TPL 180

1500 W schaafmachine met drievoudig schaafblad, 180 mm

Gepatenteerd 3-blad ontwerp met 10-positie diepte controleknop voor nauwkeurige materiaal verwijdering. Verstelbaar voorhandvat met soft-grip voor een comfortabel gebruik. Stroomindicator met netstroomaansluiting. Optimale 180 mm schaafbreedte. Inclusief moersleutel, stofzak, stofadapter, schaafgeleider en 3 HSS 180 mm schaafbladen. Schaafcapaciteit: breedte 180 mm, diepte 2 mm. Onbelaste snelheid 15.000 min-1. Gewicht 8,6 kg.

Product eigenschappen

Krachtige 1500 W motor voor zwaar schaafwerk op de hardste houtoppervlakken
De stroom aan-indicator duidt op een stroomtoevoer
Magnesiumlegering voor een geweldige stevigheid en duurzaamheid
De rubberen antislip grip biedt steun, veiligheid en controle
De gegoten basis zorgt voor platheid en verbeterd de schaafnauwkeurigheid
Het laag zwaartepunt ontwerp geeft stabiliteit en controle over de machine
Het 3-blad trommelontwerp zorgt voor snellere en soepelere schaafsneden met een superieure afwerking
De 180 mm brede schaafbladen voor een maximale productiviteit
Het 10-positie diepte controlewiel stelt de schaafdiepte tussen 0-2 mm
HSS schaafbladen zijn omkeerbare voor een langere gebruiksduur
Het verstelbare borghandvat zorgt voor extra controle en veiligheid
De stofpoort maakt de aansluiting op een ontginningssysteem mogelijk

Product specificaties

Zaagblad type HSS blad
Asgat diameter Inwendige diameter bladboring - 32 mm Uitwendige diameter bladboring - 37 mm
Schaven per minuut 45.000
Diepte verstelling 0,25 mm verhogingen
Materiaal - primaire constructie Aluminium
Onbelaste snelheid 15.000 min-1
Schaafdiepte 0-2 mm
Schaafbreedte 180 mm
Vermogen 1500 W
Stroom aan-indicator Ja
Hoogte 170 mm
Lengte 525 mm
Gewicht 8,566 kg
Breedte 275 mm
Doos inhoud - 01 1 x TPL180 1500 W schaafmachine
Doos inhoud - 02 3 x HSS-schaafbladen (voorgemonteerd)
Doos inhoud - 03 1 x stofpoortadapter
Doos inhoud - 04 1 x parallelgeleider
Doos inhoud - 05 2 x geleider vergrendelschroeven
Doos inhoud - 06 1 x moersleutel
Doos inhoud - 07 1 x handleiding

Inbegrepen accessoires

3 x 180 mm HSS bladen


TPL 180

Compatibel met


180 mm schaafbladen, 3 pk.

Pakket met drie schaafbladen voor de Triton schaafmachine TPL180.met drievoudig blad. 65 Mn veerstalen constructie. Fijngeslepen rand voor een uniforme afwerking bij het schaven. Bladlengte: 180 mm. Bladhoek: 50°.

Meer informatie

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64 Review(s)
Bought this tool to square off cedar Timbers for outdoor projects. It works extremely well and the wide planing surface is perfect for my application. Surface planed is very smooth and even. I wood have given 5 stars except the dust outlet doesn’t fit any shop vac or dust collector hoses I have in my shop. Also could not find anything in stores. I had to rig up multiple fittings to get something that worked. An expensive tool like this should come with adapters for sizes of vacuums in the market where it is sold. I ordered the Triton adaptor from England on eBay and still waiting for my package to arrive.

