Levigatrice a nastro 64 mm da 450 W

Levigatrice compatta e leggera che sta nel palmo della mano. Efficiente motore da 450 W, facilita la gestione delle comuni applicazioni di levigatura. Cinghia compatta di 64 x 406 mm per progetti complessi. Compatibile anche con nastri abrasivi da 60 x 400 mm. Comoda funzione di blocco. Nastro con leva per sgancio rapido. Design speciale per la levigatura fino al bordo del pezzo.

Caratteristiche prodotto

Design speciale per levigare fino ai bordi del pezzo
Il rullo anteriore dal diametro ridotto consente la levigatura in spazi ristretti
La regolazione del nastro permette di centrare il nastro abrasivo
L'impugnatura in gomma sagomata aumenta il controllo e la sicurezza
L'interruttore di blocco può attivare il funzionamento continuo per ridurre la fatica dovuta al lavoro prolungato
L'estrazione polvere aiuta a mantenere un ambiente di lavoro più pulito e sicuro

Caratteristiche tecniche

Regolazione cinghia Si
Estrazione polvere Si
Finitura Gomma sovrastampata
Velocità a vuoto 340 m/min
Blocco di accensione Si
Altezza prodotto 135 mm
Lunghezza prodotto 255 mm
Peso prodotto 2,1 kg
Larghezza prodotto 105 mm
Dimensioni nastro abrasivo 64 x 406 mm
Pressione sonora LP 87,6 dB
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 01 1 x Levigatrice a nastro 64 mm da 450 W TCMBS
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 02 3 x Nastri abrasivi (grana 80, 100 e 120)
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 03 1 x Adattatore porta di estrazione
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 04 1 x Manuale di istruzioni

Accessori inclusi

1 x Levigatrice a nastro 64 mm da 450 W TCMBS
3 x Nastri abrasivi (grana 80, 100 e 120)
1 x Dust Port Adaptor
1 x Instruction Manual



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82 Review(s)
I like the tool! Do they make a dust bag for it?

Palm belt sander Rick - 14/07/2023

This is an incredibly well designed tool that has become my second most used hand tool after the drill. I find myself reaching for it on more and more occasions. It’s so good that I have begun buying them as Christmas and birthday gifts. Now the not so good. The belt on mine will no longer track reliability. There is endplay in the tracking adjustment knob shaft. Very easily repairable i am sure, without sending it in if i just knew what to do. The shaft is not shown on any of the parts blowups I have been sent and my phone calls go unanswered and unreturned. Just can’t see the justification for being without it, shipping it in, and spending $35 on what I am certain is an extremely simple adjustment.

Incredible tool, so-so support Patrick Moon - 26/02/2023

Works well. The position of the on/off switch is poor and I had to use my left hand to use the switch. A rocker switch would have made it easier to operate the sander with one hand.

Good machine except for on off switch Shraga Bellon - 14/06/2022

Dobry doplnek excentricke brusky. Zejmena na mensi a clenitejsi casti, kde se excentr nedostane, nebo je obtizne jej naklanet.

Kompaktni pasova bruska Michal Jennícek - 18/04/2022

Nice little sander, easy to use. Well built

Palm sander Steve Johnson - 06/02/2022

Good running and very useful. Not real heavy and works heavy.

good sander Harvey Miller - 05/02/2022

I love the one handed belt sander. Coming in real handy on a job I'm doing. Scribing 300 linear feet of 1x8 base to unfinished wood floors. Architect doesn't want shoe mold trim! No problem with this tool!

Power in a small package Tony Fisher - 19/09/2021

The Triton 450W Palm Belt Sander is an amazing addition to the tool box it’s small and compact but with solid reliably and performance.

Amazing William - 11/08/2021

I've been looking for a small belt sander for a while now and finally discovered this little beauty. It is now an essential part of my scribing kit for built in furniture. I can get into very tight nooks and crannies with the small belt wheel diameter and an able to remove alot of material quickly and accurately.

Belt sander - essential scribing tool Dermot Coll - 24/07/2021

I like the manageabilty but...after about a minute or two of use it is too hot to handle. Do I have a defective unit? Has anyone else experienced rhis?

Palm Belt Sander heat. Bruce Swift - 14/04/2021

Great tool very efficient and easy to use

Sander Dinesh Malhan - 28/06/2020

I absolutely love this sander! It’s nice and light, which makes it very easy to control. It’s perfect for scribing.

