TA 1200BS

Levigatrice a nastro 75 mm da 1200 W

Potente motore da 1200 W per la rimozione rapida di materiali con il controllo di velocità variabile. Rullo anteriore di piccolo diametro per la levigatura di aree confinate e per lavori dettagliati. Regolazione della cintura di monitoraggio per un allineamento preciso. Porta per l'estrazione della polvere per connettere un sacchetto per la polvere o un sistema di estrazione. Include staffa di inversione, sacchetto per la polvere e nastri abrasivi (grana 80, 100 e 180). Peso 5,15 kg

Caratteristiche prodotto

Potente motore da 1200 W per una rapida rimozione di materiali
Il controllo della velocità variabile migliora la flessibilità quando si lavora con diversi materiali
La porta laterale per l'estrazione della polvere collega il sacchetto per la polvere in dotazione o il sistema di estrazione polvere
La regolazione della cintura di monitoraggio contribuisce ad un accurato allineamento del nastro abrasivo
L'impugnatura in gomma sovrastampata offre maggiore sostegno, sicurezza e controllo dell'utensile
Il pulsante di blocco la rende più adatta ad un uso prolungato
Il rullo anteriore di piccolo diametro permette di levigare in spazi ristretti
L'impugnatura a staffa rimovibile aumenta supporto e sicurezza
Spazzole con facile accesso permette di cambiare le spazzole usurate

Caratteristiche tecniche

Regolazione cinghia si
Estrazione polvere Si
Finitura Alluminio spazzolato
Materiale - struttura primaria Plastica e alluminio di gomma sovrastampata
Velocità a vuoto 200 - 450 m/min
Blocco di accensione Si
Spia di accensione Neon
Altezza prodotto 145 mm
Lunghezza prodotto 410 mm
Peso prodotto 5,15 kg
Larghezza prodotto 120 mm
Interruttore di Sicurezza Pulsante di blocco
Dimensioni nastro abrasivo 75 x 533 mm
Potenza sonora LW 90 dB
Pressione sonora LP 101 dB
Velocità variabile Si
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 01 1 x Levigatrice a nastro TA1200BS 75 mm
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 02 3 x Nastri abrasivi (grana 80, 100, 180)
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 03 1 x Set di morse di inversione
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 04 1 x Sacchetto per la polvere
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 05 1 x Piastra di grafite
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 06 1 x Blocco posteriore
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 07 1 x Backstop Locking Screw
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 08 1 x Spare Drive Belt
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 09 1 x Instruction Manual

Accessori inclusi

1 x Levigatrice a nastro TA1200BS 75 mm
3 x Nastri abrasivi (grana 80, 100, 180)
1 x Set di morse di inversione
1 x Dust Extraction Bag
1 x Graphite Pad
1 x Backstop
1 x Backstop Locking Screw
1 x Spare Drive Belt
1 x Instruction Manual


TA 1200BS

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116 Review(s)
Great work Triton - they improved the heat build up situation by changing the base plate for graphite. My previous model had the metal plate and heat was always an issue. In my opinion, given the 1200W motor (the comparable Makita is 800W and costs about 80 Euros more), this is a good value for money product. My previous model lasted me 6 years or so before it gave up the ghost. https://reclaimdesign.org

Improved On The Previous Model Michael - 19/05/2023

I wanted a belt sander that could be attached upside down and mounted to a bench. After exhaustive research the Triton met my requirements- a solid machine with an extensive sanding capability.

Belt Sander - The best Frederick - 08/12/2022

I have recently taken delivery of 1200WBelt sander. I bought this particular sander because like all people I wanted a Bargain and I have certainly got one. Also, it was reassuring that the construction and performance where very good. One of the main reasons I purchased this Sander was its ability to be fixed to my workbench and be used as a static sander, using supplied clamps. Not many other have this versatile feature.Perhaps you need to advertise this a lot more. Having said that I look forward to future usage with confidence. All that and a 3 Year Guarantee. Dennis Diggins. 27.06.22

1200W Belt Sander Dennis Diggins - 27/06/2022

Not happy with the belt sander, used it once for 2 min, belt stripped. Sent it in to get repaired and belt stripped again. The price for a new belt in South Africa is ridiculous. Haven't used it in 2 years now just takes up space.

Used it once and belt stripped. Mike - 12/04/2022

Great sander. Bag zipper broke but Triton replaced it no questions asked. Very pleased.

