Grinding Angle Set-Up Jig

For use with the Triton Whetstone Sharpener TWSS10. For setting up the correct angle for sharpening. Enables repeatable accuracy for grinding specific bevel angles.

Product Features

Enables repeatable accuracy for grinding specific bevel angles

Technical Specification

Material - Primary Construction Plastic
Product Height 22mm
Product Length 125mm
Product Weight 0.05kg
Product Width 85mm


Compatible With


120W Whetstone Sharpener

Whetstone sharpener with high-grade, pre-dressed 220 grit grindstone. Water-cooled slow speed ensures the edge does not overheat and lose sharpness. Easy to shape and sharpen a blade exactly to your needs. Leather honing wheel with honing compound for a polished, razor-sharp edge. Induction motor for long-lasting, smooth performance. Includes support arm, Grinding Angle Set-Up Jig, Straight Edge Jig and stone grader.

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1 Review(s)
Hi this is a must have as it makes life so easy to set up any angle and also to find any angle with ease. I watched Crimson guitars on his product review of the wetstone kit and hey I would loved to of got this kit and any of the others for free. He did say that the Tormek angle guide you could lower the size of the wheelon there guide but YES you can with this its just not a separate marker guide arrow like the Tormek but you can still do it with this guide and accurately and YES this also has a magnet on the back so you can attach it to the Wetstone machine.

Angle guide set up jig Peter Gittos - 12/17/2016