Levigatrice a mandrino oscillante e a nastro 450 W

Doppia configurazione per un passaggio più facile e veloce tra la modalità a mandrino oscillante e quella a nastro. Doppia azione rotante e ad oscillazione verticale per una levigatura veloce e per un ritmo di lavoro migliorato. Tavolo da con sezione inclinabile (0 - 45°). 5 manicotti abrasivi (ø 13 - 51 mm) garantiscono la massima versatilità nella sagomatura dei pezzi e la levigatrice a nastro da 100 x 610 mm garantisce la massima versatilità con pezzi standard o estremamente complicati da lavorare. Potenza motore 450 W. Sistema di immagazzinamento accessori integrato. Piastre ventilate e canale di estrazione polvere nella parte inferiore del tavolo. Funzionamento libero o con montaggio su banco. Interruttore On/Off di sicurezza e copertura antipolvere.

Caratteristiche prodotto

Largo tavolo in alluminio pressofuso con seziona frontale inclinabile 0-45° per planarità, accuratezza e forza
Doppia azione rotante e ad oscillazione verticale per un perfetto bilanciamento tra ritmo di lavoro e controllo
5 x manicotti abrasivi (ø 13 - 51 mm) e tamburi corrispondenti garantiscono la massima versatilità per lavori complicati e standard
La levigatrice a nastro interamente in metallo con semplice sostituzione nastro garantisce un ritmo di lavoro migliorato ai suoi massimi e una levigatura dei pezzi perfetta
Sistema di immagazzinamento accessori integrato per un accesso veloce agli accessori per rendere più veloce e conveniente il cambio di modalità
Piastre ventilate e canale di estrazione polvere nella parte inferiore del tavolo per ottimizzare l'estrazione della polvere e delle schegge per un ambiente di lavoro più pulito e sicuro
Fori di montaggio per una installazione più sicura, specialmente quando si lavorano pezzi di grandi dimensioni
Passaggio facile da levigatrice a mandrino oscillante e levigatrice a nastro per la fresatura ottimizzata di qualsiasi tipo di pezzo da lavoro

Caratteristiche tecniche

Finitura Plastica
Velocità a vuoto Mandrino 2000 giri/min./Nastro 480 giri/min.
Oscillazioni per minuto 58 opm
Altezza prodotto 450 mm
Lunghezza prodotto 435 mm
Peso prodotto 12,9 kg
Larghezza prodotto 470 mm
Potenza sonora LW 89 dB
Pressione sonora LP 76 dB
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 01 1 x Levigatrice a mandrino oscillante e a nastro 450 W TSPST450
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 02 1 x Unità levigatrice a nastro
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 03 1 x Adattatore
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 04 1 x Nastro abrasivo (grana 80)
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 05 5 x Manicotti di levigatura (grana 80)
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 06 4 x Tamburi di levigatura
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 07 5 x Placche
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 08 1 x Inserto tavolo
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 09 1 x Blocco pezzo
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 10 1 x Adattatore per l'estrazione della polvere da 100 mm (4")
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 11 1 x Chiave 13 mm
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 12 1 x Confezione di componenti minori
Cosa c'è nella scatola - 13 1 x Manuale di istruzioni

Accessori inclusi

1 x TSPST450 450W Oscillating Spindle & Belt Sander
1 x Belt Sander Unit
1 x Drive Adaptor
1 x Sanding Belt 80G
5 x Sanding Sleeves 80G
4 x Sanding Drums
5 x Throat Plates
1 x Table Insert
1 x Workpiece Stop
1 x Dust Port Adaptor 100mm (4”)
1 x Spanner 13mm
1 x Minor Parts Pack
1 x Instruction Manual


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162 Review(s)
Couldn’t wait to get this and in box it. I wasn’t disappointed at all. Very sturdy, with a home for every part to be placed on the body so they don’t get misplaced. If you’re looking for an oscillating sander, this is the one. Five stars all the way.

Lovely bit of Kit Tony Maton - 20/12/2023

A really quality tool. Both used as spindle and belt sander. Easy to switch from one mode to the other and the dust collection works really good too. Perfect for my small workshop

It works as expected Vassilis - 09/10/2023

This is an amazing piece of kit! Really easy to use and change over the sanding sheets. Most of my projects get a gentle caress from this bad boy

Amazing! Andy Arnold - 10/04/2023

I bought a Grizzly spindle sander that failed within the first three months of light use. I had looked at the Triton but decided on the Grizzly mainly due to size. I have a small shop where space is a premium. This was a big mistake! Triton’s sander is not that much larger and the quality of the machine is far superior. I should have known this since I already owned a Triton router. I won’t make this mistake again.

Just what I needed Jim Simmons - 23/03/2023

Works great just what my small toy making shop needed

Mr Allen Hanson - 20/03/2023

Très bonne machine qui permet beaucoup de travaux différents

Review Hj - 05/03/2023

How did I manage without this machine. It’s fantastic. If your in the market for a spindle sander give this a good look at. I had a belt sander that was mediocre nothing on this standard it really is the bees knees.

Sanding brilliance S Butterworth - 02/03/2023

I replaced an older cast iron Delta model with this Triton version. Although I haven't had it long, I have already used it on a couple of projects and I am very pleased with it's performance.

Does the job nicely! John Walker - 24/02/2023

Nice piece of equipment! Well built. Wondering why it took so long for me to add it to my shop. Had a part go missing (my mistake) and the Support folks went out of their way to help.

Oscillating sander Lee Hoyt - 06/02/2023

Very sturdy and well built. I believe this will last for years. It works great!

Awesome Triton Oscillating Sander Gary Lopez - 01/12/2022

It's a great sander and useful in the guitar building hobby - just wish it had some variance on speed to give a bit more control over more precision work.

Does the job! Wayne Hay - 05/10/2022

This has got to be one of the best sanders I have ever used as its just so quick at material removal. The 80 grade it comes with I must admit I found just a bit to harsh for most jobs I was using it for so ordered some 120 and 240 and now find this to be a workshop essential as it gives a great finish and is so fast when in use. The belt side in use is very good and does give a really nice 90 degree finish but for me it's the drum/Spindle side that I tend to be using more and l am very happy with it so far. The change over of drums to belt takes seconds and the onboard storage for all accessories is great. I will say it feels a bit plastic but this hasn't affected the use of the tool for me so I don't mind. I cant comment on the longevity of the sander as I have only had for a couple of months so who knows, but so far great peice of kit and highly recommended by me as a highly skilled WOOD BUTCHER. I was lucky as I seem to have found this when it was on a good offer price as I always stopped myself buying one as it seemed to expensive for the amount of use I would get out of it , how wrong was I. So if you want to make loads of dust in a super quick time this is the right tool for you.