Great Sander Shawn Swope - 20/12/2021

Light, powerful sander for the toughest of jobs

Sander Andrew Watt - 01/08/2021

....y una pregunta....donde puedo comprar sólo la bolsa?? Gracias 5 estrellas para la herramienta... 1 estrella para la bolsa... Saludos

Buen producto.....sólo un fallo.....la bolsa del polvo es muy débil Luis Pérez - 21/08/2020

I bought this 2 years ago, used it once for a table top and it was superb, a lot of power and did a great job. Months later I used it again for an outdoor bar table top I made out of reclaimed wood. It then sat in my shed for over a year (past warrantly) upon which I used it to sand a reclaimed maple table top at which point it sparked and smelled like burning plastic. I'm led to believe this is the brushes being worn out and need to be replaced. But can I get brushes for it anywhere? I emailed tech support at triton who cant seem to supply me with any and they send me to a toolssparesonline, which yeh thanks I can google myself, and they dont stock them anyway. Dont sell your rubbish in countries you can't support if the product goes wrong. Absolutely useless piece of metal and plastic that now sits in my tool shed. Tech support absoulte rubbish too. I felt confident after reading some of the above reviews that I might get help but I can't say that has been the case.

hmmmm Steve Oconnor - 14/07/2020

So far haven’t had a chance to use the belt sander. However, I have tested the sander and I find is a well belt tool and easy to use and set up. Base on my test runs I give the tool a 5.

Triton 1200W Belt Sander David Tipton - 18/06/2020

This is an excellent quality tool. Robust, high build quality and ergonomically pleasing to use. It's reassuringly heavy but not too heavy to handle in a controlled manner. Like all belt sanders - this is my third but first Triton - it has to be used with care as they eat wood quickly. Because of my experience with this sander I'll definitely be looking at Triton for my next power tool purchase.

My first Triton, but not my last. Iain Muir - 02/06/2020

Absolutely love this sander. Upgraded from a Skil 3x18. It’s has so much more power and is an absolute beast when you need to remove material quickly. One of my best tool purchases in years and I buy a lot of tools!

The Beast! Kristofer Rowe - 02/06/2020

Removed old finish and stains from bedroom hardwood floor after ripping out carpet. Unit handles well and has plenty of power.

Triton belt sander John Saturno - 10/05/2020

This is the 3rd Triton product I have purchased. I have 2 plunge routers, 1 built into a table and the 2nd for above workbench work. The features and quality of workmanship on my sander as well as my routers is outstanding.

Great sander Ron Dunagan - 15/04/2020

Was great for sanding down the large piece of oak I bought it for and very strong at sanding down the flooring. However zip on dust collection broke almost immediately, handle adjusts only one way without huge amounts of force and belt change lever feels very flimsy.

Strong motor, flimsy components Eirian Price - 04/04/2020

After many trusted years and lots of hard work I decided to upgrade my trusty Beltsander to this Triton. Feels of good quality with great price tag.Has features that my previous sander did not such as adjustable front handle, power on led, longer power cord, love the tapered sanding belt makes some jobs far easier,also comes with spare belt. Overall a great quality Triton tool will buy more.

Great Upgrade to old sander Paul - 30/03/2020

The process of sending my sander back for repair was easy and helpful. I received my sander back quicker than I expected. Thank you!

Belt sander Thomas Partain - 19/01/2020

Recently purchased the triton ta1200bs. Its the best beltsander you can find at the moment. Used it to sand a wooden floor.Really easy and powerfull in use. Solid machine at a decent price.

Best Beltsander ever Faizel soebhan - 10/12/2019

Great Product and Service. I had the cork pad come loose from the sanding plate during my initial use and reached out to Triton for support. They got back to me immediately and provided me with a replacement pad just as quick. I have since used this product for a number of projects and it does a great job. Thank yo Triton AA+++

1200W Belt Sander corbett parker - 26/11/2019

Excellen machite for good price!

TA1200BS janez - 15/11/2019

Thank you for this great product. Although I had an issue with the cork pad coming loose after a few hours of use. Triton was amazingly responsive in providing me a new plate with pad. Excellent product and product support. I would recommend this product. AA++


I really love this sander but after only using it on one project the zipper on the dust bag stopped zipping closed. If you zip it to the closed position it stays open. Otherwise I would give it a 5 star rating.

Nice but dust bag sucks Jason Giddings - 02/11/2019

Its a real helper in my shop. I use it as handtool and also mounted at the table.

nice help in the shop Roland - 30/09/2019

I really like this sander. Bought the sanding plate and used it to smooth out a piece of wood that was too big for planner. The variable speed makes it a lot easier to work with.

sander Wray Kneupper - 25/09/2019

Has the power to do any job. Love the size and ability to flip over and use it.

Great sander Jeffrey - 16/07/2019

Just sanded 20 square meter of hardwood deck. The sander is excellent with good power adjustment and hardly any vibrations. No problem to run it for hours. Grips are comfortable and weight is good. Changing belts is intuitive and easy, as is belt adjustment. In combination with my Festool dust extraction system there is hardly any dust. Dust extraction with the standard dust bag attached however is poor, ( same goes for to the other non-Triton sanders I have). I would not want to use it indoors without a dust extraction system attached. It was a problem to attach my dust extraction system. It is strange that you have to buy an adapter separately and then the soft plastic Triton adapter frankly is a joke. Whatever way you cut it, it does not give a snug fit on either the sander or the vacuum cleaner. All my other sanders have a nice hard plastic 34-35 mm adapter that gives a seamless fit with the Festool system. If all other manufacturers can have this, why not Triton? I made my own adapter and this works good. Still, an excellent sander at a competitive price.