Best Belt Sander Todd newton - 15/06/2020

Really impressed with this sander, easy to get a good range of belts and is just that bit smaller that allows you to get into tighter spots any other Belt sander wouldn’t be able too. An all round great product for A very decent price!

Triton Belt Sander Mike - 05/06/2020

This Is my 2. TRITON-engine and i am surprised. In Germany the engins from Bosch, Makita,... are very expensiv for Hobby-Worker, sind by the way, my wife Is also from Australia and she Is the best too😉

Fantastic Oliver Powik-Gravert - 29/05/2020

Easy to use sander which makes quick work of surface paint removal.

Excellent Palm Belt Sander John Ballantyne - 24/05/2020

Bought this sander as I was looking for a tool with enough power and precision to sand down a large bookcase covered in varnish. This sander did the job perfectly - a nice smooth finish and very easy to use. Nice and easy to change the belt too. Appreciated the fact that it wasn't too heavy but had a good amount of power - looking forward to using it on projects.

Great sander Elin - 21/05/2020

This palm sander is so easy to hold and control thanks to its design and size. Miles ahead of any other hand held belt sander. Can use in a variety of positions with ease.

Great hand held sander Tracy L. Jones - 11/05/2020

I searched for a sander to fit the size of belts I had a stock of . The cheap & nasty predecessor had died at about the same time as its warranty expired . This replacement has all the same features AND a feeling of real quality . I win on every front.

Fits the bill nicely. Barry Goddard - 10/05/2020

I recently bought this sander after seeing the demonstration van outside my local Screwfix in Blackwood, the demonstrator was knowledgeable and pleasant and gave me confidence to buy the product. Next day delivery and I must say I wasn’t disappointed, exactly what he told me , lightweight, compact , and quiet. Big thumbs up to triton for bringing a quality tool at affordable prices.

Little gem Chris Perry - 27/03/2020

You can run it with one hand witch gives you a free hand to steady the piece you are working on.I fine that there are many areas it is so handy on getting the job done with ease. I love it 👍

Triton 2 1/2" x 16" palm belt sander Gary kirk - 22/03/2020

Wow ,what a brilliant sander this is and especially at the price.I love it

My new sander Peter Taylor - 18/01/2020

Nice and lite and lots of power

Palm Sander Lance Gillette - 15/01/2020

I have struggled in the past with orbital sanders not doing the job good enough.So I thought I would invest in a belt sander but looking at some of the prices and being an O.A.P. I have to watch the pennies.I saw this at Screwfix and read the reviews and I thought for this price it can’t be true.How wrong can an old man be this sander is a little “ BEAST “ it has took all the hours of sanding with the other types away.As we say in Lincolnshire it’s a cracking machine .I LOVE IT.Regards Pete Taylor

One word “ WOW “ Peter James Taylor - 04/01/2020

I purchased this Palm Sander to shave 2-3mm off the bottom of a heavy oak door after having a new carpet fitted. The 80 grit belt that came with the sander was slow going on the hard wood, then I discovered that additional belts 65 x 406mm were hard to locate in a hurry. However Screwfix had plenty of choices in stock of 65 x 410mm belts and, like another reviewer, I found these to work fine. 60 grit made much faster progress (I even remembered to sand from both ends towards the centre to avoid splintering on the sides). Very pleased with this product.

The door fits now! COLIN GRIFFITHS - 09/12/2019

I have to say I'm pretty impressed with this smaller belt wander ,its light ,has a port that I can connect my vacume to , and is relatively quiet all things considered I'd recommend it

TritonPalm belt sander Stephen Rawnsley - 13/08/2019

Výborne sa drží a dobre sa s ňou pracuje. Jediná jej nevýhoda je, že sa veľmi prehrieva. Podľa môjho názoru sú použité plastové ložiská vo vnútri stroja, čo spôsobuje prehrievanie. Radšej by som si za kvalitný produkt priplatil a mohol s ním nepretržite pracovať bez prehrievania. :-(

Pásová brúska 450W 64mm TCMBS Miro - 03/07/2019

It is s great little sander

Sander Brian Pressel - 26/01/2019

This is a really handy little belt sander. Stripped a few old doors back to the wood in no time.

Palm sander Roy Woodrow - 02/12/2018

I love this thing. Its small, light, and powerful. Currently using it to refinish some stairs, which requires a lot of side sanding. This tool allows me to do that comfortably, where the two hand models would not.