Fast dust maker Ade Cairey - 18/09/2022

When doing my research I found that Triton had two lock downs so the table angle would remain in position when working with it plus it was not all plastic. It seems to work very well on the hard woods I use so far I’m very happy with my purchase and will be looking at the triton brand in the future

The best one of them all Bill Riseley - 10/08/2022

Over the last 12 months I have moved my DIY workshop to Triton tools and TSPST450 is an addition to the stable. The build quality, performance, efficiency and price are all second to none. One issue I continue to grapple with all Triton tools is the consistent poor quality of User Manuals. I HOPE SOMEONE IS LISTNIG!!! Other than that, I am delighted with TSPST450, I am not concerned with durability since all the tools are guaranteed for 3 Years!

Triton TSPST450 Imran - 14/07/2022

After doing online research I decided this was the one I wanted. I was not disappointed, the dual system had not only improved my finishing but cut the time spent preparing the timber for top coat. Recommend,

Superb Sanding Steve Reeder - 11/05/2022

Tool works great and is much cheaper than some of the other names. Also like the face that it’s dual function, which saves room in the shop. Should have bought this sooner.

Great tool Austin - 07/05/2022

Whether it’s a small job or a bigger one, this sander gets it done! I love being able to shape and smooth round corners and flatten a longer board all with just one tool!

Versatile Sander Jay - 27/04/2022

Exactly what I needed and i am not disappointed. Belt change is quick and easy as is converting from belt to spindle sanding. The dust expelled when connected to a shop vac is minimal and the finish it leaves on materials is superb. Very happy with this purchase.

450W Oscillating Spindle & Belt Sander BCFC - 14/04/2022

the table is not square to de beltsander. If you set the table in the provided notch, it is not square. Each time you change the angle, you have to put a square to set it right, and it is very difficult to put it right, because the position where it is square is very close to the notch, so it wants to fall into the notch. After 2 years, i had to replace the carbon brushes, but it still sparks like hell, so i cannot use it anymore. Te brushes had to be ordered in GB and costed 20€.I live in Belgium When I contacted triton about the problem with the table, didn't really get an answer. So for me no more triton

450W Oscillating Spindle & Belt Sander stef de heyn - 10/03/2022



Its a great sander with good dust collection. I have tried both the belt and the sanding sleeves, and it is smooth. vibration free, and sturdy. Highly recommended!

Great sander Danny Birdie - 28/01/2022

First of all I loved my oscillating sander, it seemed to have everything I wanted as a hobbyist. The problem is that the motor burned up after 6 months. To get it fixed under the warranty I needed to box it up (keep your original box, I didn't) and ship it to VA for repair as there was not a repair location near me in UT.

Not So Happy Dale Leifson - 31/12/2021

Very pleased with my new power tool. Does an excellent job of equally sanding as a result of the oscillating action. Also allows one to cover numerous sanding situations from small circular need to the larger belt sanding operations. The Click stop bed angle adjustment ensures quick changes. Overall very pleased and would recommend.

Triton TSPST 450 Barry Ashdown - 05/12/2021

Works great, does a great job

Great sander Matt k. - 24/11/2021

The concept of this sander is great. However, the quality control leaves a lot to be desired. The spindle is not 90° to the fixed bed, it leans forward and there is a difference of about 1mm from the bottom of the spindle to the top. Utterly useless for sanding flat and square. If accuracy isn't important, this is great. Sadly, each time I use it, it ruins a project and creates more work to put it right.

Disappointing Richard Nicholls - 30/10/2021

This is a great addition to my small workspace. Everything is in one place and does the job well. The larger model is a better value for the features you get IMO. The dust collection is very good on the spindles but a little less so on the horizontal attachment. The tilting top is a great feature for the times I need it. There are a couple of issues that could be fixed. Firstly, if you buy a replacement sleeve pack, there is a 3'' included but no rubber spindle supplied. This would be a great addition in a future design. You can make a new insert to accommodate one and that is easily done. The other issue is to do with the parts holder. This is one of it's great features but needs improving, especially if it's used as a portable machine...but even if it's fixed. This really only concerns the small parts, They are always the ones you lose...like the nut and smaller washers. The nut is especially prone to being dropped, and being at the back, is hard to retrieve from the floor. These are fairly minor and an easy modification in design changes. I have found the use of small magnets, to hold the nut etc, works much better. For those who don't know, you can buy the Mirka mesh sleeves for the large horizontal roller, which is a good improvement. All in all, a very worthwhile machine for your workshop etc.

Great bit if kit John McBean - 13/10/2021

I bought this item to work on wooden toys I make for my grand children. I found it very easy to use and very effective. It is a very good combination of functionality as a spinal as well as a belt sander. I would recommend this product to anyone working with wood as a very useful tool.

Tspst 450 Jay - 17/09/2021

very pleased with sander, well made, easy to switch from drum to rotating pad, like how all the accessories are stored around base of unit. would certainly recommend to my family and friends.

oscillating sander billy Melvin - 31/08/2021

I purchased the TSPST450 and it makes life so much easier having the dual bobbin & belt sander and super simple to swap over, incredibly versatile and quieter than I anticipated. My only downside is that Triton don't list the part numbers for replacement bobbin & belt sanders in the various grits available and the website isn't very helpful in that respect either, other than that A SUPERB PRODUCT.

Make Life Easier Harry Feather - 17/07/2021

Machine was highly recommended but does not live up to advertised expectations. The table is not square to the sander which defeats the machines intended purpose. Haven't found a solution to this but will keep working the problem. This machine is the right size with good functionality for bench top work by the hobbyist woodworker. Should be a very useful if you purchase one to specification.

Oscillating Spindle and Belt Sander Miles Tracy - 13/07/2021

The TSPS 450 has a lovely cast iron base and really wanted one for my TSPS T450 instead of aluminium, feel a bit short changed.

Where's the cast iron top Harry - 03/07/2021

Essential tool for my guitar building workshop. Reliable, robust, easy to use.

450W Spindle & Belt Sander Miroslav Evják - 20/04/2021

I love this tool! It is sturdy and powerful. Every piece has a place making it easy to keep neat and organized. The transitions between sanders is a snap and though I haven't used every spindle size yet, every one I have used works wonderfully! I did need to buy additional belts for various stages of sanding, but that wasn't a big deal. I havent yet looked into getting various spindle yet but I'm sure they're out there. Great product!

belt and spindle sander Jonathan S Pascale - 22/06/2020

This sander is pretty good value for the money. It's not too heavy and works well enough as a bobbin sander - but in my opinion the belt sander function is only really suited to the roughest work. The plate the belt runs over isn't even remotely flat and as a result any work will be very noticeably lumpy. This probably isn't suitable if accuracy is important to you.

