MSA 200


Multipurpose support with extra-wide tripod base for excellent stability on level or uneven ground. Low-friction slide surfaces provide smooth, controlled travel without unwanted steering of the workpiece. Swivelling and tilting head clamps pieces of wood for many applications in the workshop, home and on-site. Adjustable height.

Product Features

Low friction slide surfaces provide smooth, controlled travel
Head pivots from horizontal to vertical allowing for uneven ground
Supports over 220lbs Supports over 100kg / 220lbs for a wide variety of applications
Folds flat for easy storage and transport
Extra-wide tripod for excellent stability on level or uneven ground
Angle adjustment head with built-in clamping system
Height adjusts from 635 - 940mm / 25 - 37" from 25 - 37"

Technical Specification

Angle Adjustment Range Vertical though to horizontal
Product Height 42"
Product Length 31-1/2"
Product Weight 13.6lb
Product Width 31-1/2"
What's in the box - 01 15"
What's in the box - 02 1 x Adjustable Leg Support
What's in the box - 03 2 x Swivel/Tilt Guides
What's in the box - 04 4 x Plastic Wingnuts
What's in the box - 05 1 x Round Plastic Wingnut
What's in the box - 06 1 x M8 bolt (3")
What's in the box - 07 1 x M8 bolt (2.5")
What's in the box - 08 4 x Dome Cross Head Screws
What's in the box - 09 1 x 1" washer
What's in the box - 10 2 x 11/16" washers
What's in the box - 11 1 x 1-1/2" plate
What's in the box - 12 1 x Instruction Manual

Included Accessories

1 x Head 385mm
1 x Adjustable Leg Support
2 x Swivel/Tilt Guides
4 x Plastic Wingnuts
1 x Round Plastic Wingnut
1 x M6 Bolt 80mm
1 x M6 Bolt 60mm
4 x Dome Cross Head Screws
1 x Washer 25mm
2 x Washer 12mm
1 x 40mm Plate
1 x Instruction Manual


MSA 200


52 Review(s)
Only negative comment is about the knobs. Takes too long to tighten or loosen. There are better methods that are quicker

Good product Shraga Bellon - 8/13/2022

Bij het verzagen van grote stukken zoals multiplexplaat of lange planken vervormen de stukken, lopen ze vast op de zaagtafel en kan je niet recht zagen, als je er al in slaagt de stukken een eind voorbij het zaagblad te schuiven. Ik zaag graag in de tuin. Maar de bodem is heel oneffen. Met mijn set van 2 multistands van triton zijn die problemen van de baan. Ze zijn stabiel en staploos instelbaar in de hoogte. De kop kantelt 90°, ook traploos. Ik kan niet meer zonder.

Een onvermoeibare steun Pol Vermoere - 6/13/2022

Makes using triton superjaws 100xxl safe and versatile to use, however for the user every job is so much easier to complete to a higher quality.

Triton stand Godfrey - 4/15/2022

Even better than advertised does all it claims and more, working with a tool that makes you feel safer to concentrate on the job.

Triton superjaws 100xxl Godfrey - 4/15/2022

The "loyal employee" takes over a lot of work in a carpentry workshop if a third hand is missing.

grateful employee Jörn Schütte - 6/2/2020

it's OK

work support Tony Haesen - 2/12/2020

Pratique il permet de multiples utilisations du fait de la forme en U et de la possibilité de blocage et d'inclinaison du support, le point négatif il me semble est la relative fragilité du système de blocage hauteur et inclinaison.

Pratique, il permet de multiples utilisations de maintien ou de support. Gerard B - 1/29/2020

Since I bought 2 multi-stands it feels like I have an extra pair of hands on the job. By clamping on a piece of wood I have a table for my paint or tools, including my coffee! By clamping on a piece of wood between 2 stands I get a workbench for painting, sawing, drilling or anything I want to put on, even when the terrain is not flat. Adjusting the multi-stands is easy and fast. Instead of having to ask my son or wife to help me out I can do it all alone. By folding them in they take up little space and I can transport them easily in my car to the job on hand. They are stable, adjustable, reliable and versatile in other words a good DIY partner!

