Clean, fast and quiet

Great Art - 27/11/2018

Very solid. Much more so than the price had me believing prior to receiving it. It's stable, the spindle's mouvement is regular making it easy to asses the effects of running a blank along it. Quite happy with my triton. Would recommend to any small shop/hobbyist and even to bigger shops as maybe a backup/secondary machine (you know when the lineup starts it's nice to have more options). I feel this is built to last. Now if only i could afford a nice plunge router.

Excellent Eric Lebeau - 27/11/2018

Spindle sander works as expected. The machine is not too heavy, so you can move it and store it easily. It has compartments to hold and store all of the drums and parts.

Spindle sander Alan Hausmann - 26/11/2018

This is my first oscillating sander, and I love it! It is the perfect tool for sanding around curves, but works really well on straight sections as well. Wish I would have purchased one of these years ago!

Great Oscillating Sander! Wayne Sherrill - 19/11/2018

Excellent piece of kit, does a great job. A little more noisy than I expected but not a problem when wearing ear defenders (recommended). Gives a good smooth finish and when connected to workshop dust extractor there is no dust from the top of the table whatsoever. Brilliant machine, should have bought one years ago.

420W Oscillating Spindle Sander Ralph Camp - 16/11/2018

j'aime beaucoup le produit , il travaille très bien. je le recommande a toute personne qui travaille le bois.

oscillating spindle sander Margaret Boisaubert - 23/10/2018

Very well made and reasonably priced piece of kit. Having never owned or used one before I was pleased to see a precise and easy to follow set up and instruction manual. Set up and running in no time, I am using it regularly and it does an excellent job. I should have bought one years ago.

450W Oscillating Spindle Sander Ralph Camp - 23/10/2018

My purchase of the Triton oscillating spindle sander has been little short of a revelation to me. Wish I had bought one years ago. It's a well made solid tool equipped with an excellent dust extraction facility. Always ready on the workbench to fines or shape the work in progress. Look forwards to years of use.

Triton Oscillating Sander Anthony Odell - 23/10/2018

Excellent machine. Perfect for finishing curved workpieces

Oscillating spindle sander Ged Naylor - 05/07/2018

The unit is powerful and does not bog down when there's heavy attack work to be done. It runs rather quietly and smoothly. I thought I'd have to mount it to my bench to keep it sturdy but this was not the case at all. One con would be my dust collection is 4" reduced to 2.5". I'd like to see the dust post opened to 2.5" so there is better suction and more dust being collected. Using a 1" line is not enough when gathering sanding dust.

Spindle Sander 450W Jimm Panik - 06/06/2018

An excellent tool. Amazing value for money. Extraction works brilliantly too.

Great tool and fantastic value James Macgregor - 31/05/2018

Bought the sander to save me time. Having read the reviews of other makes decided on this one. Best decision kit-wise I have made! So far it has coped with daily use on some tricky woods no stalling or slowdown at all. Simply brilliant!

Ups and Downs of Bobbin Sanding Paul Blackman - 18/05/2018

Great Sander! Almost dust free sanding

Great bit of kit Peter Hodgkinson - 05/05/2018

Super !

Mr Laurynas - 24/04/2018

I have had this machine for only a few weeks. I haven't had time to use it a great deal but I have found it up to the usual Triton standard. It is an ideal machine for sanding internal corners, which previously I found difficult by hand. I fits in nicely with my other 11 Triton products.

450W Oscillating Spindle Sander Peter Hydon - 07/04/2018

Very best product

450 oscillating spindle Leomy - 25/03/2018

Only had this machine for couple of weeks. So far I have found that hand sanding on internal corners was too hard! Triton have once again made the task so much easier with yet another quality power tool. Being the owner of 7 other triton items each of which are top class machines, I am pleased to add this one to my collection. Having watched the video on your latest saw table it would be nice to have, but I have to be careful pennies wise!