Triton TA1200BS sander Geert - 26/06/2019

Purchased Triton 75mm belt sander and was pleasantly surprised firstly that the packaging was sturdy but also all recyclable. The belt sand itself as with all Triton product is very well made and felt good in the hands. Changing the belt is a quick and easy process and they include a few different grades in the box which again is a welcome touch. On using the tool for the first time I was amazed how fast it got the job done and how quickly it removed the excess material leaving a very impressive finish even with the courser grades. Overall a 5 star purchase which doesn’t surprise as the Triton tools I have already have never let me down.

75mm Belt Sander Coin Webb - 25/06/2019

Loving this sander, it’s making an easy job of sanding rough wood for plaques. I’m using it mostly upside down on the bench and the dust bag works well.

Triton Belt Sander Jo Craft - 24/06/2019

I purchased this sander for a variety of projects in our kitchen remodel. It performed exceptionally well leveling out a floor, smoothing slab benches, even fine tuning cuts in the backsplash tile using the bench clamp. It feels substantial, the construction is precise and solid and so the belt tracks properly The variable speed control allows the sander to start up slow and be brought up to the desired speed with ease. We call it the locomotive because it looks like a 20th century art deco train locomotive and it'll pull away like one of you don't hold on. I've been very happy with this sander and look for new reasons to use it.

Triton Belt Sander - The Locomotive Paul - 16/06/2019

after looking at different brands and models i chose the triton and am glad i did, very heavy duty sander with the ability to mount and use as stationary, this is a quality tool at a good price, and I already own a triton router which has performed great i am sure this sander will also

triton belt sander jerry - 08/06/2019

I’ve not used the machine for long periods yet but the work that I have done with it has satisfied me that I made a good decision in buying the sander. It easily and quickly sanded some nice pieces of oak to a very good standard. I recommend this sander.

1200 w belt sander Neil Ree - 29/01/2019

This is a very robust sander and I would put it up against any of the top tier manufactures that you find in any of the home centers. Lift one up and make the comparison and you will agree this is a great sander!

Triton Belt Sander Paul Demeules - 25/01/2019

Sterke motor kan zware klussen aan. Ligt goed in de hand al weegt het wel door na een tijd. Stationair zeer goed toestel, i, gebruik het standaard op de werkbank. Een aanrader.

Prima machine danny van reusel - 27/12/2018

It's a very powerful tool. Confortable design. I recommend !!!!!

Powerful tool Cyrille Chouinard - 14/12/2018

prima machine, robuust en tegelijk erg handig om te gebruiken. Kan het zwaardere werk aan, en ook het fijne werk. Ik heb geen klachten !

1200W Belt Sander 75mm danny van reusel - 13/12/2018

Excellent tool Build quality is very good I believe it will stand the test of time Would recommend it with no hesitation

Very good Gerard aumais - 08/12/2018

Only sanded a few things but so far an awesome belt sander for the price. To cut down on dust I did hook a shop vac directly to the unit and it helped a lot.

Works great Larry gibson - 06/11/2018

This is a heavy, powerful machine with adjustable speed control and speed lock-on button. I've had it running for hours on end whilst sanding both sides of long T&G floorboards that had been removed from a re-built domestic property. I removed the shattered tongues and grooves along the edges with my circular saw and the surfaces of all these now 100mm-wide boards are now smooth enough to be re-purposed. I'll put them into storage and because I don't have to buy new timber for my future woodworking projects that's saved me a lot of money. With the quick change mechanism, belts can be replaced in a matter of seconds, re-tracking is simple and the handle at the front can be adjusted to make the machine more comfortable to grip over longer periods of time. The sander also has the added benefit, which not many machines have, that it can be clamped upside down onto a workbench for smaller, more precise, hands-free sanding. There's a bewildering range of hand sanders out there but, as far as I'm concerned, I made the right choice. It perfectly complements my current Triton hand-held circular saw and it even comes with a three-year guarantee after registering on-line. I'm really pleased with my purchase.

Good, solid Belt Sander. Dr. Frank Jackson - 10/07/2018

ponceuse puissante et efficace, utilisée directement sur la pièce ou sur table en stationnaire gràce aux supports fournis.

puissante et efficace jerome - 26/06/2018

I love the sander for my Scrollsaw and segmented Bowl projects. I have it turned upside down on my workbench and probably will never be moved again. My local Home Centers do not carry 320 grip belts that I like to use,but I can always order them online.

The Sander Jeff Robinson - 15/05/2018

I bought the sander originally in 2016 and after a year and a half of 100% pleasing use it started having a terrible sound and smell. Customer support was extremely helpful and the matter was settled without issue. I put it through all stops over the year and a half; scribing, flattening tops, using as a stationary sander. It’s a great tool, I think mine was a lemon but like I said I couldn’t be more pleased with dealing with triton.

Good sander, great customer support Ben Mcinnis - 27/04/2018

I purchased a Triton TA1200BS about a year and a half ago as a cabinet maker and joiner it worked perfectly. You can palm the sander for scribing, is very comfortable for flattening large surfaces and the dust collection is the best I’ve ever seen with a belt sander. Sadly my original sander was deemed defective after but after going through tritons customer support we got it all sorted. I would have given 5 stars but I was inconvienced by having to be down a sander and having to deal with customer support.