Multi-hands Mike van Lierop - 1/7/2020

je suis très satisfait d'utiliser cet article, est très robuste et pratique

msa200 mousset patric - 5/31/2019

Verry easy to use. The possibility are endless. The best stand there is.

Multi stand Jeroen sangers - 10/23/2018

Cette outil est une excellente "troisième main" pour tous les travaux de bricolage où vous avez besoin d'un support ou d'un maintien principalement pour le travail du bois mais pas seulement...Je le recommande absolument car c'est un outil bien conçu et solide.

une excellente troisième main JEAN-CHARLES ACCART - 7/8/2018

awesome tool, I use it all the time for cutting long bits of wood, also made a piece of wood to fit inside the jaw with roller balls on top, helps when cutting sheets of plywood and chip board

MSA 2000 use and mods Steven Baynes - 3/3/2018

I bought this stand to go with the Super Jaws so that I can do my rural fence, a ranch style fence, and mortice the 120 sqaure posts on my own. Kit builds up easliy and nothing wrong with anything, as the title says, does what it states on the tin or box in this case. I can see over time some fasteners may be an issue but high tensile replacements should be easy to obtain.

Does what it states on the tin! Shauny.B - 1/4/2018

Having purchased the Triton Multi Stand it has come in very handy for supporting work, and with its adjustable height and angled head makes it easy to fit the job in hand. Also made a simple tool tray to fit on top and be held by the clamping mechanism. This will make it a handy side table when working away from my workbench. Thinking about getting a second one and making a bracket to hang them on the wall. Add a Triton Superjaws XXL to compliment them and gives you plenty of work support options. Good quality piece of kit.

Triton Multi Stand Jamie Read - 11/2/2017

Produit robuste et bien conçu pour un usage très polyvalent. Je suis satisfait de mon achat.

La servante à tout faire Patrick - 10/9/2017

Been struggling for years working with doors & frames, now I have this tool it's like having a second person helping me. Great stand, well built & easy to use.

The secondd person Neil Dinsdale - 9/12/2017

Recently purchased the Triton MSA200 Multi-Stand and now wonder how I managed without one! Truly versatile support stand, by adding a length of timber I was able to support a full 8x4 sheet while lining the roof of my workshop. Forget about an extra hand as this stand provides an extra pair of arms. Just purchased a second unit!

Multi-Stand Mike W - 8/17/2017

Compared to my roller style stand this is a much more versatile stand and does what the description says. Holds wood lengths in line with the saw table and is easy to adjust. The clamping facility is also useful.

Multi-Stand MSA200 Paul Cowburn - 8/16/2017

the multi stand is strong & stable with the advantage of folding flat for storage and adjusts to a usable height. The head has gliders to rest long items while using mitre saw, it also swivels and has a clamp to hold a door securely to cut hinges or lock housings. In all a novel & useful piece of equipment and at a reasonable price.

jonty John Chresta - 7/20/2017

Cet outil m'est très utile pour effectuer seul différents travaux notamment maintenir verticalement un panneau de bois , une porte pour la raboter ou autre....

outil très utile ACCART - 7/16/2017

I got this to work with my Superjaws XXL because the Superjaws were not stead for larger work pieces and these were much lower cost than getting a second XXL. One feature I really like about the MSA200 is that the legs are zinc plated to prevent rust unlike on the XXL which they are painted which easily scratches off to allow rusting. Too bad the more expensive stand has lower quality. Another great feature is that you can put 2x stock in the top piece to get a long sacrificial support. With the adjustable height and tilting top it has a lot of uses besides working with the Superjaws, such as an out feed support for a table saw or a long support for a chop saw. It also folds up quite small and is very stable because of its wide footprint. One of the tilting supports had a hole drilled in the wrong place, shame on manufacturing and quality control. But I just called the warranty 800 number here in the USA and they had a replacement part shipped from England to me in a week and a half.