TSPS450 Oscillating Spindle Sander peter hydon - 25/03/2018

Great machine. Heavy duty work surface. Quick and easy changing drum sizes or sand paper grit. Relative quite compared to my bench sander and hand sanders. Great addition to my shop.

Ossilating Sander Review oe Robertson - 18/03/2018

I bought this after seeing several other reviews and YouTube videos, all of which were highly favourable. I was attracted by its compact size, features and price. I’ve now used it for a few jobs involving sanding both straight lines and curves and found it to be excellent. I work with MDF a lot and dust extraction is important to me; I just connect the sander to my shop vac and it’s virtually dust free. Overall I’m very pleased with the sander.

Virtually Dust Free Sanding William Davis - 18/03/2018


Spindle sander review John Plumb - 14/03/2018

Perfect product, easy to use and switch tools

Triton 450 Leomy - 10/03/2018

This machine is WONDERFUL !!! The work is done smoothly and very effectively. Only 2 minor improvements : - A place to store pucks would be nice. - For replacement sleeves, I only find on the Web complete sets of various grains, whereas I would like to be able to buy several identical sleeves of the same grain. But I highly recommend this tool, which saves a lot of time with a perfect result !

Sander Triton TSPS450 BOURGEOIS DENIS - 09/03/2018

not at all disappointed. works well and is simple to use. good design

tsps450 Michael Tchebanoff - 02/03/2018

Good strong well made machine, if it had onboard storage for bobbin washers would be perfect, well worth the money

Great Workshop Addition SJ - 01/03/2018

very good efficiency. very easy to change the spindle. Once you have it you will not be able to do without it. One of my favorite tool in the shop.

oscillating sander fredPbois - 23/02/2018

I love the sander it works great but I had to make an adapter to use a standard 2 1/4" shop vacuum.

Nice sander for the price Roger Leclercq - 20/02/2018

Great piece of equipment, does what it's supposed to do.

450W Oscillating Spindle Sander Ian Scott - 20/02/2018

well designed item. does what it is meant to do and at a very good price. i'm a fan of Triton Tools now

oscillating sander mike tchebanoff - 16/02/2018

I love my Triton Spindle sander

Spindle Sander Susan Woodward - 15/02/2018

A quality sander at a affordable price, very happy with it.

Spindle sander Thomas Failla - 13/02/2018

nice but needs a adapter to attach to a standard shop vac

great sander for the price Roger - 07/02/2018

I'm really happy with the results I'm getting with my new triton spindle sander.

triton Oscillating Spindle Sander - Love it! John Landkrohn - 07/02/2018

I love the sander but had to make a custom adapter to attach it to a standard shop vacuum.

Nice sander needs a dust adapter Roger Leclercq - 06/02/2018

I love my Triton Oscillating Spindle Sander and would highly recommend it.

Triton Spindle Sander Susan Woodward - 05/02/2018

This is a great sander for the home user. I have limited shop space, and don't want or need a full sized sander. The onboard attachment storage is well thought out, and more convenient than I thought it would be. This is my first Triton tool, I'm more than satisfied with how well it performs, it more than meets my needs as a home user and hobbyist.

Well made product Bill - 01/02/2018

Not sure how I ever did with out it. It is the best tool thank you again for a great Sander

Oscillating Sander Frank Molinaro - 30/01/2018

Great peace of machinery

Sander Lucky - 15/01/2018

Great tool! Solid design. Selection of spindle sizes very good.

Mr. Doug Kinslow - 15/01/2018

Solid and well equipped. Handy storage for accessories.

Spindle Sander Kenneth Gluckman - 07/01/2018

I am pleased with the tool. I hook up a vacuum to it so the dust is contained.

Works as expected Robert bennett - 05/01/2018

I am really impressed with my spindle sander especially the dust collection it is just the job for what I need

amazing bit of kit Richard Tordoff - 03/01/2018

Vyninkajici stroj za slušnou cenu!

Oscilačni bruska Miroslav Hyblbauer - 29/12/2017

Onliest issue i can come with is that sometimes there's quite difficult to remove inlay disc because of really small gap with spindle it self. But apart from this really small issue that's one great sander. Never thought that it will save so much of time sanding curved pieces.