Not too bad for the money. Rob - 19/06/2020

Excellent product Compact and exactly what I need for a small shop

Triton belt and disc sander Mounif - 16/06/2020

I'm more of a hand tool woodworker but started a series of boxes with curved legs. Spokeshave was too time consuming with unpredictable results so purchased this combo sander and it works exceptionally well!!

Fits the Bill! John Eugster - 14/06/2020

The spindle and belt sander is very good quality. All the accessories have a storage space and it is easy and quick to change between the spindle and belt setups. The dust collection port works well.

Very good quality Michael Bohlen - 13/06/2020

Excellente machine qui couvre tous les besoins de ponçage. Je l'utilise en Lutherie pour les corps de guitares électriques et les manches ainsi que pour les pièces de guitares acoustiques (barrages...). Le gain de temps est incroyable et elle est très précise. La large table permet aussi de bien poser les pièces à 90° du rouleau de ponçage. Indispensable !

TSPST450 - Super ponceuse précise et stable Sebastien JOLY - 11/06/2020

The sander shipped quickly and was well packaged. Setup was simple and the quality is excellent. I have used it several times on projects and don’t know how I lived with out it.

Triton Spindle Sander review David Hattok - 11/06/2020

I love this tool! The parts are well organized and very easy to interchange. The work surface is plenty big enough for anything I've thrown at it. I purchased additional belts at higher grits for finish sanding, but the belts that come with it are great for taking off a good amount of material in a short amount of time. I would definitely suggest this tool for its high quality and ease of use!

Belt and spindle sander Jonathan S Pascale - 08/06/2020

Après quelques semaines d'utilisation, je suis très satisfait de mon achat. Super machine.

Que du bon Poitou - 04/06/2020

I needed a way to finish off some curved elements of a new box design I'm working on. Normally, in my furniture work I'll use a spokeshave but this didn't lend itself to those techniques. The combination belt and spindle works great at a reasonable cost.

Perfect! John G. Eugster - 31/05/2020

I bought this machine a couple of weeks ago. Initially I was looking at belt and disc combination machines but went for this model instead after reading comments on forums and then watching a video review of this m/c on YouTube. I am very pleased I made that choice. The machine was easy to assemble, it is quick to switch between belt and spindle configuration and the onboard storage for all parts is convenient and makes complete sense. The noise level is fine, (I wear ear defenders anyway when using power tools) and dust control is excellent when connected to my workshop vacuum cleaner which is a standard domestic type. The machine can be screwed to the bench, but I am using it freestanding and it’s absolutely fine. It sits solidly but is easily moved to the shelf where I store it. Belts and sleeves are readily available in all the grit’s I am likely to need. I have found it easy to use and quick and accurate, I shaped the protruding ends of five hickory hammer shafts fitted with metal wedges with it and It did a great job on them. The combination of belt and spindle radiuses gets you to most places you’d reasonably expect to with a power sander. The three year guarantee promises it will be robust. It’s a valuable addition to my workshop.

Oscillating belt and spindle sander Robert Thornton - 28/05/2020

Excellent product. Use it for guitar bodies etc. Fits perfectly on my black n decker workbench but can be permanently mounted on a bench. Surprisingly quiet, solid construction and easy to use. You do have to be careful using the belt tracking knob, fine adjustment only or the belt will run too far down/up. Love the tilting table, genius! My extractor fits perfectly and dust no problem. The "storage" for all the throat plates etc adequate at best.... If you will be moving machine around then have separate box for storing washers/ nuts n smaller parts. Overall this is an excellent product and I would highly recommend. I give 5 out of 5 star rating

TSPST450 Oscillating Spindle and Belt Sander Shaun Marsh - 28/05/2020

Excellent, hyper pratique avec ces tambours de diamètres différents faciles à mettre en place.

Super machine Poitou Laurent - 21/05/2020

Have only used a handful of times but each time have found this tool was able to provide power when needed but also contol again when required would definitely recommend

Belt and spindle sander peter bridge - 20/05/2020

The thing I like most about the spindle/belt sander is I can add curves to my woodworking projects. For example, chair arm rest, seats and backs do not have to be rectangular. I can easily form my table saw inserts. I can sand down any price of wood that is too small for my plane sander. Great product for any woodworker.

Say Goodbye to straight lines Mark - 20/05/2020

I purchased this sander about a month ago and finally had a project to give it a good workout. This is a GREAT tool. It’s fairly quiet, sands quickly, in when hooked up to my dust collector system it generates minimal dust in the air. I’d say this is one of the best woodworking tool purchases I have made in a long time.

Excellent sander Keith Nelson - 18/05/2020

This is everything advertised. Setup was simple and it easily handled anything I asked it to do.

Spindle & Belt sander. John Hendricks - 15/05/2020

I always hated sanding. bought this on a while at the local rockler a few weeks ago. I didn't really need it but tried it on a few pieces and this almost made sanding fun. It can remove a ton of wood quickly with the bigger grit and also does a very nice job with the finer paper. Definitely faster than hand sanding and almost fun. Just wish i had purchased one of these a few years ago...

belt and spindle sander - pretty amazing chris czerlinsky - 14/05/2020

This sander has worked out great for me so far. I have used it on 2 projects, one requiring precise sanding and the other needed the power. The 450W was really helpful in getting end grain on alot of 2 X 4 stock. I am happy with my purchase and have no problem recommending this product. It is well built and a good value.

Effective sander Dennis Reid - 14/05/2020

I purchased this item not expecting much because of the price, however I received an awesome piece of machinery.I needed a small part, Contacted customer service and had it in my mailbox in a week!

excellent machine and equal customer service Paul Baroni - 13/05/2020

I was anxious to use this sander as soon as it arrived. It didn’t let me down. The size, versatility and ease of use makes this a great addition to my work shop. The price is reasonable too! I was concerned about the plastic body but it seems rugged enough to handle my work. I would not hesitate to recommend this tool.

