WCA 201

Workcentre System Series 2000

Versatile woodworking machine accepts 185, 210 and 235mm saws for accurate rip, mitre, cross and bevel cuts, with rip capacity of 0-620mm, crosscut capacity up to 500mm wide, 3-sided protractor (adjusts 45°-0°-45°) and rip fence with 45° bevel face. Folding legs, switchbox with safety shut-off, blade guard and dust port.

Product Features

Crosscut height adjustment suits all circular saw sizes
Rip fence locking handles allows for rapid locking and releasing of sliding rails
Reversible and adjustable aluminium fence doubles as support for 45° cuts
3-sided protractor is fully adjustable and locks with side pressure finger
Riving knife prevents material from jamming
Material pressure fingers hold the workpiece firmly
Integrated rulers allow accurate adjustment of the fence
Adjustable, clear guard for a clear view of the cutting line
Robust, all-steel construction with powder-coated finish for long lasting operation
Power switch with quick-stop panel for added safety
Folding legs for compact storage and easy transportation

Technical Specification

Cut Capacity - Crosscut 0 - 19-11/16"
Cut Capacity - Rip 0 - 24-13/32"
Dust Extraction Yes
Finish Powder-coated steel alloy
Folded Size - Height 39-3/8"
Folded Size - Length 39"
Folded Size - Width 13-7/9"
Material - Primary Construction Powder-coated steel alloy
Power On Indicator Yes
Product Height 42-1/8"
Product Length 51-1/6"
Product Weight 77lbs
Product Width 27-5/9"
Standing Size - Height 35-3/7"
Standing Size - Length 51-1/6"
Standing Size - Width 23-5/8"
Table Size 34 x 25"


WCA 201

Compatible With

DCA 300

Dust Collection Bucket 5 US gal

Prevents sawdust filling up or clogging vacuum cleaners. Provides huge 5 US gal capacity. Easy to handle and empty. Sturdy plastic construction. Fits most products with dust extraction outlets.

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ABA 020

Saw Stabilising Bracket

Triton Stabilising Bracket facilitates accuracy when using the Triton Workcentre. It minimises saw deflection when cutting under load, and saw slump when the saw is changed from the table saw to the crosscut mode or vice-versa. The bracket is fully adjustable for various cutting depths and angles.

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AWA 200

Retractable Wheel Kit

Pair of retractable wheels provides easier mobility for the Series 2000 Workcentre. They cope with rough terrain and can even climb steps. Retractable for stability when workcentre in use. Easy to fit. Durable long-lasting construction

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BRA 100

Bevel Ripping Guide

Enables accurate bevels and chamfers from 15° through to 90°. Compatible with Triton Saw Table TCB100. Fully adjustable to handle long and wide workpieces. Accurate control for short bevels and perfect compound mitres. Integral calibration scales for easy alignment. Full instructions including guide to bevel angle settings required for the most common shapes.

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DCA 100

Saw Table Dust Bag

With a vacuum attached to the overhead guard, using hose supplied, this dust bag system will collect almost 100% of the sawdust created. Compatible with the Triton Saw Table.

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DCA 250

Workcentre Dust Bag

Easy-fit dust bag with detachable pouch. Combined with a vacuum connection to the overhead guard, this dust bag collects almost 100% of the dust created in tablesaw mode. Compatible with MK3 and Series 2000 Workcentres. Dust Bag model DCA100 required for Triton Saw Table. Includes vacuum hose and bayonet and tapered hose connectors.

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WCA 390

Blade Height Winder Kit

Provides quick and precise blade height adjustment. Control blade height by a winder through the table slot or by thumb wheel in crosscut mode. Allows your saw to remain at its full depth, in its most stable position. Suits Workcentre System Series 2000, including WCA201, WCA200, WCA001.

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BRA 200

Bevel Ripping Guide

Enables accurate bevels and chamfers from 15° through 90°. Makes use of the Workcentre protractor for control of short bevels and perfect compound mitres. Fully adjustable, for bevelling or chamfering of long and wide pieces. Fits Triton Workcentre System 2000 directly; adaptor kit available for earlier models.

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ETA 100

Mini Sliding Extension Table

Provides a substantial increase in rip and crosscutting capabilities. Unique multi-position fence for mitre and taper cuts with crosscut up to 23" and conventional rip to 39". Folds for storage. Compatible with all Triton Workcentres.

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ETA 300

Maxi Sliding Extension Table

Huge capacity and easy-to-read calibration scales allow operator to cut large sheets, including full size 2400 x 1200mm/ 94 x 47". Table can be locked in position for conventional ripping of wide workpieces. Sliding table for panel saw use. The patented rip fence design allows fence settings at all angles. Incorporates work hold-down clamps.