450W Oscillating Spindle Sander Laimis - 27/12/2017

What a great product so easy to use always sands true to 90degs with a smooth finish when using the correct grits. Should have bought this months before.

TSPS450 Spindle Sander Clive - 27/12/2017

À beauty or spindle sander

great tsps450 contal gautier - 23/12/2017

I am very pleased with my spindle sander it is perfect for what I need it for and the dust extraction is great.

spot on spindle sander Richard Tordoff - 20/12/2017

I don’t regret this purchase at all. The sander is powerful and it does a wonderful job of allowing me to sand those difficult shaped parts. Add on great customer service and you have a winner!

Well Built and Useful Michael Collins - 16/12/2017

Great product, very smooth action lets you control the amount of material removed well. Would not hesitate to buy Triton again.


I purchased a 450w Oscillating Spindle Sander a few weeks ago, since then it has been in constant use. The product does exactly what it says on the tin, easy to use and very efficient, I would recommend to anyone.

Spindle Sander Robert Dougall - 07/12/2017

I am very pleased with the oscillating sander so far. It is fairly quiet and the dust collection is excellent. The cast iron table is a major bonus over the closest competitors aluminum work table. The inset 1/2" insert ring is a little tricky to remove so I had to make up a piece of wire with a little hook to assist with this. One thing I would like to see is somewhere to store the extra washers and possibly extra sanding spindles of different grits.

Great bang for your buck Michael MacLeod - 06/12/2017

A great addition to the workshop, a good size deck to support the material your sanding. Nice and easy to change the sanding sleeves. The only slight frustrating thing I’ve found is that the machine case/body holds all the sleeves and the spanner but not the washers for holding .the sleeves on which is a shame because there the things more likely to go missing

Spindle sander Dave snell - 15/11/2017

As with my other Triton tools, this spindle sander works a treat, has a excellent range of sanding drums sizes and grits, happy days.

Spindle sander Ian Stock - 14/11/2017

I have been really impressed with the sander. It is solid & stable without weighing a lot, so it isn't a problem to move round the workshop. The 450W motor is powerful enough to apply loads of pressure with the biggest drum without slowing. With a Hoover fitted to the dust extraction port it virtually eliminates any air born dust. Very pleased.

Quality product NEIL MATTHEWS - 03/11/2017

I saw this product being used by Ben Crowe(the king of crimson guitars😊) he was using it on a guitar build. I was impressed by the machine and now own one. The machine works well and has been reliable.

Worth Every Penny Mike Chesters - 20/10/2017

The sander motor sounds powerful and works well under load. I found this unit to be slightly better than others similar in this mid range sander. I have used a bench top spindle sander since they were available 15 years ago. Do not need it all the time but when I do, am very glad to have one.

Motor sound powerful Cameron Wallman - 17/10/2017

Been looking for that kind of tool for some time now. The Triton TSPS450 is just what I wanted.Easy to use and has all the features needed

TSPS450 Ioannis Pavezas - 14/10/2017

Really perfect for wood working on guitars. I'm 100% satisfied.

Excellent Jerome - 12/10/2017

Great product! Easy to setup and maintain. A real joy to use to get my projects prepped for finishing.

Spindle Sander Adam Winter - 05/10/2017

Exceeded expectations, woulkd not want to be without it.

Oscillating Spindle Sander Alan Dobie - 28/09/2017

Works as advertised, make inside curves a breeze to sand . Easy to use

Great Sander Robert McAllister - 23/09/2017

Nice feel and look to the sander. Excellent price for great quality – especially down here at the southern point of Africa

Oscillating Spindle Sander Willem van Heerden - 10/09/2017

Although there has been limited use so far I am very impressed with the spindle sander. The action is perfect for my needs, wooden toy making with intricate curves, and gives a good finish using the supplied sander tubes. The only thing that lets the product down is the supplied user manual which does not seem to be professionally printed and does not give correct details for the product.