Great sander Dave Huffman - 12/05/2020

Purchased this because of the three year warranty one year longer than any other. After receiving the setup was a snap. This makes short work of sanding. AAA+

Three Year Warranty Tracy Melver - 08/05/2020

+ Surely a fine tool which helps me a lot in my shop. + Really powerful. - The table is not square (90 degree) to the belt

450W Oscillating Spindle & Belt Sander Volker-Ingmar Weber - 07/05/2020

I purchased the Triton benchtop belt and spindle sander to replace a Ridgid sander which I had used for years and thoroughly enjoyed. The two sanders are essentially identical and my new Triton arrived in perfect condition. With my familiarity, I was able to go right to work with the belt sander and later the spindle. A first time user would have no difficulty getting started and understanding how to use both functions and switch back and forth with ease. Sanding down to “the line” is easy all allows accurate shaping of flat and multiple curved projects. The versatility expands with more and more experience. One can basically sculpt and customize in any number of ways. The price was unbeatable on sale ...$60 off, and free shipping and prompt delivery most appreciated. 3 year factory warranty with extended warranty purchasable. If this one holds up as long as my previous one, I’ll be thrilled! Will I get a 3rd one at age 80...who knows?

Benchtop belt and spindle sander. William Cappleman - 07/05/2020

Works great saves me a lot of time better than what I had anticipated only thing I would like to see improved is the manual the fonts are so small very difficult to read.

Oscillating sander Jim Nagy - 04/05/2020

Easy setup out of the box, much quieter than my 20 year old Craftsman belt/disk sander that this is replacing. I was able to make shift some dust collection connections so I could hook up my shop vac. Easy to change from belt to spindle. I'll be purchasing some new belts and spindle sanders that aren't as aggressive as the 80 grit that come with it from Amazon.

450W Oscillating Spindle & Belt Sander Michael B - 30/04/2020

Very easily assembled. Appears to be sturdy. Very versatile. Only wish the spindle rod would detach for easy storage.

450W Oscillating Spindle & Belt Sander Rob - 26/04/2020

Works great for the money ,well built everything is accessible when having to change accessories ,easy to change out Accessories

Good product Randy eaton - 26/04/2020

I love everything about this sander. Very well made. Easy access to spindles and belt. Easy to change out spindles and belt. Built in hold for each item. Although one can bolt sander to a surface, I do not. Sander does not vibrate around even if not bolted in. My rating is 5 of 5. Thank you triton for a superior product

450 oscillating belt sander Robert Mello - 24/04/2020

I will write this review so that it benefits others. The first unit arrived on time and looked good in its orange livery, set up was easy enough and for the first few hours worked well. However, after only a few hours of use the spindle drive started to vibrate, it was so bad I could not place any wood onto the sander face without it jumping off. As you can image off it went back to the suppliers. The second unit arrived without any issues, again worked well. Having now used the unit for approx a month I have had no issues, well except one, the top deck is warped, it’s impossible to offer any piece of wood square to the sanding belt or bobbin, it’s okay for very light sanding but if you press to hard you end up taking loads off one side. Will have to engineer a new deck that sits at 90 degrees to the belt and bobbin.

A Little Disappointed! Geoff - 23/04/2020

I've wanted a oscillating sander for awhile and when the opportunity came the decision was easy. I compared Ridged,Jet,and the Triton 450W. The 450 had everything I wanted, tilting table,multiple size spindels,belt,and dust collection and believe me the the value in the Trition 450W wins hand down. All of the same features in the larger more expensive machine in a value package. It was easy to set up and use the first time. I switched to the belt for some straight line work in less than a minute and had the belt tracking perfect in less than 1 turn of the adjustment knob. I have used this machine more in the short time I've owned than I ever thought I would,it's just that versatile. I look forward to a making many more projects with the 450W.

450w Jim Mest - 21/04/2020

Sander is doing great. Have used it several times with no issues

Oscillating sander Dan Nantz - 16/04/2020

Overall good piece of equipment. My first sander started smoking and burning while running. I called Triton and they jumped on it and replaced asap. Great group of people. New unit is running and working great. Thanks Triton!

Sander Dan Nantz - 02/04/2020

Seems to be well made with a lot of thought in the design for the user.

Quality/value John weber - 01/04/2020

I love this sander. The many features make it very easy to set up, adjust and use. I especially like that all parts and accessories are stored right on the machine and the 3 year warranty is amazing. Thank you for a great product!

Awesome sander Robert R Murray - 30/03/2020

Works great. Have had no problems with it. The best tool that I have bought this year.

TSPST 450 Carl Fields - 26/03/2020

Works great, but the manual sucks. Would give it 5 stars if the manual was better.

450W Oscillating Spindle & Belt Sander Kar Dawson - 19/03/2020

Purchased this to replace similar item from different manufacturer that was over 10 years old. Many improvements in this model such as the use of roller bearings instead of bushings in moving parts. Dust collection works fine too, which is important. All in all perfect for my use at an affordable price.

Works fine Scott Scheunemann - 15/03/2020

I set this up a couple weeks ago. The manual is week on how to use and configure. Fortunately it's was simple to setup and use. Have only used the belt sander but it worked great and saved me a lot of time compared to using my other sanders. If you need a Oscillating Spindle & Belt Sander i do recommend this unit. I only gave it 4 stars because of the poor manual, otherwise it was a 5 star unit.

Triton TSPST450 Oscillating Spindle & Belt Sander Karl Dawson - 09/03/2020

Great sander,easy set up. Makes rough pallet wood re usable with ease Dust collection works great with shop vac.easy adjustable table for mitres Would recommend this great piece of kit

Triton sander Mr fanthorpe - 08/03/2020

Perfect Product! Thanks

Top! Dany Schroeder - 19/02/2020

I bought this product after reading several reviews and watching on-line videos. They all spoke highly about the quality of the build, the ease of use and the ease of assembly. My experience so far bears out all these findings - excellent product.

450W Oscillating Spindle & Belt Sander Bruce Bradley - 08/02/2020

Should have purchased this item a long ago. Great Spindle & Belt Sander.

woodworker Arthur Gladstone - 05/02/2020

I purchased the Triton TSPS T450 Oscillating Spindle & Belt Sander on 01/06/2020 for some small items to be sanded. I never realized how great it is. The titling base works just like it should. Its a must to purchase two other different grades of sand paper. Over all great tool.

Best tool ever. Arthur Gladstone - 22/01/2020

Haven`t used the spindle sanding drums yet but there seems to be a issue with the sanding belt attachment sanding out of square !!! not sure why as the table is true, level and the sanding belt seems to be 90 degrees to the table. will preserve with it to see if its me are the machine. if I can correct this problem then the product seems great

Seems to under cut wood Paul Phillips - 10/01/2020

Excellent machine well recommended well supported as well

Tspst 450w Robert Steadman - 08/01/2020

Only used it a few times but, have found it really useful. well made and designed. Only gripe is it wold be nice if it came with one or two different grades of belts as the one thats on is a little to coarse for my applications.