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19 Review(s)
I have owned my WCA201 Workcentre for the last 4 years or so and have made use of it almost exclusively as a table saw with my TA235CSL. I find that cross cutting is much better done with my miter saw, but for rip cuts the workcentre works well, although I will say that it takes a lot to set it up accurately. When testing the top for flatness I find that it is not entirely flat, and the fence vs the top is not at a perfect 90 degrees either. The saw suffers from slump due to the heavy motor. The option to buy a kit to counter this was too expensive, so I made some of my own adjustments and have got it to work that way to suit my needs. Once set up properly it works well and does what we need it to for the products I make for our eco friendly home decor business - https://www.reclaimdesign.org

Central to my workshop Michael Martin - 1/16/2020

The Triton 2000 work bench has all the features of my old, original Triton with all the benefits of further development. The 2000 series is a gift to my Grandson especially when I want him to have access to the best. You wouldn't be a Granddad if you chose anything less than the Triton for his future.

Passing on to the next generation Paul Graham - 11/23/2016

In the past I've used a Mk3 Triton Workcentre, and it was always up to the task. This new version is improved in almost every feature! It was so much easier to set up, and more stable and flexible in its uses. I didn't even know that was possible!

So much better! Stanton Hooley - 11/16/2016

Since purchase I have turned otherwise scrap wood into usable custom pieces that can't be bought. It will also square warped lengths with some accuracy. The list of projects is endless. This is the best woodworking tool I have ever bought.

WCA 201 usability. William Gordon - 9/28/2016

I have just purchased the triton work centre and could not be happier. It makes it so much easier to cut timber without me having to attempt it on a cluttered work bench with the drop saw.

BD Lindsay Brown - 9/27/2016

Actually I was looking for a folding workbench. While searching the web I stumbled over the Triton Workcentre - never heard about it, they should do more promo in Germany. After watching some videos on youtube and reading posts in different forums I decided that this would be the thing to buy. Why? Because it seemed to be very versatile and I liked the idea of being able to directly mount my circular saw. Did it deliver? For me it certainly did. I was able to mount my BOSCH PKS 66AF without much difficulties. The main problem I had was with the saw and not with the Workcentre. After fiddling a bit I was able to get the saw aligned and it performed well. Since then I extended the Workcentre with a DIY router table - which first mounted a non Triton router and now mounts a MOF001 - and other stuff like the dust collector and the extension table. What I really like about the Workcentre is that it directly offers added value, like mounting your own saw and coming with a fence and other stuff. That really sets it apart from its successor that in this regard is a disappointment. I so far didn't regret to buy it. My only complain is not with the Workcentre but with the Triton support, if you live in Germany like me it's annoying to sent the stuff to the UK and it's annoying that the support's emails are not very helpful. I had some email exchanges and seldom got a real answer to the issue I raised. No matter if I wrote in english or in german.

Versatile Workbench Thomas - 9/12/2016

I have been using this Workcentre for about 3 years now. During this time it has been my only access to a saw table / router table and has taken anything I have thrown at it. It has decent safety features and a lot of thought has gone into its design - I have been able to complete projects with this that require very good accuracy and finesse. Sometimes a little thought or googling is required to some up with a solution due to lack of experience on my part. Overall though, Triton did very well to come up with such a flexible and usable set of tools whilst maintaining a small footprint and great mobility. It does, however, have some downsides; in Saw table mode you cannot set the blade at an angle. Triton do provide a way to make 45° degree cut by turning the fence around. Whilst this works I have never enjoyed doing it; it just doesn't feel quite right. It is also a little fiddly to set up the riving knife in the fence (it usually takes me about five minutes) but once set I will try to make all my cuts in one go! On the positive side, they do come out at 45° and I often use these to make French Cleats and these always fit together snugly. You can also buy a Triton Bevel Ripping Guide which looks like it would make the French Cleat thing easier and also enable custom angles to be cut. I never got around to buying one! The other feature I don't like is the T Tracks are terminated at each end which makes it difficult to make up jigs due to the restricted travel. I have made a few but the tracks are also a non standard size so short runners have to be cut. Luckily this is bread and butter stuff for the Workcentre. Safety wise, the overhead saw guard works very well; it has a extraction hose connector which works well for clearing out sawdust (you can feel the air pushing through if you turn on on the saw without a hose fitted). All in all, I thoroughly recommend this Workcentre, especially if you are limited in space or need a mobile solution.