Triton spindle sander Keith Gilbert - 09/09/2017

I brought this sander for sanding curves what a great bit of kit i struggled before i had this sander but the up and down action of the spindle sander makes life so much easier and you can use all of the sanding tube with the different sizes spindles you can sand out holes of all sizes glad i brought this now

Triton spindle sander Derek Andrews - 02/09/2017

Firstly, I must say how refreshing it is to get a product of such good quality. It seems to be normal these days to think "why?" as I set up whatever piece of kit or machinery. But not here folks. It's an orange peach! And that's a good thing. It is well made, works great and has a pretty quiet motor. The table is good size too, I don't think can actually get one bigger unless you spend a whole lot more. Can't fault it! It's the first Triton product I've ever bought and I'm a big fan of the brand already, definitely the first place to look if they sell what you require. Thank you Triton Long live Triton

Orange peach! Paul Jenkin - 15/08/2017

Great bit of kit.Just what I needed ,will be used in my workshop and save time and effort.

Spindle sander Tony Frankcom - 09/08/2017

I bought this tool used it a few times and it had trouble. Got frustrated and almost trashed it. But the Triton customer service is excellent helped me get it back right and I love it. Any toll can have trouble. It is the service that makes it worth it.

Almost chucked it Chris Deupree - 07/08/2017

I bought The Triton MOF001 router over a year ago and have been so pleased with it when I decided to purchase a spindle sander Triton were the first on my list. Again I have not been disappointed. The TSPS 450 Spindle Sander was easy to set up (straight out of the box) has a footprint that would fit in a small workshop like mine but does all the tasks that are needed from such a machine. I've been using it for over two months now and it is doing a great job. Once gain Triton have matched quality and reliability at an affordable price.

Another Great Product From Triton Tools David Beswick - 30/07/2017

Très bonne machine, légère mais très stable. Le seul bémol est le niveau sonore important.

Bon outil Rémi - 24/07/2017

I have been using the sander for a while now, and it works great. It's easy to move around and easy to change sanding sleeves. Perfect for my needs.

Great machine. Jan Musiat - 23/06/2017

This is a superb bobbin sander and its performance, and use in my workshop, has really impressed me. My only wish is that I had bought one sooner. It is a cracking tool, very well made with a substantial and very accurately machined cast iron table. It is supplied with an excellent selection of bobbins and sanding sleeves which cover all my needs from the delicate curves of a chair spindle to the less defined radii of a table leg. The precise oscillating action is dead square to the table and the sanded result is both accurate and superbly finished. A really excellent addition to my workshop at an unbelievable price. Top value, top performance and effortless to achieve a top finish. Brilliant.

Brilliant Pat - 18/06/2017

Lovely machine to use. Bit noisier than expected. Dust extraction is brilliant.

450W Spindle Sander Bruce Bywater - 18/06/2017

Exelent product would recommend to anyone.

Sander Philip wilde - 29/05/2017

Super machine, très bon rapport qualité prix. Elle fait bien le boulot. C'est un bonheur de de poncer des chants de forme circulaire.

Ma ponceuse Gérald Dilinger - 27/05/2017

Product works well

Sander Daryl Dekam - 24/05/2017

i made a round window and this machine was a god send it the job of sanding on the round easy.beware it does take off the materiel fast with the sanding sleeves (must buy some 120 grit sleeves) i wood advise you to buy a cleaning block for the sleeves they last a lot longer and alway attach a vacuum hose to clear dust.on the whole a good bit of kit. thanks a lot

oscillating spindle sander chris ball - 19/05/2017

Yes I'm really happy with my oscillating belt sander looks good and it works fantastic didn't know what to expect but well chuffed with it.

Excellent philip wilde - 14/05/2017

Straight out of the box and it worked perfectly. I had a chair commission and I needed the spindle sander to smooth out the many curves I had on the dozen chairs. Worked perfectly and the solid steel table top kept things stable and the extraction was nothingness than 100%. Totally recommended.