Great sander, great customer support! Ben - 13/04/2018

I'm loving this sander so far. It's got some weight to it so I simply have to guide it along and the sander does the work—a great improvement over my last sander. I love the adjustable speed and inversion features too.

Great Sander George Patterson - 23/03/2018

The 1200W is solidly made, with minimal plastic and a considerable aluminum in the frame. This makes it weigh a bit more than the plastic competition, but gravity saves me adding down pressure when i use it. It has performed well so far and i expect many years of reliable service. My first Triton tool but i would buy Triton again for sure.

1200W is a powerful beast Randall Muir - 16/02/2018

Plenty of power handles really well. I love triton tools, very affordable and looks great! I’ll definitely be buying more tools from Triton

Amazing Mark - 14/02/2018

Sander is perhaps a bit heavy due to more metal construction, but that allows you to use gravity for down-pressure. Well conceived and solidly built tool. Very happy with it and would consider buying additional Triton tools. Excellent warranty!

Triton TA1200BS solidly made sander Randall Muir - 02/02/2018

Excellent aspiration moyennne

Excellent Morand - 24/12/2017

During the last 40 years, there have been only two occasions when I’ve asked the question, “Hey, baby, where have you been all my life?” The first time was in the 7th grade, when I finally mustered enough courage to use the line on a popular 8th grade girl. (As she ran away from me laughing, I sadly realized that she would never be the future mother of my future children.) The second time I used the line was about a month ago, when I unboxed the Triton TA1200BS belt sander. Unlike the cruel 8th grade girl, the sander didn’t laugh at me, and it didn’t even run away. In fact, I believe both of us immediately felt a magical mutual attraction that will eventually become a serious lifelong relationship. My affection for this exceptional tool grew quickly as I began to explore its capabilities, power and features. I was also smitten by the machine’s undeniable good looks. Comparing it with my previous belt sander was like comparing a sleek, precision engineered sports car and a clunky old school bus with flat tires and graffiti on the sides. But the Triton belt sander isn’t just another pretty face; it’s a serious machine that can outwork any of its ugly predecessors. Thanks to a powerful 1.6 horsepower motor, the TA1200BS has more than enough guts to tackle any job I throw at it. In fact, the other day, when I fired up the sander to clean up some reclaimed barn boards, I noticed that several stubborn layers of old paint on one of the boards began to tremble in fear. The terrified paint knew that it didn’t stand a chance against the Mighty Triton . The TA1200BS has many other important (and useful) features, including these: * Variable speed control, so you can choose the most effective speed for different materials. * Side dust port that can be connected to a dust extraction system or the included dust bag. * Extremely accurate belt tracking adjustment. * Small diameter front roller that allows you to sand in confined areas. * Comfortable adjustable front handle that provides several possible grip positions. But my favorite feature so far is the tool’s amazing ability to convert from a handheld belt sander to a bench top belt sander, which means you can stop doing that dumb and dangerous thing where you position your old belt sander upside down in your vice clamp. (Of course, I’ve never done anything that dumb, but I’ve heard about people who have.) The brilliant “inversion clamps” included with the TA1200BS make the transformation easy, quick and safe. (See video below) Since I’ve had this belt sander for only a month or so, I can’t vouch for its long-term durability (yet), but judging from its stellar performance so far, and judging from my previous experience with Triton Tools, I have every reason to believe that this belt sander will be working hard in my shop for a very long time.

The TA1200BS Will Make Your Old Belt Sander Ashamed Of Itself Mark Mayfield - 12/12/2017

Very pleased so far. The machine has more than adequate power for the job and gets it done quickly. I bought the machine for a deck refurbishing project I have coming up in the next two weeks ... looking forward to see how it performs then.

Belt Sander Peter Kettle - 17/11/2017

I have experience of using several of the notable woodworking power tools but nevertheless I recently purchased my first Triton Tool. A 1200W Belt Sander 75mm and I must say I am impressed with its sturdiness and built quality and with the optional sanding frame subsequently purchased, I find I have a most versatile tool to satisfactorily produce a professional finish for any appropriate sanding task. I know it is not supplied with spare brushes but I'm sure I can deal with this as necessary, that said it does come with a spare drive belt. Well done Triton. I will look forward with confidence to purchasing other products in the Triton range.

Surpasses Expectations David Pritchard - 16/11/2017

This is my first tool from Triton. Very powerfull tool. Good price and quality. Will try other Triton tools in a future.

1200W Belt Sander 75mm Igor Prochorcuk - 15/11/2017

Purchased it on-line from Home Depot. Good on-line experience and was very pleased with the sanders feature and performance until the front roller ceased after less than 3 hours of use. This will be a good opportunity to see what kind of warranty issues arise from the on-line purchase. Will notify Triton today (Nov 1/17) of the problem.

TA 1200BS Belt Sander Jim Wetterberg - 01/11/2017

Un seule petit défaut : le verrouillage de la poignée avant "saute" facilement. Sinon machine puissante et efficace. Le sac à sciure fait correctement son job.