Only used a few times! Paul Phillips - 27/12/2019

This is not a heavy duty machine. That said it is well made and does the job it is intended to do. It doesn't bog down under load and does a great job for small projects. I couldn't be more satisfied with the overall operation, size and price.

Great Machine for the price Michael Frascino - 26/12/2019

The product is well-made, very good and easy to use. It’s easy to change from a belt to a spindle sander and the finish I get is top quality. The service I have received from Triton is 2nd to none.

450W Oscillating Spindle & Belt Sander Robert Steadman - 19/12/2019

Works great. Great value for the money

Spindle sander Marc Ozer - 18/12/2019

I find this spindle and belt sander very versatile and easy to use. It was easy to set up and start using right out of the box. I looked at a lot of brands and decided on Triton because the look and feel of the tool was very good and also because of the features.

Great Sander Dave Taverner - 15/12/2019

I really enjoy my Oscillating Spindle Sander especially that it provides a central location for storage and sanding in one. This sander is ideal for sanding curves, unique shapes, contours, and arcs and features everything I need for sanding all types of stock. The Triton TSP450 comes with 6 sanding sleeves, rubber drums, and table inserts to make sure that I have everything I need on day one to get the best finish possible. Amazing product - Very Happy!

Triton TSPS450 Oscillating Spindle Sander Shawn Fraser - 12/12/2019

Ideal practical machine where space is limited and performs very well . Very pleased with purchase and wish I had purchased one spinner !

Triton spindle & belt sander Eddie North - 08/12/2019

Works fine should last along time

Triton oscillating belt & spindle sander Carl Fannin - 07/12/2019

It's a great spindle sander with various drums. Good power, does a good job, happy I bought the Triton model.

Great product Scott Fritz - 04/12/2019

Bought the spindle / belt sander at Harrogate show a few weeks ago. Great value for money, well made product and easy to use..changing from belt to spindle is a quick and simple operation. Would recommend this to any woodworking hobbyist

Well worth the price George Johnston - 03/12/2019

I’ve bought 450W Oscillating Spindle & Belt Sander a few weeks ago and used it in the meantime for a couple of hours. I can confirm it does the job and was a good choice for me (woodworking is my hobby, not profession). Potential improvement: I’ll store all accessories separately as they could be easily lost while stored with the sander. That is even more important in case of extra accessories I have.

Good choice Kazimierz Grabski - 29/11/2019

Powerful and accurate. Easy to handle.

Good accurate Product Matthias Leopoldseder - 29/11/2019

High-quality benchtop sander model with all of the features and specs that I expected. It is easy to move around and comes with some really impressive components. I appreciate the six different spindle sizes ,papers and the unique washer for each drum.

Model # TSPS450 110-Volt Oscillating Spindle Sander Shawn Fraser - 29/11/2019

Compact and versatile. You get spindle and belt sander as one device saving you space in workshop. All unused parts have their own place on the machine body. Dust collection works really well. Tilting table adds the possibility of sanding at angles but the pre-set angle locking mechanism is not most accurate one, you may try adjusting the locking spring which may require enlarging the mounting holes. Compared to a spindle sander this device is missing 3" rubber drum which can be bought separately but requires making the table insert as original doesn't have a hole big enough. Also when you buy replacement sleeves you will always get the 3" one. On my particular sander, belt tracking was really fiddly and unreliable - once set it can suddenly make belt go up or down without any pressure applied. Have it replaced but haven't tested new unit yet. Anyway it is a really useful and versatile sander that doesn't take much space. Highly recommended.

TSPST450 - 450W Oscillating Spindle & Belt Sander Krzysztof Pior - 28/11/2019

I’ve been looking to purchase one of these for quite some time, so I contacted Triton to see if there was any shows coming up where I could actually see one, and they kindly advised me of the show at Kempton Park. This gave me the opportunity to take a proper look at one. I’m so glad I purchased one of these is so much better than a conventional belt sander because for the type of work I do as a hobbyist I can sand it at a perfect 90° without having to guess and judge it by eye. The table is set at 90° as a default, but is adjustable, which is perfect especially when sanding bandsaw boxes and other projects. This is a solid piece of kit, but what I really like about it is all a little slots to put all the accessories in, whoever designed this has really put some thought into it. Anyone thinking about one of these don’t hesitate, This is the perfect addition to my workshop and my first experience of Triton, but after this I will definitely be going back to Triton for more, Especially the Thicknesser 317mm. Thanks Triton

The perfect bench sander Terry Johnson - 25/11/2019

As a wannabe woodworker, this machine has changed my processes, giving me the ability to work smarter and faster, switching from belt to spindle in fast and super effective. I used for 4 hours continuously last week and it more than handled the job, cannot rate high enough

Triton Bench Top Sander - Game Changer Ben Goldsmith - 21/11/2019

Whilst I find that the Triton Oscillating Bobbin Sander is a very efficient machine and certainly does a good job,I find that when coupled with a vacuum extractor it is extremely noisy and ear defenders are a must. I am currently making a rocking horse and have found it invaluable in coping with the many different curves.

Triton Bobbin Sander Kenneth Clarkson - 29/10/2019

I’ve been considering buying this sander for a few months now but wanted to see one on show. After contacting Triton they made me aware of a trade show at Kempton Park where I could see one on display and purchase, which I did. I should’ve bought one of these ages ago this is a great addition to my workshop and a very handy tool. It fits straight onto to my CamVac extractor, which is great, it’s well built with lots of handy little compartments to store all the accessories all in one place. It has a nice solid metal top, which looks like plastic but it isn’t, it’s nice and solid and it’s default is 90 degrees which is perfect. Changing from belt to spindle couldn’t be easier and changing the belt is really easy. I’ve only had this for about three weeks but I’ve used it on the Acacia, Ash, oak, Sapeli, lacewood and elm so far and with the standard 80 grit it cuts through them like butter and your knuckles if you not careful as I discovered. Overall this machine is excellent and well worth the money and so much better than standard bench sanders . The best part for me is the design and the storage facilities. This is my first Triton purchase and based on this I will be buying many more.

Excellent design Terry - 27/10/2019

Je suis satisfait de cette ponceuse oscillante. Elle donne de bon résultats et le changement de bande et cylindres et rapide et facile. La position du plateau à 45° est un plus. L'aspiration est au top très peu de poussière. Le seul reproche est que le plastique orange du châssis et taché et rayé. Et le carton d'emballage deux fois scotché et pas en très bon état. J'ai l'impression d'être en possession d'un appareil reconditionné, pour le prix d'un neuf. Que 4 étoiles pour cela.

Bon produit Patrick Coquet - 24/10/2019

Super machine qui me donne entière satisfaction.La TSPST 450 déchire tout. Si vous hésitez à l’acheter, fermez les yeux et foncez !!!

