TWX7 サイドサポート



クロムめっきチューブのエクステンションバー で錆びにくい
サイドサポートブラケット が大きな加工材をサポート
距離が調整可能 でテーブルのセンターラインから最大600mmまでの加工材を扱える


高さ 102mm
長さ 710mm
重量 2kg
箱に入っているもの - 01 1 x TWX7SS Side Support
箱に入っているもの - 02 1 x Installation Manual


1 x TWX7SS Side Support
1 x Installation Manual



9 Review(s)
Pas encore utilisé mais ça à l'air solide.

Support Workcenter DALL'ARMI - 2020/05/15

Met deze zij steun kan in zonder probleem hele platen zagen alleen

Zijnsteun Nick waltz - 2019/06/02

Ideal voor de zaagmodule

Twx7ss side support Danny Sluyts - 2018/12/30

niet te missen hulp

TWX7 Side support Danny Sluyts - 2018/12/16

Triton 3 ¼ HP Router works as expected in the WorkCentre Router Table module. The 3.25 HP router is powerful enough to do anything I need done.

Triton 3 1/4 HP Router Jeffrey Stewart - 2018/04/20

Very usefull to have a side extension. I was surprised and impressed by the quality and the stability of the matérial ( all in strong metal), The surface for working is increased. Why I don't give 5 stars is because it is difficult to slide the support, you have to use your 2 hands and to leave the support perfectly parallele to the support. Second point it's a little bit mor difficult to introduce the Circular saw, whith a little bit experience I found the best way to do it.

Usefull mACAIGNE - 2017/12/07

This unit seriously lets the side down for this system which is otherwise awesome and very accurate. The end support is precisely level with the tabletop. The side support is both below the surface and slopes down and away from the tabletop. The effect is much worse when fully extended, so the unit does not, in fact, support anything. This may be a model / batch mismatch between the table and the support or a manufacturing error or a design fault. Not sure which of the above but a replacement side support was no better so I conclude the table is at fault since in store using the demo table it was level with the table top although it still had a downward slope towards the floor. As it stands I would be forced to rate this accessory 0/5.

Twx 7 Sid e support David Bornstein - 2017/06/25

The workcentre is very accurate indeed. I have both the saw and the router table. One criticism I have is that the side support is neither level with the work surface nor horizontal. The other support is in fact level with the surface. There is no obvious place to store the protractor and feather boards or the hex keys. It seems obvious that the side support will have some future planned use given that it ir has multiple holes in it. What these will be for is not obvious though.

TWX7 workcentre, David Bornstein - 2017/06/11

Support excellent pour aider à supporter les grandes pièces. Devrzit etre vendu en serie avec le TWX7...

Excellent support Bousson - 2017/03/24