Tres bien. Penel - 23/10/2017

Je étais très contente de cette machine jusqu'à une sur chauffe . Malgres un nettoyage à la soufflette pour la dépoussiérée tout les jours . Mais je crois que c’était du à la mal chance car jusqu'à présent je prévilège mes achats sur cette marque . L'avenir me le dira quand elle reviendra du SAV

Une bonne machine LAPORTE MARIE HELENE - 09/10/2017

I have been looking to replace my belt sander for a while. I had only been able to find one manufacturer that made a belt sander with a base plate up until I found the Triton 1200W 75mm belt sander. Very sceptical about the price at first. Having used it for sanding and finishing two inch thick Patch Burr Elm window boards with the base plate. This gave me a great flat blemish free surface. I then gave it a try on some six inch square oak beams after I had planed them . I am blown away by the thought and functionality put into this great belt sander. The fact that it comes with a three year guarantee is a testament to belief Triton have in their products quality. Really pleased I purchased it, the saving over the other well known brand was huge. All told a great tool that packs a punch well above its price range. Just wish it came with a case, with the saving I can go and buy one. A Big Thumbs Up

Superb Value For Money Belt Sander With Optional Base Plate Peter Collins - 27/09/2017

Great sander planty of power and love the way it tracks and the hand grips Also you can mount it to your work bench

Belt sander Jess Alonzo - 05/09/2017

The triton tool line is not available locally so buying a any power tool without actually being able to handle it and make sure it ergonomically works for me is a big deal. I read a lot of reviews on line and finally decided to make the purchase. I was not disappointed. The sander handles very well, is comfortable to use. The belt changeout is super simple and I am extremely happy with my purchase. I have also had my eye on the Triton 2-1/4 hp router but not yet made the purchase. If it is as well built and ergonomically friendly as the sander, it will be a awesome tool to add to my arsenal. Thank you for providing an honest and informative review of the Triton sander to help me make a good purchase decision.

Belt Sander Lisa Nagel - 01/09/2017

Great piece of kit! Moves material quickly and evenly. The sander feels solid in the hands. All the controls are within easy reach of your operating hand and are simple to use. Does the job effortlessly. At $250.00AU nothing comes near it.

TA 1200BS Matt Jeffery - 20/08/2017

Love my new belt sander, strong, reliable and the main reason for buying it, using it in the inverted position. I've used some of the other big names at twice the price, however, I always find myself going back to the Triton.

Great Quality Ross Jenkinson - 18/08/2017

After one month, it's too soon to judge the long-term sturdiness of this sander but so far I am very pleased with my purchase. I compare this sander with the Porter Cable 3x21 I used in the shop for 20 yrs. and like the fore-aft balance, the weight, the low-profile dust bag, the adjustable front grip position, the speed control position and the thoughtful flip-it-over. clamp-it-down and bolt-on-fence features. Fits and finishes are generally good although the surface finish of the cast metal parts seems a bit crude. I would like to have a chance to handle and inspect other tools in the Triton line. Their "work center" looks like an interesting new "take" on the portable table saw.

Thoughtful design, nice fits and finishes; Pico Cantieni - 11/08/2017

The 1200W belt sander it exactly what I need for sanding down rough boards. This sander is well balanced, has a good feel, and is a workhoarse. I am very satisfied with this sander and would highly recommend it.

1200W Belt Sander Mark Rutter - 08/08/2017

Sander works very well. It is comfortable to hold and has enough power to smooth out rough cut lumber. I have been very happy with it so far.

1200 belt sander Mark Rutter - 25/07/2017

I have only used my new sander a few times since purchasing it but am quite pleased with it. It is easy to handle, has sufficient weight so only light pressure is needed to control it. Let the tool do its job. The noise is not excessive but it still a good idea to wear ear protection. Changing belts is quick and easy with little need for tracking adjustments. Dust collection is good. The adjustable front handle is a good idea but have not had a need to adjust it for ajob. It does not move easily which is probably a good thing. This sander was a good choice.

3" belt sander Paul Almquist - 21/07/2017

Power, functionality and control makes this belt sander a perfect match for the applications it is used in.

1200W BELT SANDER 75mm REVIEW Thys - 16/07/2017

Full control and power in your hands that result in quality finish.


Again very good product rubbish log into register product and snail pace customer support.

belt sander kelvin Tiltman - 17/06/2017

Very powerfull, compact and wieldy belt sander.

TA1200BS THOMAS FALCIONI - 16/06/2017

This is one of the most powerful beltsander I have owned very pleased with it . I have done carpentry work for well over fifty years best sander ever.

1200 beltsander George Bisson - 30/05/2017

This belts Ander is very powerful doesn't bog down when sanding.

21 inch Belt sander George Bisson - 20/05/2017

Did my research and glad I did. Triton product is incredible. Solid, balanced and easy to change belts. It tackles the job with ease. Dust bag is a great help! Will buy more Triton tools!!!

