Rails set en verbindingsstukken

Twee 700 mm lange geleiderails met een paar koppelstukken. Te gebruiken met de invalcirkelzaag TTS1400.

Product eigenschappen

Product specificaties

Hoogte 10,5 mm
Lengte 700 mm
Gewicht 2,53 kg
Breedte 186 mm
Doos inhoud - 01 2 x 700 mm rails
Doos inhoud - 02 2 x verbindingsstukken


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These tracks work as expected and they even leave a little extra rubber on the cut side to establish your tool's cut line. I was able to use these and link together to make cuts over 96" - it is nice to be able to adjust the length with extra sections that actually work together. Great product, great value.

Easy TRACK Robert - 13-6-2019

Tracks were very sturdy and very well made

Triton Joey - 15-11-2017

I was on the fence about getting the track saw and accessories. I am so glad I did. It is so much easier and safer now to cut sheet goods. The cuts are clean and accurate. Much better than I was ever able to get from my table saw.

Track saw, track pack and connectors Jon Yocum - 21-9-2017