SJA 200

SuperJaws Portable Clamping System

Powerful 1,000kg / 2200lb clamping force for controlled clamping pressure. Reversible jaw enables clamping up to 956mm / 37-41/64". Foot-operated clamping allows hands-free operation. Extra-wide tripod base maximises stability for large workpieces. Robust, powder-coated, all steel construction for long-lasting service life.

Product Features

Powerful 1000kg/ 2204.62lbs clamping force allows application of as much or as little clamping pressure as required
Stand alone design allows 360° access to the work
Urethane jaw facings provide a protective, slip-resistant grip
Robust, all-steel construction with powder-coated finish for long-lasting operation
Foot-operated clamping frees up hands for full control
Tripod base for all-terrain stability
Lock / release switch allows fast, trouble-free release of the jaws
Folds down for storage and transport
Reversible sliding jaws allow extra-wide 37-1/2" clamping width capacity
Safety lock prevents unintentional release of jaws

Technical Specification

Capacity - Maximum load 220lb
Clamping Force 2200lbs
Clamping Method Foot operated
Folded Size - Height 11"
Folded Size - Length 30-1/2"
Folded Size - Width 11-1/2"
Material - Primary Construction Steel
Product Height 32 1/2"
Product Length 32 1/2"
Product Weight 38lb
Product Width 13 1/2"
Standing Size - Height 38-1/2"
Standing Size - Length 39-1/2"
Standing Size - Width 34"


SJA 200

Compatible With

SJA 420

Tool Tray / Work Support

Use to keep tools handy or as an additional work support. For use with SuperJaws portable clamping system (SJA200, SJA300 and SJA100XL).

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64 Review(s)
This is a superb clamping system, I have used it for smaller awkward shaped lumps of wood for bowl carving and more larger work pieces for sanding. This is a really versatile portable vice system, that can be folded away for storage and easily erected ready to use

Excellent Clamping System David Skinner - 4/27/2020

The Superjaws Portable Clamping System is awesome. I can bring it with very easily and the jaws are really efficient. When I press the pedal and tight the things I want to block, nothing can move !!! So useful.

SuperJaws Portable Clamping System Xavier Georgel - 12/18/2018

Excellent piece of kit, I bought this to replace my old workmate which has finally given up the ghost.

Super Jaws Colin - 7/10/2018

I've been wanting one for a while and they had a great deal at the woodworking show in NJ so i finally bought it. its perfect for my small shop and can be use for so many things. I plan to purchase the log jaws and engineer jaws to be able to do anything i need

versatile Mike - 3/20/2018

Purchased the SJA200 together with the SJA460 and SJA470. Working as expected but missing one Rubber Foot (SJA282) from face plate and found one bolt loose at bottom of the box but do not know where it supposed to be as the system is working. Also had to repair the Latch Bar (SJA390) and Latch Spring (SJA343) as both were bended (very soft metal) and the Latch Bar was not working properly. So far, I am using it on any DIY work at home.

SJA200 Antonios Xagoraris - 3/16/2018

As a maker of hand-made chairs The SJA200 has allowed me to successfully clamp seats and bows for final shaping and finishing.

SJA200 Review Andy O’Donnell - 12/5/2017

An excellent tool that assists with all these uncomfortable jobs that you need assistance or hands to keep the object in place. Extremely versatile easy to transport.

Superjaws Wyan Schoonwinkel - 8/24/2017

Really good well made product and works really well.

Brilliant Matthew Armstrong - 7/20/2017

Purchased the Superjaws to be able to cut up wood safely. I have a wood burning stove and found that it was always that last piece the log/pallet that was difficult to cut safely. The Superjaws easily hold a complete pallet and this allows me to dissect it with ease and confidence that I have both hands on the chainsaw at all times and I can get down to the final block without having to adjust. Fantastic, sturdy and safe. Would recommend in a heart beat.

With a vice like grip! Kevin Marshall - 6/19/2017

Excellent item ,solid bit of kit ,excellent for a multitude of tasks (cutting pallets up for log burner being just one of many)definitely worth buying for me anyway

superjaws karl parry - 5/27/2017

I have been looking at these for a while whilst trying to keep my trusty old B&D workbench alive, when I finally gave up the ghost I took the plunge and got one of these along with the engineers jaws and tray at one of the shows. Since then I've used it almost daily holding hard and soft woods with out effort or damage to the wood, a quick change to the engineers jaws and was holding 7 foot sections of box steel whilst cutting grinding and even tack welding right over the jaws with out any problems. Great piece of kit !