Timbermaker Paul - 2-4-2022

Greatest for planeing live edge slabs

1500w triple blade planer 180mm Richard Bergevin - 3-8-2021

A lot lighter and manageable than I expected. Well made and powerful. Bought it to plane Oak beams and the extra width a huge advantage. The three blades leave an excellent finish with plenty of power. Only one slight issue, the drop down rest makes it difficult to work just in middle when straightening a beam.

stand out piece of kit Andrew Binns - 31-5-2020

The Triton 7" power planer is the answer to my wide slab wood preparation. This planer is easy to feed across the wood surface. It is almost effortless to flatten and straighten a wide slab that has warped when drying. The finish cut is so smooth that very little sanding is needed prior to applying a finish. My son bought one and as soon as I saw what he could do with his I knew I had to have one. Great price and quality tool.

Best 7" power hand planer Tom Bunn - 27-5-2020

Je suis ravi de cet achat. le produit fait son travail. seul bémol la prise électrique qui est au format anglais, ce qui signifie une petite adaptation avan la première utilisation.

Rapport qualité/prix imbattable jean christophe - 20-5-2020

I got this to smooth some rough sawn 6"x6" green oak that I was using for a pergola. It did a great job of planing them smooth. The 7" width allows you to smooth the whole width in one go. Very powerful - can take off a lot of wood with each pass, Easy to reverse/change blades and then adjust for level. Comfortable to use for long periods - although pretty heavy. Depth adjustment works well. Parallel fence is a bonus, I packed mine with a 1/2" spacer so that the plane was bang in the middle of my beams, to make the operation easier. Obviously it makes a lot of noise when planing. Never felt like it was working too hard. Planed a lot of wood.

Big powerful tool, great finish Christopher Cooknell - 1-5-2020

Very please with this tool. I cut 2inch oak planks and used the planer to clean 5hem up. Love the tool.

1500w triple blade planer 180 Al Bard - 27-4-2020

Bought this to plane rough dawn green oak. Very quickly smooths 6x6 timber, lovely finish, no need to sand. Easy to swap in new blades and set up. Parallel fence very useful as an aid to keeping faces square. Take care this machine can shift a lot of wood! Fan keeps motor cool in prolonged use.

Perfect for 6x6 green oak Christopher C - 17-4-2020

I have been using this tool for over 3 months now and I do not have anything bad to say about it. The tool is very well constructed, materials are very sturdy, there is no sign of wearing out and even the hardest wood is not a problem for this tool. each day I am waiting for the moment when I can use Triton tools as it brings real joy to my everyday work. / Od około 3 miesięcy mam możliwość użytkowania struga elektrycznego i nie mogę mieć najmniejszych zastrzeżeń. Urządzenie jest świetnie wykonane, nie okazuje żadnych oznak zużycia i nie ma oporów przed nawet najcięższymi zadaniami w nawet najtwardszym drewnie. Gdy zaczynam nowy dzień pracy czekam na moment gdy będę mogła w końcu użyć narzędzi firmy Triton, bo z doświadczenia już wiem, że praca nimi to czysta przyjemność.

Best quality and precision in very good price / Super jakość i precyzja w dobrej cenie Bartlomiej - 13-4-2020

Great machine easy to use the 3 blades make a great finish well worth the money

Triton PL1 180 planer Fred Dawson - 10-4-2020

Great sturdy tool not heavy and with three planer blades make a great job . Excellent value for money.

Triton 1500w planer Fred Dawson - 27-3-2020

It is what I exepect to be. Very good for wood surface finishing.

Triple blade planner 180 mm Anton cristian - 23-3-2020

This piece of equipment is everything I was hoping for, everything I expected. Obviously I wish it wasn’t so heavy, but other than that, it works great and performs as expected. Two things I would change: 1. The nuts that are used to hold the cutting blades in place are made of soft metal. First time I tried to replace the blades I rounded off the nuts trying to loosen them. And the wrench supplied with the planer is substandard. 2. The printing in your instruction manual is so small, a normal person has to use a magnifying glass to read the instructions.

Owner Dan Hair - 23-3-2020

Works well plenty of power

Hand planer Roger Cooper - 9-3-2020

Absolutely great planer, and the finish you get is buttery smooth! Amazing when you think makita/mafell do a similar planer for twice/four times the price. Hope one day Triton do a 300mm beam planer! If they did I'd buy it!

