Pialla a riduzione illimitata 750 W, 82 mm

17 posizioni di controllo di profondità per una precisa rimozione di materiale, interruttore di blocco e impugnatura a vibrazioni ridotte per un comfort supplementare. Aspirazione posteriore bilaterale. Indicatore di alimentazione. Il sistema a tamburo a lama rimovibile permette di cambiare il tamburo di levigatura. Capacità di taglio: 82 mm di larghezza, 3 mm di profondità. Peso 3,9 kg.

Caratteristiche prodotto

La profondità di taglio regolabile tra 0 e 3 mm permette di rimuovere in una sola passata
Il controllo della velocità variabile regola la velocità del tamburo in base al materiale
Il tamburo a 3 lame fornisce un più alto tasso di rimozione del materiale (46.500 tagli al minuto)
L'impugnatura a staffa per una migliore ergonomia e un maggiore controllo
L'aspirazione posteriore bilaterale consente la rimozione di polvere/trucioli su entrambi i lati del pezzo
La guardia del tamburo protegge le lame esposte quando effettuando un taglio
I pulsante di blocco del mandrino aiutano in un rapido cambio di mandrino
Il supporto di riposo protegge le lame e pezzi dai danni causati dall'utilizzo eccessivo
L'indicatore di accensione al neon aumenta la sicurezza degli operatori

Caratteristiche tecniche

Tipo lama 3 x Lame reversibili HSS
Tagli al minuto 46500 tagli / min.
Materiale - struttura primaria Alluminio PA6 + GF30
Velocità a vuoto 15.500 giri / min.
Profondità piallatura 0 - 3 mm
Ampiezza piallatura 82 mm
Potenza 750 W
Spia di accensione Si
Altezza prodotto 165 mm
Lunghezza prodotto 300 mm
Peso prodotto 3,9 kg
Larghezza prodotto 170 mm
Potenza sonora LW 98 dB
Pressione sonora LP 87 dB
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 01 1 x Pialla 750 W TRPUL
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 02 1 x Chiave
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 03 1 x Chiave esagonale
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 04 1 x Sacco per l'estrazione della polvere
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 05 1 x Adattatore per l'estrazione della polvere
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 06 1 x Tamburo di levigazione
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 07 1 x Manicotti di levigatura (grana 80)
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 08 1 x Guida parallela
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 09 1 x Manuale di istruzioni

Accessori inclusi

Tamburo con manicotto di levigatura
Tamburo di piallatura (HSS a 3 lame)
Sacco per l'aspirazione della polvere e adattatore
Guida parallela



Compatible con


Manicotto di levigatura per tamburo TRPUL

Manicotto di levigatura per pialla a riduzione illimitata Triton 750W (TRPUL)

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18 Review(s)
I use the Triton Unlimited Rebate Planer in construction. No major objections.

Triton Unlimited Rebate Planer is OK Juons - 30/01/2020

I started using Triton tools many years ago with work centre MK 3 and when I needed to buy a belt sander , I looked no further than the trusty triton !!

Awesome Tools Ilias - 30/12/2019

Occasionally noticed a Triton tool when watching some of the better "how to..." videos. I learned from my father and father-in-law that you get what you pay for when it comes to buying tools. I have limited funds but I had an opportunity to confirm my beliefs when buying a refurb...and they were right. I felt quality when I picked up the planer. A lot of though went into creating this tool. I'm looking forward to buying my next refurb.

Finally... Dave Pakulski - 28/10/2019

I always wanted a planer and I saw my chance with a refurb. Solid well made tool that will take some practice for me. I always felt Triton was s step above other tools. Now I know I'm right. Can't wait to get back to learning.

1st time owner Dave Pakulski - 10/10/2019

Well-made, solid planer. Like the ability to switch chip ejection sides quickly and easily. Worth taking some time to reset and re-align the blades before starting: out of the box, mine was cutting deeper to one side (obvious from the moment you run it across some waste timber). Powerful and comfortable to use - more than happy with my purchase!