TRITON, une marque qui tient ses promesses ! Ballester - 17/10/2019

Does the job as described

Sander Peter Evans - 14/10/2019

Très satisfait de ce matériel. Efficace et bien conçu.

Parfait Delamotte Gérard - 11/10/2019

The angle between sanding belt and the table is not 90 degrees. This is absolutely critical. It would be great to have a possibility to adjust it.

Pretty good for the price Boris Radosavljevic - 10/10/2019

Je suis très concontent de mon achat. Cette machine semble robuste et fait un travail remarquable. Idéal pour poncer des pièces courbes ou droites. Et le changement des bandes de ponçage se fait très rapidement . Bravo triton

PonceuseTspst 450 Patrick Coquet - 09/10/2019

Purchased a couple months ago when I caught this sander on sale. Found you have to hustle to get the five year warranty - which was an important factor in purchase. Unfortunately, I haven't used the tool much other than to marvel while testing the oscillating belt sander. Overall the construction appears adequate for my primary use - making toy cars for kids. So, at this point I will give it a high rating - not perfect though as I found I needed to replace the supplied sanding belt on the get go. I will get into some considerable use of the sander in about another month and plan to make another report. By that time I should have a feeling for the durability of this tool. Thanks for reading this report.

Initial Impressions Rex Krueger - 09/10/2019

Very satisfied with this tool. We’ll built and thought out. Every tool and accessory has a place to store. Getting great results from belt or spindle

450w oscillating spindle and belt sander Gary Preciado - 25/09/2019

So glad i got this tool. Very versatile and user friendly.every part and accessory has a niche to store. Performance and quality are great.

Well built and easy to use tool. Gary preciado - 29/08/2019

This is a handy tool to have in the shop. It's nice to have a spindle sander and little oscillating belt sander in one. The storage for everything is nice. The only things I'd like improved would be a miter slot or removable 90 degree fence, and the table wasn't able to be square to the spindle/belt without shimming it. Overall a really handy machine, though, and I recommend it.

handy sander Nathan Epp - 23/08/2019

Great service from triton and sander works great best on the market at that price

Sander Stewart brace - 21/08/2019

This is a handy sander. Converting from spindle to oscillating belt is nice in one machine and it all works well. All the accessories store right on the machine. The only thing I'd improve is a miter slot or 90 degree detachable fence.

good sander Nathan Epp - 09/08/2019

Purchased this Triton 450w Oscillating Spindle and Belt Sander after watching video on youtube and thought what a brilliant product to own. It's meet all my expectations of a great product.

Great spindle and belt sander Brian Hawkes - 05/08/2019

I'm delighted with the purchase. The oscillating action along with the interchangeable drum sanding options is simple and effective. I especially like the fact that all components have their own dedicated space on the body of the unit ensuring bits don't get mislaid. The option to pivot the platform is super easy and very effective for sanding angles. The unit is excellent value for money and I certainly recommend it.

Terrific Value for the price! Ian Case - 31/07/2019

Herramienta muy práctica y cómoda para el lijado de precisión y general. La conexión para el aspirado de polvo es muy eficaz. Como única pega, la banda de lija suministrada con el producto, producía un golpeteo debido a una mala unión de la banda, al sustituirla por una mejor cesó el problema. Por lo demás estupenda herramienta.

Buena herramienta Jose M - 09/07/2019

I am a weekend woodworker, meaning that I'm lucky if I can find one weekend per month to build. I bought this sander because I was looking for the combo belt and spindle, and I had read good things about this model. Overall, I like it; it takes a standard belt, and the spindles are also standard lengths. The power is great for its size. I was able to sand down the finger joints of a small box. I used the largest spindle to sand the inside of some curves that I cut in a pair of entryway bench legs. I also used a smaller spindle for the inside of an oven rack puller. The sander performed to my liking. The cast aluminum top feels solid. I only used it in the upright position, but adjusting it down is easy, and the knobs to hold it in place do a good job of keeping it in place (it never dropped while I used it). As one reviewer on Rockler's site recommended, I purchased a separate sanding belt because he mentioned that the seam on the stock belt extends beyond the sanding surface. Sure enough, the belt that came with sander also had this issue. Although I didn't use it, I can see how it can be a problem. Fortunately, a replacement sanding belt is around $7 (US). Switching between the belt and a spindle is easy. the belt unit needs to be lined up, and you can add the fence/guide to help control your workpiece. The spindles use varying throat collars and washers; it's easy to determine the correct washer by holding it up to the spindle. The little hex wrench that comes with the unit works okay; I personally prefer using a box wrench, yet the little hex wrench works just as well and is a nice touch from Triton. The spindles that come with the unit are 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/2", and 2" (13mm, 19mm, 25mm, 38mm, 51mm). Options for larger spindles would be nice. I was able to sand the bench leg curves (5" diameter) with the larger spindle, so it wasn't a concern for me. The dust collection works well. For the spindles, when I connected my shop vac/cyclone system to the sander, I had almost no dust left on the table. The belt has more surface, though, so there was some sawdust left, but very minimal. The only thing is that the dust port is about 2" (I admittedly haven't measured it yet). It's too small for my usual vacuum hose (a Rockler 2-1/2" hose). My vacuum is a Ridgid 4 gallon unit, so the stock hose that came with it fits, although not as snug as I'd like. I haven't had a chance to look for a better fitting. Despite the port connection, in my limited experience, the dust collection is very good. One issue I have is adjusting the tracking on the belt. It's easy to adjust, since it's just an orange finger knob at the top of the spindle unit. But it's a very fine adjustment, and a very small twist could result in the belt shifting up on the device. The last time I used it, the knob felt loose on the threads but had no tension. Yet it seemed to keep the belt tracking properly. But after some vibration, the tracking was off again, so I had to keep an eye on it and readjust the knob. I haven’t contacted Triton about it yet, but might reach out if it bothers me enough. So in summary, this sander works well for me, despite a couple of minor issues. I don't consider them to be annoying enough to steer away from this model. So I give it four stars: easy to use, powerful for my needs, durable, and versatile.

450W Oscillating Spindle & Belt Sander Review Brian S - 14/06/2019

I purchased the belt spindle sander, a great purchase. I looked at several other brands but liked the Triton the best. All had the same functions and build, but the pricing was the best. I have a problem with tracking my belt, e-mauled the service group and got a very fast response and answer to the problem. A Great product and Great support. Next time I need something I’ll check out Triton first to see if they have what I’m looking for.

Sander Robert Meyer - 14/06/2019

Good quality sander. It is a well built product. It is very convenient to be using the spindle sander and you can quickly switch to the sanding belt.

