10 mm deuvelmachine boor bits, 2 pk.

Hardmetalen boor bits. Geharde schacht met dubbele groef voor een fijne afwerking. Compatibel met de Triton deuvelmachine TDJ600. 10 mm schacht.

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Hoogte 0.008
Lengte 0.0575
Breedte 0.008
Doos inhoud - 01 2 x Dowel Jointer Bits


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Have only used the doweling machine a few times but it is all the literatures claims it to be. Easy to use and the precision seems spot on. The bits are a little tricky to change in a tight space, but doable. Would have been nice to have a wrench included for the bit change out. Great tool.

Doweljointer bits Ric Carter - 15-1-2018