TRO S125

Exzenterschleifer, 280 W, 125 mm

Kraftvoller und kompakter Exzenterschleifer mit Klettschleifteller mit 125 mm Durchmesser. Zu den Ausstattungsmerkmalen zählen die an einem leichtgängigen Regler einstellbare stufenlose Drehzahlsteuerung von 7.000–12.000 min-1, mehrere Staubabsauglöcher am Schleifteller und ein zwecks gesteigerter Wirksamkeit um 360° drehbarer Absaugstutzen. Zur Schwingungsdämpfung gummierte Griffflächen erhöhen Bedienkomfort, Genauigkeit und Sicherheit. Gerätetasche, drei Gitter-Schleifscheiben, Staubfangbeutel und Absaugadapter im Lieferumfang enthalten.


Kraftvoller 280-W-Motor stellt reichlich Leistung für diverse Schleifarbeiten bereit
Exzentrische Schwingbewegung sorgt für gleichmäßige Feinschliffe
Um 360° drehbarer Absaugstutzen erhöht die Bediensicherheit und hält den Arbeitsbereich sauber
Stufenlose Drehzahlregelung für genaue Kontrolle über 7.000–12.000 min-1 Exzenterdrehzahlen
Klettschleifteller erlaubt rasche Schleifscheibenwechsel
Ergonomisch geformte, gummierte Handgriffe vermindern Vibration und steigern den Bedienkomfort
Gerätetasche zur praktischen Aufbewahrung und für mühelosen Transport
Drei Gitterschleifscheiben in unterschiedlichen Körnungen, Staubfangbeutel und Absaugadapter für diverse Schleifarbeiten und effektive Staubabsaugung für diverse Schleifarbeiten und effektive Staubabsaugung

Technische Daten

Hauptmaterial Kunststoff
Leerlaufdrehzahl 7.000–12.000 min-1
Höhe 330 mm
Länge 175 mm
Gewicht 1,75 kg
Breite 130 mm
Schallleistungspegel LW 86,4 dB
Schalldruckpegel LP 75,4 dB
Drehzahlregelung 7.000 - 12.000 min-1
Lieferumfang - 01 1 Exzenterschleifer, 280 W TROS125
Lieferumfang - 02 1 Staubfangbeutel
Lieferumfang - 03 1 Absaugadapter
Lieferumfang - 04 3 Schleifscheiben (80er, 120er- und 220er-Körnung)
Lieferumfang - 05 1 Gerätetasche
Lieferumfang - 06 1 Bedienungsanleitung


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14 Review(s)
The YouTube channels I'm subscribed to, use a lot of Triton tools. I've never heard of them until then. When it came time to get a sander to smooth the book matched walnut couch trays, I put hours of research in comparing brands. After reading reviews of Triton, I decided to buy it from my local Woodcraft store. I was not disappointed! This sander greatly reduces vibration compared to other brands. It's random orbital action leaves no swirl marks in the wood and the dust collection is absolutely amazing. I'm seriously thinking about adding their router to my collection.

Excellent Sander James Alloway - 15.04.2020

For the price it is an excellent product but it has many down comings. The vibration is heavy. You can only use it for about 1 hour before the vibration is continually felt in your hand. If you press too hard, you can overwhelm the rotation and stop it completely. It comes with a hose connector but there is no hose that fits it. you will have to jury rig a connector to fit the common hose diameters. On the bright side, the company is a joy to deal with. I had to send the unit back for repair and the service was swift, polite and excellent.

random orbit sander 5" David Wishko - 25.03.2020

So far, so good! I just purchased this sander as an after-Christmas gift for myself, and so I haven't had a lot of time to use it, but in the limited use I have put it through, it's been great. The quality of the build is clear, and the smooth, quiet operation is welcome. This is my first Triton tool, and it has not disappointed.

Excellent Sander! Steven Cox - 11.01.2020

So I purchased the sander after reading reviews. I liked the price and warranty over all. After bringing the sander home I used it from August 30th til about September 20th when it completely stopped running. I check multiple outlets and no luck. I then registered online and called back where I purchased it. Then it got good. The gentleman told me to bring it back and will exchange it or refund, I wanted to exchange. I just got a call today and said my sander is ready for pick up. I am really satisfied with the dealer and Triton for replacing it. As for the sander, it ran smoothly and I loved the feel of it. The different speed settings is what I hoped for, and the dust collector snaps on unlike most that just slides on and falls off. I am well pleased so far for Triton and that they made it right with me. Also I know sometimes you get equipment that just quits, and most of it is just a fluke. Thanks

TROS125 orbital sander Steven Workman - 09.10.2019

I have a simple set for connections hidden in wood, and recently I bought a grinder. Nice machine !! It fits well in your hand and does the job !!!! I am very pleased and I know that he will stay with me for a long time.

:) Tomasz Lecki - 26.08.2019

I love it, the speed and performance is what i needed, i have recommended it to mu friends

Excellent sander Pavel morales - 29.07.2019

Fantastic sander, I have used this with mesh discs and a dust extractor, ran it almost constantly for 4 hours, no problems!

Randon orbital sander review Nick B - 28.01.2019

I bought this sander to replace another that only lasted a few weeks. So far it’s performance is spot on and there’s nothing I can write to say anything bad about the triton orbital sander. I would recommend this brand of sander to anyone wanting to save money but get a top notch tool.

Random orbital sander Dave Gibson - 23.10.2018

Bought this 125mm RO Sander for addition to my bigger 150mm and to not regret. Its small, but powerful to sand even just saw material with 60 grit paper. Its lighter than my 150mm Bosch and easy to use it with one hand. Really reccomend it.

Good tool Kristjan - 04.05.2018

As with other Triton tools, it is well made and reliable, and comes with a useful storage bag, unlike all other competitive products

Triton sander K Bunker - 15.12.2017

Been using this for a while now with good results, the sander is nice and quiet with minimal vibration, dust extraction with the bag is good but even better with a vac attached, The variable speed is a nice touch as I think a lot of sanders go too fast. The only issue I have had is a couple of discs spinning off maybe the pad could be a bit more "Grippy" but for the money a great product.

Great Sander Keith Fryatt - 01.12.2017

Very good machine. The absorption system is the best.

Sander Tatakis Avgoustinos - 28.11.2017

Έυκολο στον χειρισμό και μεγάλη αντοχή.Το σύστημα σκόνης πολύ καλό.

Πάρα πολύ καλό Tatakis Avgoustinos - 14.11.2017

Used this as soon as I had it. Very pleased as it is very easy to was as if I had been using it for years.

Sander Reginald Douce - 10.09.2017