Some nice features Jay - 2/6/2017

I have 4 of these stands they are used as extensions to my Radial Arm Saw, Saw horse's, and to support the bench work for my Model Railroad while leveling and inserting the legs and wall support. Used for planning doors and supports for various other projects. I don't know how I coped before getting these amazing Stands, cant do with out then now

Multi Stand MSA 200 Geoff Kingsburgh - 12/1/2016

I replaced 2 saw trestles I had with 2 MSA200 multi stands because the trestles had fixed height adjustment and it never seemed to match the height I required. The height of the multi stand is infinitely adjustable and it's uses are limited only by the users imagination. I am very pleased with the quality of these stands and I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

Versatile Piece Of Kit Colin Harrison - 11/28/2016

I purchased 2 MSA200 multistands to replace my existing stands which had a restricted height adjustment and I had to use wooden packers to put them in line with my Triton work centre. The Triton multi stands are infinitely adjustable and have done everything I have attempted so at the moment I am limited by my own imagination on what they will do. These multi stands also take up less storage room which is important in my small workshop. I would definitely recommend because they are well engineered and well designed.

My Flexible Friends Colin Harrison - 11/14/2016

Have bought 4 of these stands, they for fill a multitude of functions. Especially handy when using my Radial arm saw as extension tables, Supporting section of the bench work for my Model railroad while installing the supporting legs. Holding doors while planing, and general purpose supports for all type of work

Multi Stand MSA 200 JOHN G KINGSBURGH - 11/14/2016

Wow love my new power tool. Best investment ever. As a woman I need all the help I can get as I don't have the natural strength of a man.

Sand belt Lisa-Anne du Plessis - 8/30/2016

I bought one of these to use as an extra support whilst using a portable workbench. It is so simple and robust (and such good value) I bought a second one. I love the feel and heft of the product. It is one of those simple ideas that has been so well executed. I look forward to buying more Triton products if they're all built to this standard.

Great Mike - 8/15/2016

Versatile work stand that gets lots of use - wish I had bought one earlier!

Triton Work Stand P B - 8/14/2016

I purchased 2 of these and I use them for all sorts of jobs from planing and cutting doors too multi-stands for flat panels and used as clamp table,as well as a work mate vice. Absolutely brilliant , very strong and versatile and has made my life so easy.

Not Stand ( ard ). CB. - 8/8/2016

This is the ideal partner to my Triton workstation

Great Product Rod Hardwick - 8/8/2016

Fantastic design that is easily setup as either a trestle or to hold workpieces such as doors in an upright position. The built in clamp could mark workpieces so you'd need some scrap wood or ply to prevent this. The wide legs give good stability and the adjustable head gives various options. The height adjustment makes it very versatile. I only bought the one but will hopefully get another soon.

Stable and well built stand Roy Culliford - 8/8/2016

Bought 2 very versatile like having a extra pair of hands , very stable for the D I Yer Haven't been able to fault this product yet

Great kit Prince - 8/8/2016

I use this stand to use in conjunction with a Triton Superjaws work holder I brought about ten years ago now (gosh! – I had hair then!) and together they work very well. I mount all my stuff such as a bench grinder, small band saw, belt sander and similar stuff onto 8 x 4 x 3 inch wooden blocks, then clamp them in Superjaws so they are stable. I mounted a compound mitre saw in a similar fashion and by using the work stand with a wooden block adjusted to the right height and I can run timber over and cut it accordingly with the cut section falling onto a neatly placed old table* ( *it has to be back in time for tea though otherwise ‘her indoors’ kicks up a tad and heaven forbid if I leave the slightest hint of sawdust on it..) on the other side of the saw. Overall it’s a great work stand and my son has used it to hold a door in it while planning its edge down and as he said, he couldn't think of an easier and quicker way to do it, so quite versatile and what it should be but this is what Triton are good at - making the right tools for the job in hand, plus a bit more beside as the only limitation is your own requirements.