Oscillating Spindle Sander Andrew Bartlett - 14/05/2017

Produit très pratique

Très bon produit Mathieu - 10/05/2017

Used the spindle sander less than 1 hour and it stopped oscillating.

spindle sander issues Robert Goss - 22/04/2017

I bought this sander because I felt the price was right and another woodworker recommended it. I am happy with the power of the motor to sand under load pressure and the ease with which spindles can be changed. I also am happy with the dust collection process. I wonder if all of the plastic parts will stand the test of time.

Spindle Sander John Gronholz - 21/04/2017

Excellent product. Very satisfied with product performance

Oscilating Spindle Sander Pieter van Vuuren - 19/04/2017

The sander works well and is well equipped with all the different size drums etc, after using the drill based drum sanders this machine is a godsend. Dust extraction is good and the onboard storage for all the bits and pieces is useful, overall a top machine.

Good Tool Keith Fryatt - 17/04/2017

I was extremely please with the performance of the Spindle Sander. I had a series of 30 semi-circle cut outs in 3/4" popular that had to be sanded smooth for the project I was building. I was able to achieve a smooth, even finish on every semi-circle without enlarging any of them as they needed to be the same diameter. This was done quickly with minimal effort on my part. I do not know how I ever would have been able to achieve this result with any hand sanding block or sanding device. I am so glad that I purchased this item and I know it will get significant use in other projects that I have planned.

Oscillating Spindle Sander Scott Rutledge - 16/04/2017

I'm really happy with my new Triton 450W Oscillating Spindle Sander! It has enough power to easily sand hard oak yet, with the generously sized cast iron table to maneuver on, I'm able to use it on my soft basswood carvings without worrying about it eating them up. The built in "on board" storage is handy and convenient, giving me instant access to all of the components that only take seconds to change out to a different size spindle or grit of sand paper.

Triton makes a great spindle sander Randy Fratzke - 14/04/2017

This Triton oscillating spindle sander gets the job done. It's powerful enough to sand curved areas without losing any RPMS. Well constructed & designed to produce optimal performance.

Great product! Jack Lipps - 10/04/2017

The setup instructions are very clear and helped me understand how everything works. On board storage is great. I tested with all the sizes and I like how the machine stays stable. A well designed tool.

My first big sander Bruce McConachie - 06/04/2017

Not used this machine a lot yet but have found it very good after using the drill based drum sanders, very easy to change drum sizes and will get some finer grit papers for it soon. The dust extraction is very good, the machine is easy to move and store, can't fault it well done Triton. Next will be the bench top thickness machine.

Good value product Keith Fryatt - 04/04/2017

Very good machine for the price. Other comparable machines were twice the price which for the small shop person making small projects prices them out of the market.

450W Oscillating Spindle Sander Charles Buikema - 01/04/2017

Bought for a project where this was the only type of sander that would work. Very impressed with the prompt delivery, clear instructions and ease of use. Will certainly consider Triton for all future tool purchases.

Great Value for Price! Rick Michel - 27/03/2017

I bought this sander for sanding furniture details with concave curves. With seven different sizes of sanding drums this machine does its job beautifully.

Sanding inside curves without a hitch Pelle Edmark - 25/03/2017

Fantastica levigatrice....si può fare qualsiasi lavoro senza difficoltà ...la consiglio a tutti

Levigatrice oscillante Gaspare - 13/03/2017

I have given your product a good try and it seems to live up to all of your claims quite satisfactorily . I had tried the Rigid oscillating belt/drum sander but it didn't last the 90 day store warranty. I'm quite happy with this product so far. Two thumbs up.

Doug Doug Berg - 07/03/2017

Macchina potente e perfetta....puoi fare qualsiasi lavoro e arrivare dove altri utensili non arrivano...ottimo acquisto.....

Wow Gaspare - 05/03/2017

A very useful machine.

Mrs. Anne-Marie Viborg - 02/03/2017

Why didn't I buy IT before ?????????

