TQC 600

Schnellspannzwinge, 600 mm

Strapazierfähige, glasfaserverstärkte Nylonkonstruktion mit robuster Schiene aus Schmiedestahl und schwarzer Oxidbeschichtung zum Schutz vor Korrosion. Hebelspannmechanismus mit simpler Einhandbedienung und sofort lösender Entriegelungstaste. Genaue Kontrolle über den Anpressdruck. Strapazierfähige, nicht abzeichnende und das Werkstück schonende Spannbackenauflagen. Drehhebel verwandelt die Zwinge in ein Spreizwerkzeug.


Technische Daten

Höhe 230 mm
Länge 800 mm
Gewicht 811 kg
Breite 350 mm
Lieferumfang - 01 1 Schnellspannzwinge, 600 mm


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We purchased a pair of these clamps at Makers Central last year, along with a pocket hole jig. We used them for the first time in a wooden glue up of an endgrain chopping board. And they were brilliant really gripped the wood tightly. The following day, when we removed the clamps, I wiped off any excess glue that had gotten on the clamps. When I went to use them again a month later, the bar had very badly rusted in many places. I ended up having to strip of the black coating and recover with Bisley gun blue. So although the clamps worked great the coating on the bar was much to be desired.

Great clamps if you don't care what they look like! sharron knowles - 01.10.2020