I got a touch of the clamps! John Ward - 8/8/2016

This stand is one of those items that once used, you can't imagine ever working without it again! It's so easy to set up and works brilliantly as an extra support for work - eg using a mitre saw. It has a slot in the top piece that will hold an interior door in an upright position - brilliant! BUT - in order to grip the work, the stand has a screw-tightened toothed-jaw which will damage any work placed in the slot without a piece of waste wood being used as an insulator. It is easy to setup and pack away which makes it very usable. And it is HEAVY!

Handy - Helpful - Heavy! Mark McDermott - 8/8/2016

Well made, strong, easy to use, does what it says on the box. Well pleased with it & I can see it lasting for years & years

Multi-Stand MSA200 Clive Botterill - 8/8/2016

What can i say i am well pleased with my purchase of the MDSA200 Multi-Stand & the rest of the Triton the innovative Triton products i have bought that does exactly what it says on the tin & more. As i've said it's a little Gem of a stand & a delight to use well built & designed for the purpose intended claps your workpiece or project Rock Steady with ease with adjustable height & tripod legs & that'll hold over 100kgs gives you a lot of flexibility. A must have for any diyer or Professional. I have 2 of them which i love & have a multitude of uses & they fold away compactly for storage & all this for an amazing price. These as like other Triton products are built to last not like some mass produced rubbish that you can buy that looks & feels as though it won't last a day. All i can say is well done Triton you have been doing people proud since 1976 keep up the good work don't change the process in which you manufacturer your products & honestly when you hear people say they don't make things like they used to,that's not the case with yourselves i think you don't compromise on that mantra & stand for quality. As long as you keep producing quality products like this you'll have a returning customer for life. Don't just take my word for it & try a Triton product & you'll see that this is no exaggeration. My only regret is i didn't buy one sooner.

MSA200 Is A Little Gem Of A Stand!! Ra Gohir - 8/8/2016

I bought 2 and find them hlpful

Multi Stand alex rigby - 7/31/2016

I purchased 2 pcs. Very robust, stable, easy to mount, etc Unfortunately they are a little too low for the saw or router table and if you want to clamp a wood in it to cover the height problem you need a thick pcs of wood from 35 mm thickness up. 2 pcs of 18 mm can be clamped in the integrated clamp so there is not much struggle to solve any "short-comes" so 5 stars. I haven't seen something similar on the market and especially at this price range.

Very good but insufficient height Adrian - 7/25/2016

I ordered two of these stands to be able to cut my rooftimbre in combination with my mitre saw. These stands are robust, easy to adjust in hight and angle, very stable and reasonably compact.

Robust yet easy to use Luk - 7/21/2016

This is a very verstile tool and is brillent as an outfield or side feed support. I often use it connection with my Triton roller stand when dealing with long wide sheet. I do a lot of work outside and when not supporting it's extremely useful to place your measuring equipment in so it's close by at the right hight!

Muli-Stand MSA200 Robert - 7/21/2016

Very practical and robust tool , enabling to work long pieces alone , in a safe manner Un très bon produit , très abordale et solide

MSA 200 an excellent tool Alain R - 7/20/2016

This product is a extra pair of hands without the moaning !!! Excellent piece of equipment

A must have Prince - 7/20/2016

I bought this stand for one job: holding doors while I cut and then fitted them to the door frames. It did the job incredibly well. So much so that I had no need of an assistant (well, she always wanted to be in charge anyway!). The stand has since proved invaluable for numerous tasks with my circular saw table and with my manual saw bench. It is completely stable in use, adjusts easily and folds almost to a two dimensional shape for storage. Fantastic!