Why! Hans Wennberg - 02/03/2017

Sing retired and starting out woodworking I noticed that Triton tools are now imported to Denmark and prices are good. It is made from plastic with metal for a table. Overall I find that I can sand for an extended time without it having trouble dragging on. Quite happy with having bought it. Kudos to Triton.

A nice little spindle sander. Steffen Brandorff - 20/02/2017

En fantastisk maskine

Mrs. Anne-Marie Holte Viborg - 16/02/2017

Very nice unit. Works great for small projects.

450W Oscillating Sander Sam Burden - 12/02/2017

Have had this tool on my "get list" for a few years. Should not have waited so long. It is now so easy to sand those parts that require this type of sanding. It is a great compliment to my belt and disc sanders. Easy to set up and use. The oscillating feature makes the sanding drums last longer and leaves a very smooth finish. I chose the bench top model do to shop space issues and am very satisfied. This is my first Triton tool and can't be more satisfied with it's quality.

Great Sander Ron Luedke - 29/01/2017

hello have just purchase spindle sander which is a lovely bit off kit very robust and does the job very well . I have also saw with table which I have had for 12 years and is still going strong . triton tools are well recommended.

triton equipment clive lewi - 27/01/2017

Only used it a few times but works great very smooth love it

Spindle sander Glenn Rollins - 25/01/2017

Just vath a man in my age needs.

Spindelsander Niels Høgh - 13/01/2017

Smooth sanding and did the job well. It was a good purchase.

TSPS 450 Micael Festin - 05/01/2017

Got my Christmas present Early this year my triton bobbin sander, iv been wanting one for ages how have I managed so long with out one I didn't realize that as well as going round the sanding sleeve also moves up and town and the time it saves is unbelievable and I'm getting better finishers. I can recommend triton bobbin sander with hand on heart buy one you will be amazed and did I mention when I registered my bobbin sander I got a certificate for a three year warranty thanks triton you made me a very happy man merry christmas

Fantastic Colin eeles - 09/12/2016

What can I say. This product is great...

Great Sander David Johnson - 04/12/2016

Great easy to use

Mr Calvin Irvine - 28/11/2016

What a difference a triton makes, don't know how I managed without one my work as improved so much just by buying my triton bobbin sander works great not to noisy and quick, buy one

Fantastic Colin - 25/11/2016

I spent about two weeks reading reviews of all the available spindle sanders. I chose Triton because of all the positive reviews. I also own a Triton plunge router that is my go-to router. I have used this sander many times so far. I am amazed how well it works. I wonder why I waited so long to make the purchase. The motor is very quiet and dust collection is amazing. Changing spindle sizes is quick and easy. Great Machine...

Triton TSPS450 Rodney Petry - 21/11/2016

I have used the sander on a number of guitar projects and the product works brilliantly. The dust extraction works very well and is a must in a small shop. I recommend this product to anyone.

Great Sander David Johnson - 20/11/2016

I personally don't do a great deal of sanding that requires a spindle sander, but when the need arose to step up my sanding game I instantly looked for a Triton spindle sander to fill the void. Spindle sanders are ultimately a very simple device and trying to over-complicate it with to many "features" ultimate makes an unnecessarily expensive and fiddle device. The Triton spindle sander is simple yet very effective. The cast iron work surface that is always 90 degrees and square and having all the components stored neatly on the device is so handy, I am always able to find the wrench!

A simple sander with convenient storage Caleb - 14/11/2016

Bought the Spindle Sander after Looking at many more o the same Thing.Found it on amazon a lot cheaper than the rest .With a better guarantee.Have used it a lot and found it easy to use ,silent in its operation and very well designed.I would happily recommend this machine to anyone

Mr rick pawlowski - 26/09/2016

Great value & performance

TSPS450 Mark Nicholas - 05/09/2016

...but then again, I love all machines from my Dremel Tool up to a diesel train locomotive. I haven't used it yet, to tell the truth, but readers can assume that I love it. If there are problems, I will not hesitate to come back on here and tell the world about it. Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

I just love this machine... John S. - 01/09/2016

PARFAIT! Une machine qui fait exactement ce qu'on lui demande. A l'aide des différents diamètres de cylindre et des différents grains on dégrossit, finit et polit toutes les surface courbes. Cet appareil fait gagner beaucoup de temps et permet bien plus de précision que si on essayait de faire le même travail à la main. Je ne pourrai plus m'en passer.