Small, light, and powerful Brian - 25/11/2018

I love this little sander so much we used the now defunct Dewalt mini belt sander but this is lighter and very gutsy. we have already purchased a second.

great tool. Phill Weymouth - 15/11/2018

First off the size of this thing is amazing. That I can use it with one hand helps me a lot. For sandpaper options, I found everything from 80 to 600 grit (there is likely lower, just did not look). With these features and sand paper options, my projects that required me to use it on an angle or on stairs, helped a lot.

Nice hand held sander Brian - 11/11/2018

I bought this for some sanding jobs to door renovations, for which my old 100mm wide sander would have been a bit too big & cumbersome. I am very pleased with this little Triton unit - it is powerful enough to remove material at a fair rate, and yet remains light & controllable on little awkward jobs. I would recommend it. Along with my Triton superjaws, I am pleased & impressed with these products in general.

Triton palm sander. Dave - 06/11/2018

I purchased this as my big old 100mm belt sander was getting tired and I wanted something a bit lighter for smaller jobs. I haven't used it very much, but it has proved to be a great bit of kit. It is much easier & less tiring to use on fixed woodwork as opposed to having to remove things to put on a bench or vice before sanding. I have a few other Triton items and have found them all well made and reliable.

Triton 450w Palm Sander Dave - 23/10/2018

Replaced a more expensive make and proved more powerful a great buy

Powerful palm sander Woody - 18/06/2018

Much better than I expected-powerful and efficient

Palm Sander Jeff Slade - 05/06/2018

This sander is Great! It fits my hand almost like a glove. It's nice and light where it counts, not making my hand or arm tired! but it sands projects like a larger sander! it works great for me! changing belts is a breeze also...

Great Little Sander Scott Siegler - 21/05/2018

I love this sander! It fits my hand perfectly and its light enough to do moderately big jobs without tiring my arm, but big enough to get the job done easily and quickly! I have another bigger sander that just collects dust now that i have this one! belt changes or adjustments are very easy to do. I just love it.

Great little Sander Scott Siegler - 08/05/2018

My client ask me to build small for gas / elec cupboard door out of old floor boards from the church that I'm restoring for them I don't have a sander capable to do the job so I purchased the tritan belt no time at all the boards where cleaned it was better than I expected will be definitely buy tritan again just needs a box 9/10

Belt up Jason dilks - 30/04/2018

it worked like all of the triton tools that i have purchased . that is why i buy them

palm sander Richard Adorjan - 29/04/2018

This sander has exceeded my expectations. Lighter and easier to handle than my larger belt sander, but still with a ton of power and ability to remove material.

Great little sander Alec Pearson - 09/04/2018

5 star product

450w palm sander 64mm Mel Morgani - 22/03/2018

as my old power tools give up the ghoast and I replace them with Triton tools it shows just how bad the old ones where! this little sander is just amazing, it's ten times better then my old belt sander which was twice the size. the 450W Palm Sander is so handy everything is getting a sanding now. my world have just got smooth!

just keep getting better Angus Hart - 16/03/2018

Very good for multiple projects . Easy to change and adjust belts.lightweight and easy to hold in any poaition.

450 Palm Sander 64 mm Larry Cooper - 14/03/2018

Great sander for those hard to get to places and for small jobs. A little bit of a hand full but good once you get used to it.

Palm Sander Graeme - 14/03/2018

When I purchased this sander, I needed a small lightweight belt sander. I took it out of the box and felt it to be light. When I used it, I was amazed at how it cut through the material. The only drawback is that it is not variable speed. Overall it worked well.

450W Palm Sander 64mm Thomas Jemec - 06/03/2018

works great easy to switch belt grit while working on different projects at same time.handles great in different positions.

tcmbs palm sanderwork Larry Cooper - 02/03/2018

Bought at wood show. Have not used it that much to make a complete review, however what little I have used it, seems to be a good little sander.

Palm sander Jerry Gould - 27/02/2018

Sehr handlicher kleiner Bandschleifer. Ideal für feinere Arbeiten. Bin sehr zufrieden. Die Schleifpapiergröße kann mann leider nur bestellen.

