T20 BC

Schnellladegerät T20

Intelligentes Ladegerät mit zahlreichen Sicherheitsfunktionen zum Schutz von Akku, Akkugerät und Ladegerät. Mit den T20-Akkus kompatibel. 100%ige Aufladung in 40 Min. (2 Ah) bzw. 80 Min. (4 Ah). 80%ige Aufladung in 30 Min. (2 Ah) bzw. 60 Min. (4 Ah). LED-Ladestandsanzeige und langlebige Anschlusskontakte.


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Very happy with my kit

Drill kit Edmond Volinrtt Stanciu - 07.03.2018

I love both the hammer and impact. I look forward to more Triton tools in the future.

Drills Todd Brown - 18.05.2017

it's nice knowing that you have the fast charger on stand by. My son and his family had to move in with us for a while but that meant giving up my "real" shop, now I am in the process of moving into a 15 X 8 size room but it will work for now. Sorry, side tracked. anyway the charger dose just what is supposed to, you can't ask for more than that. Really liking it.

quick charge Todd Brown - 06.05.2017

These are the the best tools ive ever bought Great value and quality

Power tools Michael wallace - 07.02.2017