450W Oscillating Spindle Sander Poppe Nicolas - 01/09/2016

Great machine for the price, easy to set up and easy to use. Good dust extraction through the rear vent too. Versatile with a large range of sanding tube sizes. Highly reccommended.

Bobbin Sander S Heal - 01/09/2016

Finally bit the bullet and ceased to use the drill press with a sanding table for sanding. The Triton is made for purpose and will make curved work faster and more efficiently than using a drill press. With the solid table and effective dust extraction this will make it easy for me to prepare the wheels for wooden clocks, and templates for the router. Never had a problem with Triton gear to date and I have a number of their tools.

Oscillating sander Michael Weir - 30/08/2016

This is an awesome sander for the money. It is easy to use and you will be pleased with the results!

AWESOME SANDER Jeffrey A Mathison - 08/08/2016

‘An outstanding tool, does a superb job.’

450W Oscillating Spindle Sander Daniel Klepac - 03/08/2016

Great product quite & very effective, I purchased this to sand wooden car models I make works excellent very happy with it, Would recommend this as a great sander for any wood project.

Spindle Sander Rob Scott - 01/08/2016

I purchased this to help with some of my projects. The unit is quiet, easy to setup, and the table size makes it comfortable to use.

Great spindle sander Rory leo - 01/08/2016

Does a great job am very happy with the results only problem is that the on/off switch has decided to play up i will have to try and find a repairer

450w Spindle Sander Richard Taylor - 26/07/2016

I was a bit concerned as this sander is cheaper than its rivals, its well built with solid feel, the operation of the sander was as expected, It done a good job, efficiently, changing spindles was stress free although the nut was Chinese like, all in all a very good tool, I would recommend this to all workshops.

Oscillating Spindle Sander Pete - 25/07/2016

Triton has another hit in my book. I purchased my spindle sander last year from Peachtree Woodworking. I am blessed to have them locally! So far this sander has performed flawlessly. It does everything it is supposed to do with no unwanted surprises out of the box, except for... the cast iron table. The only thing Triton can do to improve the sander is to do a little more work in the cast iron table before boxing it up. To me, it is a little rough cut and nonuniform. Instead of square edges, they taper off to a slight curve downward. There are multiple high and low spots as well. I happen to own a surface plate large enough to attach some 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper and turn the sander upside down to remove these high and low spots and roughness. Once I did that the table was level and smooth as a baby's butt. However there is nothing I could do about the tapered edges. I deducted two stars for having to correct the table when it should be level and smooth out of the box. Everything else functionally about the sander is great!

Versatile Spindle Sander Dean Miller - 25/07/2016

Bought this at the local annual woodworking show. Works well, but mine came with a top washer for the spindle with a hole smaller than the shaft. Contacted Triton and received no response. Also, I was interested in one size that was not included in the kit. I would rate it higher with better triton support

Oscillating sander Matt Work - 22/07/2016

Does exactly what it says it will. Well made substantial bit of kit that has so far met and exceeded all of my expectations. This makes sanding curves so much easier.

