Stof ontginningssysteem

Stof ontginningssysteem met half stugge, 1000 ml capaciteit. Te gebruiken met de invalcirkelzaag TTS1400. Hoge filtercapaciteit, niet geweven materiaal. Heldere filterindicator.

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Hoogte 130 mm
Lengte 220 mm
Gewicht 0,11 kg
Breedte 80 mm
Doos inhoud - 01 1 x Dust Extraction System 1000ml


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The system work pretty well at keeping the saw dust under control, but, don't bump the bag; the plastic connector part breaks pretty easy. I am trying to find a spare part. The bag system should be used when vacuum hose is not available or practiicle.

Works but weak Allen Culuris - 12-10-2020