TGA 250

Kopierringe mit Zubehör, 12-tlg. Satz

Aus Messing gefräste, verchromte Kopierringe und Basisplatten aus verchromtem Stahl. Kopierringe mit Ventilationsöffnungen für optimale Staubabsaugung. Satz beinhaltet acht Kopierhülsen (AD 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 5/8, 51/64, 3/4 Zoll und 30 mm), Zentrierring (Adapter für Porter Kabel-Zubehör), Frästisch-Abstandhalter und zwei M4-Schrauben.


Machined, chrome-plated brass guide bushes & steel guide plates
Ventilated to optimise dust extraction
2 guide plates & 8 guide bushes
Compatible with Triton MOF001, JOF001 & TRA001 Precision Plunge Routers
Includes table spacer, alignment bush/porter cable adaptor & screws

Technische Daten

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Länge Diverse Größen
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Breite Diverse Größen
Lieferumfang - 01 1 Kopierring, 5/16 Zoll
Lieferumfang - 02 1 Kopierring, 3/8 Zoll
Lieferumfang - 03 1 Kopierring, 7/16 Zoll
Lieferumfang - 04 1 Kopierring, 1/2 Zoll
Lieferumfang - 05 1 Kopierring, 5/8 Zoll
Lieferumfang - 06 1 Kopierring, 51/64 Zoll
Lieferumfang - 07 1 Kopierring, 3/4 Zoll
Lieferumfang - 08 1 Kopierring, 30 mm
Lieferumfang - 09 1 Basisplatte (für Oberfräse MOF 001)
Lieferumfang - 10 1 Basisplatte (für Oberfräse TRA 001)


1 x Guide Bush 5/16"
1 x Guide Bush 3/8"
1 x Guide Bush 7/16"
1 x Guide Bush 1/2"
1 x Guide Bush 5/8"
1 x Guide Bush 51/64"
1 x Guide Bush 3/4"
1 x Guide Bush 30mm
1 x Guide Plate (to suit MOF001 Router)
1 x Guide Plate (to suit TRA001 Router)
1 x Alignment Bush
1 x Table Spacer
2 x M4 Machine Screw
1 x Instruction Manual


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4 Review(s)
Purchased the set to make a templates for my guitar build. I’d had a look online and seen various reviews and how to’s on how to use them. I ordered some through an online store and they looked really nice. Packaging not too much to dispose of. Instructions Could do with diagrams to go with instructions. The biggest issue I found though was the template plates weren’t the size I needed with them being imperial so with the router bit I had I found I had to sand a bit extra out of the routed area to be able to get the guide bush to run smoothly down the channel.

Nice set well made. Shame it’s not metric Kain Harkins - 25.03.2020

Veelzijdige set voor voor meerdere inzetmogelijkheden! Wel even de tijd nemen om de gebruiksaanwijzing te lezen!

Veelzijdig Herman Geurts - 27.09.2019

Wanted a guide bush set for my new router and decided to go with this set as it offers good value and quality at a reasonable price. Yes it is imperial sized but to buy a metric set in Trend you are talking £100+ just for the bushings and I consider that way too much for just bushings. I have a TRA001 and this set is designed to go with it and I am happy with its design, no plastic bits here!!!

Triton bush set Owen - 06.08.2019

The alignment Bush/Porter Cable adaptor needs to be renamed to just alignment bush. The ID of this piece is 30mm, while a PC guide bushing requires a 1 3/16” opening. Works perfectly to align the base, but will not allow you to use PC style template guides.

TGA250 PC Adaptor Joshua Held - 07.12.2017