Great planer! David Robinson - 29-2-2020

There doesn’t seem to be any thing to compare for the price. It’s very well made and performs as expected. It is a fairly heavy machine but well designed, the front handle being easily adjustable.

Very good value Martin Hanson - 12-2-2020

This planner with large blade width, one of the largerst. Working hard wood such as oak or bleech is very easy even with 2mm cutting depth. The weight gives stability and the machine acoustic level is very low. Counterside of the weight is that it is difficult to work for hours but operation is fast so it is fine for me. I used to work with the tpt125 for all the tasks but now thanks to this planner there are many tasks I can achieve which save me a lot of time. So far, I am very satisfied with this tool.

Great planner Telega - 2-2-2020

great equipment

TPL180 Marcin Kaczmarek - 1-1-2020

bonjour le rabot fonctionne très bien par contre remonter les lames neuves ..............quelle misère support cassé car support de lame mal serré

démontage des lames jean-marc seewald - 17-12-2019

Powerful tool, triple blades make cutting a breeze, very clean surface when used in a certain way. I wish it had a trigger lock to ease fatigue in extended use, having to hold the trigger all the time is exhausting. The moment the tool is not parallel with the wood/cutting direction the depth gauge becomes inaccurate, it leaves grooves, even when set on "0". Performed well, but has nuances that are only learned through use.

Good tool Shyloh Haberman - 19-8-2019

Very good product.

The Best Damir - 8-8-2019

conforme à mes attentes

suppert Revel - 3-8-2019

I make rustic log furniture including benches, picnic tables and Viking chairs. I wanted some top quality power tools to take the strain out of the donkey work. Having researched the usual suspects, I came across Triton Tools and, with some trepidation, bought their Geared Eccentric Sander. The trepidation came because theirs was a brand I hadn't heard of. The Planer was and is an excellent bit of kit and, even though I had to have it replaced when the gear box seized, the customer service people sorted out without fuss. Which is the sort of service I like! I am so happy with Triton that I recently bought their extra wide planer, which is another very good bit of kit. I am now looking to add the Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router and Pendulum Action Jigsaw to my workshop. Go Triton!

TPL180 Triple Blade Planer and TGEOS Geared Eccentric Orbital Sander Maren Bennette - 1-8-2019

Dieser Hobel könnte, aufgrund seiner Kraft und guten Verarbeitung, in jeder Zimmerei oder Schreinerei seinen Platz finden.

Super Maschine!! Markus Nicklaus - 31-1-2019

... semelle un peu fragile, rayée dès les premières passes. A par ça tout va bien !

Conforme aux attentes mais... Michael - 3-12-2018

The machine is heavy, but very well balanced. Makes large surfaces nice and smooth very quickly. I love this machine.

Very big and very capable. Friso - 29-11-2018

Best new tool I've purchased in a while. 7 inch planer works better, stronger, more dependable then any other popular brand I've owned. Good job manufacturer.

A+ strong machine Rick Klunder III - 25-10-2018

This planer pŕoduces a super smooth finish and is easy to use. It's size is an advantage and helps keep it seated flat while it planes cleanly. 0.25mm adjustments mean fine control. Brilliant machine .

TPL180 planer Ian - 23-10-2018

Great tool for large work with long and wide base, sturdily built so has a quality feel to it. This is a big and heavy piece of kit to lug around although its weight is an advantage in use on horizontal work. Powerful motor with non jolt start, all round a good piece of machinery to date.

1500W Triple Blade Planer 180mm TPL180 John - 29-6-2018

TPL180 is the best machine I could buy. I'm very impressed all the time. Great planing surface, high engine power. I am very happy with this purchase and I highly recommend it! I would like to buy a base, a stand for this stream. He would be very useful.

TPL180 Andrzej - 27-6-2018

Heavy duty body with comfortable handles and easily adjustable depth.

TPL180 Planer John - 15-6-2018

Ce castor mange le bois avec une facilité déconcertante, utilisé sur du bois vert( pin noir), du bois sec (chêne, frêne), même sur la largeur maximum, jamais il ne peine. De plus super finition grâce au trois fer : à conseiller pour travail de charpente, ossature bois, équarrir des troncs, préparation de plateaux trop large pour une raboteuse. Au top! Un sac de rangement adapté serait un plus ...