Finally a real alternative to a traditional workbench ! Graham Alexander - 5/20/2017

Great bit of kit the best I have bought in a long time. Does exactly what it says it can do. Easy to operate and fold away after use. Strong construction and well made. Only down side is the weight but it needs to be heavy for the job it has to do. Would highly recommend.

Triton Superjaws fred barber - 5/13/2017

I wish I had bought this years ago. When I first watched a video of this I wondered if it really is that good. I can confirm it is better. I fitted the log jaws and worked on logs several meters long all day, superb. I got the engineers jaws as well. You can switch jaws in a couple of minutes easily. I have used it for rough heavy work and delicate jobs with wood glue when you only want light pressure. This is probably my favorite ever tool. Thanks Triton.

MY NEW MATE. Gordon Scott - 5/6/2017

This item arrived on time and well packed. It is one of the best items I have ever purchased on the internet. It works extremely well and does what it says on the box. It can take a little bit of getting used to using a foot pedal but comes very quickly. Storage is easy as it has a very small footprint Very strong and sturdy. Having reversible jaws to accommodate extra width is a great asset. Would buy again if I needed from the same supplier.

Triton super jaws fred - 4/30/2017

Since y have the sja200 i use it permanently by the rebuilding of my house. The sja200 is everywhere where i am working. There are so may possabilitys for using that i think everytime: if i have 2 ones that would be great! It is my third hand and also it clambs my working blad. I use it also together with te Triton multistands (i have three of them) It is the most fantastic piece that i bought in the last years. The price is very acceptable. I am beginning to be a Triton fan.

The problem is: if you have a SuperJaw than you will have a second one! Cor van Willigen - 4/4/2017

Good piece of kit would recommend

Super jaws Peter - 3/24/2017

Probably good once setup, but I have had 2 shipped now where the first single leg to be folded out/open could not get out of its storage hole easily.

Manufacturing problem Karl H - 3/20/2017

The SuperJaws is a really well designed and made product. It is simple to use and yet packs away to store in a very small space. On its own it is very good but with the addition of the accessory side tray and support it truly is a brilliant piece of kit.

Great Product Ian Steele - 3/10/2017

Excellent piece of kit, sturdy and stable even on uneven ground, providing secure clamping. This system is portable and easy to erect, have used it only three times but am very impressed with the performance to date. I have only one small criticism in that the jaw unlocking mechanism could have been better designed to make operation easier.

Super Jaws Stu Saxby - 2/16/2017

I was given this Super Jaws clamping system as a gift and have used it three times to date. It provides a very solid and rigid grip on the workpiece, even when cutting wood with a chainsaw it remained stable and secure. Having three splayed legs it can be used on uneven ground, it is easy to erect and portable. I can confidently recommend this product especially for out door use.

Super Jaws Clamping System Stu Saxby - 2/2/2017

I m french, sorry for my poor english. Received my SuperJaws a couple of weeks ago and I had a bit of work made with. First testing was a bit disapointing : not easy to slide the moving part due to paint residue in the slider. Checking in details, the quality of finishing was a bit disapointing : welding general appearance + the 3rd foot is a bit difficult to unfold / fold because rubber base is a bit too long +locking mechanism not easy to switch. After a couple of manipulation, all is ok except the 3rd foot (will probalby trim a bit the rubber base or similar if this bored me again). Good surprise it perflectly fit with my old B&D Workmate, exactly same heigth allowing to work flat with big panels. I really like this tool as there is no other comparable solution. Clamping force is really impressive but quite easy to dose the power with foot pressure. The clamping part could be a bit wider to allow easy clamping for vertical panel (now the panel is a bit close from the pedal to move : you need to place the panel at the really end of clamping part : 2 cms apprx in contact only). Sounds solid construction, simple mechanism : long time work with minimum care. This is probably a work companion for many years. This kind of tool you can give to your soon when you stop working. A must have in a workshop

Efficient tool, even if... Luc - 1/6/2017

It's seem ok, grip is very strong, good price it does what it says on the can,haven't used it a lot yet but it looks and feels it will last a long time,I'm happy

Clamp Chris - 12/9/2016

Very well built and conceived, very sturdy and easy to use and store. Ideal for anyone who has to work away from garage or workshop, stows in the boot of even the smallest car. I find it particularly useful around the garden for all sorts of holding tasks, just use your imagination.

