Hobelmesser für 180-mm-Elektrohobel, 3er-Pckg.

Hobelmesser 3er-Pckg. aus Federstahlkonstruktion 65 Mn für den Dreimesser-Elektrohobel TPL180 von Triton konzipiert. Fein geschliffene Kanten für eine sehr glatt gehobelte Oberfläche. Klingenlänge: 180 mm. Klingenwinkel: 50°


Technische Daten

Hauptmaterial 65Mn
Höhe 2 mm
Länge 180 mm
Gewicht 0,047 kg
Breite 8 mm
Lieferumfang - 01 3 Hobelmesser ,180 mm


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7 Review(s)
With its three blades, this electric plane is a marvel. It planes without difficulty and does a great finishing job. BRAVO TRITON.

7 Inches Wood EATER Robert Durand - 09.04.2022

I was a little apprehensive when I ordered the Triton surface planner and how long the blades would last. But to my surprise they have lasted a long time so I haven't had to change them yet. I am anticipating the replacement blades will last a long time also.

Mr. Robert Wilson - 15.12.2019

This planer for me is used instead of a joiner. I get my boards flat quickly and easily and then put them through my planer. A great bang for the buck

Amazing Planer Daniel Metzger - 12.12.2019

after using this triton planer, just one word WOW it has the power for any thing you think of, no more hard sanding for me. I love this planer it really work for my needs, I was planning for makita at first but for $670.00 I could buy three 7inch triton planer. this unit is well build and with power, thanks!!! very happy with my buy....

triton 7inch planer victor feliciano - 20.04.2019

Excelente máquina con gran potencia y facilidad para levantar y bajar la fresa además de hacer los cambios de fresa muy fácil la recomiendo

Excelente Ariocha e - 04.02.2018

planer blades are one a full range of high-quality woodworking tool for woodworking Machines.Highly recommend these.Also check WoodfordTooling For planer blades

Best Quality 180mm planer Blades Excellent product - 11.10.2017

Once you get use to it i's great product, little weird to handle at first ( starts to deep) but when you get to know how to press it you love it. Smoothest finish ever, my bench planer can hide in front of this great machine. You won't believe what great, smooth finish you get from this. Big thumps up.

Great product ELvis - 31.07.2017