Excellent tool for limited space Mikey - 8/13/2016

I bought the workcenter 4 years ago. At this time, I had the choice between german product Festool (too costly for my budget),a wolcraft table (looks not very stable) and Triton, a brand-name I haven't ever heard about it. Even if the settings are not so easy, this is really a good choice for starting medium wood project.

great job for most of your DIY projects Vincent Cossart - 7/26/2016

This is the second Workcentre I have purchased - lost some parts of the old one during a move and decided to update and have a second one rather than have to convert so often from saw under vs saw above the table. The new one is quite an improvement on the old one, especially in height adjustment. The legs are not rigid enough would be my only complaint. This results in the table "walking" when doing multiple cuts which is a nuisance. Would definitely recommend to a part-time wood worker such as me.

Triton workcentre Terry Hanely - 7/25/2016

The Workcentre is great to use, accurate and easy to tuck away in the corner of the workshop when not in use. Have used it to rip light and heavy timber. Recommended for all DIY enthusiasts.

Triton Workcentre Richard Ledgar - 7/25/2016

Stumbled upon this while searching for a table router solution for my hobbies. Very versatile as a table router and table saw. Has a couple of shortcomings (it was a nightmare to set up with a TA184CSL) but all in all a decent workcentre for the hobbyist

WCA201 Manuel - 7/25/2016

I have found this piece of equipment indispensable. In general it is light portable and if one sticks to the rule of measure 3 times cut once, very accurate as well. I exclusively work very hard African Wood ( reclaimed railway sleepers) which I purchase in pre cut planks of max 40mm and the triton has no problem working with these. If given achoice tomorrow I will go for the triton again without hesitation

Workcentre system 2000 Willem - 7/25/2016

Very useful piece of kit. However was difficult and time consuming to assemble as several components did not align. Great for people who, like me, have limited space. I am not convinced the cuts are as accurate as they could be but I guess that's the trade off with a multipurpose tool. Regardless the workcentre is still the centrepiece of my setup.

Workcentre Michael Martin - 7/25/2016

‘The Triton Workcentre is surprisingly accurate when set up correctly. The measurements on the rip fence arms are the measurements you get when you cut, so constantly measuring wood becomes a thing of the past. Just using it instils confidence in your projects, whether big or small. Should have bought one years ago!’

Reliability with Accuracy, what else do you want. Les - 7/25/2016

The workcentre has become the centre of my shop! Having tried the saw and found it to be very accurate and powerful I have invested in a lot of the other attachments. It is worth spending time setting the accuracy. Once set up the accuracy is excellent and does not need to be adjusted even after changing function! It is quick to change to the router table and so allows you to work efficiently. Dust extraction is very good and the safety features have been well executed. This is a great product for the home woodworker. Folds away easily for storage once your project is complete or for transporting to site! I would highly recommend this product.

Great Platform Gordon Hold - 7/25/2016

For someone that is pressed for space the Workcenter 2000 is the perfect choice. It is super easy to use and takes 2 minutes to switch from table saw to cross cut mode. Perfect tool to start with and build your collection from. The rip fence and rules is super accurate. I couldn't love it more!

Perfect DIY companion Ainslee - 7/25/2016

great saw bench particularly when you add the Triton saw and winder to the nebch plus sliding extension table.Enables accurate cutting of 8x4 sheets with minimal fuss/Can easily support overcuts with Triton roller stand.Planer attachment is a wonderful accessory to this womderful saw table

2000 Wotkcentre Larry McGrath - 7/25/2016

For the woodworker at home with limited space this is the answer. It is so user friendly, suitable for kids to grandparents! It's accuracy is comparable to any similar professional machine. Very safe and easy to use. Adaptable to many attachments making it more versatile than any other known competitor. The price is unbeatable.

Workcentre series 2000 goldbergmjg - 2/1/2013

I have owned the Triton Workcentre 2000 for almost 12 years and do not regret my investment. The Workcentre 2000 is not only easy to assemble from the box and setup but is also extremely accurate in every function it was designed for and more. I personally have used the Workcentre 2000 for big and small projects, so it doesn't matter how rough or delicate the project is, it will not let you down. The rip fence slides very easily and so does the protractor which in itself offers great accuracy for mitres and other odd angles. The protractor also houses the pressure fingers which keep your work hard up against the rip fence. Safety has been thought off very well by offering the overhead guard which is adjustable, able to support dust extraction and with the aid of pressure fingers, holds your work down to prevent "flick" up. The captive pusher is also great to keep your fingers away from the blade. The accessories available are just as good and compliment the Workcentre 2000

Any Woodworkers Dream fourhead21 - 1/29/2013