TRT A001


頑丈なクロムめっきのベースプレートとガイドレール&耐衝撃性のプラスチック製で非常に頑強な構造です。素早く取り付けられる設計だからルーターをガイドレールにセットするのが簡単で時間がかかりません。トリトンのプランジルーターMOF001、JOF001 & TRA001を取り付け可能。


細かな微調整が可能 で正確な加工がおこなえる
2つに分けることができる からコンパクトに収納
クロムめっきのベースプレート は低摩擦で作業しやすい
ルーターを簡単にガイドレールに取り付けることが可能 で完璧な直線加工が安定しておこなえる


高さ 90mm
長さ 200mm
重量 1.5kg
箱に入っているもの - 01 1 x TRTA001 Router Track Adaptor


1 x TRTA001 Router Track Adaptor




Track Pack & Connectors

Pair of 700mm track lengths with a pair of track connectors. For use with the Triton Track Saw TTS1400.

TTS T1500

Plunge Track Saw Track 1500mm

For use with the Triton Tracksaw TTS1400. Also compatible with Festool and Makita plunge saws. Length 1500mm.



9 Review(s)
Good product, works with Festool rails (I do not have Triton rails to try it on). Fit on the TRA001 is easy and precise. Works well if you have the overall size on the project to use these as a line up in place of a table.

Track Adapter Zach Tymchuk - 2020/01/28

I was sick of trying to build jigs to cut dados or run a router in a straight line predictably. Having the ability to use my track to guide the router has saved my bacon and produced far more accurate results.

Best router accessory ever Neil Dorin - 2019/06/15

Purchased unit to cut slots for shelf standards in a 6 ft. tall cabinet I am building. After cutting seven slots for the standards I found the unit works quite well. Had more problems with the Triton track lying flat at the end of each section, having to stop at each joint to hold the next section of track down so I could proceed with the cut. The unit appears to only work with Triton router bases due to how it attaches to the base. Overall it did the job it is supposed to do.

router track adaptor Larry curran - 2018/12/21

Functional, accurate and efficient.

ROUTER TRACK ADAPTOR Thys Manganya - 2018/11/27

I purchased the TTSTP to use with my TRTA001 router track adaptor. The two tracks fitted together well when I needed to joined the two halves They stayed last on the work surface and for most applications with my router track adapter they have worked well. My major criticism and disappointment is that hey are totally incompatible with the longer Triton track TTST1500. I would have liked the ability to join a 1500mm track to a 700mm track and only have one join. This would have been a more useful option with the plunge saw.

Useful TTSTP Track Mike Gane - 2018/03/24

I purchased this track adaptor to compliment my Triton MOF001 router. It has been very useful and has allowed me to router far straighter channels with far less effort. It is easy to attach to the router and easy to attach to the guide rail. The micro adjustment has allowed me to route wide channels with ease. This has been a very worthwhile addition to my workshop.

TRTA001 Router Track Adaptor Mike Gane - 2018/03/24

I purchased the MOF001 primarily to use with a router table. It's a brilliant piece off kit. I am very impressed with the way in which the router can be raised and lowered from above the table and the fine adjustment mechanism. I have since purchased the Triton Track adaptor and the Triton track to go with it. I've not had my MOF001 router for very long, but I'm already very pleased with it and would purchase it again.

Top Router Mike Gane - 2018/03/24

Moje prvo iskustvo u radu mi je otkrilo savršen jak i siguran alat. Oduševljen sam sa njim. Hvala za ovako odličan alat.

Dual Mode Precision Plunge Routewr 2400W TRA001 Router Track Adaptor TRTA001 Ozren Kolic - 2018/02/28

Works well with a Makita track.

Great Product Dave Myles - 2017/12/20