Quality sander Ryan - 01/06/2019

This is such a great addition to my shop, it is the perfect sanding station for a small shop. I couldn't be any happier with it!

Awesome product! Kenneth Noyce - 31/05/2019

Really nice unit. Easy setup. Works well for my needs.

Nice tool Michael Stewart - 28/05/2019

I already have a belt/disc sander, but needed something that could sand the end grain of boards. I also needed to be able to sand the interior curves of projects, especially with some bandsaw boxes that I've been enjoying recently. Nice to have something that can do both with enough power and a small footprint. No complaints and it does exactly what I was after. Would definitely buy it again.

Just what I needed for sanding end grain and inner curves Mike Schienle - 28/05/2019

I had been looking for an oscillating sander for some time and decided to purchase the spindle and belt sander as it seemed to gIve me the most flexibility for my purpose. I have to say the machine has exceeded my expectation now that I’ve had a chance to use it in real-life situations. The simplicity of switching between spindle and belt sanding has greatly speeded up completion of my projects. I would certainly recommend this product to anyone looking for a useful and quality product.

Excellent machine Duncan Barbour - 21/05/2019

I really like the Oscillating Sander, so far it has been great. I mostly use the belt, but I definitely foresee some upcoming projects for the spindles.

Great tool Michael Stewart - 14/05/2019

Excellent performance and very effective dust extraction when connected.

Oscillating belt sander Adam Whitford - 11/02/2019

bji het opbergen van de schuurband viel het mij op dat deze los staat, ik heb dit verholpen door een bandje van de 2 draaiknopen van tafel te bevestigen .gebruiksaanwijzing is niet te lezen, voor de rest een schitterend machine

opbergvak schuurband g heindijk - 15/01/2019

The Oscillating Spindle & Belt Sander is a fantastic flexible tool in the hobby workshop. It is very easy shifting from the Spindle to the Belt Sander, and the dust extraction is perfect.

Fantastic flexible tool Ole Houtved Andersen - 10/01/2019

Un buen producto, muy satisfecho! Lastima que no tenga alguna medida de rodillo mas grande.

Casi perfecta! Joan Vilanova Carmaniu - 09/01/2019

Been waiting to treat myself to this amazing sander and it was definitely worth the wait. Allowed me to create some great gifts for my family - cheese boards, chopping boards & coasters. Large flat sanding area makes easy work of straight edges & the various bobbins get precise curves and perfectly round holes. Great value & great results.

Professional quality sander Ian Hufton - 01/01/2019

Wish I'd had one 10 years ago. Compact, sturdy and versatile, it has replaced 3 other machines in my workshop. I love the accessory storage freeing up cupboard space, the tilting table is a godsend for intarsia work and the efficient dust extraction saves cleaning the shed as often as I had to before. Love it.

TSPST450 charles hetherington - 24/12/2018

this sander is ideal for making walking handles saves a lot of time ,cannot fault it so far, highly recommend it

really good value arthur harbour - 17/12/2018

I'd been looking for a bench Sander for some time but other offerings struck me as a bit inflexible or expensive or both so I decided on this TSPST450 as it gives me a broad range of capabilities at a good price. Its not huge, doesn't make a lot of noise and has worked well on plastic and wood using a less aggressive grit paper than supplied - which seems a bit fierce for general work, but changing the belt and drums is easy so its no problem

Excellent Flexible Machine at a good price John C - 14/12/2018

Sturdy machine that does exactly what it says on the tin. Economical footprint for my small workshop, greatly helped by the on-board storage of spindles and belt when not in use. Tilting table especially useful for intarsia work, and range of spindles widens its range of uses. In all, a well thought out and designed machine that works well for the hobbyist, yet feels robust enough to handle trade duties.

Oscillating belt and spindle sander C hetherington - 10/12/2018

Generally a fantastic tool. Certainly a welcome addition to my workshop. The ability to store all the essential tooling on the machine is great (and inspires me to keep my shop organized as well;). The only thing which seems improvable is the sandpaper. It seems to slide over the wood rather than sand it away. But other than that I love this sander.

Sander review Mike Brogowski - 13/11/2018

Excellent machine, I was only going to but the oscillating spindle version but the deal at Yandles for the combined spindle and belt sander was too good to miss and I am so glad that I bought it. Does everything I need in one machine.

450W Oscillating Spindle & Belt Sander David Wicks - 06/11/2018

I was looking for a bobbin sander to carry out intricate sanding, but I then found out that there was another model that included a belt sander and an adjustable table. This obviously cost more, but it eliminated the need for another tool, therefore it was well worth it. To date I am very happy with it and it has performed the tasks I wanted it for and more.

Oscillating Spindle and belt Sander David Law - 06/11/2018

Very pleased. Works well. Value for money

Oscillating belt sander. Mr Dobie - 28/10/2018

Excellent tool. Easy sanding straight and curved wood edges. Works smouthly and accurate. Large working area on the table. Very good dust extracting system. The only negative was that the label in front was unstucked at the edges and had taken a U shape so it had to be removed to work. Service advise was very helpful and that means much for me.

Great Oscillating Spindle & Belt Sander Stelios Liepouris - 23/10/2018

You get a lot for the money. A good combination for us with limited space.

Affordable Belt Sander Claes Wassenius - 23/10/2018

One of my best tools!!!!

Very good. joergen bjarkam - 23/10/2018

Great, love it. 5 all the way

Oscillating sander David nightingale - 21/05/2018

I think as my skills improve and my designs more creative, this sander will become more valued in my shop. It operates smoothly and has a good amount of power for the task at hand.

So far so good! Mark D Cornelsen - 08/05/2018

Well made Product nice design all parts stored on board. Dose what it says on the tin

Belt/bobbin sander Steve Mumby - 07/05/2018

The Sander has features which far exceed others on the market for the price after seeing reviews online from youtubers and online articles I when for the Sander due to it not only being a spindle but also belt 2 in 1 in my books. The hard metal top and rigid plastic base are of good construction and have already taken a beating.

Fantastic Sander for the price Joshua Grice - 26/04/2018

The 450W Oscillating Spindle & Belt Sander works perfect. It was a good choice to purchase ths triton machine

Oscillating Spindle & Belt Sander Rob - 11/04/2018

It does what it's supposed to do, it sands things. I like the quick change from belt to drum and the adjustable table. Has a good speed and clear controls. Very satisfied with the tool.

Oscillation spindle & belt sander George Hawkins - 05/04/2018

So far I have only used it on one job, but it worked great that time. The dust collector works very well because I forgot to hook it up once during the job and there was sawdust all over the table versus when it was hooked up, the table was clean.