Best Belt Sander Robert - 25/04/2017

My first attempt at using the sander was to smooth out a small table top made from several pieces of hardwood. I used the Triton 60 grit belts and it worked beautifully, had it smoothed in about 30 minutes. Sander never got hot. Shut it down to change to a finer grit and the sander would not restart. Contacted Triton, they had me send it in. Two weeks later I got a new sander, no questions no problems even though I had not filled out the warranty information as required. I could not be happier at this point.

1200w belt sander Charles Beers - 10/04/2017

I bought this unit to replace a makita belts ander nearly double the price. The sander performs well removes large amount of timber and paints without a problem . The unit is well balanced and comfortable to use over long periods of time. Instructions are to the point and concise. Great product thanks.

Triton 1200w belt sander Petrus Timmermans - 29/03/2017

The motor is lengthwise requiring more gears to change direction to drive the belt. They use part of the motor cooling fan to suck the sawdust. (Duh!) Who does that? The dust that does not go in the bag now gets blown all around by the motor exhaust. The dust bag can easily get knocked off. It is a powerful machine though. It stays tracked and is easy to track. It is narrow to use but you still can't get close to the left side because of the dust bag; just like every other sander so turn the motor sideways and make an efficient dust extractor!

Dust collection sucks Ken Frandsen - 27/03/2017

Sturdy belt sander with lots of power and the dust collection system works really great. I also like the ability to turn it into benchtop sander.

Great belt sander Jerry - 10/03/2017

The sander stopped working within 5 minutes of first use. However, Beaver Tools in Missouri worked with manufacturer (Triton) and had a new one mailed out next day. Triton also provided me with a prepaid return label. Wonderful customer service. Even though sander was defective, which happens, customer service from Beaver and Triton deserves 5 stars.

1200W Belt Sander Randy Williams - 23/02/2017

Following the failure of yet another brand of belt sander, I bit the bullet and bought a Triton. As soon as it was out of the box the quality was immediately felt and seen, it leaves my old one in it's dust.

Belt Sander Philip Miles - 08/02/2017

Impressed with the ease of use and smoothness of operation. Easy to use easy to adjust accompanied with very good performance.

TA1200-BS Belt Sander Dale Heimermann - 07/02/2017

Dieses Bandschleifgerät in Verbindung mit dem Schleifrahmen ist das absolute Gerät. Wenn man es erst einmal die Einstellungen richtig gefunden hat, was übrigens sehr leicht geht, kann man mit einem Band fast unendlich arbeiten.

Super Bandschleifgerät Gunter Saemann - 29/01/2017

very good product

very good product samuel morin - 27/01/2017

Nicely made tool. Robust but easy to handle. Like the low profile and adjustable front handle. Also like the ability to sand against a wall or other obstruction without any interference from the body of the sander. Only issue is the stability of the belt tracking. It seems to require somewhat frequent adjustment.

Mr Tim NcClain - 26/01/2017

Very good product that meets my expectations perfectly.

very good choice samuel morin - 13/01/2017

I find this to be an excellent replacement for my ELU Belt Sander it is the only available inline sander that I have found to replace the ELU. Triton appears to have taken the ELU & added improvements - like the excellent workbench clamps. They've made a fantastic sander The sander has performed excellently Triton have added "extra" features in their products which set them apart from the rest. In the case of this sander: 1 The sanding belt is quick release and only takes a few seconds to change. 2. There is an alignment screw to make sure that the sanding belt travels true. 3 The sander has optional attachments to allow it to the mounted upside down safely and used as a bench sander. 4 The handle is also adjustable to suit your preferred method of working with whatever my project happens to be at the time. My confidence in this sander is growing every time I use it! All in all, this is a great Sander at a very affordable price.

1200W Belt Sander 76mm TA1200BS Geoff Kingsburgh - 01/12/2016

Does the job quick and good. Nice finisch. Lots of possibilities

1200W Belt Sander 76 mm Marc VAN HERCK - 28/11/2016

e un ottimo elettroutensile , soddisfatto

soddisfatto eugenio leuzzi - 22/11/2016

I've used it twice since I purchased the sander. It works great, had to get uses to the power. Glad I purchased it and I do plan to purchase other Triton.

Triton 1200W Belt Sander Jarvis Moore - 21/11/2016

TA1200BS is easy to use and very versytile. It gives a perfect finish and smooth surface after sanding. I would recommend it to everyone. It is as good as Festool at a third of te prices.

Very good belt sander Marc VAN HERCK - 14/11/2016

- This is the only available inline sander to replace the old Bosch inline belt sander. Happily, Triton appears to have taken the Bosch & added improvements - like the excellent workbench clamps. They've done a great job - sure hope it lasts!

Happy 8^) Ron - 04/10/2016

This sander impressed me from the beginning as I lifted it out of the box. It's heavy weight combined with the in-line mounted motor gives it the performance of the old Porter Cable "locomotive" belt sander loved by many, but is no longer produced. It's well designed and better though, with variable speed and inversion accessories. I look forward to years of dependable service from this tool. Great job Triton!

Like the old Porter Cable "Locomotive" belt sander Kenneth Copp - 22/09/2016

Very good sander it will get the job done.