Superjaws Richard Godman-Higgins - 12/1/2016

Although the SuperJaws is an excellent product and does exactly what they say it does. My units single leg does not slide in or out of its slot easily once it is placed back in position which makes difficult to work with. I still recommend this clamping system it the best out there,

SuperJaws Rafael Cruz - 11/14/2016

I bought the Superjaws stand to hold long planks whilst sawing with the intention of providing a little support from a roller stand. This has worked extremely well and I've found the stand useful for a multitude of other jobs as well. I've used it for pipework, metalwork as well as studwork and woodwork in general. The stand is very robust and solid standing on three legs means it copes well with uneven surfaces but due to its design is amazingly stable. The clamping action is easy and quick and it releases well. The jaws could be wider for woodwork but this is easy to do with a couple of pieces of timber. All in all a great buy. I only wish I'd looked at the optional tray when I bought it as that provides support for pieces a few feet long without needing a separate roller stand.

SuperJaws clamps anything. Paul Elliott - 11/14/2016

Superb engineering, build quality and design. This unique & flexible clamping system offers a rock solid foundation for a multitude of tasks. indispensable! Not many products are built like this these days.

SuperJaws by name SuperJaws by nature Dean Chamberlain - 8/30/2016

I use my Super Jaws bench in nearly all my DIY projects. Cutting lumber, plumbing or woodwork. it's the most powerful clamp I ewer owned. Very useful product.

Super Jaws Hans-Henrik Poulsen - 8/15/2016

Very good workbench sturdy stable easy to use Used for a wide range of DIY jobs over a number of years the last last been fitting new grips to golf clubs made the job stress free wife happy

superjaws top bit of kit john nelson - 8/5/2016

A fantastic bit of kit, well designed and built, easy to carry and assemble. No more trying to cut timber resting on the bin or hanging off the steps, my wife is delighted that I no longer develop Tourettes Syndrome whilst trying to cut anything ! Also purchased the Engineering Jaws for metalworking, easy to change over and virtually indestructable. My only regret.....not buying one years ago.

Superjaws Marti - 8/1/2016

Well thought out. Good to brag about :) Unique tool for relatively little money. I'm really happy with my superduperjaws.

Superduperjaws Jacob Vinther - 7/29/2016

I bought this workbench for going on a bow making course. It was really excellent for that; it made the job quicker and easier as the speed of clamping and release is very fast. I now wonder how I ever managed before I had one and really can't believe that most builders don't have one! It's quicker, more stable and more portable than a conventual workbench. It's a sturdy bit of quality kit with terrific hold and yet can be controlled enough that it can hold softly enough, even soft wood with out crushing, with care. I would never go back to being with out it - thank you Triton.

Best portable work bench ever George Spear - 7/29/2016

I love this portable clamping system,it is so versatile,I have used it for woodworking,plumbing and light engineering,I would recommend this product for its superb design.

Gasman Mervyn swabey - 7/28/2016

A brilliant tool - being 3 legged, it is stable on virtually any surface. Slide off the clamping jaw, turn it round, slide it back on & you have doubled the jaw clamping width. It folds up small enough to fit in the smallest af car boots + the jaws are so powerful, you have to be careful not to squash more delicate work pieces. I bought the tool tray as well so there is always a place to hold tools, screws etc. Kicks sand in the face of the workmate!

Best thing since sliced bread! Brian Turner - 7/27/2016

I have had it for a couple years and it has held up great. It has been one of the best additions to my shop I have made. It is like always having an extra hand to help when most needed and it is built like a tank.

Steady hand. Doug Blazer - 7/27/2016

As in its name, very strong hold and very sturdy - excellent clamping system so that your hands are free to concentrate on the job you had planned.