Does what it promises Clive - 21/07/2016

Love this machine, does exactly what it says on the tin ( or box ). Took the finishing of numerous projects to a new level, much better than messing around with hand sanders. Would highly recommend. 4 star rating only because I never give a 5

450W Oscillating Spindle Sander John - 21/07/2016

Arrived with some sanding sleeves missing and one rubber sleeve, ordered new ones after waiting ages for a reply from Triton, to no avail, Never the less it works very well, does all I expected and saves a lot of work

TSPS450 Oscillating Spindle Sander Dave Hall - 20/07/2016

I got this Triton Spindle Sander now about two month. It helps me to sand curves with different sizes very fine. The handle is easy and the rolls can be change very fast. All accessories can get stored at the body of this tool so it is alway right to your hands. I made a Youtube Video about this tool and it would make me happy when you watch it. Check out my Channel "holzwurmtom" or copy this link to go right to the video:https://youtu.be/ABgWpIQLb7Y

YouTube - First look at the Triton Spindle Sander Thomas (HolzwurmTom.de) - 20/07/2016

You can find exactly the same spindle sander in different colors with different brand name all over the internet. That's because it's made in china by the same factory with the same specs. It's not bad sander for hobby. Table is a bit too small and I miss higher grit sleeves, but overall ok.

As all - made in china Mitja Mithans - 20/07/2016

I Love this Tool. Working with this Machine make many fun. I have make a Review on my Channel and Blog. Please Visit my Work. http://patrick-holzwerker.de/2016/05/28/alles-laeuft-rund-triton-tsps450-spindelschleifmaschinemit-video/ https://youtu.be/VFSfrnZd0i4 Greetings Patrick’

Very Good Spindel Sander Patrick Wieland - 20/07/2016

Great piece of equipment. I wish I had bought it sooner rather than monkeying around with sanding drums on my drill press. My unit was missing the 1/2 inch drum. I use all the various sizes and made a jig for sanding flat surfaces with a drum.

Oscillating spindle sander c melby - 20/07/2016



I have several tools Triton, and this magnificent sanding tool has added value to the laboratory to work wood, for the construction of guitars. The oscillating spindle of this machine works fine on the curved sides of the guitar bodies. The machine is very stable and the spindle oscillation evenly consumes the abrasive sleeve. Great machine !

This machine works fine on guitar bodies Francesco Cardillo - 19/07/2016

A great machine easy to operate very good finish I use the machine on a regular basis and would be lost without it.

Many valueble hours saved Bill Lilburn - 19/07/2016

Superbly pleased with this item, Can't understand how I've managed for over 40 years without it !

Mr Frank Graham - 19/07/2016

I bought this 18 months ago, and its never let me down. I was so impressed, I bought a couple more Triton machines. A reciprocating saw was one just a month ago...That also is well made, and brilliant value for money. I cant fault Triton, and recommend their proucts.

450w Spindle Sander Phil Mortimer - 19/07/2016

great piece of kit, fantastic price, I never realised how much i would use it, had it over 12 months now, never missed a beat, highly recommended

450W Oscillating Spindle Sander Jon f Harding - 19/07/2016

I have bought products that quit working after a few months and most of them were tools I bought cheep. So I didn't really expect much out of them. I expected more from this one but was the worse tool yet. Plugged it in and it lasted about 15 seconds and quit working! Piece of junk!

Spindle Sander Paul McCutcheon - 19/07/2016

It's a sturdy and well built machine. Compact (you keep all the accessories on the machinemachine), but with a wide solid cast iron surface that makes it easy to work even with larger wood parts. I'm very happy with my purchase.

great product at a good price Emiliano Ferazzini - 19/07/2016

A great device and a really good buy! * Wide selection of sleeve diameters are availabel * Efficient dust extraction system. * Several grades of grit sleeves at a reasonable price are available . * Simple and easy to change sleeves using just a single nut on top of the shaft. Perfect for my job!!!

Triton Spindle Sander no talk just work!!! Di Domizio Philippe - 19/07/2016

Good value machine, does the job. Just ordered workbench, hope it is the same quality

Osi sander T C Steatham - 19/07/2016

The sanders is exactly what I expected. It works well and is easy to move around.

Nice tool Mike - 19/07/2016

Excellent sander. I have no problem in referring product to anyone. Its quiet and removes material quickly. Greg

450W Sander Greg Teagle - 19/07/2016

Very good sander!

Great Spindle Sander! Edgar - 19/07/2016