1200w Belt Sander Bobby Bates - 20/09/2016

Nice belt sanders, I like the size and weight, also really like the accessories that allow you to clamp sander to work table, makes sanding small items easy. Good customer service as well

nice belt sander William Wilson - 19/09/2016

itS a fine Tool 4 easy Money

fine Tool Holger Reinke - 19/09/2016

It has a great weight to it. The design is like its wrough double! Like it a lot Better than P/C sander.

Homeowner Gary Hawes - 06/09/2016

The replacement 1200W belt sander works like a charm is easier starting and smoother to use, and combined with the sanding frame and stand stand is a winner

1200w Belt Sander JOHN G KINGSBURGH - 16/08/2016

Beast of a tool,well balanced and easy to use. The variable speed is perfect for intricate sanding and the belt tracking is spot on. A nice touch is the adjustable handle not found on other sanders. All in all a good priced well made durable piece of equipment.

Triton 1200 bs Phil - 15/08/2016

As a professional wood craftsman , I have to say that this is one of the finest belt sanders I have used in the last 40 years ! It is a credit to Titon to produce such excellance.

Excellant power tool John Tobin - 15/08/2016

I have acquired this belt sander 1200W a year ago and it perform flawlessly. I cant say much because my language is french, all I can say is I will have to put it on my wil !! Great job Triton!!

Great tool Claude - 25/07/2016

I've used this sander on a multitude of projects now. The best feature is that it can be clamped on a work bench or table upside down making it useful for a range of additional jobs. I have also used this on metal with the original triton belts and it works very well although is clearly designed for woodworking.

Versatile sander John S - 23/07/2016

its a very good tool

its a very good tool PIAULT Loic - 22/07/2016

I like the simplicity of the design of this product. It works well and the belts stay tracked. It is well balanced and the front handle position is adjustable.

A great sander Peter Rogers - 21/07/2016

Ich benutze das Werkzeug sowohl stationär als auch frei Hand. Ein kraftvoller Schleifer mit dem richtigen Gewicht um ihn laufen lassen zu können. Der Service ist hervorragend. Super in Preis / Leistung H.-P. Stark

1200 W Belt Sander 76 mm Hans-Peter Stark - 21/07/2016

Since first receiving my sander I have used it on a great number od projects now in both as a bench sander and normal belt sander, it has preformed admirable. The sander is a solid piece of equipment, the only problem I have had with is in the dust collection I no-longer use the supplied dust bag as it didn't work that well instead I have it hooked up to my dust collection system.

Great Sander Allen Gilchrist - 20/07/2016

I have been using this in my work shop for a couple of years now and it has not let me down. I have used it to carve out the belly and arm cutaways on Strat type build builds with great success. Mine came with a spare drive belt as well as accessories for mounting the machine safely upside down which is really useful for all sorts of things. Be warned, this is a very powerful sander and you can actually watch your work piece disappear if you don't exercise some degree of control! I use a variety of different sanding grades so I am regularly swapping out the sanding belt and this is a quick and painless task. Overall I am very impressed with this sander. I have noted a couple of remarks in reviews regarding spare parts. In the UK, at least, there are a couple of websites that sell Triton spares. Just google "Triton tools spares" and several sites will be listed.

Very happy with this sander Mikey - 20/07/2016

This is the best belt sander I have owned or ever used. It is well balanced, I like the adjustable front handle, and the 10 amp motor is powerful enough to sand all day without overheating. I used it to sand a bedroom floor twice, and the motor never got more than mildly warm. Previous sanders I have used on heavy duty jobs like this either got too hot to hold or they simply burnt out. The only criticism is that the dust bag zipper is cheap and has jammed.

Powerful machine Graeme Shelford - 20/07/2016

Building my own house, I have used the sander on the Jarrah window and door frames and the Jarrah recycled floor boards and boy, does it do a great job - little effort and great results. When a tracking problem occurred, I sent it back for warranty and to my surprise, I received a brand new machine - how's that for service! I have a 2000 workcentre that I use all the time, so well made and easy to use. I'll certainly look forward to buy more Triton tools as they are made with the serious user in mind.

Awsome sander Carolus Van Empel - 20/07/2016

I have had tis sander for more than six months and have no problems with it. Even the belt drive has held up through the finishing of large custom furniture pieces.

Captain Wood Mike Neiman - 20/07/2016

I have other triton gear I'd highly recommend but this isn't one. Most sanders have a graphite pad to minimise friction and heat, not with this unit and as a result it breaks sander belts as the glue gets hot and snap. Have a motor issue but parts a horrifically expensive and service too far and difficult to get too. A real dissapointment to the quality and innovative triton range. Not recommended.

Parts and support failure Greg Howe - 19/07/2016

Have used this sander for a number of projects now. Being able to mount it upside down on a bench is an awesome feature. Big thumbs up from me 👍

Great machine Scott - 19/07/2016

As a hobby woodworker I have all kinds of sanders, use each for its intended use,this triton sander I use for both metal fabricating and woodworking, it is a versatile sander especially when clamped to my bench (which is 90% of the time) you can shape small pieces(both wood & metal), remove layers of wood from a flat surfaces, square up small pieces of wood,remove dried up glue, etc. As a general rule I always use blue threadlocker on all screws of any machines than tend to get loose, this sander is no exception. One small problem I have is when I use this sander hand held, it is a bit too heavy for me but that's because I have a bad shoulder and can't hold the weight for too long althoughI have seen others do this without much difficulty and with impressive results. Overall,I just love this sander, I just wish it was a bit lighter, other than that ,it is a workhorse in my shop. I highly recommend it.