Super jaws Stuart Ives - 7/26/2016

It really is true to what it says on the box.l would hate to do with out it now

My third hand Duncan mackenzie - 7/26/2016

The jaws have been great. I have used them on many projects from cutting sleepers with a chain saw, sanding wide timber and holding projects. I made a small 1m x 1m bench top, so now I have a portable bench.

Super jaws Rob Edwards - 7/26/2016

In the time I have owned the Super Jaws I been been able to dispense with the weak limbs of my wife and the dangers that follow it (letting go of my wood at just the wrong moment, pulling splinters, etc.). Recently I used the Jaws to vertically hold a metre long cabinet panel whilst I drilled pocket holes into it; previously this would have involved the wife and a balancing act. And probably some under the breath swearing. This time I was able to stand back and check for symmetry before drilling and marvel at how the work piece was staying exactly where I left it (rather than bobbing up and down which is what I am used to). I also cut a block of timber which I can hold in the Jaws to act as an extension support for my saw table; clamping pieces with a nice, even pressure whilst glue sets; holding on to timber whilst planing; and the list goes on.... All in all, the Supers Jaws is so much more than a simple clamping system and it is built like a proverbial tank! I thoroughly recommend one of these to any budding or seasoned DIYer or wood worker.

Incredibly Useful Contraption! Mikey - 7/25/2016

excellent produit de qualité, puissant et sable, matériaux solides. La troisième idéale. Bravo !!

Super Jaws Portable Clamping System gosseau - 7/25/2016

I don't have room for a large workbench. This has been a godsend. Does everything you would want.

Superb Superjaws Ray Dunne - 7/25/2016

Having used "workmate" benches in the past, the Triton is in a different league - solid build, reliable, flexible and covers my needs. I cannot imagine that I will need to buy another in this life!

SuperJaws Portable Clamping System SJA200 Peter Shields - 7/25/2016

‘This is a rock solid portable clamp. Uneven ground is dealt with by the 3 legged construction, and the different types of jaws enables objects of any size to be clamped either delicately or very firmly. This is a must for anyone working with their hands-it really is the third hand we have been needing for so long!’

Superjaws Martin Beat - 7/25/2016

Superb. Easy to use. Simple and effective design. More versatile than four-legged competitors.

Super Jaws Neil Watson - 7/25/2016

I purchased the Super jaws with the additional pipe jaws and the jaws for working with logs. Have not had the occasion to use the pipe jaws, but the log jaws are super! I use them to assist in trimming logs too long to fit in the fire box of my wood stove. The TRITON SUPER JAWS are worth the investment in time savings alone. A definite asset to any workshop!

SUPER JAWS - WORTH THE MONEY Huey Sullivan - 7/25/2016

What can I say the triton super jaws vice is what the market has been waiting for, a portable vice that's at home in any environment building site , workshop or simply your own backyard its versatility is second to none you will wonder how you ever managed without it A vice that can go anywhere building sight ,workshop ,home and garage

Triton Super jaws Paul Tomlinson - 7/25/2016

I have been using my triton vice for some time now the best way to describe it is my third hand it does everything i need balance is perfect and so compact superb

My third hand Maurice green - 7/25/2016

I have used this more times than I care to remember. Never an issue...Holds firm, built like a truck, and at a price much less than the competitors! Highly recommend this clamp.....

Super Jaws Portable Clamping System Dave Brown - 7/25/2016

does all I ask of it, what more can you say.

jaws eldred - 7/25/2016

I had to buy the jaws separately afterwards as the model given to me by my wife had 'normal' vice jaws. Fitting these was easy, and I have had to remove sawdust from a jammed locking mechanism, but the product itself has worked perfectly and has had some hard use. I am able to saw very awkwardly shaped logs without difficulty. An excellent product as is the service we have received from the makers.

Super Jaws for Logs Gren Jones - 7/25/2016

Undoubtedly the best buy I ever made. After two years of use and being carried from one job to another, usually at daughters, Superjaws is still going strong. Its versatility and ease of use make this a must have whether it be for sawing up logs for the wood fire or planning a door to fit this tool can accommodate the lot. Well worth the money it has been one of the best investments in a tool I have ever made.

Superjaws 2 years on! Richard Dix - 7/25/2016

I think super jaws is great, I am not an expert by any means when it comes to diy but my hobby is scrollsaw and I have a router so when I saw jaws I had to have as a third hand so I don't have to keep asking my husband to help. It's BRILLIANT.