TPL180 trioux - 7-5-2018

Not for the faint at heart or the jittery. At 23" length and 7" blades, the machine is hefty enough to tackle any wood or lumber you have on your workshop. I compare this beast to an inverted jointer/planer that does a wonderful job with any wood you can lay it on albeit the noise/db it produces when in use (hearing protection recommended). Solid-built to last a lifetime. Overall, a must-have to cut your planing in a considerable amount of time.

TRITON 1500W Triple Blade Planer 7" Ramon Villaflor - 4-5-2018

Hobel hat sich bewährt . Macht gute Arbeit

Guter Hobel, guter Preis Frank Ritter GmbH - 24-4-2018

Le rabot Triton 180 est presque parfait! Puissant et facile à manipuler, il fait le travail. Deux petits détails cependant: l'éjection des copeaux côté aspiration moteur et surtout le guide qui n'est pas vraiment parallèle et aligné avec les tables

Parfait! Patrice - 23-11-2017


Super Gerät Christoph Kubicek - 20-11-2017

ce rabot est réellement très performant, il fait le boulot avec un rapport qualité/prix imbattable! Une charpente et 160m2 de solivages en douglas sec plus tard, il fonctionne encore parfaitement. Je recommande!

Très performant Patrice Potonnier - 9-11-2017

Sehr zufrieden mit dem Gerät; günstiger Preis.

Kauf Dreifachklingenhobel Bauer Norbert - 1-11-2017

Eine Maschine mit einem sehr guten Preis-Leistungsverhältnis. Sehr Durchzugsstark und vibrationsarm. Ich bin sehr zufrieden.

[email protected] Jochen Paul - 25-10-2017

Purchased this planer as I upcycle lots of old timber & furniture & needed a planer that was wide enough to quickly tackle larger jobs, I have found it perfect in use & gives a great finish, the build is very robust too, only negative would be it should come with a protective case hence only four stars.

Plane easy to use! jay castillo - 24-10-2017

Tpl180 worked as described. Good tool for price. Would recommend.

Wood worker Erika ferree - 18-9-2017

Well built tool. Does great job. Works as described. Would recommend to friend.

Tpl180 planer Erika ferree - 4-9-2017

I received the planer very quickly and put it to work. I needed to plane some 8 inch logs that I had split to make a deck. I was pleasantly surprised on how well the planer worked on this seasoned wood. This is a great tool.

TPL180 Mark - 24-8-2017

Very impressed with the quality, strength and size. Easy, large depth adjustment knob and good power. Love the 7" cutting path as well, especially for the reasonable cost!

Trinton7" planner Ron Martina - 23-8-2017

This power tool eats wood and with the controls it has, this results in smooth wood surfaces without fail.

WOOD EATER Thys - 22-8-2017

I purchased the planner to square up some green Hemlock timbers for a post and beam swing set project. The planner kept eating green wood for days without needing to be sharpened. I put it away for a year and then hauled it out last month to dress a large Rock Maple slab and after turning the knives over it kept chewing through the slab. It should be obvious to most but this is a course work tool for material removal that prepares surfaces for finishing with hand planes. The width is fantastic but if the cut is set too aggressive the chips can easily overwhelm the exhaust port and become plugged. Patience or a good vacuum setup make it a non-issue. I would recommend the tool and the excellent customer service I have recieved from Triton

Solid performer Sam Merrill - 1-8-2017

blanja je odlična i lako se radi sa njom

garancija Goran Jotanovic - 21-6-2017

Alat je odličan i lako se sa njim radi

garancija GORAN JOTANOVIC - 5-6-2017

The electric planar works great, it produces a very smooth finish especially with the triple blade technology. I am very pleased with the purchase and would highly recommend this to anyone considering it.