450W Oscillating Spindle & Belt Sander Philipp Schupp - 24/03/2018

Very easy to use and change the different the sanding belts.

Owner Jim Brown - 16/02/2018

Works when the tracking on the belt sander is set up and the spindle sander works great and I like there a space on the machine for all the spares and there's nothing really to set up out of the box.

Great Alex - 03/02/2018

Dans l'ensemble, je suis très satisfait des produits triton Pour le Workcenter,le système de module à interchanger est très pratique. Pendant les découpes avec la scie, la table ne bouge pas. Le module de défonceuse a été très bien pensé mais je regrette que les réglages n'aient pas été beaucoup plus détaillés dans la notice. Point noir aussi sur la Workcenter c'est que très souvent des boulon de défont Je dispose aussi de la laemelleuse qui est très précise. Je la recommande vivement. J'ai récemment acquis la TSPST450, je n'ai pas encore assez de recule dessus. Je vais bientôt m'acheter la scie plongeante. Je recommande cette marque

Avis sur les produits triton HOUEHANOU Fatiou - 02/02/2018

I am a retired Carpenter/Joiner and still do lots of work in my workshop as I am restoring the 200 year old property that I live in so there is a lot of detailed work to do in restoring and re making mouldings ext. I have found this machine to be a brilliant all rounder that can handle small and intricate shaping work but also be used as a linisher that will cope with heavier sanding and shaping tasks. The machine is well designend and well built and is light enough to carry or place on a bench so can be used on site or in the workshop. Replacement sanding belts and cilenders are not expensive and are widely available. The price point puts it in the range of not only the keen hobby woodworker but also will be an asset to the professional traidsperson

Top notch sanding system Craig Morris - 22/01/2018

Ich finde die Idee einen Spindel- und Bandschleifer zu kombinieren einfach genial! Leider ist die Umsetzung der Idee suboptimal. Leider ist die Maschine an einigen Stellen nicht ganz genau. Ich musste die erste Maschine die ich Bestellt habe zurück schicken. Der Bandschleifer-Aufsatz war bei der Maschine nicht Senkrecht zum Tisch und sogar, wenn ich den Schwenktisch so einstelle, dass 90° zwischen Tisch und Führungsrollen erreicht wird war die Metalplatte zwischen den Führungsrollen nicht senkrecht zum Tisch. Dazu war die Metallplatte nicht ganz flach, sondern irgendwie in der Mitte gewölbt. Bei der zweite Maschine ist es jetzt in Ordnung. Bei den beiden Maschinen rastet der 0–45° Einstellung nicht bei den angegebenen Neigungen und 45° ist gar nicht möglich, weil die Führungslöcher in den Tisch-Unterstell-Blechen zu kurz sind (man musste die ausschleifen um 45° Neigung einstellen zu können). Das ist für mich aber unkritisch weil ich nur senkrechte Fläche bearbeite. Insgesamt kann ich aber die Maschine empfehlen, angenommen man kein Montagstück bekommt bei dem Ausfertigungsqualität nicht stimmt.

Geniale Idee mit ein paar Umsetzungsmankos Adam Trendowicz - 16/01/2018

Ein super Gerät, jedoch könnte die Absaugung bei montiertem Bandschleifer besser funktionieren.

TSPST450 Oszillierender Band- und Spindelschleifer Manuel Eidenmüller - 15/01/2018

Ok, Noisy, poor quality control, problems with table not square to bobbin sander

TSPST450 450W Oscillating Spindle & Belt Sander John Ashby - 04/01/2018

I Like TSPST450 a lot, but I lost my smallest sleeve and do not know haw to get it. Bought my sander from eBay.

Lost my smallest sleeve Kristjan - 04/01/2018

Its ok but a pease of the cast sanding belt holder was broken off and the sanding paper from the bobbins comes off under slight pressure .. i couldnt be bothered to send back so ive fixed it my self ...other than that its working ok but only used it about 6 times so we will see

Not bad Edward learoyd - 20/12/2017

450W Oscillating Spindle & Belt Sander in quality tool with good price. Both, spindle and belt are good options and it's easy and fast to swap a tool.

450W Oscillating Spindle & Belt Sander review Kristjan Pärnamägi - 19/12/2017

Simple and easy to use. Excellent dust removal. Easily changed from belt to bobbin and back again. I absolutely love it.

Super sander Happier chappie - 04/12/2017

Great addition to my workshop. Much easier to achieve smooth edge / surface even at an angle.

Oscillating spindle and belt sander John pickering - 04/12/2017

I bought this a few weeks ago, and used it regularly since, I think it is a great machine, easy and quick to change sleeves and the sanding belt ,stable does not move on the bench, sleeves priced ok. Would definitely recommend

Sander Mr Williams - 02/12/2017

Very pleased with this machine. Easy to set up and works like a dream. Don’t know how I managed without one for so long. Also not too heavy to move. I am 67 year old woman and not very strong but had no difficulty moving/lifting this.

Good Machine Sheena Davies - 13/11/2017

mit Hilfe meines neuen Schleifgerätes werden aus sägerauen Rohlingen Handschmeichler

von sägerau nach glatt Günter Kacalek - 08/11/2017

Ein sehr gutes Gerät mit leichten Schwächen. Lediglich die Absaugung könnte etwas besser gelöst werden, da doch einiges rechts neben dem Gerät landet. Die Bandspannung ist sehr filigran einstellbar, erfordert allerdings etwas Geduld bis das Band nicht mehr wandert. Die Winkeleinstellung sind sehr genau gelöst. Alles in allem bin ich sehr zufrieden!

TSPST450 Oszillierender Band- und Spindelschleifer S. Mueller - 01/11/2017

Mám za sebou první pracovní zkušenost s tímto strojem a jsem velice spokojen. Mohu doporučit. I have the first work experience with this machine and I am very satisfied. I can recommend.

TSPST450 Roman - 05/10/2017

Never had a tool before, that‘s so perfect to me. I‘ll use it all the time and will never ever give it away!

Awesome sanding station Martin Krinninger - 20/08/2017

Great tool, I love to work with it

TSPST450 Martin Krinninger - 06/08/2017

Ich bin sehr begeistert von dem Gerät und bin sehr froh mir dieses Gerät für meine Werkstatt zugelegt zu haben. So habe ich einen Spindelschleifer und Bandschleifer in einem Gerät vereint. Für alle Anbauteile befindet sind an den Seiten ein Aufbewahrungsfach. Das Produkt ist sehr zu empfehlen

Super Maschine!!!! Robert - 25/07/2017