Jaws Sian Peckham - 7/25/2016

Made like an Irish stool! Three legs mean it can be set up anywhere and will remain steady. I've used it for everything from holding delicate items were a 'third' hand was required to cutting up logs, yes, got all the attachments which are well worth having. Easy to store, transport and set up. I bought one of the first models purely because of the design and was not disappointed. The quality and robustness of it and associated attachments are impressive and will last for years. Well worth the money!

Super jaws! William Montgomery - 7/25/2016

I use my Super Jaw every day. Safety, comfort and quality of my work. However, this is my third Super Jaw. Two have been returned for technical non-conformity. You have to learn how to make it function. But even after some doubts, don't want to work without my Super Jaw.

Super jaws John - 7/25/2016

I am a guitar maker and I use my Super Jaws throughout the construction of my instruments. It is brilliant at holding the guitar while routing the body for inlay work ,giving access to all areas of the guitar. Very steady and strong.

Best Clamp Ever Noel Mc Lean - 7/25/2016

I find my super jaws very useful it leaves my hands free to complete the job it's great for holding doors making it easy to plane them it's a great system better than a vice as you are able to get all the way around the work easily it's easy to store and fits in the boot of my car I have even used it to hold a mini lathe at a working with wood show very versatile piece of equipment

super jaws derek - 7/25/2016

What an excellent product in constant use as I am a sole trader and always need an extra pair of hands !


A woodworker never has enough clamps and you do not own a single clamp that can do what the SuperJaws can do. I own 2 SuperJaws. They are capable of doing so much. A simple "T" jig turns them into support for hanging anything really. The simple design and ease of use makes it a must have in any shop and on site setup. Every DIYer, Woodworker, Welder, Carpenter, Builder, etc. (I even want to say "nurse") MUST own one. Truely FANTASTIC!!!

My favourite clamp JP Joubert - 7/25/2016

Having managed for many years without Super Jaws, now that I am retired & need reliable support, I find SuperJaws totally reliable in holding any job also it gives 360degree access; it is so good that I no longer need to ask my wife for her assistance.

A must have product Peter Wilson - 7/25/2016

I looked at all the reviews prior to buying this product for ages finally bit the bullet and have not looked back, should have done it ages ago. This item is my strong silent friend, I use it outside in all weathers also in my workshop it never lets me down. Everyone should have one and a pair of the the special jaws for holding large rough timber.

My strong and silent friend Ian Leary - 7/25/2016

With all the other gizmos in my little workshop the Superjaws clamp is the most important, giving me a third hand in holding fast anything that I may be working on, from wood to welding jobs, to sawing up logs for firewood,it holds everything firm. I could not live without my superjaws clamp. John Hart

Everyone needs a third hand johnHart - 1/27/2013

I purchased my set of Super Jaws many years ago now just after they were first released and have used them for many a job from holding doors whilst working on them to holding all sorts of steel projests whilst welding also holding logs whilst chainsawing them up, this is the best clamping tool I have ever bought and with the three sets of jaws it is so versitile.

Fantastic Product alleng - 1/27/2013

I purchased this for my husband while he was making some new skirting boards and he has been absolutely delighted with it. Initially we were a little concerned about the height of it due to his bad back but we needn’t have worried – it’s perfect. Now he says he can’t believe how he managed without it and is looking forward to using it for more carpentry jobs in the future!

Great! janetthomas - 9/27/2012

After I used this tool the first time, I wondered how I got along without it. As a senior,retired,working alone in my wood shop it is a valuable asset.....thanks Triton

Great product larculy - 1/2/2012

Superjaws is such a great addition to any workshop, in fact I loved mine so much I went out and bought a second one! It has a really firm grip and the legs help to keep it stable on all surfaces, which means it can stand a lot of pressure. I did find that the locking knobs were a bit stiff when I first got it, but in time they have loosened and are easier to use now. It’s compact and can fold down easily, the rear leg doubles as a carrying handle which makes it easier to move around. Very practical as it can hold items of all different sizes, it is very sturdy and I have to say the quality is great. It’s really easy to use, didn’t even need to follow the instructions. Overall a really handy item to have around, I wouldn’t be without mine now!

excellent product dave1 - 11/17/2011