1200W Belt Sander ken masoumi - 19/07/2016

I bought this for my husband. He loves it! He is very picky about his tools and he is verizon pleased with this one.

Tritontools.com Sander Julie - 19/07/2016

Der Bandschleifer ist wirklich eine tolle Maschine. Sehr robust und auch für den dauereinsatz geeignet.

Tolle Maschine Mario - 19/07/2016

Fantastic machine, the adjustable handle and the ability to clamp it to a bench make it a very versatile and easy to use sander

TA1200BS belt sander Fred - 19/07/2016

I bought my sander to help in my work preparing my daughter's house for occupation. I have used it for all sorts of stuff, from leveling uneven plaster finish to make fitting skirting board easier to smoothing off a beam of Oak for a mantle shelf. It did all with ease once I had learned to 'tame it': it never showed any signs of being over-worked or over-heated. Like other reviews I have one 'downer' - the zip on the dust bag is rubbish! It is quite out of keeping with the robust construction of the rest of the machine and has now failed to either open further, or more importantly shut! Fortunately I can hook up an extractor hose to my more normal dust extraction kit but that means I have extra gear to cart about when visiting a work site. Apart from this 'defect' the sander is in keeping with the build quality of my Triton router and 300 series table that gets used for all sorts of stuff without a thought of "will it work" when I go to use it.

It's a beast! In the nicest possibly way. Mike Kemp - 19/07/2016

5/20/15 - For the moment, I'm going to recommend that you stay away from this sander. Not because of its power, handling, dust extraction, or utility, but because it has as it's "weak link" a very small part that shouldn't be a weak link. This part is a threaded nut which becomes very significant because finding replacement parts for Triton tools is not easy. I like this sander and it is very powerful . . . until the nut securing the rear drive roller decides to strip its threads. My sander now runs but the belt will not turn since the drive roller has lost connection with the drive belt due to the failure of this nut. It is a reverse-threaded nut and, at this point, I'm not sure how to go about replacing it. I've emailed their support, but have not received a response. I will update this review if they choose to help out with this problem. Aside from that, you need to strongly consider looking elsewhere for a sander so you don't end up with an expensive and unusable tool in your shop. If finding parts were easier (here in the USA), then perhaps this wouldn't be such a potential ownership hardship.

Good sander, but lack of replacement parts keep it from being dependable. delaing - 21/05/2015

I have just started (a few months back) using this belt sander for all manner of projects. The most recent is sanding an end grain chopping board after using the TRA001 router to level. The sander performed admirably. Triton seem to have lots of little "extra" features in their products which set them apart from the rest. In the case of this sander: *The sanding belt is quick release and only takes a few seconds to change. *There is an alignment screw to make sure that the sanding belt travels true. *The sander has optional attachments to allow it to the mounted upside down safely and used as a bench sander. *The handle is also adjustable to suit your preferred method of working with whatever your project happens to be at the time. My next project with this will be the rough sanding of a bell curve on a guitar body, after routing the basic shape, to "blend in" the steps. To be honest I was not really sure that this would be a suitable tool for the purpose but my confidence in this sander is growing every time I use it! All in all, this is a great piece of kit and I wish I had started using it earlier....

Great Bit of Kit FirstMM - 08/12/2014

I've had this belt sander in my bag of tricks for almost 6 months, during which I've resurfaced 6 very large decks and 2 over-sized docks. No problem except that I wore out my first drive belt after only about 15 hours' use (glad there was a replacement included as they are very over-priced)and I found that the dust bag was always falling off or getting in the way, especially when sanding steps. Otherwise, this is the best belt sander I've ever owned and, in fact, I like it so much that I bought the smaller palm Belt Sander just as soon as it became available in my area! :-)

I love this sander so much that I just bought the palm belt sander, too! cja1953 - 31/10/2013

I am not privileged yet to own one of these sanders but have had a little experience with other makes, namely at the local Men's Shed I go to. The features on the 1200 BS are exactly what I would want. If the performance and quality is anything like my Triton workbench, Triton SAw and Triton Router I will e thrilled. Her's hopeing . Kevin

sander Kevin Mahon - 30/01/2013

I've been using this sander for a few months now and I've found it to be a great bit of kit. It is light and easy to handle and has a slow start feature which means when starting the sander on the work piece you maintain full control. The variable speed feature adds to this control. If you want more the adjustable handle lets you get just the right grip for the situation at hand. The dust bag can be reattached when you invert the sander so it still does its job. The included brackets let you clamp the sander to your bench and use both hands to shape and sand timber, a great feature. I've used it to cleanup and finish many metres of hardwood and its never missed a beat. A great tool to keep in your kit.

TA1200 Belt Sander crash486 - 28/01/2013