Süßes Gerät Swen Heinrici - 24/01/2018

we use this sander for scribing, we are able to get the belts in p40, making it a quick process to sand our panels to our scribe lines. the sander is very compact and can be used one handed. the sander is not very expensive and for us last roughly 2 years, all of our trucks have one and we have a couple as spares, we are on close to our 20th one getting them repaired is not easy but again they are not expensive and last roughly 2 years for us 4/5 simply because they are not easy to get repaired, compared to all the other sanders we could be using for this application, this sander is the best for it

great sander philip seehaver - 04/12/2017

First time I've written a review of anything I've bought, including tools. This small sander is remarkable, though, so I thought it deserved a review... I needed a piece of kit which would reduce the hassle of sanding old beams above head height. These were particularly awkward: old purlins set into a sloping ceiling, with about 70mm of the purlins showing below PIR insulation boards and battens for fixing plasterboard. The purlins were very rough unplaned pine, the lower side next to the battens particularly awkward to work on as the ceiling restricted access. I tried using an electric plane but that was too awkward and needed two hands, and a random orbital cordless sander wouldn't remove stock anything like quickly enough. I had no idea a palm (one-handed) belt sander was feasible, until I came across this. It's not as light as other palm sanders I have, which are designed primarily for light finishing work, whereas this is capable of much heavier tasks. Although it's tiring to hold one-handed overhead, particularly for extended periods, it IS possible and it's powerful enough to get through rough timber quickly. It made the job much easier than it would otherwise have been, and was also surprisingly inexpensive. A great tool..!

Palm belt sander Ian Dickinson - 02/12/2017

Great sander for one handed use, perfect for removing dried glue or shaping edges, corners. Belt tracking works really well and replacement belts are reasonably priced. Improvement suggestions: Would have liked a dust bag/filter to be included. Also a longer power cord would have been ideal.

Palm Sander AM - 18/10/2017

This little guy packs a real punch for his size but remains leightweoght and easy to manuver in the palm of your hand. He gobbles up wood for breakfast which makes flattening and profiling a breeze. The belts are easy to remove and the tracking is simple to adjust. A good quality tool at an affordable price. Cheers triton

Wood gobbler Miles Ascough - 10/10/2017

This sander is great for my jobs,from casework to millwork. It has power and performance

Owner/operator Mark Reed - 01/10/2017

Recently bought the Palm Sander. Used it last night to trim the lid's edge of a toy chest I'm building. It easily removed an eighth inch off the 3/4 in. baltic birch plywood. With the vacuum attached there was very little stray sawdust.

A Beast Stan Combs - 22/09/2017

The sander is great for what I bought it for. It is lightweight and easy to handle. It can get into tight little spots which is great. For its size it packs a punch. Clearly it is not going to match up to the bigger guys but for its size it is impressive. My only comment is that the belt does sometimes tend to wander but that is not often and not too much of a problem

Palm Sander Review Wayne Vercueil - 09/09/2017

Great little tool small compact and great to use

Palm belt sander Mr A E Osborne - 31/08/2017

I found this very easy to use, changing the belts took seconds, did the job with no problems

64 mm Palmer sander Terry Pickles - 18/08/2017

I bought the belt sander to remove paint left when we removed the dado rail it was just an idea but it worked fantastic it did the job in no time ,only issue I had was I could not get it to fit my Vax vacuum but in the end it did not matter easy to use easy to change the belts and a 3 year warranty .

Perfect for the job Terry Pickles - 04/08/2017

Right tool for the small job. Not expensive but completed task required.

Belt Sander Peter Acton - 08/07/2017

This is a great little sander. My only negative I have with the machine is that as I was using it it became very hot and almost uncomfortable to hold.

Good product Lee Archer - 17/06/2017

Excellent tool. Easy to handle and does the job well

Triton mini belt sander Oliver - 28/05/2017

Pleasantly surprised at the ease of use and power of this belt sander. I had a large slice of tree trunk that I wanted to make into a table. It had the stamina to cover the large area. Changing belts to go down through the grades was easy and overall was very impressed with it.

Good product Steve - 25/05/2017

I bought this belt sander to replace a Bosch one I had for almost 30 years. I was a little sceptical because this Triton unit is such good value compared with similar Bosch and other units of comparable power output. The 3-year guarantee with this Triton unit is a bonus and this is really easy to use, with a well-designed hand grip so it rally can reach areas other sanders can't and it really does edge-to-edge sanding. It comes complete with an attachment to fasten to a vacuum cleaner and I would have liked a dust bag too but otherwise it is perfect for my light to medium sanding needs. Definitely recommended.

Great light sander Gordon Evans - 19/05/2017

Excellent performance for size.

Palm sander Oliver - 14/05/2017

Looks like a dinky toy, but man does this little palm sander work! Makes sanding edges and smaller/tighter areas a breeze. Good piece of kit

Capable and precise Pieter Joubert - 20/04/2017

This sander is a great size for small projects. HOWEVER I hooked it to my vacuum, started sanding some plywood then 10 minutes into the job it seized. A new product that seizes on it's first use doesn't say much for it's reliability.