Chunky monkey Lee - 22/06/2019

nice planer, like the relief opening on the side which allows you to hold the planer in an angle utilizing the whole blade width on a cut if you desire.the 3 blades is a plus compared to all of the other contenders. Plus the actual front handle to hold on to instead of holding on to the depth adjuster as all the others make you do. The only negative is it is a bit top heavy due to the motor location, This planer is replacing an ancient Ryobi planer. I was debating between this one and the Dewalt which most of my tools are. So far I am happy with my decision,

nice planer Andy Fraden - 28/01/2019

As a tradesman, I needed a solid reliable tool, considering all makes with a budget of £300. I looked at websites and watched video's. Then I settled on this one, a big plus was the dust bag included, plus several well thought out ideas, including the 'on' light, triple blade set up, smooth motor and ergonomic design. After using this tool for a week I can report that it is brilliant and I am so happy I bought it, this really is the best planer I have ever used.... So I bought a Triton router to go with it!!

Unlimited plainer Thomas Miller - 13/04/2018

J'ai acheté ce rabot électrique après avoir regardé également les autre marques. Son aspect n'est pas vraiment conventionnel mais c'est très fonctionnel. Il est agréable à utiliser et très efficace. La fonction ponçage est un plus indéniable. je suis très satisfait de cet achat.

Une bonne machine Jacques Lintz - 31/03/2018

Zeer tevreden over de schaafmachine hij werkt goed

triton planer Marwin raijmakers - 21/12/2017

Schaafmachine werkt super goed en dat voor een lage aanschaf prijs

super Marwin raijmakers - 07/12/2017

Decided to achieve quick and nice work, as a beginner making a kitchen, I've hesitated a lot between price and efficiency. By far the TRPUL was the best choice of the year, achieving quick, easy and supernice work with a strudy piece on hand for reasonnable price. Highly recommanded!

My first planner J.P. - 12/09/2017

The planer has performed exceptionally well as I expected. I have 2 Triton Routers, one 5 or 6 years old and I have been very impressed with their performance. My new planner has been no different.

750W Unlimited Rebate Planer Des Russell - 27/06/2017

A very solid feeling machine. Comfortable to use with the large bail handle on front. At full depth can go through wood fine and leave a smooth finish. I haven't had it long. So I can say on the long term durability. The only issues I've noticed so far. Is the depth adjustment is off by 1/32 of an inch. Also more of a design consideration. Is the chip port leaves some to be desired. I use it with a vacuum, and still get a fair amount of chips flying out the bottom. To me these are somewhat minor issues. It is still very good for the price range.

solid feel Robert Hebig - 14/04/2017

Ce rabot me laisse une bonne impression, de tenue en main et d'efficacité. Toutefois, le manchon de raccord au sac d'aspiration ou aspirateur se décroche sous le simple poids du tuyau d'aspirateur externe. Une ergonomie différente pour faciliter la mise en stationnaire serait un plus.

Bon outil ... quelques améliorations seraient un plus. Patrick Loupias - 05/04/2017

Excellent machine. Easy to use and very well balanced

Planner Jeffrey Searle - 28/01/2017

I'm very happy with my Titan Planer I also have a router table and an old original saw bench which I regularly use

Mr Tom Prentice - 19/11/2016

this is an excellent product that does exactly what it said it does unlimited rebates. I have waited a long time to get my hands on one of these and was not disappointed. From creating new door james to window frames work effortly and with the addition of the sanding disk attachment there is very little clean up. As a standard painer it works as well if not better than any other that I've used. All Round a well balanced tool which reduces fatigue when doing bigger jobs. I only had one negative and that is that it doesn't come with it own case, but a $20.00 aluminum case sorted that out. I would definitely give this a 5 star rating and recommend it to anyone looking to purchase one.

rebate plainer Adriaan Wilson - 14/11/2016

Very good.

Triton Unlimited Rebate Planer David Ascott - 19/09/2016