Tpl180 David Bogden - 23-5-2017

Had an opportunity to use the planer extensively this week in making arches for a path bridge. On 5 2x12" spans, 16 feet like long it was the perfect tool. Easy to use, powerful, and safe

Hand planer Peter Fantl - 19-5-2017

Great value beam planer. Parking gadget excellent addition to a well designed tool. Highly recommended

180mm planer Bryan White - 21-4-2017

Awesome bit of kit! Quality build, no nagatives.

Five stars Jonathan - 30-3-2017

Super Hobelmaschine, super handling

super Andreas Barthe - 13-3-2017

I'm impressed simple as that. The quality of the planer metal plastic blades exc is that of any major tool brand. The power this planer produces is enjoyable nothing is going to slow it down. I like the fact the blade is an inch wider than other brands add stability when jointing 12" wide boards which you can do seamless the adjustment are amazingly small and accurate. I make my living doing timber frame work so I have put this planer threw hindered of board feet of planning with no issues. My only wish would be the planer would have come with a hard case for travel. Really for what Triton is asking this is a no brainier.

Can't emagination with out it Caleb Eaton - 1-3-2017

Very strong planer. There was a problem with cord after about 10 hours at hard work, but solved.

Planer Vojtech Kalábek - 12-2-2017

Endlich mal ein Balkenhobel der auch seinen Name verdient. Dieser Hobel hat Kraft und bietet mit seinen drei Messern ein absolut sauberes Schnittbild. Aber Vorsicht ist angesagt alle zu bearbeitenden Werkstücke müssen fest eingespannt sein, sonst sind sie fort. Empfehlung einspannen in den Triton Superjaws XXL ist absolut sicher.

Die Ausgaben haben sich gelohnt! Gunter Saemann - 29-1-2017

I'am full satisfaited with instrument I got! Many Thank's!!!

Fantastic! Jurijs Neciporenko - 5-1-2017

I have purchased this planer since I do not own a jointer and needed to find way to flatten the boards before running them through my thicknsser. The Triton planer has served me well so far with plenty of power and - for a handheld machine- very accurate and flat surfaces. Definitely enough to finish the workpieces in my thicknesser afterwards. I actually miss a jig to use the TPL 180 in a stationary Environment. This should be not so difficult to manufacture and for example Makita does (or did) have such accessories. I will build my own one to have it running as a jointer shortly. Nevertheless I got what I expected and I expected a lot. I am very satisfied with this tool, especially at such competitive Price! Thanks to Triton!

TPL 180 review Philipp Lueer - 5-1-2017

I'am full satisf. with tool I got! 180 mm it's more when inaf for my work shop! Many thanks!

Positive Jurijs Neciporenko - 13-12-2016

After 3 hours of work the on/off trigger switch stop working. There was a lot of dust in the main handle. The dust extraction port is quite often stuffed. On the other hand the results of work is very good.

Spodnje Vodale 10, 8295 Tržišče, Slovenija Edvard Turk - 12-12-2016

The planer is very stable and works very well.

Triple Blade Planer 180mm Jürgen Endlein - 5-12-2016

The Planner / Thickenessser works very well, very easy-to use, much quitter than my old one, if it lasts as long I will be very happy

Planer /Thicknesser Ted Thornburrow - 10-10-2016

This is quite an awesome machine for hand use. It is big and it is heavy but I bought it to true up some large boards of yew, up to 600 mm wide and around 50 mm thick. It did a good job quickly because of its width. A plane of this size generates a lot of shavings and unless you is using it outside you do need an extraction hose connected. I like the simple design and ease of adjustment. The one criticism I do have is the power cord insulation is somewhat thin and of a soft rubber. It abraded quite easily as it passed over the edge of the board and I have had to re-enforce it with insulating tape.

Awesome Peter Rogers - 11-9-2016

I've used this planer to re-plane timbers recovered from an old pergola. The wide 180mm cut allowed me to complete the job very efficiently. Large planers can be daunting from the safety perspective however the large well placed and adjustable handles of the Triton makes it very safe to handle. A great tool for large timbers.

1500W Triple Blade Planer Review Kevin Wright - 2-8-2016