Seized 1st Use Frank Dickey - 05/04/2017

The first palm sander I purchased the bearings seized with the dust built up i didn't have the shop vac attached and the belt broke The second one works like a charm with a shop vac going all the time while it's running

Triton Palm sander Ron Hough - 17/03/2017

Nice little belt sander ideal for door jambs

plam sander Jonathan Miller - 07/03/2017

This is the second sander that I've purchased the first one the bearings seized, the vacuum I had attached didn't remove all of the saw dust. Otherwise, it's a nice little machine but the service department needs improvement.

Palm sander Ron Hough - 02/03/2017

A very good little tool for the price

Palm sander Young - 01/03/2017

I have many sanders, including a large belt sander, 2 orbital sanders of different sizes, a detail sander and now the brilliantly compact Triton sander. As I am a full-time handyman based in Sydney, Australia, I use many tools day in and day out. The compact belt sander is pure genius, as it gets into all the really tight areas (especially sanding decks and pergolas). I would recommend this sander for any hobbyist or tradesperson, as it's built well and great value for money!! Best of all it's Australian.

Great palm sander!! Natan - 28/02/2017

The triton palm sander when received very quickly I would like to add, I have used it now for only a few weeks and as of yet it has performed faultlessly I am even going to make a wooden stand to use, as a bed sander. Replacement belts are relatively cheap so overall a really good addition to my workshop.

Mr John carter - 12/02/2017

This Sander definitely needs a dust bag. It over heats and is under powered.

Under powered Bill Roman - 27/01/2017

I wanted a small, one-handed belt sander. After checking out a number of small belt sanders I decided to try the Triton, and have not been disappointed. It was the lightest one I tried, replacing belts is a snap, and it tracks very well, with minimal adjustment required. And hooked to my shop vac it is virtually dustless.

Great Sander Jim Blackford - 03/09/2016

Just what I needed. Although I do not need more belt speed and therefore more aggressive removal of material a bit more power would be good so you can press on a bit more for difficult removal.

Triton TCMBS Sander Robin Hudson - 03/09/2016

I have used this sander for multiple projects from cabinet making to cleaning up my deck rails, and it has been a ependable work horse.

Palm Sander Charles Wilson - 08/08/2016

La machine tient bien en main et ne glisse pas. Pas de vibration et connectée à un aspirateur fait un travail propre. On peut poncer des poutres au plafond d'une main et se tenir à l'échelle de l'autre. Facile à contrôler pour une capacité d'enlèvement très correcte et ce au plus près des bords. Bouton d'allumage un peu simple mais finalement efficace. Machine à garder toujours à portée de main dans l'atelier.

Génial Rick - 02/08/2016

This handheld bandsaw is a must have for every woodworker. It is versatile iand easy to use. Especially for making funiture. In combination with my TWX7 workcentre to hold down my projects a must have tool.

The Palm Sander in use. Frank Lems - 25/07/2016

I bought this originally for restoring some furniture and although it is small it still has quite a lot of bite so worth taking care on flat surfaces. For larger jobs on flat surfaces I purchased the bigger triton sander as well as it has the optional frame and can be bolted upside down to a work bench.

Great little sander for smaller jobs John S - 23/07/2016

I used it for sanding exposed beams in a ceiling. The light weight and smaller platen made the job a lot easier than my two other belt sanders.

TCM BS 64mm Palm Belt Sander treack - 03/03/2015

On ne sent pas de vibrations au niveau de son maintien, le bouton de démarrage il peut s'avérer infantile(made in Taiwan ou par là) mais pour de longues utilisations c'est un atout. Peu bruyante à mon goût (ce qui est un bon point),et ce manque de vibrations( bon point aussi) elle peut sembler dans un premier temps comme une machine de bas de gamme, je recommande donc de porter un masque anti-poussière, car elle n'oublie pas qu'elle est là pour travailler. Deux seuls hic: trouver les bandes de 64 (mais 60*400fairont l'affaire) et le sac à poussière. sinon bon rapport qualité prix

bonne machine non64 - 06/01/2015

Machine légère et compacte.Le bouton de marche en continu est agréable pour de longues utilisations.Cette ponceuse est maniable et elle a un bon rendement,j'ai poncé une porte avant de la vernir et le résultat est satisfaisant.Le seul défaut est qu'il n'y a pas de sac à poussière.Je suis content de mon achat car elle a un trés bon rapport qualité-prix.

Bon outil Benjy - 12/09/2013