A great help David Price - 7/19/2016

well mae, robust stand that does what it says on the box. I love it

MSA 200 Clive Botterill - 7/19/2016

The fact that this stand is almost infinitely adjustable is it's great advantage. I use it regularly both as a work support for my Triton workhorse and workcentre. It will adjust to any height and clamp firmly in position, is very stable using it's 3 legged stance + if there is a variation in level, the head can be tilted to suit. Although it has an internal clamp, it is restricted on the width of wood it will accept but at least it has a clamp to use. It's quite light, folds to become very portable & fit in the car boot easily. It's an excellent piece of kit.

Very versatile stand Brian Turner - 7/19/2016

Necesitaba un tipo de sujeción para poner la cerradura a la puerta y los soportes especifico son muy caros, con la ayuda de dos fina tablillas conseguí sujetar la puerta a la perfección. Muy buen soporte, un poco pesado pero firme.

Perfecto! Angel Millan - 7/19/2016

When I first came across this stand on promotion by an online vendor, I thought it offered so many advantages over the typical roller stand. So convinced was I of its advantages, I bought two and have never regretted that decision. These stands come in handy so many times, not just as saw supports but for many other support requirements. When I was reworking the HVAC ducting in my house, by clamping a 2 x 4 "tee" in the vice rotated to the vertical position, I was able to use these to support the plenums whilst the cleats were installed. What a benefit! I have also used them to make a temporary table. The extra wide tripod legs make these tools much more stable than the typical roller stands.

Best stand at a reasonable price Mike Athay - 7/19/2016

Ok, so buy 1, sure as heck you'll return for at least 2 more - as I did! This is probably the most versatile tool you can own. I use mine as outfeed support, infeed support, temporary worktable, tool carrier stands, extra hands when installing just about anything on a wall, painting and finishing table legs, angled sanding support station, etc. I find "3" to be the magic number. The beauty is, you can literally get a level work surface going ANYWHERE! Amazing product! I have had no issues with mine. Triton, go you good thing!

Don't buy 1...take AT LEAST 3!! JP JOUBERT - 7/19/2016

This is the best stand i have bought even though it was not my first choice has i was looking to get a bench type but the shop did not have my first choice so i got this has a temporary thing but have since found so useful in many ways i have still not bought anything like what i originally went for it is real good

triton stand jack winterbottom - 7/19/2016

I bought this as a "I need a stand today and i am late!" kind of purchase on the way to a job and boy am i glad i happened on this little gem! It is light, yet holds 2X12X16' without folding, and unlike roller type stands, which are pricey and never last, the low friction top makes it a breeze to slide all sorts of materials but stays put when done moving, no more turning to hear a number from a rooftop and your board goes sliding away taking out your saw in the process! Great all around, going to buy another one soon!!

perfectly big on small erkel333 - 1/27/2013

This is a really useful tool to have around, I use mine all the time. It’s really easy to rotate at any angle, which helps in restricted rooms or the garage and it doesnt drag the timber off in the wrong direction, which happens with rollers stands. It’s really easy to use and as the height adjusts I have found it is suitable for just about anything, even long pieces of wood and large awkward objects. I have used it for a wide range of tasks, making it really great value for money. It’s really well made too, so I know it will last for years. I’m definitely going to buy another so I can also use them as a work table.

multi stand P Bleckman - 12/13/2011

I am a pro carpenter and I've been using this stand for few years, and love it until a bolt failed (threads gone) on the screw clamp for adjusting the height of the stand. I took it a part and got a new and same screw from hardware store. It is M8-30. It should be easy to put it back to get back to work. But,,, he'll no! The nut to grab the cover falls down from the clamp when I try to put back together. It was SO hard to screw them back. It was almost impossible to support the nut from falling down at same time the cover is on. I managed it after many many attempts. I put a little bit of silicon on the nut for the next time. This is such a small matter bad big headache. Bad design. Oh, I bought 3 more spare screws because this is the 2nd one in 3 months. I wonder I should get a stainless one...

Love this stand except... Yoshivan - 10/3/2011